The Ripper! (Cobra Labs) Review: Get Ripped and Shredded Like A Greek God

The Ripper! (Cobra Labs) Review: Get Ripped and Shredded Like A Greek God

The Ripper has been regarded by many to be one of the most efficient and effective fast-acting supplements out on the market that works wonders.

This is not one of the better-known diet product out on the market. The Ripper Fat Burner claims, as the name implies, to be capable of helping you to cut that extra weight and to get you ripped, shredded and glistening like a Greek god of legend.

This supplement also helps you burn body fat, enhance your athletic performance, and increase your metabolism. However, there are a significant list of side effects which range from:

      • skin tingles
      • dizziness
      • allergic reactions

We will discuss in the coming sections the side effects of using these supplement. However, that aside, if you are looking to get ripped and make the gods of old jealous, which isn’t too difficult as these dudes are easily led to feeling jealous- and over silly stuff – then The Ripper may be hat you are looking for.

Look out Adonis and Hercules because the man of the modern age is transforming and with this supplement, it is easier now than ever before to get the body of an Olympian.

What is The Ripper!?

The Ripper has been regarded by many to be one of the most efficient and effective fast-acting supplements out on the market that works wonders. This powder product blends quickly into any liquids you may be drinking, and this is due to the natural ingredient base that is used in the formula. Once consumed, the powder starts taking effects IMMEDIATELY.

Who Makes The Ripper!? The Creators…

Ripper Fat Burner is Manufactured by Cobra Labs. This is a product that has been consistently gaining popularity due to its efficacy and safety. The product helps to burn fat quickly while increasing the user’s metabolism along with the energy levels.

What Are The Benefits of The Ripper!? Highlights…

Ripper Fat Burner Benefits are:

      • Ripper Fat has an intense fat burning effect which helps to burn the lean fat from your body thus making losing weight much easier
      • Ripper Fat acts as an Optimum stimulant; which is very useful in increasing your energy levels as well as boost your metabolism
      • Ripper Fat Burner has proven to be helpful in improving the physical performance
      • Ripper Fat Burner enhances your concentration, focus as well as your brain energy
      • The ingredients are composed of all natural ingredients and thus has no synthetic components at all

How Does The Ripper! Work?

The Ripper fat burning supplements are made to attain three primary objectives.

      • These objectives are:
      • To help you burn body fat
      • To enhance flexibility along with your athletic performance
      • To help increase energy levels and metabolism

It is essential that you consult with a doctor before using the supplement so that you can avoid any unwanted side effects.

How & When To Take The Ripper!?

Ripper Fat Burner is recommended by the company to be taken BEFORE you engage in a workout. After you have taken Ripper Fat Burner, you will witness an immediate increase in your body’s metabolism. This, in turn, will lead to the translation of the fat that is stored in your tissue to convert into energy which is later consumed throughout the day. These supplements also act and work as an appetite suppressant.

The Ripper! Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

A majority of the ingredients found in the Ripper are naturally sourced which means that this product is safe for practically everyone.

The main ingredients of this supplement are:

Beta Alanine

This is an ingredient which can cause ‘paresthesia’ which is awful for any consumer. Why this is used in this formula is a mystery as it has been shown to have NO effect on helping you lose weight.


This is a supplement that acts as a stimulant. The Guarana has the same benefits as caffeine. It has been an integral part of many energy drinks and as a result, helps to increase the fat burning aspects as well as boost the metabolism in the body. Because this is a stimulant, it helps to increase your concentration along with boosting your focus.

Raspberry Ketone

This ingredient has been well known as a fat burner although. However, there is no RAW evidence to support this claim. It gained much popularity over the years for being a key ingredient in helping many people to cut excess weight by it’s promotion on the Dr.Oz show.


This ingredient can have a list all unto itself for the many benefits it offers to its user. Its effects have been proven in multiple studies and case all of which show the many positive results on boosting one’s focus, concentration, energy levels as well helping to increase one’s metabolic state.


Many companies have begun using taurine in their fat burning supplement because it is believed by many to increase energy levels. Why this is salient is because of the higher your energy levels, the more productive you will be when you engage in your exercise.

However, like some of the other ingredients on this list, studies have indicated that taurine doesn’t show energy boosts upon consumption. It does, help in the reduction of cramps after workouts.


This ingredient is an essential workout ingredient that has been a part of fat burning and weight loss supplements for years now.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This ingredient has proven to promote fat burning during and after a strenuous workout. It is regarded by many to be the number one ingredient that is used to help lose fat and weight.

