Best Blenders 2020 (The Top 12 Blenders On The Market)

12 Best Blenders 2020

  1. Vitamix 5200
  2. Vitamix 7500
  3. The Blendtec Designer 725 Series
  4. Blendtec Classic 575
  5. The Breville BBL910XL Boss
  6. Ninja Professional
  7. Magic Bullet
  8. Nutribullet NBR-1201
  9. Oster Versa Pro Series
  10.  Cleanblend 3 HP 1800 Watt Model
  11.  KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed
  12. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Blenders are one of the most useful and versatile appliances in any kitchen, and many people fail to realize just how helpful it is to have a powerful model sitting on your countertop. With a solid performing blender at your disposal, you can whip up creamy sauces, stiff milkshakes, silky smoothies and fine ground flours all without breaking a sweat.  The right blender will hack your prep times down and help you make delicious dishes that you never knew you could make. Unfortunately, it’s not simply finding a good solid blender that’s going to meet all your kitchen needs and hold up to long-term use. That’s why we decided to put together a list of the best blenders 2020 to help you locate a solid appliance that’s going to last. Take some time and learn which blenders are worth investing in, and you’ll be celebrating with a delicious smoothie before you know it.

The Vitamix 5200:  Our #1 choice

best blenders 2019 number one choice

Best Blenders 2020 Reviews

#1.  Vitamix 5200

This ice crushing machine flys into the top spot

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 7 Years | Container: 64 0z

Everyone considering a new blender thinks of the Vitamix first and foremost, because Vitamix is well-known for producing a reliable and highly effective model. That’s why we included the Vitamix 5200 on our list of the best blenders. Not only does it offer top-level performance, but it does so reliably, and it’s backed by the company for nearly a decade so you know you’re getting a good investment with this product.

This Vitamix comes with a 64-ounce container that’s in the sweet spot for most families. It makes smoothies, sauces and dips that are good for a family, and it does so without creating too much waste. It also handles smaller batches without an issue. The Vitamix 5200 comes with very simple variable controls that some will hate and others will love. Set it to high speed or variable sped and turn the knob from 1 to 10 to get your desired speed. That’s all there is to it. This Vitamix blender is designed so that anyone can use it, and you’ll come up with your own way to make it work best for you over time.

One very cool feature of the Vitamix 5200 is that it can transform cold soup mixtures into steaming hot finished products in around 6 minutes. The blades spin fast enough to create friction to heat up the mixtures and leave you with a delicious soup.

The Vitamix 5200 is an investment that should last for a decade or more in your household. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty and showcases exceptional craftsmanship and material selection. It’s built with a mix of metals and plastics and uses all metal construction in areas where it really matters most, the drivetrain.

This blender features a variable speed setting to handle even the toughest of ingredients without flinching, and it can be relied upon for all your blending, mixing and emulsifying needs. If you have the budget to afford this model, the Vitamix 5200 is one of our top recommendations on our list of the best blenders.

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#2.  Vitamix 7500

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 7 Years | Container: 64 0z

Whether you want toasty soups, frothy smoothies, creamy sorbets or some other unique creation, it’s easier when working with a top-grade blender like the Vitamix 7500. This is one of the priciest blenders on our list of the best blenders of 2018 and for a good reason. It’s one of the most powerful, dependable and versatile options on the list, despite its simple operation. This blender is the one that chefs recommend, and most users have a positive experience with it.

We’ll start by saying that the Vitamix 7500 offers commercial level performance, and because of that it’s loud, heavy and it takes up quite a bit of space on the counter. It might be too large to fit into some cupboards, making it more difficult to store than other blenders on our list. With that said, it chops, purees and grinds like no other, and will leave you with very satisfying finished goods.

The Vitamix 7500 has a 64 oz all glass jar on top and has a self-cleaning feature that will take out even the most stubborn of ingredients, leaving you with a blender that you just have to rinse out for complete clean. This model comes with a very basic dial allowing you to pulse ingredients or choose a set speed between 1 and 10. Those are all the selections that you get, and all the selections that you need. Some users don’t like that there aren’t programmed features on this blender, but it’s built for longevity and the dial is less likely to fail than buttons are over the long term. That’s how this blender can offer an exceptional 10-year warranty, and promise performance to last a lifetime.

We know that the Vitamix 7500 is a huge investment, especially for a kitchen appliance, but it’s an investment you should only need to make once. You’ll love the way it handles most chopping and grinding demands, and it’s built to hold up for far longer than budget models are.

