QuadraLean Thermogenic Review: Flame On! And Burn That Extra Body Fat

QuadraLean Thermogenic Review: Flame On! And Burn That Extra Body Fat

QuadraLean Thermogenic is a weight supplement that helps you increase your metabolism, boost energy levels, increase thermogenesis as well as promote a laser focus in the gym that will lead to killer workouts.

Get your Fantastic Four Johnny Storm on with this supplement. Okay, well maybe that isn’t the best way to explain this supplement; as you won’t really burn up in flames. But you will burn up in your body temperature and as a result potentially be able to burn away those extra calories you have stored in your body.

Losing weight can be a difficult battle. However, that is a battle that only needs to be difficult if you aren’t eating healthy or exercising enough.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be a battle that cannot be won it can very well be a joyous experience and with the QuadraLean Thermogenic supplements losing weight will be that much easier.

So in this review, we will be discussing the QuadraLean Thermogenic and determine whether or not it will be a suitable supplement for you.


What is QuadraLean Thermogenic?

QuadraLean Thermogenic is a weight supplement that helps you increase your metabolism, boost energy levels, increase thermogenesis as well as promote a laser focus in the gym that will lead to killer workouts.

The creators of this supplement have formulated this supplement with some of the best ingredients out there. Not only will you burn weight but you will also have the mindset to keep that weight off. The mind more then the body is the critical factor in helping you to remove that excess weight.

Who Makes QuadraLean Thermogenic? The Creators…

The creators of the QuadraLean Thermogenic is the RSP company; which is also famous for many other weight loss supplements.

What Are The Benefits of QuadraLean Thermogenic? Highlights…

The benefits that one can expect from using QuadraLean Thermogenic are:

      • Supports Weight Management
      • Improves Energy
      • Focus and Concentration
      • Thermogenesis
      • Keep fat off
      • Boost metabolism

How Does QuadraLean Thermogenic Work?

These supplements boast a wide array of ingredients. All of which are heavily geared to helping you shed that excess weight that much quicker. Their formula focuses on increasing your body temperature and thus also has the effect of boosting one’s metabolism. Why this is salient is because a boosted metabolism is a great way to burn extra calories in your body.

How & When To Take QuadraLean Thermogenic?

It is recommended that you take these twice a day BEFORE you go to the gym. You should also consider taking these supplement WITH a meal; preferably BREAKFAST and DINNER.

QuadraLean Thermogenic Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients that you can find in QuadraLean Thermogenic are:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Powder

This ingredient is most commonly known as CLA. This ingredient is a group of chemicals that are found in the fatty acid linoleic acid. This ingredient can be found in some meats like beef, lamb, as well as a kangaroo (which is hugely exotic).

This ingredient is great for helping you to shed that excess weight but also for helping you to get rid of that excess skin that comes as a result of you losing weight.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an ingredient helps your body to metabolize fat much easier and quicker. It can do this by delivering fat to the mitochondria of the calls in the body where it is broken down. In addition to that, it is also known as an anti-aging properties and has the potential to help with disorders in the brain.

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)

This ingredient has become very popular as an alternative to ephedra (this is an effective and very well known thermogenic that has has been very useful for weight loss over the past few years). Ephedra is no longer available over the counter in many countries.

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is an ingredient which gives you more energy along with boosting your metabolism as well as burning more calories.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline is an essential nutrient for normal health. This ingredient is necessary to the transmission of signals from the brain through the nerves all the way down to your organs throughout your body.

Alpha GPC 50%

This ingredient is a rather unique ingredient as this is not strictly for burning fat. This ingredient can help boost focus, mood, as well as concentration.

Yohimbine Extract

This ingredient is yet another unique ingredient on this list as it does help with burning fat and helping you to lose weight, but it also helps in combatting erectile dysfunction. However, with its ingredient there are several side effects that one should consider when taking this supplements which are:

      • High anxiety
      • Panic attacks
      • Mood changes
      • It can also be quite addictive

Cayenne Pepper Extract

This is a very popular ingredient of late for many weight loss supplements. It is believed because this has the potential to elevate your body temperature that as an effect it will also burn up extra calories in your body much easier.

