Schwinn Airdyne Pro Review 2020 (Is this the best air bike yet?)

Finding the right stationary bike isn’t easy to do, which is why we took the time to review different products and to put together our Schwinn Airdyne Pro review as well. Airdyne bikes are well-known assault bikes that offer a gruelling workout while providing good solid durability as well. We were impressed by the Airdyne Pro bike during our full review and actually came to rely on the product as well.

To learn more about the bike and what all it has to offer, take a moment to look through our full review down below. Hopefully, our advice will help you decide whether the bike is right for you or not while helping to guide you toward the right fitness bike or machine that will help round out your workouts.

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  • Equipped with a 26-blade fan
  • Designed for variable wind resistance
  • Built-in HIIT programs
  • Equipped with a capable tachometer
  • Efficient single-belt drive system
  • Quiet operation
  • Double-coated steel frame construction
  • Commercial build-quality
  • Simple assembly


  • Costly to purchase
  • Attaching the arms during assembly is difficult

Built to Last

One of the things that stood out to us the most while making our Schwinn Airdyne Pro review was just how well constructed this bike really is. The full-frame of the bike is made from tough solid and heavy steel that’s been double-coated against corrosion. When assembled properly, every joint of the bike is nice and tight and holds together properly for maximum strength and reliability. This air bike can be counted on to hold together, and it relies on carefully selected and designed components to create a reliable tool for years of use.

Aside from the steel construction, the bike is equipped with a custom-designed fan blade, it’s equipped with a commercial-level belt-drive system, It has a wide stable base and is held together with thick nuts and bolts construction, or a few tough welds to keep everything functioning at the highest level.

Designed to Match Every Fitness Level

The cleverly crafted 26-blade fan is meant to offer the right level of resistance for every sort of user. Users just getting started getting fit can pedal more slowly and experience a lower level of resistance at the same time. The users that are already in excellent shape can still challenge themselves with difficult workouts by pedalling more quickly. Thanks to the design of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro air fin the air resistance increases dramatically the faster the bike is pedalled. That means that users that want to really push themselves will always enjoy a challenging resistance level. This makes the bike an excellent tool for HIIT training activities and for athletes that want to enhance their cardiovascular health and strength.

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Built with a Computer and HIIT Workout Programs

While it’s possible to track a HIIT routine and to maintain a tough workout routine that’s highly effective all on your own using something like a stopwatch, it’s easier to accomplish this when you have a program specifically designed for HIIT workouts. While making this Schwinn Airdyne Pro exercise bike review we were impressed by the built-in tachometer and HIIT routine tracking computer system.

The system can keep track of different HIIT routines to help keep you on track during each of your different workouts. There are several different types of HIIT workout durations programmed into the device, giving you the ability to choose a specific protocol to use for each workout. There is also a single custom setting available for a HIIT routine all your own.

Use one of the built-in features, or try the custom option to get in the workout of your dreams. The tachometer also makes it easier to see just how hard you are working and how much power is being expended throughout the HIIT routine. Between the built-in computer and the tachometer, this bike comes with all the features necessary to properly track HIIT workouts and to ensure that they are difficult enough as well.

While the computer comes with enough built-in tracking features and capabilities to enhance HIIT workout routines, it’s limited in design. There is only enough memory to hold the details of a single custom workout program. The computer also showcases specific information about calories and pace and requires pressing a button to see the other information. This can be cumbersome for riders that are more interested in distance or other data points as they ride.

Close up of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro computer console

Quiet and Smooth Operation

Thanks to the belt-driven system and the single drive setup, this bike is smooth and comfortable to operate and a huge upgrade over the models with the chain-drive system. The bike is much quieter during use and you’ll hardly even notice the sounds generated while spinning the fan blade. If that’s not enough, the bike is also smoother to use and more enjoyable to pedal. Instead of the mild vibration and the slight bit of shock that you would get from riding an older model, this one turns around smoothly and comfortably and is a real pleasure to ride.

Even though the bike is quieter than old units are, it’s still louder than many exercise bikes that don’t rely on air resistance to make a ride more difficult. If you’re looking for the quietest exercise bike that you can get, you likely won’t be impressed by what this product has to offer. If you are searching for one of the quieter options that rely on wind-resistance during a ride, this Airdyne Pro model is likely one of the best options on the market today.

Immediate Resistance

Many of the exercise bikes that rely on air resistance in order to make pedalling difficult require a high-rate of pedalling in order to create much resistance at all. That’s not the case with the Airdyne Pro. This unit begins offering decent resistance at low speeds for riders that want to move along casually. This is all thanks to the careful design of the custom fan unit that the bike is equipped with. It’s an upgrade over the old models and resolves one issue that many customers complain about when it comes to the Airdyne units.