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#3.  The Blendtec Designer 725 Series – Wildside Jar

Price: Click Image To Check Prices  | Warranty: 7 Years | Motor: 1,560 Watts

The Blendtec Designer Series blender is a high-powered workhorse of a machine with an impressive capacity that will work well for even large families. This model gets rave reviews by its owners for being stout and durable and for having all the power it needs to tackle even the toughest tasks like grinding up nuts, crushing ice and whipping ingredients to a smooth and frothy finished product. With a total of 1,560 watts of power, this blender will shake your counters during operation and will pulverize just about anything that you toss into it.

This particular Blendtec model is high on our list of the best blenders in large part because it features a unique high capacity jar called the Wildside Jar. This five-sided jar helps to keep a good vortex going and reduces the need to stop blending because of air pockets forming. When compared to other high-end models like the Vitamix, this Blendtec utility is shorter and easier to store away after use. It has a utilitarian design that many owners like and a red or black colour scheme that fits well in most kitchens.

If you’re searching for a blender that will walk you through different food preparation tasks, this is the one for you. The blender comes with a simple touchscreen display with different buttons for food items like juices, smoothies, soups and more, and there is a simple slider that lets you adjust the total power output from this machine precisely.

When you’re searching for a rock-solid workhorse of a machine to take on both large-scale and simple blending operations, the Blendtec Designer Series model is an excellent investment. It comes with a 7-year warranty offering you peace-of-mind while you grind and whip up all sorts of ingredients in your kitchen, and it’s compact enough to slip under the counter in a cabinet when it’s work is done. It’s a good all-around model for your kitchen, and for the price, you’ll have a long-lasting tool that you can count on.

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#4.  Blendtec Classic 575

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 7 Years | Motor: 13 amps

Blendtec is a household name when it comes to high-powered blenders that deliver professional results, and this model is no different. The Blendtec Classic 575 model comes with two different jars, an exceptionally powerful 13 amp motor that handles chopping ice, grinding nuts, hacking through ginger and tackling most tough blending tasks that you can think of without issue.

This blender is a full-sized model with a pretty impressive capacity of well over 4 cups, but that means that it takes up lots of counter space. It’s tall and wide and will occupy more space than compact models do. It’s short enough to slip into a cupboard when not in use, but you’ll need to dedicate some serious space for this workhorse of a machine.

The Blendtec Classic 575 model comes with two different jars, the standard four-sided jar and the five-sided Wild-Side jar with slightly more capacity. This makes it easy to make large batches of smoothies, milkshakes or anything else for a crowd of people, and it also gives you control over the type of container you prefer to use. You’ll love how smooth the performance of the Wild-Side jar is thanks to its slightly irregular shape. Another nice feature of this classic Blendtec blender is that the jars have four different measurement scales on them, ounces, cups, millilitres and centilitres, making it easy to switch from one recipe to another without having to do the math involved.

This blender offers just enough function buttons to be convenient without being confusing. There are five different buttons for continuous power settings. There is a pulse button, a smart smoothie button for hands-free smoothie mixing, and two different self-cleaning buttons.

Users love the convenience of the model and its ability to make a silky smoothie without babysitting, but it doesn’t have an overwhelming number of features either. If you’re looking for a solid all-around blender for use in your home you can’t beat the utility of the Blendtec Classic 575.

It’s solidly built with an all-metal drive train, and it uses a mix of sturdy plastics and metals for construction. It features a convenient self-cleaning feature that makes cleaning up even messy mixtures a breeze and is built to last. This blender comes with a reliable 8-year warranty that most other blenders simply can’t match, so it’s an investment that you can rely on long after lower quality models have sputtered out.

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#5.  Breville BBL910 XL Boss

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 1 | Motor: 2 horsepower | Container: 64 oz

The Breville BBL910XL Boss blender is impressively powerful, sleek and attractive looking and a tough model that’s friendlier to your budget than the Vitamix and BlendTec models on your list, but offers similar performance. It’s equipped with a very capable 2 horsepower motor, and you’ll realize just how much power it has the first time you start it up. This blender offers a decent 64-ounce capacity and is good enough to meet the needs of an active family that wants frequent smoothies.

