Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review 2020 (Our Overall Champion)

Ellipticals are well-known for offers good solid full-body workouts, and they’re often recommended for aerobic training and for their ability to perform HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts on. Even though we know that ellipticals are powerful devices to exercise on, it’s very difficult to choose the right machine for your own needs. After hours of searching at the high and low range, we were attracted to the Schwinn 470 elliptical for its mid-range price tag and its exceptional feature-set. We assembled a full Schwinn 470 elliptical machine review down below, but before we did that we read through some other glowing reviews of the machine.

We were eager to see if our own review experience would reflect the other positive experiences by major companies like Consumer Reports, and we’re happy to report that it did. Keep reading to learn what makes this elliptical special and worth the investment, and most importantly to find out if this device is the right option for you.

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Integrated Bluetooth connectivity

29 workout programs

Silent operation

Dural Track LCD display setup

10 degree powered incline

Connects to Run Social App


× Time-consuming assembly process

Comfortable Performance

The most critical element of any elliptical is its comfort and smooth performance. A high-quality elliptical machine operates smoothly and helps you feel like you are gliding as you work out. While assembling this Schwinn 470 elliptical machine review we were very impressed with the performance of the unit. It’s nearly silent during operation, making it easy to enjoy movies, music or videos while working out at pace.

The unit’s 20″ stride length provided long enough for most of our testers to ride on the machine comfortably and with a natural feel. Even taller users were very comfortable and pleased with the feel of this unit during testing. Not only that, but the elliptical offers a smooth and fluid motion during use.

It’s comfortable to use overall and very enjoyable compared to other budget elliptical models. As long as the track is kept lubricated with the provided silicone lubricant, performance should remain very pleasant. There’s even a built-in fan to help keep you cool when you’re really pushing your body to its limits. It’s these little additions that make the elliptical stand out from the other options available.

Durable Design

It’s only natural to want any elliptical you invest in to be durable and reliable for everyday use. We were impressed by the construction of the Schwinn 470 during our tests, and have no trouble recommending the equipment to those that ask us about it for this reason. The handles, arms and the rotating mechanism all feel very solid and reliable during use. Even our heavier testers felt confident in the strength of the unit during testing and enjoyed its performance without much vibration or wobbling to speak of.

With a total of three separate stability arms, all with non-skid pads on the bottom, this system feels very stable and sits comfortably on most floor surfaces. It performed best on flat hard surfaces but did okay on carpeted floors as well. The elliptical is built with solid construction throughout and is designed to support users up to 300 lbs. The steps are wide and comfortable to stand on, and the whole unit feels as solid as commercial equipment at the gym does. If you care most about stability and tough design, you’ll have no issues with the 470 from Schwinn, it delivers in both of those areas.

Just Enough Incline and Resistance Options

Close up of the foot pedals on the Schwinn 470 Elliptical

This elliptical offers a maximum incline of 10%, which is significantly more challenging than exercising on a flat surface. It also has a total of 25 different resistance levels, giving you plenty of different difficulty levels to pick and choose from. When you’re working out on this device manually, you have excellent control over how much effort you’re putting in with the machine and you can change up the difficulty with precision throughout your workouts.

When you use one of the many different built-in programs, the device will adjust these different settings for you and help you to do just the right amount of work the entire time. We were impressed with the different difficulty options available on this device, and we used the available options to help us make the most of each test workout with this system while making our Schwinn 470 elliptical machine review.

Excellent Workout Program Selection

Along with a good range of incline and resistance adjustments, the Schwinn 470 elliptical machine also offers an excellent set of pre-programmed workout modes that you can switch through each time you are on the machine. There are a total of 29 different workout programs to choose from, and the programs take you through a set of inclines, resistances and pace adjustments to help push your body hard and help you get into shape reliably. Having so many different workout options makes it easy to keep active without growing tired of using the elliptical to do the work.

Between the 29 different pre-programmed workout options, 12 of them are specific profile workouts designed for a certain purpose. Nine of the options are heart-rate control exercise routines that help keep your heart rate at a specific range throughout the workout. There are four custom options that you can set up anyway that you like and go back to them time and time again. There are also two fitness test options that will gauge your overall fitness level and serve as a benchmark that you can go up against when you want to find out if you’re making any progress. There is also a single quick-start option to help you get moving very quickly.

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Simple Setup

While some ellipticals are difficult to assemble, we were pleasantly surprised while making our Schwinn 470 elliptical machine review to see just how simple the unit is to assemble. Most of the bolts and washer were already placed at their respective locations, and assembly was as simple as pulling these items out and reinstalling them along with the additional parts to lock the elliptical together. All the necessary tools are provided with the machine, making assembly simple. Assembly can be a bit time-consuming though and you should expect to spend a few hours getting your unit put together.

As long you can follow simple instructions and make use of basic hand tools the total assembly process shouldn’t be too challenging. Many users remark that they assembled the system on their own, and that was a similar experience to what we experienced as well.

Excellent Media Options

Schwinn 470 Elliptical console close up

One of the best ways to enhance a workout is through the addition of media like music, movies, podcasts or some additional form of entertainment. When using the Schwinn 470 elliptical it’s easier than ever to make use of these entertainment devices. The machine comes with what the company calls a media rack, that includes a cup holder, a smartphone holder, and a tablet holder. It will hold your mobile devices in place while giving you quick access to everything that you need to have an enjoyable workout.

Not only that, but the elliptical comes with built-in speakers that are surprisingly loud during use. With their help, you’ll enjoy your media at a volume that it’s easy to hear and enjoy. If you want an elliptical that helps you enjoy your mobile devices and listen to music as you exercise, this unit is a good fit.

Integration with the RunSocial App

Image of the RunSocial App Logo

Many pieces of workout equipment today are designed to work alongside a particular digital product or service, and the Schwinn 470 is built to pair nicely with the RunSocial app and service program. This unique service is designed to offer a mixed reality training experience. While using the device you can run through a total of 19 different locations with 27 routes to choose from.

While using the app you are free to workout alongside remote friends and family members, and the device will even track your pace, your distance and keep track of where everyone is on the route. If you want to enjoy a connected exercise experience, while working out in the comfort of your home, the RunSocial app does an impressive job of making that possible. It is entirely free to use, and it works with other devices such as treadmills to enable you to run with other people online.

You’ll come to enjoy workout out alongside other people, and using the app you can explore different locations around the world as you workout.

Our Verdict

The Schwinn 470 elliptical machine is a good solid piece of equipment and a real value for what it has to offer. It’s comfortable to use and operates smoothly and nearly silently as well. The unit will work for most users and it offers strength and stability that will help you feel confident that it will last through many years of regular use if maintained properly.

The device is simple to assemble and thanks to the RunSocial app integration as well as the 29 different built-in programs working out on the device never seems to get old. If you’re searching for a capable elliptical to exercise on, you’re sure to be pleased with the performance and the feature-set that you get with this product.

It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it’s an excellent value at a mid-level price range and offers a feature-set that most users will be pleased with.

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