Stable Performance

Thanks to careful construction and a capable base, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro bike is stable even when pushed to its limits. The bike comes with a wide base in front and back for maximum stability. At each of the different sections of the bike, there are grip-enhancing pads that will sit against the floor and keep the bike firmly locked into position. Along with those pads and the wide base at the front and rear of the bike, it also relies on heavy construction and tough joints throughout to keep things tight and to limit vibration during rides.

That’s another reason why Airdyne bikes are selected specifically with HIIT routines in mind. When athletes are searching for a product that they can push very hard, an Airdyne bike is an option worth considering. They’re built for maximum performance and to withstand the pressures put on them from interval training.

Not only is the unit designed to offer good solid performance during intense workouts, but it’s also built to support heavy-weight users. Users that weigh more than 300 lbs. have reported using this exercise bike comfortably and with good results. Very little rocking or shifting occurs while riding the bike around, and each of the Airdyne Pro bikes is built to withstand a high amount of pressure during use.

A Full Body Workout

While many stationary bikes are designed to work the legs more than any other part of the body, the Schwinn Airdyne series of bikes are meant to help achieve a full-body workout. This bike engages the arms heavily as well as the legs and achieves full-body results. It’s the ideal tool for fitness enthusiasts and athletes that want to work muscles throughout their body and to get a good cardiovascular workout.

Compared to other bikes, this product is more effective for HIIT workouts and intense cardiovascular development. Between the high-level of muscle engagement, and the customizable HIIT computer, this bike is a solid tool for strength and cardio development over time. That’s the main reason it’s in gyms and fitness centres around the country today. The bike is a solid tool that really pushes the user to new limits.

A No-Frills Design

Many cardio machines sold today are packed with special features like media holders, speakers, television screens, confusing and complicated computer displays and many others that can be a bit overwhelming.

Some users love all these different features, and they select products based on all the different features that they have to offer. Others are more interested in how effective the machines are for achieving a tough workout. Getting a good workout doesn’t depend on advanced features and extra perks like built-in speakers. Instead, build-quality and resistance determine how hard you can work and the quality of your exercise.

This Airdyne Pro bike stands out for its lack of features and users will see that as a benefit or a downside depending on who they are. Someone looking for a simple workout companion will appreciate how simple and effective the bike is and how quickly it can be used to get a workout in. Those looking for the latest features and a complicated tool with a wide range of custom computer workouts and app connectivity will be disappointed about what’s being offered.

This top-quality bike is built to work hard, but it doesn’t come crammed with features that you might expect. This makes it easy to use, but also a bit stale for some users. Make sure that you don’t value technology and a wide selection of features before purchasing this product for the best results.

A Mid-Range Price Tag

To some buyers, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro bike is priced much too high for purchasing, while others will find it to be affordable. The truth is that the bike is in the mid-range as far as prices go. There are exercise bikes sold for much less, and others that are more than double the cost.

This tough bike is a good value for its cost though. The bike offers excellent performance, a commercial build-quality, and a challenging workout that you’ll be thrilled with. It comes with a computer and is customizable for good solid HIIT workouts.

With that said, this exercise bike has a pretty basic computer and is lacking some features of more expensive products. For users looking for a tough full-body workout, rock-solid performance and smooth operation, the bike is likely worth the cost. For users that want more advanced features, it might make sense to invest in a more expensive bike. For users that don’t mind.

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Our Verdict

After going through our full Schwinn Airdyne Pro review, hopefully, it’s clear whether or not this bike is the right option for you. It’s not the cheapest bike on the market, and it doesn’t offer the most features out of all the different options either. Instead, this bike achieves a good balance between those two extremes.

It’s a tough product that works to really push your body to its cardio limits very rapidly. The bike is simple to get on, easy to use and it will have you panting and sweating within moments of hopping on. The bike isn’t for every sort of user though. Users that need a huge number of features might find the bike too simplistic and dull to use over time. Users that are searching for a bike that works mostly the legs and not the arms might be overwhelmed by how much exercise must be put forward with the arms in order to make this bike operate smoothly.

It’s not the cheapest product, and not the most expensive, but it’s one of the best values around when searching for a tough fitness machine to perform HIIT routines on. Give it a try for yourself if it sounds good at all, and move on t enjoying this piece of machinery if you decide it’s a good investment for your home.

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I hope you enjoyed our review of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro bike.  If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro Review

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