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Sole F85 Treadmill Review 2020 (The King of Treadmills For Your Home)

Their best-selling treadmill in the F series is the Sole F85. Clearly, Sole intended developing this product to cater to any type of user, which is probably what makes it a hit. Checking the overview of the product, their brand promises to deliver a “heavy-duty steel frame construction” that “lasts for a lifetime.” Meaning you could run as long and intense as you want without needing to mind the frame strength. They even claim its motor is powerful enough to transition smoothly the speeds and inclines. The technology with their controls even offers hassle-free tracking of your training progress.  Want to know whether this is the right treadmill for you, then read our full Sole F85 Treadmill review below.

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√ Excellent warranty

√ Cushioned running deck

√ 0.5 to 12 MPH speed adjustments

√ Built-in chest strap heart monitoring

√ Two-ply belt build


× Expensive

× Slower to change speeds

Overview Of Sole’s Range Of Treadmills

Sole Fitness is quite popular with the gym and fitness community. They are known as manufacturers of great quality workout equipment and having looked at many bits of their equipment, it seems they very well live up to it. Much of their consumers know that buying any of their products means you’re in for some serious training.

One of the reasons is their wide variety of treadmills you can choose from. If you are looking for either something lightly built or heavy duty, then you might want to consider looking at their series of equipment. Currently, they have three series in the market. These are the T, S, and F series — all of which have different functionalities depending on the customer preference.

Their differences from each other are actually physically evident. The Sole TT series offers two treadmills, the Sole TT8, Sole TT9, and the Sole TD80. Both can decline and incline. A great find to save more space if you have a limited area. Meanwhile, the Sole S series offers only one treadmill and it seems to be the lightly-built machine of all three series. This works great for offices looking for lighter equipment they can switch places around from time to time.

Lastly, is the Sole F series. This has the largest array of their treadmills you can choose from, and all of them are foldable. Offering four different products, they have a huge difference in their price range starting from a 999$ to a whopping 1,999.99$.  This seems justifiable since they upgraded all their treadmills this 2019 promising they levelled up with their technology and design.

Although it’s not just their upgrade that makes their price range vary. Their weight capacities and features factor in greatly with the gaps. Which is why this series is the most praised of all that Sole has to offer. They can cater to those who just need a go-to mini gym at home, or to athletes looking for some intense training indoors.

Let’s look At the Build Quality, Functionality And Warranty

When you look up the product, the first six things they feature about it is the running deck, motor, controls, frame, and the titles “Best folding treadmill on the market”, and “Best warranty in the market.”

Taking a look at each point, their Folding Deck Design is one of the highlighted components of the treadmill, making it the “best”. Its design offers Easy Assist exclusively patented to Sole. You can leave the deck to unfold on its own without any hassle. The Safety Lock Deck, on the other hand, keeps the treadmill locked on its upright form.

The Running Belt

The running surface is impressive with it’s large 22” deck — the widest that Sole has with all its treadmills. There is even a Cushion Flex shock absorption technology that lets you run without damaging your knees with the intensity. This makes it more comfortable for the joints. It gives you more comfort to run on with the matching 2.75” rollers to guarantee the belt runs smoothly. It claims that it can even “handle users weighing up to 400 lbs.” because of its steel frame.

The Motor

Close up of a treadmill motor, blue and black in colour.

Meanwhile, its motor has an impressive Continuous Duty Rating or CHP that delivers a minimum of 4.0 horsepower during all types of workout. Plus, this type of motor is the highest quality available in the market. They even added a flywheel to their motor that cools it down even when in usage and gives off a more fluid run to the treadmill. Both of which preserve the functionality and life of the motor. It’s actually important for this model since it has a wide range of speed from 0.5mph to 12mph, and an incline of 0% to 15%.

The Display

Close up of the Sole f85 treadmill console.

The display and featured controls, on the other hand, are the usual buttons you would expect on a treadmill. On the F85 it has the usual control buttons at the sides of the LCD to adjust your speed depending on the workout. There is also a heart rate monitoring control that lets the user compute for their age and recommended target.

Fantastic Warranty

Lastly, the product warranty of the F85 offers a lifetime of discounted repairs for its frame, motor, and deck. The electronics has up to five years, while the in-home labour is given two years of warranty. You are even given a trial period of 30 days and are guaranteed their money back if they find it justifiably unsatisfactory. It looks pretty good for a workout equipment warranty.

Some Other Features

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the overview, the treadmill offers a message board that has a user profile and guides you through your workout. It tells you what to do next on your workout and help maintain the progress. After finishing a workout, the message board also lets you review what you accomplished for the session. Definitely, an underrated feature that makes the workout more convenient for you.