Green Tea Extract

This ingredient is very useful in increasing one’s focus as well as their concentration. This is considered safe by many in the health community as it helps to reduce a person’s stress and anxiety naturally.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

This is perhaps the most delicious ingredient on the list. This extract has been active for diabetic patients. This ingredient helps as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive Leaf Extract

This ingredient is taken from the olive plants and is believed to be very useful in losing weight.

The Pros and Cons of The Ripper!

The Pros of The Ripper! are:

      • It is regarded by many to be one of the most potent fat burners on the market
      • Helps manage appetite and weight
      • Contributes to the fast and efficient metabolism of fats
      • Provides a good dose of energy throughout the day
      • Avoids fatigue strokes in dry periods

The Cons of The Ripper! are:

      • There several side effects that one can get from using these supplement (we explain more in the next sections)

Is The Ripper! Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

The Ripper Fat Burner is a natural supplement which is safe to take. Like any weight loss product or supplements, there may be some rare side effects that one can get from using these supplements.

Some of these side effects:

      • Some people have experienced stomach discomfort
      • Some people have suffered severe diarrhea as well as constipation
      • Some people have suffered bleeding due to stomach issues such as ulcers
      • Contraindicated in patients with renal impairment or kidney failure
      • Contraindicated in patients with GI disturbance
      • Insomnia with the possibility of causing hallucinations
      • Some people have experienced headaches and migraines
      • Some people have experienced allergic reactions such as rashes, and some people have experienced hives in immunocompromised people
      • Insomnia due to CNS disturbances is quite commonly seen such as ADHD, OCSD, etc.
      • Loose stools and diarrhea are observed due to stomach disturbances
      • Some people have experienced drowsiness and sedation
      • Some people have experienced nausea and vomiting

Many of these side effects can be avoided by merely consulting with your physician BEFORE beginning taking these supplements.

Can I Stack The Ripper! Make It More Effective?

Yes, it is okay to stack these supplement with other supplements. Most likely what people usually stack with fat burning supplements like the ripper is Coffee, as that helps to improve the overall benefits of the supplement drastically. But due to the high amounts of caffeine plus other ingredients that also acts as stimulant one may want to consider drinking a minimal amount.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

A significant aspect of using this supplements is that the results are IMMEDIATE. Many people who have taken this supplements have noticed how quickly the effects are. One of the hallmark features of this supplement is that you will feel and see results immediately, even on your first try.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about this supplement:

More Focus and Drive

“Great pre-workout, lots of focus and energy. Better than C4 and C4 is actually good. I will be ordering again. Tastes and mixes well.” – Mark R. Acompanado

Feel More Energized

“Works very well, can definitely feel the energy. Gives me the jitters like nothing else, though.” – Victor Luiz da Silva

Need More Time

“Tastes great! But I didn’t see changes in my weight and this is with diet and exercise.” – Tien Le


I found these supplement to be extremely fast in delivering the benefits that they have claimed to offer their users. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects. But the first time I had taken this, I was not prepared for the impact that taking these supplement would have on my energy levels. After drinking my bullet point coffee, and the effects kept me up ALL DAY.

So just a fair warning – be careful when taking this with coffee as you will find it very hard to get to sleep that following night. Aside from that small little inconvenience, the results were everything I wanted and more.

How Much Does The Ripper! Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

This supplement from our research seems to be only available mainly from Availability will vary from country to country but seems to be open to most shipping destinations. Expect to pay in the region of $28 – $39 for a tub containing 30 servings.

Final Thoughts: Is The Ripper! Worth Buying? Does it Work?

Many supplements are out on the market. Many claim to be the best fat user to come across, and it is understandable that they make these bold claims as they are trying to sell and move product.

With that said, we have been pleasantly surprised with this supplement powder. This supplement indeed works under, and the fact that the results are immediately felt is a hallmark feature.

For many who have that “I NEED RESULTS NOT NOW BUT YESTERDAY” this may be the supplements, you are looking for. Not only does it work fast but it is also delicious and really great to take.

You will gain more energy so that you can tackle the gym and start cutting weight that much more comfortable and more importantly you will begin to get ripped, shredded and glistening like a GREEK GOD?

Should You Purchase This Supplement?

The answer is a resounding yes. Never has it been easier to get in shape and to shed that excess weight then it is today. Thanks to the ever-growing interest in getting in shape there are much easier to nowadays tools weight.

Get yours here.


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