Shakeology Boost Power Greens Review: To Buy or Not to Buy

Shakeology Boost Power Greens Review: To Buy or Not to Buy

Power Greens Boost is made up of green superfoods that deliver essential minerals and vital phytonutrients to support your overall health.

There is power in the green. And we aren’t talking about the dollar bill ya’ll.

My momma always told me to eat my greens. As a young boy, I never had too much of an aversion to eating greens and never understood why anyone wouldn’t. But I guess it is just different taste.

Fortunately for many people who are not too keen on eating their greens they can now drink their greens and opt so in some of their favorite beverages.

In this review, we will be going over the Power Greens Boost powder supplements and determine if this is all that it is cracked up to be.

What is Shakeology Boost Power Greens?

Power Greens Boost is made up of green superfoods that deliver essential minerals and vital phytonutrients to support your overall health.

Who Makes Shakeology Boost Power Greens? The Creators…

If you visit their website, they offer a wide array of products and services to which you can purchase. Their supplements are the all-star products on their site. However, in addition to the supplements, their services and the programs are equally as useful and very advantageous for getting and remaining in shape.

What Are The Benefits of Shakeology Boost Power Greens? Highlights…

The benefits of Shakeology Boost Power Greens are:

      • Helps to curb your appetite
      • Assist in weight loss
      • Offers you all the daily recommended vitamins
      • Boosts your immune system
      • Improves cholesterol
      • Detoxifies the body

How Does Shakeology Boost Power Greens Work?

The Shakeology Boost Powers Greens formula has proven to be extremely beneficial and effective, and this is due in part to the fantastic ingredient blend. The ingredients which are used in this blend are some of the most potent and active ingredients in regards to helping detoxify your body.

Each ingredient has been diligently chosen to be a part of this formula, and as a result, you can expect nothing short of the best in the detoxification process. We will discuss in more detail the many benefits that each of these ingredients offers the body.

How & When To Take Shakeology Boost Power Greens?

To get the best results possible from this drink, it would prove most biennial for you to drink this on an empty stomach. Like many detoxifying drinks, you get a better result if you drink it in the morning after you have just woken up.

The reason that you want to drink this in the morning as opposed to at night (although that could also be equally beneficial) is because your body has fasted for about 8 hours while you rested.

When you drink this powder formula, your body will be that much more capable of absorbing the nutrients in the formula.

Shakeology Boost Power Greens Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients in Shakeology Boost Power Greens are very limited, but these ingredients offer in of themselves a plethora of benefits.

Here are some of the ingredients:


Kale is a favorite superfood and is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is host to a wide array of vitamins such as.

      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin K
      • Vitamin C
      • Vitamin B6
      • Manganese
      • Calcium
      • Copper
      • Potassium
      • Magnesium
      • Kale Is Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants
      • Kale Can Help Lower Cholesterol
      • There Are Numerous Cancer-Fighting Substances in Kale
      • Kale Should Help You Lose Weight


Chlorella is an algae with naturally occurring phytonutrients. The benefits of consuming Chlorella are:

      • Very Nutritious
      • Binds to Heavy Metals, Aiding Detox
      • Could Enhance Your Immune System
      • May Help Improve Cholesterol
      • Acts as an Antioxidant
      • Helps Keep Blood Pressure in Check
      • Could Improve Blood Sugar Levels
      • May Enhance Aerobic Endurance


This dark leafy green has phytonutrients. The benefits of consuming spinach are:

      • Improves Eyesight
      • Treats Macular Degeneration
      • Provides Neurological Benefits
      • Treats Hemophilia
      • Maintains Blood Pressure
      • Strengthens Muscles
      • Helps in Bone Mineralization
      • Reduces Risk of Cataracts
      • Boosts Metabolism
      • Acts as Anti-ulcerative
      • Helps with Fetal Development

Although this formal may be lacking in ingredients, the ingredients that they have used in their formula in of themselves offer a wide array of benefits, as you can see.

The Pros and Cons of Shakeology Boost Power Greens

The Pros of Shakeology Boost Power Greens are:

      • Very high in vitamins and minerals
      • Source of probiotics and digestive enzymes
      • Doubles as a protein shake

The Cons of Shakeology Boost Power Greens are:

      • Expensive up to $7.08 per serving

Is Shakeology Boost Power Greens Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Yes, this powder supplement is very safe to drink. This is due in part t the all organic ingredients that can be found in the formula. This is a non-GMO product; which is a perfect thing in an age where almost all foods are GMOs, artificial in design, and where sugar is in nearly everything you consume.

Sugar, just to sidetrack is in foods that you may not even have known that would even be an ingredient. Sugar is in foods such as condiments; which is why many foods and condiments are very addictive. Sugar is a kind of drug, and there have been many research cases which have revealed how sugar is just as addictive as cocaine; no hyperbole.

