Vintage Burn (Old School Labs) Review: The Ol’ Gs Of Supplements

Vintage Burn (Old School Labs) Review: The Ol’ Gs Of Supplements

Vintage Burn is, as they claim to be, an “extremely effective” weight loss supplement that both men and women can use to get their ideal physique. This supplement not only burns fat but it also improves your mood as well as your mental clarity.

There is very little doubt that previous generations were in better shape then we are today.

Yes, I can hear some of you saying:

“What? That is ludicrous. We live much longer today then they did generations ago.”

And, although this may very well be true. The extensions of our life expectancy is mostly due in part to medicine and a better understanding of hygiene.

However, that aside, we know – without a showed of a doubt – that testosterone levels have been decreasing. Hell, men…um guys, today (and heck don’t look at me like that. I see your frowning. A lot of guys today are not men they are SCARED boys playing it men) have a third less testosterone than their grandparents.

We are less physical today, and this is due in part to the age of technology that we are currently living in, which is not wholly to blame; as our work life also has taken it’s toll on our health as well.

Long gone are the days of old – where dad would come home to a warm meal cooked by mom to be greeted Mike and Jane (son and daughter) along with spot the best dog a family could ever have – at the front door.

Okay…yeah, I know this is sounding like a BRADY BUNCH episode.

However, here’s the thing the state of health and fitness for men and women have steadily been declining, and the is due in part to the work life we have ALL adopted. Instead of having a home cook meal most people now opt out to eating out at a fast food restaurant.

Also many people are working an 8 hours job they hate; which not only robs them of time, but it also demotivates them to go to the gym.

This is more the reason why Vintage Burn may very well be the supplements you will want to take a look at.

In this review, we will be discussing whether or not this is a supplement you should start to use to gain back a bit more energy, cut that extra weight and be more energetic in life.

What is Vintage Burn?

Vintage burn is a weight loss supplement dietary pill. Vintage Burn is one of the best as well as one of the most effective pills out on the market which will help you lose weight as well as attain a shape/ physique that you desire.

Vintage Burn is one of the only fat burning supplement that helps to preserve muscle rather than burning it up.

This weight loss supplement has numerous benefits (which we will discuss in the coming sections), but the two significant advantages of using this supplement come in the area:

      • they give you the energy to exercise
      • increases your metabolism

When it comes to burning calories, it is your best friend in shedding that excess fat.

Who Makes Vintage Burn? The Creators…

Old School Labs manufacture Vintage Burn. This company is one of the best dietary supplements as they not only provide their users with stellar, but they also provide incredible, fantastic customer service.

Based out of California, Old School Labs is a team of experts who do things the old school way; or in other words in a way that is different from everyone else.

The team made it their effort to take note of all the scams that were taking place in the weight loss sector (there is much getting in shape and loss weight in one-week scams out there).

Because of the many scams out there, Old School Labs devoted themselves to going back to the times of the Golden Era (hence the name) where they found value in the using of supplements for bodybuilding.

In those former days, the manufacturers formulated supplements to benefit the consumers’ for long, as well as short-term health, rather than just producing cheap products to benefit their own pockets and all at the consumers’ expense.

Aside from the Vintage Burn supplement they also offer:

Boost Testosterone:

      • Vintage Bliss
      • Vintage Build


      • Olympia Winning Stack

Energy & Recovery:

      • Vintage Bolt
      • Vintage Blast
      • Vintage Burst
      • Vintage Bright
      • Vintage Bloom

Fat Loss & Diet:

      • Vintage Brawn
      • Vintage Base
      • Vintage Balance

Health & Vitality:

      • Vintage Bend

They also offer many other products in regards to workout and exercising along with offering blogs and videos.

What Are The Benefits of Vintage Burn? Highlights…

The benefits that one can expect from using the Vintage Burn are:

      • This supplement will help you attain your fitness goals
      • Boost your metabolism
      • Improve your mood
      • Improve your focus
      • Increase your energy levels
      • Fight fatigue

How Does Vintage Burn Work?

Vintage Burns is a supplement that utilizes its powerful formula to help deliver the best fat burning results possible. This supplement can significantly assist in burning calories so that you can start losing weight as well as keep the figure of your choice. The caffeine that is present in this formula is an ingredient that helps in burning off the fats that are stored in your body.

It is an ingredient, which is very useful in a variety of ways such as attaining a slim body, increasing your alertness and improving your overall cognitive functions.This supplement also helps you increase your energy level, and this is most beneficial in helping you during your exercising.

How & When To Take Vintage Burn?

To build up a tolerance, it is recommended that “guys and gals” who are already in good shape take one capsule in the morning WITH BREAKFAST, and then take another tablet in the EVENING WITH DINNER. They are to take these for three consecutive days.

