Vitamineral Green (Healthforce) Review: To Buy or Not to Buy

Vitamineral Green (Healthforce) Review: To Buy or Not to Buy

Vitamineral Green is a powder supplement which is intended to help optimize your overall health.

What an era we live in. Never has it been easier to get in shape but more importantly to say in shape. We have greater access to health and information than ever before, and this is especially true in regards to supplements.

The Vitamineral Green powder supplement, as you will soon discover, is one of those supplements that is really making keeping weight off and getting in shape to keep that weight off so much easier.

So in this review, we will go over the Vitamineral Green powder supplement and determine whether or not this is the powder supplement for you.


What is Vitamineral Green?

Vitamineral Green is a powder supplement which is intended to help optimize your overall health.

Who Makes Vitamineral Green? The Creators…

The Vitamineral Green drink powder was created by HealthForce back during the 1990’s by the noted naturopath Dr. Jameth Sheridan.

They offer a wide array of other supplements on their website. Here are some of the other supplements they offer:

Antioxidant Extreme

Antioxidant Extreme is a supplement that offers a full-spectrum antioxidant complex. This supplement contains botanical extracts along with synergistic whole foods; which include:

      • entire turmeric root and extract
      • black pepper
      • green tea
      • resveratrol

Chlorella Manna

Chlorella Manna is a supplement that is a broken cell wall green algae.


What this means in general terms is that this supplement helps in combating cell damage.


CircuForce is a supplement that is a brain as well as overall body tonic that contains:

      • Ginkgo biloba extract
      • Siberian Eleuthero root extract
      • Gotu Kola extract

Digestion Enhancement Enzymes

Digestion Enhancement Enzymes is a supplement that is a comprehensive as well as a potent array of vegan enzymes that are meant to optimize your digestion, your nutrient assimilation, and your utilization of all types of foods and nutrients.

Elite Green Protein Cool Green

Elite Green Protein is a supplement that is the most hard-core protein powder in existence. These green foods promote dominant performance and endurance as well as rapid recovery from workout stress.

Elixir of the Lake

Pure, quality-tested Klamath Lake blue-green algae are among some of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Klamath Lake blue-green algae provide:

      • protein
      • B vitamins
      • and essential phytonutrients that support healthy brain function

Green Mush

Green Mush is a supplement that is a whole unconventional food, plant-based green powder for your animal companion. Show your fur baby some love.

Green Protein Alchemy Desert Sun Blend

Green Protein Alchemy is a supplement that is unlike ANY protein you have ever had. Protein is derived from spirulina and chlorella.

Greener Grasses Alkalizer

Greener Grasses Alkalizer is a supplement that provides healthy alkaline elements and a large number of whole food nutrients.

Intestinal Drawing Formula

Intestinal Drawing Formula is a supplement that is the ultimate intestinal health support product. It nourishes, it soothes, it lubricates, and it detoxifies the intestinal tract.

Liver Rescue

Liver Rescue contains beneficial levels of the most potent liver herbs known:

      • milk thistle
      • dandelion root
      • chanca piedra
      • turmeric

MacaForce Lucuma Spice

Maca root is a native Peruvian superfood, which has been long known to:

      • support longevity
      • endurance
      • healthy endocrine function

MacaForce contains the whole maca root powder along with ginger, shilajit, and enzymes to better aid in your digestibility.

MycoForce Immunity

MycoForce Immunity is a supplement that contains hot water extracts of wood-grown medicinal mushroom fruiting bodies chosen explicitly for their purity and immune supporting properties. Certified organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and TruGanic. Available in powder or capsules.

Nopal Blood Sugar

Nopal Blood Sugar is a supplement that is highly nutritious as well as containing unique phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Oxygen Extreme

Oxygen Extreme is a supplement that can be used both internally as well as externally. This supplement contains no:

      • sodium chlorite
      • chlorine dioxide
      • hydrogen peroxide

They offer many other supplements on their website; all of which is designed for specific health issues you may be facing. So why not give their website a look. You will be pleasantly surprised with all the supplement they offer.

What Are The Benefits of Vitamineral Green ? Highlights…

The benefits of Vitamineral Green are:

      • Offers an abundant amount of protein
      • Helps in weight loss
      • Assist in bone strength
      • There are many organic ingredients

You can stack these with many of their other supplement to maximize your overall health

How Does Vitamineral Green Work?

This supplement does wonders for your overall health, and this is due in part to the fantastic ingredients that are used in the formula. As you will soon discover the primary reason this is such a great supplement is that of the ingredients that are included. They all bring something to the table along with all being very complimentary with one another.

How & When To Take Vitamineral Green?

It is recommended that one takes these supplement on an empty stomach; preferably in the morning. When it comes to many of these supplements, these superfood powder supplements it is best to take them on an empty to stomach so that the body can absorb the nutrients from these supplements much easier.

The body, after waking up and having fasted for about 8 hours, is more done to absorbing the nutrients. Why this is salient is because the body has not yet consumed any nutrients and the nutrients it will receive from a superfood like this will prove to be out beneficial for optimizing your overall health.