Some of its other features are its 10.1” TFT LCD, large rollers that run quietly and smoothly, and its 2-ply belts that offers a layer of PVC and another layer of durable rubber.

2019 Model Upgrades

Recently, they released a 2019 model upgrade for all their treadmills including this F85. Its new 2019 model has an integrated tablet holder that lets the user entertain themselves with clips and TV shows. There is even an available USB port which makes running convenient to the tech-savvy athletes by letting you charge your devices.

Close up of the Sole f85 treadmill usb port.

The new model also packs a Bluetooth function to allow you to play your music on the treadmill’s speakers. Moreover, the Bluetooth lets you sync your workout information on the free Sole mobile application. It can connect to other mobile health or fitness apps recognized by Sole such as Apple Health, and Fitbit.

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Are There Any Down Sides?

Requires More Space Then Other Models

That’s a lot of great features coming from a folding treadmill, and it comes off as an impressive buy. However, what expectations did the F85 not meet?

If you are looking to buy a treadmill, make sure you have enough space to store it whether it be at home, or at the gym, especially for this model. Even with its folding capacities, it can only reduce its size for a bit. At least, with a foldup treadmill, you can roll it around and store somewhere else. Though, just like any treadmill out there, it will take up space. Always make sure you have enough floor area for any workout equipment.

It’s Heavy

On another note, this model is particularly heavier than the cheaper models. Be sure to have someone around you can carry it with, as it is not recommended to move it into your home or gym by yourself. It is a given precaution with its sturdy frame, and any heavy-duty equipment out there.

The LCD Display Isn’t Touch Screen

Since it’s the most expensive of the series, for a high-end price, users would expect to see a touchscreen LCD rather than an old-fashioned console. The Bluetooth functionality would have been capable of more settings if they had integrated this kind of LCD. Considering this is the new 2019 model, it would have been more updated if they also had any Android or iFit compatibility for a more convenient use since most people nowadays are more inclined to the digital world.

Cooling Fan Could Be Better

Close up of the Sole f85 treadmill cooling fan

Another concern with its pricing is users would have expected a better cooling fan. The built-in fan has only one setting and is quite weak. Some customers on a page even commented that they can barely feel the fan operating. At a steep price, you would expect to have a well-operating fan, otherwise, just not offer it at all.

Calibration Display Not As Precise As Other Models

Compared to other high-end treadmills, its calibration display could do a lot better. The calibration on this treadmill can only display up to 0.01 increments, while on other brands with the same price can display up to 0.001. If you are a serious runner, recording as much distance you can mean a lot to a training session on the treadmill.

Speakers Could Be Improved

The speaker could also do a lot better. Although, this performance depends more on the preference of the user. Considering that the speakers are part of the design, you would expect it to be of better quality than what is offered on this model.

Most of the cons listed above, however, can depend on how serious you are as a runner. This treadmill would be best for the beginner up to average types. However, if you are looking for more advanced technology and components especially on the training programs and controls, you can opt to buy a higher model from their other series.

The Takeaway

The Sole F85 is definitely one of the best treadmills out there on the market. It offers a lot of features that can let any type of user customize the workouts to their preference.

The durability of the frame greatly reflects its capacity for different weights, and can even handle persons that are as heavy as 400 lbs. Most customers commend this feature.  Its sturdy build can definitely cater to any type of runner.

The range of their speed absolutely lets you go from low intensity to a higher one without much of a hassle. Their powerful motor can also handle whichever intensity they choose to have. Even the LCD is commendable for its bright performance that most users are happy with how well they can see the display.  But we do feel this could have been upgraded to a touch screen

The Easy Assist Folding Deck Design is definitely a great addition as it lets you conveniently unfold the treadmill without worrying about any injuries. The Cushion Flex absorption technology also makes the treadmill friendly to every user as it lessens the impact on the joints no matter the intensity of the workout. Factoring in the wide ramp this model has, it welcomes anyone with any size type to train, and it comes off as an inclusive product. Definitely perfect for families who want to get fit together.

Not only does the company offer a great buy, it’s also important that their technical support and warranty live up to their brand promises as the “Best Warranty in the Market.” Fortunately, its lifetime warranty for selected parts is as extensive as the features this machine offers. There’s a complete manual guide that comes with the product, and their support options actually have a lot to offer as they also give out their customer service telephone numbers and e-mail address.

All in all, the features are impressive with the range of features and specifications it has to offer. It definitely is no wonder why it’s one of the best treadmills out there. Although lacking a bit on the techy side, this treadmill is perfect for anyone who needs to do their workouts at home. The size, durability, and performance speak for itself for the popularity it has on the market. One could say it is developed to cater for any runner’s needs and training essentials..

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