Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Review: We Put Testro-X To The Test – And Here Is What We Found

Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Review: We Put Testro-X To The Test – And Here Is What We Found

Testro-X is a male supplement which was created to help the body reach a much higher level of hormonal balance. This supplement stands apart from many other testosterone supplements on the market for the sheer fact of focusing on boosting testosterone levels natural for long-term gains instead of short bust of testosterone level boodle up.

Life is a challenge. Life is a struggle. Life is a…test.

It is an unfortunate truth in life; that we will be constantly put to the test – to see if we measure up to other peoples standards. The world is a very competitive place, and many people have this deluded mindset that they must continuously push others and test others manhood to see where they rank.

Well, despite this being a somewhat ludicrous mindset – and it is (if you feel like you are a boss by treating others bad that says a lot about you) – one must be more assertive in the experience we call life.

One has to take action if they want to achieve anything. One must be able to step up when they are tested – because if they fail to step up… If they fail to take on the challenges; they fail that specific test that life will throw their way. And they will forever live out their lives as LOSERS.

So if you want to be able to handle any test that life will throw your way by becoming more assertive, then we highly recommend that you give the article a read.

Will Testro-X be the supplements that will give you the strength and the assertiveness to take any test thrown your way?

Let’s find out.

What is Testro-X (Truth Nutra)?

Testro-X is a supplement that is intended to help boost testosterone levels in a person’s body naturally. As you continue to read, and delve deeper into this article, you will discover more about the company and their overall mission and intent of the supplement.

Who Makes Testro-X (Truth Nutra)? The Creators…

Truth Nutraceuticals manufacture Testro-X. If you visit their website, you will discover that they sell many other products that are not solely for men. They also have a supplement for women and other aspects of one’s overall health.

Some of the other products you will find on their website are:

Men Supplements

      • REDWOOD: 100% Natural Nitric Oxide Booster
      • Male Vitality Optimization Stack
      • FLORACIL50 – Probiotic With Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri
      • SENSOLIN – All Natural Blood Sugar Lowering Supplement
      • Total Relief
      • Total Collagen Protein
      • Betaine HCl: Digestive Support
      • Digestive Refresh
      • ACV + Prebiotics
      • …and they offer many more supplements which you can discover by visiting their websites.

Women Supplements

      • Women’s Health Optimization Stack
      • FLORACIL50 – Probiotic With Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Reuteri
      • Vitamin Code RAW One for Women
      • SENSOLIN – All Natural Blood Sugar Lowering Supplement
      • Betaine HCl: Digestive Support
      • …and much like the male supplements they too offer a wide array of supplements for omen as well.

If you visit their website, you will discover many other products from other vitamins and pills to even books on healthy living.

What Are The Benefits of Testro-X (Truth Nutra)? Highlights…

The benefits that one will gain from taking these supplements are:

      • Helps in supporting muscle growth assists in supporting a healthy sex drive
      • Helps in supporting high-quality sleep and recovery
      • It will boost your energy level throughout the day
      • It will support masculinity and assertiveness
      • Convenient easy-to-take pill form
      • Balances out your moods
      • Balance out your hormones

How Does Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Work?

The way that Testro-X works is by helping the body to produce long-term production of testosterone by itself. In other words, this supplements, and the company behind their creation, doesn’t make any claims of providing overnight remedy cures. In fact, they make it well known what the results should be felt a month or two after taking the supplements DAILY.

Their motto and their overall message are that they aren’t trying to give people that instant boost of testosterone as they feel that it doesn’t last for long but what they focus on is helping the body to rode testosterone and doing so naturally.

How & When To Take Testro-X (Truth Nutra)?

On their website, they make it very clear that you should take these supplements before you go to sleep. Moreover, you should take tree supplement pills daily. The reason that they recommend taking these supplements before you go to sleep is that of a specific ingredient which is found really adds to the benefits of this supplement. This supplement is the KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

What this particular ingredient does is helps in supporting better sleep as well as reducing stress. Why this is important and beneficial is that you will wake up feeling refreshed and feeling ready to tackle the day ahead like a boss.

Moreover, the reason is that while you are sleeping your body will be able to assimilate these ingredients into your body.

Now…how amazing is that?

Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients that can be found in these supplements are:

      • Ashwagandha Root Extract: adaptogen – perhaps the most important ingredient in this winning combination. The ingredient has been researched and proven to have a significant effect on one’s testosterone level. It also helps in increasing one’s sperm levels and lowering one’s stress.
      • Magnesium: is a mineral that helps in relaxing the muscles and the nervous system.
      • Zinc: is an essential mineral that helps in boosting and increasing one’s libido and their testosterone level. It also has a positive impact on healthy sperm.
      • Boron: is a dietary mineral high has been shown to increase testosterone lives in as little as seven days.
      • Coleus Forskholii Extract: is an herb that has been shown to increase the levels of intracellular cAMP which leads to a higher level of testosterone
      • Inositol: (a molecule similar to glucose) this is a compound that helps to stimulate the releasing of GnRH and LH. It can do this when in unison with other compounds called – Glycine: amino acid and neurotransmitter and L-Theanine: amino acid from green tea
      • Black Pepper Extract: is a piperine that helps to improve* supplement absorption

The Pros and Cons of Testro-X (Truth Nutra)

The Pros of taking Testro-X are:

      • All-natural
      • Will boost your testosterone levels in a short timeframe
      • Assist in building healthy muscles
      • The ingredients are clinically researched
      • They offer a money-backed guarantee
      • Increase the natural testosterone in your body

The Cons of taking Testro-X are:

      • No documentation backs the product effectiveness (Yeah we know a poor con, but we needed to add something)

Is Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Yes, Testro-X is very safe to take. There have been no recorded side effects of taking these supplements. Furthermore, these supplements are safe for women as well. Women are very keen on balancing out their hormones as well, and the ingredients not only improve and promote a healthier stronger drive for men but also for women as well.

With the said – it is always best to speak with your doctor and physician before actually taking these pills. It is still best to play it safe; especially when it comes to your health.

Lastly, these supplements are NOT to be taken by people under the age of 18 and for women who are pregnant.

Can I Stack Testro-X (Truth Nutra) To Make It More Effective?

It is perfectly acceptable to stack these supplements with other supplements. If you visit their website, you will see that they have a stacked category to which you can purchase. These stacked supplements packs are all created to give you the absolute best in a supplement in taking.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

You can expect to see results in about 30 days. However, it is best to give it 60 days before giving up on these supplements. A vast majority of people have experienced a new change in under 30 days.

However, it is salient to know that not everybody’s body’s chemistry is the same and this is very important to know. So keep this in mind that just because one person may have seen, what is relative to your situation, fast results doesn’t necessarily mean you too will be seeing those quick results.

You bio-chemistry, your diet, your neurochemistry (And yes this can play a role in how the overall functions of your body acts and responds to new things) all play a part.

Be patient and give it some time as well as eat the right food and engage in regular exercising.

User Reviews

Here are what some people are saying about the Testro-X supplements:

“It’s not a magic pill, so give it time to actually start working. You will hear other reviews stating that blood work never changed, In my opinion those are outliers and other factors have to be considered. I have gained 20 pounds of muscle mass and in my Brazilian Jui-jitsu class I am the strong guy haha (little do they know). Also I do feel more assertive and with more energy during the day, worth the money every time!” – Jessy

“Awesome product I noticed a nice improvement, about to purchase me some more.” _ Gary M.

“I thought that taking this product would mess up my sleep, but actually I sleep better at night taking it!” – James F.

My Testimonial

These supplements have been a godsend for me personally, as I have been able to do more in a day thanks to my higher levels of energy. I am more focused, alert and energized…and I absolutely love it.

How Much Does Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Testro-X will cost you $54.95 on their website. Also, if you visit their site and subscribe to their site, you will save 15% on the products you purchase from there website. With this supplements, you will only have to pay $46.71. It is recommended to take three capsules a day, and you are supposed to take these supplements DAILY.

Final Thoughts: Is Testro-X (Truth Nutra) Worth Buying? Does it Work?

Life is a challenge. Life is a struggle. Life is a…test.

To live life on YOUR TERMS, you must be willing to step up and take life on and handle all the test that it will throw your way – head on. These supplements are great supplements that will significantly boost your testosterone level and not in short burst but will naturally promote your overall testosterone level for the long term.

Nothing is better than feeling more energized, more confident and more ASSERTIVE.

With the current state of affairs – in regards to men’s testosterone level being lower their fathers and grandfathers – men, today, are in desperate need of something to regain back their masculinity.

As mellifluous of a statement this may sound like – its a fact. Lower testosterone levels have long been associated with depression and with so many men today committing suicide, with depression not lowering BUT RISING it is more than necessary for men today to have something that will bring back their testosterone levels to their peak levels.

Should You Purchase These Supplements?

We highly recommend that you give these supplements a try. The company takes great strides in providing its customer base a supplement that will help them for the rest of their lives and isn’t looking for a quick fix solution.

If you are looking for more energy throughout the day. Or, looking to be more assertive. Or maybe you just want to dominate in bed (hell there is nothing wrong with that) then we highly recommend art you give the Testro-X supplement a try.


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