Pure Synergy Review 2020 (What’s All The Hype About?)

Staying healthy isn’t easy, especially with study after study coming out and pointing to specific foods that we should be adding to our diets. Most people have heard the benefits of antioxidants. They’ve heard the benefits of different superfoods and they may have even tried adding things like pomegranate juice, kale, algae and one of the 1000 other superfoods that have been talked about recently. Those people know just how overwhelming it can be to try and get all those healthy ingredients into your daily diet. That’s why products like Pure Synergy exist. We decided to do a complete Pure Synergy review, a potent supplement that packs in the goodness of dozens of different superfoods into one powder that you take on a daily basis.

It sounds like a fantastic product, but we won’t actually know whether it’s worth investing in or not until we do a full review. Read our review below to find out what this powder has to offer and if it’s worth its price tag.

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  • Made from over 60 superfoods
  • Packed with phytonutrients
  • USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Allergen-free, Kosher and free of GMOs
  • No fillers, fibres, sweeteners, added flavours or sweeteners


  • It’s not cheap
  • It doesn’t taste great
  • Does not contain any probiotics

Our Complete Pure Synergy Review

Good Source of Vitamin A

Pure synergy comes packed with 5,000 IU of Vitamin A, giving you 100% of your body’s beta-carotene. Vitamin A is known to boost your immune system, help keep your bones and eyes healthy, and can even help preserve your eyesight over time if you eat it in high enough quantities. Most people don’t get enough Vitamin A in their diet on a daily basis, so it’s nice to see so much included in this product.

Allergen Free

So many supplements today have at least one allergen in them. If you suffer from severe allergies you always have to check products to be sure they aren’t going to be dangerous for you to consume. We were impressed when making the Pure synergy review because the product doesn’t have any allergens at all. That means that everyone can safely consume this supplement without having to worry about adverse reactions to it.

Made from Healthy Ingredients

With most supplements that you take today, there are some ingredients that you don’t know about. There’s always a bit of a question about what you are putting into your body and that makes it hard to be sure that you are eating just healthy substances. With Pure Synergy, you can see every single ingredient that’s included in the supplement. Before you put the substance into your body you can check all the different ingredients that it comes with and then decide if it’s something that you want to take.

Every one of the ingredients is listed off, and the supplement is designed to be a combination of some of the healthiest ingredients that you can put into your body at the same time. Everything is free of GMOs, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, fibres, fillers and just about everything else that you would want to keep out of your body. It doesn’t matter how health-conscious you are, you should feel quite comfortable consuming Pure synergy on a daily basis, and that’s one of the things that we like most about the product.

pure synergy superfood powder label

A Mix of Superfoods

Imagine all the healthy ingredients that you could put into a smoothie or a shake to make it as good for you as possible. That’s what this supplement contains plus more. It’s jam-packed with healthy ingredients that most people would never have the time or money to add to their diet on a regular basis. That’s a huge value and it makes maintaining a healthy diet seem a little less overwhelming too. Sure, you could try and get most of the healthy substances into your diet one at a time, or you can just take this product and get them in all at once.

With Pure Synergy you get algae’s and seaweeds, you get grass juices and vegetables, you get large quantities of herbs, you get Asian mushrooms, fruits, berries, herbal extracts and sprouts. You get several different ingredients from each of those groups listed up above here and all together you get an impressive supplement to add to your diet daily.

It’s impossible to say that this product is going to enhance your health, but if you believe any of the health food claims you are going to be getting those important ingredients from this one product. That’s a huge value and it’s a whole lot more convenient than trying to take everything by itself.

Tested for Quality

Lab Technician Using Pipette testing ingredients of Pure Synergy superfood powder

When putting together this product the creators of Pure Synergy conducted careful tests on every single ingredient that was put in. All their suppliers are verified carefully and only proven quality ingredients are added in. This is very important at a time when many foods come with pesticides and other chemicals that you don’t even realize you’re eating. When you have Pure Synergy you’re getting a supplement that includes ingredients that protected by more than 600 different tests. It’s the results of all these tests that ensure you’re getting a good quality item that you can feel confident consuming. Stop worrying about things like hidden pesticides or contaminants in your food and enjoy a supplement that’s been checked carefully and verified to be a good quality product. There are few other supplements on the market today that are tested as thoroughly as Pure Synergy is.