Missing Ingredients

While Quadralean Thermogenesis has eight ingredients in it, it is still missing a few key ingredients which we would love to see in a high-quality fat burner.

Here are just a few examples of some ingredients which have been absent in this formula, and we think deserves to be in it:

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This ingredient is of great importance as it is high in Chlorogenic Acid. Why this is important is because Chlorogenic Acid has been shown to be very effective at reducing fat metabolization in your liver as well as in helping to combat sugar cravings.


This is a plant fiber. This helps to expands your stomach so that you feel fuller. This means you will be less hungry throughout the day as well as consume fewer calories.

The Pros and Cons of QuadraLean Thermogenic

The Pros of QuadraLean Thermogenic are:

      • Uses some effective ingredients
      • Less expensive
      • Has cognitive boosting effects

The Cons of QuadraLean Thermogenic are:

      • Missing many other key ingredients
      • Uses yohimbine which can have adverse side effects

Is QuadraLean Thermogenic Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Yes, these supplements are very safe to take. However, because of the Yohimbine ingredient ever are several side effects that one may experience as a result of this ingredient.

These side effects include:

      • anxiety
      • panic attacks
      • mood swings
      • serious mental

It is always best to speak with a doctor before trying and experimenting with a new supplement. If you are under the age of 18 years old, then you should talk about a doctor. If you are pregnant or on medication to is also not advised to take these supplements.

Can I Stack QuadraLean Thermogenic To Make It More Effective?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to stack these supplements with other supplements. As mentioned this supplement is missing very crucial ingredients, which we have taken the liberty to compile above. If you want to the maximum effect of losing weight and having a more laser-focused mindset, then we highly recommend that you stack this supplement with the missing ingredients we have listed above.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

The results will vary between individuals. But the average them frame is anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 weeks for you to see noticeable changes. Now, with that said it is more than possible to start seeing results much quicker than three weeks.

But this is taking into consideration that you are eating a healthy diet, along with engaging in daily exercise. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water is also a crucial factor in helping you to lose weight.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about this supplement:

Boost Mood and Energy Levels

“So obsessed with this product! I have a toddler and getting motivated to go to the gym is so hard, but I take this stuff and I feel like I can workout forever! And it puts me in the best mood!!!” – Colleen Gulla

Definitely Recommend

“Since taking Quadra Lean, I have completely stopped drinking coffee or energy drinks in the morning. The caffeine rush is a much cleaner feeling and lasts for hours. I haven’t felt a crash since I started taking it almost a month ago. The focus is real too! I find myself getting through my day easier and energized to workout as soon as I get home! Definitely recommend!” – Joseph Fitzpatrick

Great Product!

“Been using this for a week or so and can really feel the difference in my energy levels!” – J5


If I were to pick one attribute about this supplement which I love; its the higher amount of level of energy I have been experiencing with this. Working out at the gym has never been easier and I ahem more energy to pump and work that much harder.

How Much Does QuadraLean Thermogenic Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The price of this supplement is pretty low and affordable which I guess is probably why it is one of the more popular fat burners out on the market. The cost is $30 for a one month supply. You can purchase this supplement off of their website as well as on many online retail stores.

Final Thoughts: Is QuadraLean Thermogenic Worth Buying? Does it Work?

We have reviewed many supplements over the past few months. All of which offer there own unique way of helping you to shed that excess body weight. However, we can say that the burning fat away by boosting your metabolism in your body and raising your body’s energy levels – as well as the temperature – is such a fascinating way to burn fat.

And because it does just that we would have to say it is one of the more innovative ways to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

We highly recommend anyone who is looking to shed that excess weight but just can’t seem to with exercising alone too give them, themselves. A little bit of fuel to rev up their metabolism.

No matter how hard you sweat if your metabolism is low and not working as best as it can then you will not be able to keep that weight off for too long.

Should You Purchase This Supplement?

We highly recommend that you give this supplement a try. The innovative way fo shedding weight through Emma son increasing your body temperature is one of the more unique and exciting ways we have seen thus far, and we much appreciate the level of research and formulaic combination to create this supplement the company has put in.

So, flame on everyone and start shedding that excess weight.

Get your supply here today.


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