Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review 2020 (No Pain, No Gain)

Rogue Fitness continues to do what they do best and that’s rolling out impressive strength training and fitness equipment, which is why I decided to come up with an in-depth Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike review.

Looking closely into this air resistance model, the Echo Air Bike works amazingly with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). If you’re a CrossFit athlete or of other similar exercise programs, this bike has so much to offer for you.

With the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike, you’ll have unlimited potential so you can make the most of your workout. This high-end bike is a great addition to your home.

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It comes with many features and will benefit you in many ways, from weight loss and muscle toning to muscular endurance and heart health.

I’ve come across only a few pieces of equipment that are as highly versatile and offers as great value as this air bike. Keep on reading this Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike review to know if this super-fine cardio machine is the perfect bike for you.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Specifications

Designed for a strong, smooth ride, the bike is made of durable, high-quality steel and hassle-free customization. It’s a great option for exercise programs, like CrossFit, because of its potential to provide a powerful full-body workout and burn plenty of calories.

Check out the specs and see if it works for you.

  • Weight is at 127 lbs. while weight limit is at 350 lbs.- that’s good, high capacity. This will help you set a sturdy foundation, especially for supporting maximum output bursts.
  • The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike comes with a set of 1-inch polyurethane front wheels. It’s super portable and easy to move around your gym.
  • It also features a steel fan blade that uses a belt instead of a chain. Even with a killer cardio workout, you can expect this bike to remain smooth and quiet. It will also need less maintenance compared to chain-driven counterparts.
  • A high-contrast LCD console (batteries included) gives you the option to track every metric you need to achieve your fitness goals. You can monitor the calories burned plus your heart rate, distance covered, and many more.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review LCD

Additional Specs

Other Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike specs include the following:

  • Height: 52.75 inches
  • Length: 58.875 inches
  • Width: 28.875 inches
  • 5-inch diameter for rubber grip handles directly welded to bike’s arms
  • Adjustable seat with multiple front/back/height settings
  • Durable steel tubing (2 x 3 inches, 1.25 x 3 inches, and 1.625 x 3.125 inches of steel)
  • Texture: Black powder-coat finish
  • Rubber levelling feat for each base tube for increased stability
  • Metal pedals, 4.5-inch rotating long pegs, and steel step plate

As recommended by the manufacturer, this bike is compatible with the following add-ons:

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review accessories

  • Echo Bike Phone Holder- a plastic mount that’s 3.5-inch wide and 6.125-inch tall, although you can still put in a taller phone, thanks to its open top and bottom ends.
  • Echo Bike Wind Guard- a plastic shield that can be thrown over a part of the cage for reduced air blowback. 
  • Bottle cage- this can accommodate almost any standard 16.9 oz. water bottles. The bike already comes with pre-installed hardware so you can easily mount the bottle cage.

Let’s Check Out The Benefits

As air bikes have only soared to popularity over the recent years, what makes them an excellent choice for working out? This Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike gives you some of the best reasons why this powerful piece of equipment will be the most practical purchase you’ll make to achieve your fitness goals.

Burns plenty of calories

Getting on the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike isn’t the same as going on a typical road bike. With standard bikes, all you do is use your legs. With this Echo Air Bike, you’ll need to move its handles to and fro, up and down. You may find these handles a bit difficult to move compared to other bikes uncles you move faster.

Considering these, it’s not just your legs that are getting in shape. You’ll really get a kick out of a full-body workout. Even your arms are pushed to work.

By moving your entire body, there’s a greater chance that you can burn fat twice as fast as the normal rate. In short, this bike will push you to work as hard as you can so you can reap the best benefits.

The best thing about this is that you’re experiencing high intensities of exercise and working many muscles of your body without a strong blow to the joints.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review benefits

Builds cardiovascular and muscle endurance

This air bike is an excellent piece of equipment for cardio. For this reason, it can help improve your cardiovascular capacity. When you have this kind of endurance, you can keep your heart rate from being suppressed as you go through physical activity.

Doing intervals on this bike is also a way of boosting your muscular endurance. Your body is always putting up a struggle against resistance. Without a doubt, this can improve your muscular endurance.

If you’re looking to do sprint intervals, no worries. The bike comes with pre-installed interval options, plus an option to customize your own workouts.

Ensures quick yet effective workouts

If you’re for training, let’s say before office hours, you’d want to get the most benefits in less than an hour or even less than 30 minutes. Try doing short sprints to build an impressive set of quads without having to carry a heavy load. This bike can be an ideal option if you want to build muscle but trying to lay low on heavy weightlifting.

Gives a sturdy, smooth, and quiet ride

Most probably, you’re purchasing an air bike to use at home. Putting it inside your house, such as in the bedroom or an indoor gym, means it shouldn’t be a loud tool.

Another great feature that I love about this Bike is that it uses a belt as opposed to a chain. For this reason, this piece of equipment runs quiet and smooth compared to other bikes. Even if you try moving faster, the only sound will come from the fan and no other creaky bike parts.

You’d know it’s an exceptional bike if it sets a strong, solid foundation. This cardio machine is certainly very sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’s easily breaking or immediately tipping over as soon as you’re moving fast. Awesome quality, indeed. 