Now, to get back to the issue, there are some side effects that the people have experienced, with the most noticeable side effect being headaches and slight nausea.

It is important to know that if you decide to drink this supplements that you speak with a doctor before experimenting with it.

Can I Stack Shakeology Boost Power Greens To Make It More Effective?

It is perfectly acceptable to stack this drink with others supplements. As this is primarily a detoxifier – but has the added benefits of assisting your health in other areas – it would be a good idea to want t stack this drink with other supplements.

A few good examples would be:

For Your Mind

You might want to consider nootropics such as Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus, Mind Lab Pro just to name a few. This is incredibly important as intelligence and IQs around the world are declining. And it has been revealed that the human brain is shrinking. This is all makes sense when you talk to the average Joe.

For Your Sexual Well Being

You might want to look at taking Maca powder. Maca powder is easily one of the most famous and effective supplements that both men and women can take to increase their sex drive.

For Losing Weight

This drink has the potential to help you lose weight but there is a plethora of weight loss supplants out there on the market. Hey, protein powder is a high weight to build lean muscle. Why this is salient is because muscle burns fat.

There are many another supplement that you may want to consider, but before purchasing them, it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor or fitness coach before experimenting.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

The results will vary between people. It is very important to understand these facts, which are that your age, weight, diet, exercise routine, and your biochemistry will all play a role in how this supplest effects your overall health desires.


For many people they may not like this revelation but it is true that your age will have a monumental effect on how this supplement and many other supplement effect you. If you are past 30 years old it has been proven for men that their testosterone levels start to decline. This is a truth that we must all face. Likewise there are many other health factors that effect us after we reach a certain age.


Belief it or not your weight also has a huge effect on how supplement can effect you. Obesity is a heath issue. So much so that it is considered a disease and is a huge burden on the health industry.

Why? You may be asking.

Well, being obese causes many other health issues. Being overweight can cause massive amounts.

Exercise Routine

For many this is a huge problem. Most people have not the energy or motivation to get in shape after a long day of hard working. As a result the lack of exercising can also contribute to ones overall heath decline and thus make taking supplement that much more difficult to be effective.


This is especially true for detoxifying the body. After years and decades of eating crappy, artificial food your body is very well in a shitty place (and we mean that). Your body is so full of toxins that trying to flush it al out in manner of days is really a ludicrous idea.


Because most people have become so full of toxins their biochemistry is also affected and in a very bad way. Artificial foods have an adverse effect on our bodies and as a result it really interferes with our normal biochemistry.

This is why for people who are healthy and eat organic food will most likely receive a quicker positive results then a person who is doing the complete opposite.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about Shakeology Boost Power Greens:

Shakeology was the game changer!

“After losing more than 50 pounds doing a couple rounds of P90X, I found myself stuck on a weight plateau around 185 lbs. After drinking Shakeology for a week straight, however, I felt amazing, and before long, it propelled me to my current weight of 151 lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 90 lbs.! The combination of P90X and Shakeology turned out to be my recipe for success—there were some days when just the thought of that delicious chocolate shake was enough to get me through my workout. I still drink it every day and I plan to drink it forever, because I know it’s giving my body what it needs. The stuff is worth its weight in gold! – Tyler P.

Shakeology isn’t just my Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition—it’s also my favorite shake of the day!

“I’ve struggled with eating, I’ve struggled with weight, and I now know it was all because I struggled with portion control. That changed when my Coach told me about Shakeology. I love that I can start the day with a nutritious drink that tastes so good. It fuels my workouts, gives me more energy, a better outlook, and a healthier eating style. Even if you’re eating healthy foods—if you’re eating too much, you’re still going to gain weight. No more guilty eating. Shakeology didn’t start my weight loss journey, but it has sure helped me keep going. I’ve never felt so happy and great in my own skin!”


This is a great appetite curber (yeah I know that isn’t a word). I feel that I am not as hungry as easily but still very energized throughout the day.

How Much Does Shakeology Boost Power Greens Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The amount that you will pay for this powder supplants will cost you $34.95. You can purchase this ONLY one their website as our research has revealed this is not sold on other online retail shops.

Final Thoughts: Is Shakeology Boost Power Greens Worth Buying? Does it Work?

Despite this powder supplement lacking ingredient, it does a fantastic job of still delivering high quality. The three key ingredients that are listed in their supplements in of themselves offer you some of the best health benefits that you can come across.

Should you purchase Shakeology Boost Power Greens?

We highly recommend that you give this powder supplements a try. It may be a bit on the budget, but not too much. And when it comes to your health, you cannot put a value on that.

Get yours here.


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