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It’s an Investment Into Your Health

There are plenty of one-a-day multivitamin products on the market that you can pick up for a very minor investment. Many people add these to their diets without really thinking about them, hoping that they offer some sort of benefit. That’s not how you’ll want to purchase Pure Synergy. It’s not a cheap vitamin mixture that you can take without thinking about it. It’s quite expensive for a 30-day supply and only something you want to purchase if you are really dedicated to your health. When you compare the product to a standard multi-vitamin it seems expensive, but when you consider all of the added ingredients that are packed into this product, it’s easy to see the value that it offers. It’s not a multi-vitamin, it’s a nutrient-dense superfood that you’re adding to improve your health. It packs in much more than a simple vitamin supplement, and that’s what you need to be interested in to see the value in this product.

Quick and Easy to Take

Pure Synergy is designed for simplicity. It’s meant to be mixed in some form of juice or another basic liquid and it mixes in smoothly. That means you just need to get your juice, drop in some powder and stir it up. Now you can drink all those nutritious foods and enjoy the benefits that they offer you. It only takes a few minutes to add this to your daily routine and it couldn’t be easier. That’s one of the biggest perks that we noticed when making this Pure Synergy review. If you don’t have much time in your day to worry about eating healthy food, you can enhance your diet with this solution easily enough.

It’s Best to Mask the Flavor

Even though Pure Synergy doesn’t taste as bad as some of the green powder supplements we’ve tested in the past, most people won’t love the flavour that it puts out. It’s a bit bitter, and it certainly has a strong and slightly grassy flavour to it. That’s not a huge issue and most people won’t have a problem with the flavour, as long as they are willing to mix the powder in with something else. Consider adding this to a juice, some applesauce or another strong flavoured drink or dish to help mask the taste. It’s a good solid supplement, but not something that you’re going to look forward to consuming on a regular basis. That’s why we highly recommend you add it along with something else to help mask that flavour.

A Solid Product With a Hefty Price Tag

Pure Synergy may not be cheap, and it might not taste the best, but it’s a potent health food supplement and a useful tool to help improve your overall health. If you’re interested in getting more nutrients into your body, consider adding this to your daily routine. Even in small doses, you’re likely to see some benefits from all the different healthy ingredients that are combined in this one product. Just make sure you start off slowly and work your way up to a higher dose over time. Many people suffer from some minor digestive issues as they adapt to all the different ingredients combined in this product if they aren’t used to consuming heavy amounts of greens regularly. We were impressed with this product, and it is likely to improve the quality of life for people that aren’t already getting all the nutrients that they need for peak health on a regular basis.

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4 thoughts on “Pure Synergy Review 2020 (What’s All The Hype About?)”

  1. Wouldn’t it be best to mix the Pure Synergy powder into a smoothie? I’ve been making the most amazing plant based smoothies recently and they are coming out great. It sounds like this supplement would be a great addition to add to my smoothies. 

    I’m not too worried about the price – if you are getting in all the right nutrients daily then it should be worth it. I find it interesting how people can moan about the price of things, very often natural and healthy foods like an avocado but then will pop a bottle of cola or a slab of chocolate (for double the price) into the trolley without a comment! 

    • I totally agree about the price.  With supplements in 95% of cases you get what you pay for.  I have taken this for lengthy periods of time and have mixed in smoothies as well.  When you add other ingredients it really helps mask the taste.  

      I have always taken super food supplements and I notice huge improvements in my skin, health and energy levels.

    • Hi Max

      Yes, it does. I’ll update my review to reflect this so everyone knows they have that choice now

      Thanks for reaching out


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