Users that own the Breville BBL910 XL Boss love being able to choose a pre-set button for smoothies, desserts, soups and crushing ice, and being able to walk away. With five different pre-programmed features it’s effortless getting good results with this blender. If you want a bit more control over how it functions, this Breville blender also has 12 adjustable power settings for precision power management. Just adjust the dial to a level you are comfortable with. This blender also has an adjustable timer, so you can create custom blending combinations for your own recipes which is our favourite feature of this model.

Maintaining this blender is simple and convenient because it’s self-cleaning. Add a bit of soap and water and turn on the clean cycle to get a perfectly clean blender after a quick rinse. It’s so simple and easy to manage that you’ll be using this blender more than more cumbersome models.

Though this Breville model is significantly cheaper than premium models from manufacturers like Vitamix, it is solidly built and doesn’t feel like it will fail anytime soon. It comes backed with a reliable 7-year warranty and should hold up through use after use without issue. It’s a serious investment that should provide good performance for years to come without issue. This is our most highly recommended budget-friendly options on our list of the best blenders, and should seriously be considered if you don’t want to pay the premium price of the very top end models on our list.

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#6.  Ninja Professional Blender

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 1 Year | Container: 72 0z | Motor: 1000 watts

Ninja model blenders and food processors are well-known for their flashy stacked blades and unique design, but many just aren’t up to the task of serious prep work. That is until the Ninja Professional. This blender comes packed with a 1,000-watt motor and can seriously blend, and it’s a bargain coming in at a fraction of the price of many of the other options on our list of the best blenders of 2018.

The Ninja Professional has a 72 oz (~2 litres) jar that’s good for mixing up smoothies for multiple people and it has a simple pour spout that opens up for convenient pouring without removing the top. The jar looks like high-quality glass, but it’s actually made from dense plastic, which is one of the areas where Ninja likely cut costs on the product. The plastic feels very sturdy though and doesn’t take away from the look of this blender at all. On the plus side, the blade stack slides right out of this model, making it very safe and easy to clean up after each use.

The Ninja Professional blender features a stack of blades which makes it uniquely well-suited for crushing ice, and it can deal with a full jar of ice in mere seconds. It isn’t quite as fast or as efficient as something like a high-end Vitamix or Blendtec models, but for a fraction of the price, this blender still creates smooth and frothy finished mixtures. Owners complain that the blend isn’t quite as fine as high-end models are, but many are perfectly happy with the finished results of this budget model.

This model is simple to operate with three different power settings and a pulse button. Anyone can learn to use it in minutes, and many owners prefer the simplicity to the more complex blenders with more than a dozen function buttons. If you’re searching for a simple blender with enough power to get the job done, at a fraction of the cost of the high-end models sold today, the Ninja Professional is a good bet. Plus it’s a pretty cool looking model that you’ll enjoy displaying on your counter in between uses.

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#7.  Magic Bullet

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 1 Year | Motor: 200 watts

Although much less powerful than blenders we typically recommend at only 200 watts, the Magic Bullet is a popular blender for making small servings of smoothies and other food items. It has a pretty good rating and is liked by most people that try it looking for a budget-friendly and compact design. As far as budget is concerned, this beauty is the cheapest option on our list of the best blenders. It is a fraction of the cost of even most of our other budget-friendly options, which means you could likely go out and buy one today without any remorse. With that said, it’s important to purchase the Magic Bullet with the right expectations for the product.

The Magic Bullet is all about convenience, and it’s decent for turning out single-serving beverages or small portions of salsa. Want a milkshake? No problem, you can whip one up for yourself in just moments and even have a convenient container to enjoy them in with this kit. Want a milkshake for two? That’s going to be a hassle with this item.

The Magic Bullet’s 200-watt motor also holds it back a bit when making smoothies and other recipes that require frozen ingredients. It does best when it doesn’t have to crush up fully frozen fruits or ices. When making smoothies with the bullet it’s best to let the ingredients warm up a bit before tossing them in, otherwise, you could get some stalls that hold up your preparation.

Even still, you can’t beat the Magic Bullet when it comes to simplicity and convenience. Blend everything in a single container, and enjoy the finished product in a convenient to-go cup. When finished the bullet rinses out with ease and requires very little cleanup. If you want something cheap, easy to use and good for single servings, the Magic Bullet is a decent option. We think it’s a bit underpowered overall, and it would be nice if it had the ability to handle completely frozen ingredients, but overall it does a decent job and is the best ultra-low budget blender that we’ve been able to find to date.