Offers unlimited intensity

With the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike, there’s just no limit to the intensity levels that you can reach. It’s really more than just a decent bike.

It’s a phenomenal one because it’s using the wind resistance you’re creating through the fan. This offers you the opportunity to enjoy unlimited resistance depending on which workout you’re doing.

The harder you work and the faster you move, the greater the resistance you experience- easy and simple to use.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Price

The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike costs $775. The company offers a discounted price of $1,550 for a 2-pack purchase.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Pros and Cons

Still unsure about getting this powerful bike to help you train at home? This Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike review rounds up its features so you can finally do yourself a favor and make the best decision.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review


Awesome stability and sturdiness throughout

This air bike comes with so many features that play a key role in its stability and sturdiness. Take its steel construction, for instance. This air bike becomes rigid and well-balanced.

It doesn’t sway or tip over even when you’re moving fast. You get a steady response from the fan, too. Plus there’s rubber levelling feet so it kind of sticks to your floor and helps keep the bike balanced even when your surface isn’t too even.

Mounted LCD console

Featuring a high-contrast display, you’ll find this crystal clear LCD console really helpful and easy to use. Choose from a range of modes depending on your workout for the day. You can track your time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Plus, the console comes with pre-installed AA batteries.

Powerful construction

If you’ve read through the specs, it’s hard to miss details like durable steel tubing and multiple settings for its adjustable padded seat. There’s also the rubber grip handle, steel step plate, metal pedals, and precision steel blade fan.

Easy assembly

Everything you need to set up this bike will come with your order along with the step-by-step instructions. Enjoy its portability with wide wheels attached at the front. You can easily move it around the room or store it with ease.


The rubber leveling feet may be affected by everyday wear and tear.

Besides this possibility, there’s really no more disadvantage I can see when using the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike.

Common Questions about the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike

Is this bike good for weight loss?

Definitely! I highly recommend using Echo Air Bike to lose weight. If you use it in short intervals but at a high-intensity level, for example, it will help you keep in shape. It’s not just the legs that you’re moving.

This air bike keeps your arms engaged as actively as your legs. As such, you’re basically doing a full-body workout.

With less than 30 minutes of highly intense activity (consistency will always be the key), it’s enough to produce good results. Even with just a short time frame, you’re really doing an efficient workout. It’s not easy but it will be worth it.

Why is the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike hard to use?

There’s no reason to fret just yet. The Echo Air Bike is an air resistance model so it’s best for intense workouts. Don’t expect it to give you leisurely rides like the ones you can take through parks and other recreational grounds.

The air bike IS designed to be difficult to move. The fan’s large blades will cut through the air and create resistance against you. In turn, you should push against it to keep it moving.

How is the Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike better than treadmills for exercise?

If you’re looking for a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints, this bike will help you burn the same amount of calories that you burn during running.

On the other hand, if a high-impact exercise is okay for you, including steep inclines, treadmills will do you well for your weight loss program.

Choosing the Right Air Bike For You

As you invest in your fitness journey, don’t forget to consider the most important factors in choosing the right air resistance bike for you.

It should be effective in meeting your goals. Because this piece of equipment doesn’t really sell for a cheap price, you need to make a wise decision. This Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike review looks into some crucial factors that can help you make the smart choice.

Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike Review benefits

Get an air bike that has high, or if not, the highest weight limit.

Air bike manufacturers set the weight limit typically between 200 and 400 lbs, depending on their material and build. The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike comes with a 350 lb. weight limit.

Go for high-quality construction.

You’ve got to be smart in checking every bit of detail to purchase a durable, long-wearing air bike. With reinforced steel construction, the Echo Air Bike delivers a strong, sturdy, and smooth performance. No swaying, bumping or tipping over.

When it comes to the right drive, I personally choose the belt drive.

It’s not only smooth and quiet but it doesn’t require too much maintenance compared to chain drives. For this reason, the Echo Air Bike is a good choice.

Check the saddle if it’s comfortable for you.

Cushioned or padded ones are better. The Echo Air Bike is not only comfy but easily adjustable with multiple settings, too.

Look for a bike that features an easy-to-use display.

The Echo Air Bike comes with an LCD console. As a crystal-clear display, it quickly shows all workout metrics you’d need, from heart rate and calorie burns to speed and distance, among others. No need to manually operate the console.

Consider compatibility with other accessories.

Bottle holders and phone holders are just a few of the additional accessories you can install on the Echo Air Bike. This way, you can stay hydrated or take an important call without having to get off your bike.

My Final Thoughts

The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike is truly a heavy-duty investment you won’t regret. As air bikes have finally gained the recognition they deserve in the athletic community, it’s time you pick up your own.

The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike is simply an impressive piece of training equipment that can help you lose weight and tone your muscles. It’s a great way to exercise if you prefer really intense workouts. Plus, you won’t be taking up too much floor space.

It won’t be an easy ride; it will be tough, it will be gruelling, but you will improve your performance and truly be pleased with it. It’s just time for you to enjoy the pain and get a kick out of your gains.

The Downsides…

The Rogue Fitness Echo Air Bike is currently out of stock and unavailable…

Where To Buy The Best Air Bike?

Our Favorite Air Bike is the Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series on Amazon.

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