Yfood Complete Meal Review (Tastiest Meal Replacement Ever)

Are you looking for a meal replacement shake that is full of nutrition, convenient to use, and tastes amazing?  Then keep reading my YFood Complete Meal Review, as this may be the supplement for you.

Ever wondered how easy grocery shopping could be if you could just grab ready-made packets of your custom requirements off the shelves? Consequently, imagine how easy cooking could be if these ready-made packets were ready to drink? The amount of time it would save you in your already busy life is crazy! 

But food is not just about surviving; it is about thriving. So, convenience alone is not going to be any help unless it suits your taste buds. And for this reason, after trying the taster pack containing 5 different flavors, I wanted to write a review on this product. 

I also look closely at two of their purchase options.

  1. Taster Pack (this is what I tried)
  2. YFood complete meal powder

But before that, let’s learn a thing or two about YFood Complete Meals themselves.

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YFood Complete Meal Overview!

YFood fulfills all your requirements, and it does so in 8 delicious flavors that you can consume on the go.

Please note, I have only tried 5 of them, however, each one was as delicious as the next, so I can only assume the other 3 flavors are equally as nice.

YFood is a German manufacturer for one of the most prominent, ready to drink meal replacement products. The drinks themselves are free from gluten, nuts, soy, and lactose, which sets it apart from most other ready to drink products available in the market. This means that the drinks are free from the most common allergens and therefore cater to a wider audience.

Having an intolerance to lactose myself, I found this especially appealing, as I am usually limited in what options I can pick from.

These are the 3 flavors I am yet to try.  2 of these are from their vegan range.

Furthermore, being environmentally conscious, YFood sets new standards with 100% recyclable HDPE packaging and bottles made from 30% recycled plastic. That is not all; they promise to do better with sustainable products.

This isn’t something that would personally sway my buying decision (maybe it’s something that should) but it’s just another bonus the product offers.

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Let’s Look At Taste

Their commitment to great taste is one of the most prominent factors for their success.

I have found so many meal replacements to either be far too sweet, taste extremely artificial, or to just taste downright awful.

I can honestly say YFood complete meals do not fit into any of the above.  These drinks taste amazing.  They do not taste artificial and are not too sweet.  It’s something I could personally drink throughout the day quite easily and not get sick and tired of.

My favorite two flavors had to be alpine chocolate and the smooth vanilla.

They are also selling a limited-edition flavor “Crazy Coconut”.  This is definitely one I am going to try.

Crazy Coconut yfood complete meal

Now I have to mention again, that it was the Ready To Drink bottles I tried, so I can’t talk about how the YFood complete powder will taste.  I imagine like most powdered supplements, the strength of the flavor will come down to how much water you mix into with it.

What Packages Do They Offer

Another such factor for their success is the immense variety of choice in packages and subscriptions that they provide. I will be discussing two of their most famous packages – YFood Complete Meal Taster Pack and YFood Complete Meal Powder in more detail below however here is an overview of what they offer.

Please note that some of these packages can be customized to your liking which is a fantastic feature they offer.  This is perfect for me as I will definitely be ordering more Alpine chocolate flavor bottles than some of the others.

  1. Ready To Drink Meal 500ML  – with this package you get 30 500ML bottles included.  6 of each flavor.
  2. The Saver Pack – with this package you get 24 500ML bottles. 6 smooth vanilla, 6 alpine chocolate, 6 fresh berry, and 6 cold brew coffee.  From what I can see you can’t customize this package to the exact flavors you want.
  3. Dream Team Banana – you get 12 500ML bottles in total.  6 chocolate and 6 banana.
  4. Ready To Drink Meal 330ML – you get 32 330ML bottles with this pack.  There are 4 flavors to choose from with Banana being the only one missing.  This is great for anyone who wants smaller meal sizes.
  5. Vegan Ready To Drink Meal 500ML – with this package you get 12 bottles. 6 vanilla and 6 cacao (exclusive to the vegan version of their drink).

As you can see there are so many options here.  All the ready to drink meal packages can be customized.  You can add more drinks in, take drinks away, and mix and match the flavors.

Are These Shakes Good Value For Money

With so many packages on offer, the price for a Ready To Drink bottle varies quite a bit.  Below I will list the average cost per bottle depending on which pack you choose.

  • Starter Taster Pack – £3.59 per bottle
  • Ready To Drink Meal Pack – £2.96 per bottle (with subscription)
  • The Saver Pack – £3.08 per bottle
  • Dream Team Banana Pack – £3.08 per bottle
  • Ready To Drink Meal Vegan Pack – £3.99 per bottle
  • Complete Meal Powder – £1.50 per drink

As you can see, by far the cheapest option is to buy the powder packs and mix the drinks yourself.

With the RTD bottles, you are basically paying extra for it being mixed at the perfect consistency and the convenience of not having to make the shake yourself.

The powdered version is fantastic value for money.  It sits up there at a similar price point to other popular meal replacement powders like Huel.

The ready-made bottles are also prices really well.  Especially considering how amazing they taste.  To really get good value for money though you will want to go for the Ready To Drink Meal package containing 30 bottles.

I am noW going to look a bit closer at the Taster pack, which is a great starting point for anybody wanting to try these shakes out.  Within the next section ill also look at the nutritional content of these Ready To Drink Bottles.