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#8.  Nutribullet NBR 1201  – 12 piece high-speed model

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 1 Year | Container: Small cup – 12 0z, Large cup – 24 oz |Motor: 600 watts

When it comes to tackling small-scale blending projects it’s hard to beat what the Nutribullet NBR-1201 has to offer in terms of efficiency. This little beauty has two different cup enclosures, a few different blade types, and lids to seal off your creations for consumption later on if you want to store something for the morning or for a post-workout shake.

This Nutribullet model has a modest 600-watt motor, but with its small capacity that feels more than adequate during use. The small size cup is just 12 oz in size or about 350 ml and the large-sized cup is about 24 oz or 700 ml and they work well for single use preparation.

One is that the Nutribullet really excels in is versatility. This 12-piece set comes with a variety of different blade types, cup ring types, and two different sized cups along with lids so that you can process your food or liquid item perfectly every time. The unit is made from plastic, but it feels quite sturdy, and customers have no complaints about it not holding up well over time. Surprisingly, this tool delivers whipped and smooth finished products, even with that undersized 600-watt motor, and we suspect that’s all because of the compact cup size that’s used.

If you’re searching for a nice travel blender or a lightweight blender that can easily be stored away, the Nutribullet NBR-1201 is a good bet. You’ll want to stick all the added accessories in a drawer or a box out of the way through because they can take up quite a bit of space on their own.

We were impressed with the performance of this little guy, and actually, prefer it for single serving smoothies now. It doesn’t do everything as well though. This model is poor for producing any sort of juice-type concoction and will leak a bit if you add too much water, so that’s something to consider if you like making very thin finished products. Either way, there is a lot to love about the Nutribullet NBR-1201 and it’s on our list of the best blenders of 2018 as a good compact option to consider at a very reasonable price point.

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#9.  Oster Versa Pro Series

Price: Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 1 Year | Container: 64 0z | Motor: 1400 Watts

If looks were all we were concerned with, this Oster Versa Pro Series blender would win hands down. We absolutely love the red and black colour scheme, and it has a cool somewhat modern, somewhat vintage appearance thanks to the glossy colours and the old-school looking dial. This blender has more than looks to offer though, and it’s one of our top considerations on our list of the best blenders as a more budget-friendly full-sized model.

The Oster Versa Pro Series blender comes with a tough 1400 Watt motor and a 64 oz jar on top for blending a generous amount of smoothie for a single person, and enough for two. Owners are thrilled with the way this blender tears through ice, frozen fruit, nuts, coffee beans and just about everything else you can throw at it. The motor is more than sufficient to tackle all standard blender needs, and results in a nice smooth finished product, even when working with more gritty items.

This Oster Blender looks and feels solid, though it uses more plastic than Vitamix models do. It’s affordable at about half the cost of a Vitamix or Blendtec model, and it can offer a similar level of performance. The blender is simple to use with a basic dial to adjust the power level up and down during manual use. It also has three different function buttons for making smoothies, soups and dips. Switch through them and let the blender do its thing, even if you walk away from the machine. The one complaint that customers have about this model is that it’s loud. Many Oster Versa Pro owners have earplugs sitting alongside the machine to put in during use, but it tears through most food items efficiently, saving you time and leave you with a high quality finished smoothie, soup base or whatever it is you want to make.

This blender is protected with an exceptional 7-year warranty, and Oster offers replacement parts at a very reasonable cost, so you should have no trouble keeping this beauty running for years after purchase.

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#10.  Cleanblend 3 HP 1800 Watt Model

Price: Click Image To Check Prices  | Warranty: 7 Years | Container: 64 0z

When you’re searching for supreme blending power on a budget, the Cleanblend 3 HP model is at the top of our list of the best blenders. This beauty comes packing an 1800 Watt motor and will pulverize whatever you toss in it. It has a pretty narrow and tall container and will slip into most cabinets quite easily.

The Cleanblend blender features a 64 oz container, which is around 2 litres in size and offers just enough capacity for making up smoothies for two. It features a total of eight small blades down at the bottom and will tear through most items quickly and easily. It’s thinner and lighter than most Vitamix blenders, and the container has more flex to it but feels quite sturdy overall. It has a firm locking lid and is very secure when blending. Compared to other blenders this model is quiet and is a pleasure to use in the kitchen with or without earplugs.