The advice that you NOT exceed the recommended dosage, or take this product four hours BEFORE you go to bed. They also recommend that you NOT take these on an empty stomach.

For the best results possible you can use these in combination with a good diet as well as stay on an exercising plan for sixty days.

If you happen to feel any discomfort while taking this supplements, then you should discontinue using them and contact your healthcare provider (doctor).

Vintage Burn Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Old School Labs offers a full transparency policy. What this means is that they reveal every ingredient that is contained in their formula’s so that their consumer will always be aware of precisely what they are getting.

The ingredients that are used in the Vintage Burn formula are:

      • Caffeine – This ingredient is responsible for burning off calories as well as boosting your energy levels so that you can exercise and work out for more extended hours.
      • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green tea extract is an ingredient that is found in many weight-loss supplements. This herb provides caffeine as well as catechins ( which is an antioxidant). Both these components have been shown to boost your metabolism as well as lower high levels of cholesterol in your body.
      • Raspberry Ketones – This ingredient is often claimed to help with a breakdown of stored fat cells. In other words, it has the potential to help break down excess body fat so that you use that fat as energy.
      • Forskohlii Root Extract – this ingredient is quite perplexing as it their have been no shown reports that this has a beneficial impact on you losing weight.

Other ingredients:

      • Bacopa Leaf Extract
      • Chrysin –
      • Garcinia Fruit Extract
      • Olive Leaf Extract
      • Green Tea Leaf Extract
      • Raspberry Ketones
      • Bacopa Leaf Extract
      • Chrysin
      • Forskoshii Root Extract

The Pros and Cons of Vintage Burn

The Pros of using Vintage Burn are:

      • It leads to weight loss that helps you attain that desired figure
      • They offer a trial period; if you are not satisfied with the results then they will provide a refund on your money
      • It may help in burning of the stored fats in your body to lose weight
      • It might help burn calories
      • It will boost your energy levels

The Cons of using Vintage Burn are:

      • This is a bit of an expensive formula
      • Some of its ingredients have side effects

Is Vintage Burn Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

They make it very well known from on their bottle that if you have any medical condition or if you are taking medication that you DO NOT TAKE THIS. Speak with your doctor first to make sure as some of the ingredients could work against your medications. Do not give to your children.

This product contains caffeine; thus you may experience some of the following side effects:

      • Sleeplessness
      • Irritability
      • Nervousness
      • Dizziness
      • Jitteriness
      • Rapid heartbeat
      • Stomach pain
      • Nausea

You should not use Vintage Burn if you have suffered from liver damage or if you have Bipolar Disorder; as this supplement contains Garcinia which can worsen your mania.

They recommend that you do not take these supplements if you have polycystic kidney disease, if you take antiplatelet drugs, blood thinners, or any of these following as Vintage Burn contains Forskohlii.

      • Clonidine
      • Hydralazine
      • Beta-blockers
      • Calcium channel blockers

Can I Stack Vintage BurnTo Make It More Effective?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to stack these supplements with other ingredients as this is something they recommend themselves.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

To get the best results, Old School Labs recommends that you take these supplements 90 days in a row while also exercising as well as eating a healthy diet.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about using these supplements:

Helps Workout Performance

“This is a great product that helps your workout performance.” – T. Maxwell

More Energy But No Real Results Fast

“Have been using about 2 weeks now. I like that the pills don’t taste horrible like most of the ones I have tried. I have not really lost any weight yet, but I will update once I have used up the first bottle. I do feel more energized while using the pills, which is a definite plus.” – Daniel Lukaszewski


I found this supplements to be a bit slow in giving me the results that I wanted. However, after the three weeks of taking it consistently as well as eating right and exercise, I found this supplement to be most beneficial in helping me to attain the physique that I wanted.

How Much Does Vintage Burn Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

You can purchase Vintage Burn on the manufacturer’s official website as well as off of Amazon. You will pay $49.99 for them, and you can enjoy free shipping if you purchase these supplements off of the official website.

Each of the $49.99 package containers consist of 120 capsules.

You can also save money by getting a discount if you purchase multiple Vintage Burn supplements at a time. If you buy three, you save 15% off. You can also save 20% off when you buy 5 Vintage Burn supplements by entering BUNDLE5X at the checkout.

Final Thoughts: Is Vintage Burn Worth Buying? Does it Work?

People Today are too weak, fragile, out of shape, demotivated and more importantly to victimized in their way of living.

With that said, and it all plays a role in why people are out of shape and miserable, it is about time that we go back to our earlier days of WORKING HARD to get what we want in life.

Vintage Burn is a pill that will help to bring back out in you, something that our parents of the previous generation had; the willingness and the energy to buckle down and handle whatever may come in our way.

Should You Purchase This Supplement?

We highly recommend that you give this supplement a try; as there are many benefits aside from just losing weight that you would be most happy to gain as a result.

Get your here today.


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