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1. YFood Complete Meal Taster Pack

The YFood Complete Meal Taster Pack is a five-meal supply for you to test out their five primary flavors. The flavors included in the pack are:

  1. Smooth Vanilla. 
  2. Alpine Chocolate. 
  3. Fresh Berry. 
  4. Cold Brew Coffee.  
  5. Happy Banana.

The serving for each flavor comes in 500ml bottles that contain your complete meal serving of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. The most important of all, YFood provides 26.4g of protein per 400kcal of serving, which makes it ideal for gym goals. This is also rare given that most meal drinks contain less than 20g protein per 400kcal serving. 

To ensure healthy digestion, each 500ml bottle also contains 7.5g of fiber from oats, 22.5g sugar, and 4.5g of saturated fat.

Each bottle provides 495kcal/meal and I found a full bottle curbed my hunger for up to 5 hours!

The bottle designs are ideal for carrying around. This makes it a perfect meal in offices, gyms, and on the go. Each bottle has a shelf life of 12 months without the need for refrigeration.

The bottles also contain no added preservatives. Furthermore, the bottles are recyclable, so you can keep using it after you have finished the delicious drink. 


  • Ready-made drinks in bottles are easy to carry around and reduce the hassle of preparing a meal.
  • Recyclable bottles and packaging. 
  • Each bottle provides an adequate serving to relieve hunger. 
  • Five different flavors.
  • Pocket-friendly bundle
  • Taste amazing.


  • Taster packs are an expensive way to purchase the meal replacement if you plan on having them as a staple part of your diet.

So now let’s look at the Complete Meal Powder in a bit more detail.

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2. YFood Complete Meal Powder

yfood complete meal powder

YFood initially started with bottled drinks, but soon moved to powders and power bars. The YFood Complete Meal Powder is your month’s supply of the most delicious ready to drink meal. 

The powder contains all the 26 essential vitamins with just the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. The ingredients in the powder are all the same as in the bottled version. 

Furthermore, the complete meal powder is available in the same five flavors (with a slight touch of caffeine), for you to choose as you like:

  1. Smooth Vanilla. 
  2. Alpine Chocolate. 
  3. Fresh Berry. 
  4. Cold Brew Coffee.  
  5. Happy Banana.

The packs are available in packets of 1.5 kg each. This 1.5 kg is enough for 17 complete meals. To make the delicious shake, all you need is 300ml of water, the powder, and plenty of shaking for up to 10 seconds. For every serving, you need to add 3 scoops (provided inside the container) of powder to the shaker. The shaker is included with the pack free of charge and convenient for carrying the drink wherever you go.

The YFood powder mainly contains the same nutrients and ingredients as the drinks. However, with the powder, you can change the consistency of your drink to your liking. This means you can use a lighter consistency to fill up your streaks of hunger before it is time for your meals. 

This also means you can tweak your drinks to fit your diet plans. Ideally, 3 scoops and 300ml of water can help keep you hunger-free for up to 5 hours. You can change the number of scoops accordingly to match your needs. 

Moreover, given the lower weight of powder as compared to the bottled liquid, carrying it in a suitcase on business trips is easier. The powder, too, has a shelf-life of 12 months without any added preservatives.


  • Travel-friendly resealable pouches.
  • Free shaker for added convenience.
  • Tweak consistency to fit your needs.
  • Five different flavors.
  • Budget-friendly for everyday use.


  • Making each serving separately can be time-consuming.
  • Not as convenient as the ready to drink bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the best YFood Meals

Why Should I Buy the YFood Complete Meal?

Among the most obvious reasons to buy the YFood complete meal, the package complements the life of the modern worker. With no time to spend on yourself, YFood’s complete meal provides a healthy and balanced diet compared to unhealthy junk food. Since it can be consumed on the go, you do not have to take time to cook and eat it specifically.

Another important factor behind YFood’s complete meal is that it is free of allergens like Lactose, Gluten, Nuts, and Soy. Besides, there is no added sugar and an especially designed line of vegan drinks. 

In comparison to other brands of RTD meals, YFood does an excellent job at the taste. With specially delicious flavors such as Chocolate Alpine (my favorite),

YFoods is an obvious choice as compared to all other brands. In addition, they especially take care of their vegan customers with a separate line of flavors for them. The protein concentration in the YFood Complete meal also means that it is an ideal post-workout meal.

Should I buy the Ready to Drink bottles or the Powder?

As mentioned before, you can purchase the YFood complete meal as a drink or packs of powder. In the case of a drink, you can buy a bundle of 6 bottles (500ml) or 8 bottles (330ml). On the other hand, you can buy the powder in packs of 1.5kg that come with a free shaker.

The YFood RTD involves less hassle as the drinks are already ready for consumption. But, YFood Powder is the more affordable of the two options and is better suited for your everyday routine. However, if you do not know of the flavors, the RTD Taster Pack is recommended for first-time use. 

Once you know which flavor to pick, buying the powder pack makes more sense. Moreover, the powder pack is more suited to those that like to experiment with their flavor consistency and continuously travel. 

The Final Word

The YFood Complete meal is a cost-effective, hassle-free, and inclusive meal for your busy schedule. The health benefits and convenience combine to create a powerful duo that is impossible to ignore. Each serving of the meal is enough to last you for up to five hours, and the taste is unbeatable. 

The meal is free from allergens such as Gluten, Soy, Nuts, and Lactose and can be bought in several different SKUs and flavors. The food is predominantly available in European markets with special discounts upon subscribing.

Given the apparent benefits that outweigh any cons of the product, it is worth buying for all those that rarely have any time for themselves. The product is the best when it comes to taste and outstrips its competitor’s terms of nutritional value and health benefits.

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