Depending on your stance on blender controls, this Cleanblend model might be too simple for you. It has a single power adjustment dial a pulse switch and a power switch, that’s it! There are no special mode buttons. It’s all up to you to prepare your product manually, which means you’ll have to pay attention to the clock and go with a bit of trial and error to get the right consistency in your smoothies. To some people, that’s a downfall, but to others, the simple design is just perfect.

It’s easy to operate and you should be comfortable with it within minutes of setting it up. This Cleanblend model is sturdy and built to last. It comes protected with a decent five-year warranty and should be a nice investment for long-term kitchen performance. While you won’t get quite as much coverage as you would with a more expensive Blendtec model, the 5-year warranty should make you feel confident that this model is going to hold up through heavy use. Set it on your counter and prepare for some extreme blending. It’s compact and light for easy storage and is a solid all-purpose blender for a home kitchen.

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#11.  KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed

Price: Click Image To Check Prices  | Warranty: 1 Year | Container: 56 0z | Motor: 550 Watts

If you’re working with a really tight budget, the best full-sized blender the KitchenAid KSB1570SL is one of the best, if not the best, full-sized blenders that you can purchase for a fraction of the cost of a high-end model. It’s not going to leave you with a creamy finished product that’s quite as smooth as what you can get from a Vitamix, but it should do a decent job with smoothies.

This model comes with a modest 550-watt motor, that does fine with most ingredients because it has a smart start feature. The blender starts off slowly and offers just the right speed to handle whatever ingredients you put in without overloading the motor. It has a total of five-speed buttons, and they give you a bit of control over how you process foods, but this unit will do its own thing as well to give you reliable results.

This simple KitchenAid model has a classic look and a compact size that goes well in most kitchens. It can hold up to 56 ounces, which is more than enough for a single person, and should be enough for two in most instances. It’s lightweight to hold, comes in several different finishes, and is a blender that’s easy to move around in between uses.

While the KitchenAid KSB1570SL made it onto our list of the best blenders, it’s only here because of it’s excellent budget price. The model is a bit underpowered to be ideal, and won’t compete with the high-end offerings on our list. It should do the job of making smoothies without an issue and should be your go-to option when shopping for a full-sized blender with a tight budget, but something like a Vitamix is sure to last longer and give you more satisfactory results.

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#12.  Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Price:  Click Image To Check Prices | Warranty: 7 Years | Container: Small – 20 0z, Large – 40 oz | Motor: 790 Watts

We love the Vitamix S30 Personal Blender for lightweight blending tasks or on-the-go blending when you don’t want to carry a full-sized unit around. It’s lighter, easier to manage, simpler to store and offers finished results of the same quality. This blender isn’t the same as a full-sized Vitamix model though, and won’t give you the same experience at all.

The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender is designed for making smaller batches and comes with 20 oz and 40 oz containers. It has a slightly less powerful 790-watt motor which does just fine for these smaller batches and cuts the weight down compared to a full-sized Vitamix, but it takes longer to blend up ingredients to a fine consistency.

In terms of operation, this baby is so simple to use. It has a single knob for everything. Turn it left to pulse your ingredients, or turn it to the right for 1-10 power adjustment settings and keep it running until you get just the right consistency mixture. Many customers love the simplicity of the spin dial controls on this model, but you’ll have to use your own judgement to decide how fast to process different ingredients.

Most users have no trouble learning how to use the blender efficiently though, so even without different modes, it’s simple to use. If you’re looking for a top-end personal blender for a household with one or two people, this Vitamix S30 Personal Blender is an excellent option.  looking for an on-the-road or portable blender that’s going to hold up exceptionally well over time, this model is ideal. If you’re searching for an all-around blender for use at home for a family of 3 or more, you’ll likely want to go for a full-sized unit with a bit more power, otherwise, you’ll be blending up several batches to give everyone the smoothie they are after.

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Best Blenders 2020 Buyers Guide

Even with a list of the best blenders 2018 right in front of you, some time and thought need to go into your purchase decision, otherwise, you could end up with the wrong blender for you and your family. There are a few characteristics that go into a high-quality blender, but there are also some personal preference features for you to think about. It’s a combination of these two factors that will help you get the perfect blender for your household.

  1. Whether you want to whip up smoothies for you and your hubby early in the morning before heading off to the gym,
  2. Whether you want to make icy slushy creations for all your ravenous little ones hoping for a chilly treat to beat the summer heat.

Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn exactly what you need to know to pick the perfect blender, it’s not quite as straightforward as you might imagine.