Vitamineral Green Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients in Vitamineral Green are:

      • Laver: This is a seaweed that is high in protein and is used in many Asian cuisines; specifically the Japanese culture.
      • Kelp: Another sea-plant that is high in iron and protein. This ingredient has been making quite the buzz in many health communities across the nation.
      • Alaria: This is a sea vegetable. Much like the former sea plants above this is high in protein and as a result is an excellent substitute for those looking to go vegan or become a vegetarian.
      • Bladderwrack: Easily one of the most beneficial ingredients on this list; bladderwrack offers many benefits such as treating obesity, benefiting the thyroid, boosting the metabolism, reducing inflammation, strengthening bones, stimulating circulation, protecting the skin, aiding vision, preventing premature aging, lowering risk of cancer, and enhancing heart health
      • Dulse: The health benefits of dulse includes improving bone health, optimizing the digestive system, increasing growth along with repair, lowering blood pressure, improving vision, and protecting the immune system
      • Spirulina: This ingredient has longed been known to have a monumental impact on your protein needs. Spirulina has more protein than most meats.
      • Chlorella: This ingredient helps combat aging; in regards to one’s appearance and vitality.

List of other useful ingredients:

      • Yacon Leaf
      • Shilajit
      • Ginger root
      • Oat Grass
      • Maringa Leaf
      • Wheat Grass
      • Oat Grass
      • Nettle Leaf

The Pros and Cons of Vitamineral Green

The Pros of Vitamineral Green are:

      • This green super-food powder is produced by a reputable company who has a long history in the health food business
      • The ingredients that are listed are numerous, and they all add a particular advantage to your health
      • Many of the superfood extracts are organic
      • Certain green powders are costly, but a single serving of Vitamineral costs just $1.33

The Cons of Vitamineral Green are:

      • There are some people who feel the enzyme levels are not as potent as they could be

Is Vitamineral Green Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

This is a very safe supplement to take. However, due to the numerous amounts fo ingredients which are used in the formula there are some side effects that are noticeable.

Side effects such as:

      • Stomachache
      • Headaches
      • Nausea
      • Restlessness
      • Bloating

It is very important that you speak with a doctor before you decide to try this supplement. Although many of the ingredients are organic (with this being one of the major pros) it is still important to speak with your doctor.

If you are taking medication or if you are pregnant then it would prove most valuable for your overall health to speak with a doctor and get their “okay” to take these; as some of the ingredients may not component your medication or it may effect your pregnancy in a negative way.

If you are under the age of 18 it is also recommended not to take this supplement. To reiterate these ingredients are organic but biochemistry plays a huge role in how one will receive taking these ingredients. It is always best to pay it safe then to play it sorry.

Can I Stack Vitamineral Green To Make It More Effective?

As we have listed above the company provides a plethora of supplements. To answer the question, it is perfectly okay to stack this powder supplement with some of their other supplement.

Which one?

Well, that is upon to you and what exactly you are trying to improve in your overall health. To better optimizes your overall health, it would prove most beneficial for you to speak with your doctor. Their advice could prove to be invaluable, and they will be much more knowledge, in regards to your personal health, as to which other supplements you should stack this with.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

The results that people will notice WILL VARY, and this is all contingent upon a person diet, exercising routine and their biochemistry. All of these factors have a crucial role in determining how quickly you will start seeing results. Your age will also have a significant impact on how this supplement affects your body.

However, the general timeframe to which people start seeing visible notices to their appearance along with their emotional state, physical state, and mental state are usually in the ballpark of two weeks to three weeks.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about this powder supplement:

Helps To Curb

“I love this stuff! Whenever I get cravings for sweets or fatty foods, I take this. For me, it cuts the cravings, and when I’m practicing intermittent fasting, it helps curb my appetite. I just purchased another bottle (the HUGE one) at my local health food store, because it was on sale. I plan on keeping this as ammo in my health journey.” – Im_A_Hugger

Healthy and Delicious

“I used this in smoothies when I was pregnant. If I skipped it I craved it. Its so healthy. I use in now less frequently but I still really like it. I put it in a smoothie- 1 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 fresh banana, heaping tablespoon of the Vitamineral Green and water. Its a power house of healthy and I feel the energy boost all day. It’s also delicious.” – Sasha

Five Stars

“Really inoffensive green powder that seems to go fine in any protein shake.” – N B


I have grown to love my shakes and my liquids. Not only is this powder supplements delicious but it also helps to curb my appetite. Why this is salient and why I like it is because it helps my body absorb all the nutrients effortlessly.

I can see how much it is affecting my body and in a significant way. I am more ripped and shredded and glistening. Glistening like a GREEK GOD. I’m coming for you, Zeus.

How Much Does Vitamineral Green Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

You can purchase this supplement off of their website and receive money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. They see their supplement for $24.99. You can lose buy this off of Amazon and other online retail stores. However, the price will be a bit more. The average price we saw was around $28.99.

It would be better to get this off of their site as you get a money back guarantee and you can also search their website and get other supplements they offer to stack this powder supplement.

Final Thoughts: Is Vitamineral Green Worth Buying? Does it Work?

We highly recommend that you give the Vitamineral Green powder supplement a try. If you are looking to curb your appetite as well as just have more energy in a day, then this is an excellent powder supplement that will meet your expectations and go far above it.

Get yours here today.


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