Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review 2020

There are few cardio workouts that are as enjoyable and effective as spinning indoors. It’s an upbeat activity that gets your pulse up and forces you to push hard from start to finish. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pick out a good quality spin bike to add to your home collection. That’s precisely why we’ve been putting together reviews of indoor spin bikes. We’ve been researching and reviewing dozens of bikes, but we were most surprised when putting together this Sunny Health and Fitness pro indoor cycling bike review. This inexpensive bike stands out in a few different ways, and it’s one of the reviews that we are most proud of for that very reason.

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Smooth chain drive mechanism

Rugged crank design

Weighs just 97 lbs

Supports up to 275 lbs

Extremely Affordable

√ Stylish Look


× Assembly required

× Brakes can become squeaky over time

× Pedals can loosen over time

Our Complete Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

An Affordable Product

For what you get with this spin bike it looks like a serious bargain. The bike is built with solid construction, it feels good when you hop on it and some gym owners tell stories about running these specific bikes in their facilities. At less than one-third of the cost of a traditional commercial spin bike, it almost seems impossible that this spin bike from Sunny Health and Fitness exists without some sort of problem. After reading the price tag and talking with some gym owners that are actually using these bikes in their facilities we were even more determined to uncover issues with the bike in our Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike review.

Rock Solid Stability

Nice stable performance is vital when you’re selecting an exercise bike. A bike that wobbles when you start really pedalling hard can take away from the workout and keep you from really pushing yourself. That’s not an issue that we experienced with the Sunny Health & Fitness bike though. This beauty features a nice stable base and rock-solid steel construction that keeps it from wobbling much at all during use. It stays nice and stable, even if you stand up and pedal as fast as you can. That makes it ideal for riders that really want to push themselves to the limits during a high-intensity session.

Smooth Even Performance

Pedalling on a good workout bike or even a good road bike feels smooth and even. Once you get into a good rhythm it’s almost as if you are floating along. That’s the sort of feel that we look for in spin bikes that we’re evaluating as well, and that’s another thing that this spin cycle managed to deliver on pretty well.

It comes fitted with a massive 40 lb. chrome flywheel that helps even out performance and gives you a smooth ride from the very beginning. The flywheel accounts for nearly half the weight of the whole bike (the bike weights 97 lbs. total) and it really shows because things just feel good when you pedal. The crank and chain system is ruggedly constructed and looks just as tough as what a high-quality road bike would use. You should get thousands of miles of use out of the system before anything needs replacing on this beauty.

Impressive Ergonomics

Close up of the adjustable handle bars on the sunny health and fitness pro indoor cycling bike

We were also pretty impressed with the work that went into making this spin bike ergonomic. By design, a spin bike should work for a wide range of people, which is a bit different from how a typical road bike is made. That means it needs to be adjustable enough to make sure everyone can ride comfortably.

When putting together this Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike review we made sure to test out different positions with the seat and handlebars to really see what this bike could do. We had short and tall people hop on the bike and see how well it would fit them, and everyone was able to get a nice comfortable ride with enough adjustment. Both the handlebars and the seat are adjustable on this spin bike, and it doesn’t take long to move these heights up or down and to start riding. Whether you are short or tall, you should be able to find a mixture of settings that work for you with this spin bike.

Quality Resistance

Close up of the felt pad resistance on the sunny health and fitness pro indoor cycling bike

Apart from stability and ergonomics, the next most important thing for a fitness bike is the resistance. A good bike should have a wide range of resistance options to choose from, and that resistance needs to be evenly distributed and reliable. That’s also something that you get with this Sunny Health bike.

The bike relies on brakes that press up against the flywheel. A simple adjustment knob allows you to turn the resistance up or down to make sure you get a comfortable, but challenging workout every time. The brake system works smoothly and the brake doesn’t look like it will wear out too quickly either.

Many long-time users of this fitness bike complain about a bit of squeaking coming from the brake system, but they all had no trouble remedying the issue by applying light oil to the flywheel to keep it from drying out. With some light maintenance, you can enjoy excellent resistance with every single ride on this fitness bike.

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Lightweight and Mobile

A female athlete tilting the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle onto it's front wheels

While most people will just want an exercise bike they can set up and leave in one position, others want something they can roll out, use and store away at the end. This fitness bike works well for both tasks.

When we were putting together the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike review we were able to roll this product around from room to room without an issue. It comes with a set of smooth-rolling wheels up the front of the product that makes it easy to tip up the bike and roll it around.

At just 97 lbs. and nearly half the weight located right at the front end where you would tip it from, this product is easy to tip up and get into a rolling position. Simply grip the handlebars while standing in front of it and pull them down toward the floor and you will lift this bike up into a mobile position. From there you can move it anywhere that you like before setting it back down again. While this fitness bike doesn’t fold down into a more compact form, it is already small enough to slip into a full-sized closet or to place in the corner of a room out of the way.

Stylish Design

While style and looks were pretty low on our list of concerns when reviewing this spin bike, and the many others we looked at, we still wanted a product that looked decent. We were pretty impressed by the Sunny Health and Fitness bike. This spin bike looks like a professional grade piece of equipment.

It features a pleasant silver, black and red colour scheme. It’s dressed up with some nice chrome accents and this fitness bike stands out in a good way. During our testing period, we received several compliments on the look of the bike, and most people that we talked with were surprised at the low cost of the spin bike as well for how solid it looks and performs. Even if you want a nice looking spin bike you can still get what you are looking for with this low-cost product.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Some fitness bikes require extensive maintenance to keep them operational over the years. This bike isn’t one of them. Sure you should lubricate the flywheel periodically. You should oil up adjust knobs and sliders, and you should certainly tighten all the bolts of the bike occasionally, but you don’t have to spend much time at all on maintenance to keep these fitness bikes operational.

Maintenance requirements are on a level with quality commercial equipment, but the price you pay for this bike is significantly less. If you’re afraid of getting a spin bike because you think you’ll always be upkeeping it, that shouldn’t be too much of a worry with this product specifically.

Lets Wrap This Up

It makes no difference if you’re searching for a highquality spin bike, a budget spin bike or just a professional-grade piece of equipment, after writing this Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike review we can say (completely surprised) that this fitness bike manages to be all of those things in one.

It’s very affordable and should be in the budget of many fitness enthusiasts looking to get a good daily workout. It’s a tough machine that feels very well made, and it has a proven track record and has been tested heavily by a wide range of customers. While there are some slight downsides to this spin bike, the pros heavily outweigh the cons and we’re very comfortable recommending this bike to anyone looking to get into shape. Take care of it and it should last a long time, and you’ll be able to get a good workout in whenever you feel like it.

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