Consider the Power

Power is a key ingredient when selecting a quality blender and wattage tells you how much power you’re dealing with. That 500 or 600-watt blender is probably just fine for smaller capacity models and for low-intensity tasks like making a smoothie with soft ingredients, but when it comes to crushing ice, grinding up nuts and making the smoothest creations you’ll want to look for models with a minimum of 1,000 watts. The more power a model has, the smoother and more efficiently it will perform, so try and stretch your budget a bit to get a powerful model if you can.

Think about Capacity

One key consideration that you should make before purchasing a blender, is the capacity offered and the capacity that you need. While a one litre or about 32 oz blender might be suitable for one person or even two, a three-litre (96 oz) blender is much more useful when blending for a crowd. Generally, it’s best to get a blender closer to 3 litres if you want more freedom when it comes to what you toss in. A 1 or 2-litre blender will still work though and can help save on storage space if you have a smaller kitchen.

Consider the Functions

The best blenders offer several different functions, giving you exact control over what they are doing. After all, if you have a 1,800-watt blender, you might not want access to all that power for light duty activities. Choose a model with several different power settings or a power adjustment dial so you can get just the right consistency whether you are crushing ice, making smoothies, or grinding up coffee beans.

Look at the Design

While the design isn’t quite as important as something like power, the look of the blender will undoubtedly be in your mind when making a purchase. Try and choose a model that you like the look of, especially if it will be sitting out on your counter when not in use. Just make sure that you don’t choose a lower quality product because you like the look of it more than another more sturdy or effective model. Balance aesthetics with practicality when choosing a blender for best results.

Consider Durability and Warranty Coverage

The last consideration, but certainly not the least important, is durability and warranty coverage. The best blenders all have one thing in common, they’re designed to be durable and hold up through regular use, and many of them are protected with long-lasting warranties. If you purchase a top-quality machine, it should hold up for years, and a good warranty will guarantee that.

Now that you know what to look for in a top-tier blender, it’s time to start searching for the perfect blender for your household. Keep all of the considerations in mind when looking through our list of the 12 best blenders for 2018 and choose the one that’s going to work best for your household.

Lets Wrap This Up

These are all fantastic blenders, and each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages based on your own personal needs.  Let’s take one more look at what you should consider before purchasing a new blender.

  • Consider the power
  • Think about Capacity
  • Consider the functions
  • Look at design
  • Consider durability and warranty coverage

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12 best blenders

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    Which of the blenders on the list would be a good solution then?


    • Hi Michael

      I didn’t find an issue with cleaning any blender, however the Nutribullet NBR 1201 is by far the easiest to clean.  There are no little gaps or dodgy rubber seals where food or liquid can get into.  You simple unscrew the blade from the container and rinse under hot water.    Second to that is the Oster Versa Pro and then in third place I would put the Blendtec Classic 575 due to its self cleaning option.  I hope this helped

  3. Great info you’ve presented here! I’ve been looking for a good blender because the cheap smoothie blender I bought is terrible to say the least! Thanks for taking the time to put this article together but I’m wondering when it comes to power, what is the difference between amps, watts and horsepower? Why do some have the power mentioned in the breakdown and some don’t? It would be so much easier to compare if the comparison tables reported the same info even if you put the equivalent values for each measurement…

  4. Wow! This is super information! Great job on the review. If I weren’t living alone, this would’ve been a very difficult choice to make. You’ve explained all 12 of these extremely well. I have a Ninja Professional Blender already and love it, but I do a lot of food chopping such as onions, green peppers, and hot peppers for my homemade salsa.
    The Nutribullet NBR-1201 sounds like the perfect option for doing this as well as making those single serving smoothies that I enjoy.
    Are the attachments replaceable? Can you give me a link, so that I can view the prices of them if they are available? That has been a big issue with blenders I’ve had in the past.
    Thanks so much for sharing this great review,

    • Hi Devara

      Please see the link to the Nutribullet replacements parts below

      The nutribullet was the very first blender I personally owned and used myself.  A big part of this was for how easy it was to clean and replace parts.  However, due to how well it was made I never once had to replace the parts, which is of course a good thing.

      I am really glad you found the reviews usefull

  5. A great review that’s right on time. My wife and I have been making lots of smoothies and protein shakes and I said to her our blender is so out dated and we need a new one. With this great review makes the choice easier.
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      I am really glad you found my review article helpful. A good blender really makes it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle, as whipping up a nice healthy smoothie takes no time at all. If you have any questions just let me know


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