Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Review

Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Review:

Pro Series Alpha Test is a supplement which is intended to give you a boost of energy for your workout as well as increase your testosterone levels.

In Michio Kaku’s “Physics of the Future” (get your copy here, BRILLIANT BOOK) at the end of his book he talked about how people would be able to keep their virally and increase their longevity and all thanks to the wonderment that is called SCIENCE.

What was so fascinating about this particular ending was the story he had told of a man who was well past his 80s but had the “look” and the appearance of a man still in his thirties.

This is not fiction but something that will become a reality and is currently happening at the moment.

Damn. You gotta to love science.

This science (this wonderment) will not be avail until a few decades, but until then it is more than possible to SLOW YOUR AGING as well as reverse your aging. It is very possible to have energy in your fifties that you digit have in your twenties.

This is not a hyperbolic statement but a true and very real experience that we can have.

Dieting…and this is so salient for your overall health has a significant effect on your energy levels and on your hormonal changes in your body. This is why taking supplements are so necessary.

Will supplements alone give you al the benefits fo a healthy life?


But coupled with exercising, eating healthy and living a positive and productive life supplement can very well give you that extra edge you will need to dominate your workout. To nominate your work for the day. To dominate your work in the bedro…

Well, not dominate in a sense to destroy but to…I’m getting off track here.

Supplements when taking all of these other necessary events into consideration have the potential to do wonders.

And in this article, we will go over whether or not the Pro Series Alpha Test is a supplement that will lend to giving you that extra energy or if it is just a dud of a supplement.

So let’s end out if Pro Series Alpha Test is worth experimenting with.

What is Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech)?

Pro Series Alpha Test is a supplement that has been designed with the purpose to increase your overall testosterone which in turns gives you the energy you need in a day to dominate your workout or to handle your business in other areas of life (wink-wink-nudge-nudge).

Who Makes Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech)? The Creators…

The creators of Pro Series Alpha Test is a company called Muscle Tech. They focus on providing people with supplements, dietary powder, apparel and types of equipment. Take a look at their website and you will discover the many different kinds of products they offer.

Here are some of the things they offer people. They have broken them down into different categories.


      • Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold
      • Mass-Tech Extreme 2000
      • Nitro-Tech Power
      • Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein
      • Nitro-Tech Whey Plus Isolate Gold
      • and they have SO MANY MORE PRODUCTS

Diet & Weight Loss:

      • Amino Build Next-Gen Ripped
      • Vaporx5 Ripped
      • Hydroxycut Super Elite
      • Platinum Pure CLA
      • Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Sport
      • and there are a plethora of more weight loss product to look at


      • Cell-Tech
      • Amino Build Next-Gen Energized
      • Myobuild 4X
      • Platinum 100% BCAA 8:1:1
      • Platinum 100% Creatine 2500
      • and a vast array of other post-workout products


      • Shatter Neuro N.O. Black Onyx
      • Black Onyx Shatter
      • Shatter Ripped SX-7 Revolution
      • Platinum Amino + Energy
      • Peak SX-7 60 CT
      • and they offer so many other Pre-workout products


      • Muscle Builder
      • Platinum Multi-vitamin
      • Test-HD
      • Platinum 100% L-Arginine
      • L-Arginine SX-7 Black Onyx
      • and so much more (visit to discover the vast array of products they offer)


      • MuscleTech Hat -Black
      • Leggings
      • Hoodies
      • Dr. Fit T-Shirt
      • MuscleTech Premium Duffle Bag

Take a look at their website and you will be in for a treat. They offer a wide array of products, and the number of supplement, protein powder, apparel, and equipment are top-notch.

What Are The Benefits of Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech)? Highlights…

The benefits of using Pro Series Alpha Test are:

      • Increase in energy
      • Boosts your testosterone level
      • Uses very well-known and active ingredients
      • Strengthens your bones
      • Will assist in your workout

How Does Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Work?

Pro Series Alpha Test works by incorporating the ingredients that are fused in this supplement formula to boost and support your testosterone NATURALLY. All of the ingredients are natural, and even more, they are all quite beneficial for improving your overall testosterone levels.

There is one ingredient which is quite a rarity in many other testosterone booster supplements, and this ingredient is mytosterone (which we will explain in more detail in the ingredient section).

With that said the way these supplement works is by using these very well-well-known ingredients to increase and boost your testosterone levels naturally. It is salient to know that these supplements are not meant for overnight results but for long-term effects.

How & When To Take Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech)

The company has recommended that you take two pills in the morning with water and then two more tablets at evening time, and again with water.

Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Ingredient List – What Is In This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients which you will find in Pro Series Alpha Test are:

      • Zinc – is well known for helping to produce and increase one’s overall testosterone levels. Zinc is found in foods like oysters. It is for this reason that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac.
      • Mytosterine – this is a rare ingredient (in regards that it is not the web sued in many there T-boosters). This is a mixture of Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin that has the potential (this being the operative word in this sentence) to maximize your testosterone levels.
      • Rhodiola – this ingredient has the potential to increase the testosterone levels.
      • Ginkgo Extract – this ingredient has the potential to stimulate the reduction of testosterone levels naturally.
      • Boron Citrate – an ingredient that has multiple purposes. This ingredient can produce more testosterone levels as well as strengthen your bones.

The Pros and Cons of Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech)

The Pros of using Pro Series Alpha Test are:

      • Has the potential to increase the body’s level of free testosterone
      • Has the potential to improve your bone condition
      • Has the potential to enhance muscularity
      • Has the potential to improve your overall workout
      • This supplement contains all natural and high-quality ingredients
      • Available at a very reasonable price
      • Has a decent amount of boron and fenugreek
      • Has the potential to increase your body energy levels

The Cons of using Pro Series Alpha Test are:

      • Men can only use the Pro Series Alpha Test
      • Missing a few key ingredients
      • It could be somewhat risky if you take more then 4 capsules in a 24-hour period

Is Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Yes, the Pro Series Alpha Test is very safe to take, and this is because the ingredients are all natural. In our research, we have found, much to our delight d the delight of many users, no side effects.

It would still be a good idea to speak with your doctor before trying these supplements. This is especially true if you are taking medication.

Can I Stack Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) To Make It More Effective?

It is perfectly acceptable to stack this supplements with there supplants and the reason is that despite this supplements having many great key ingredients it doesn’t, however, have many other useful ingredients that are well known for boosting one’s overall testosterone levels; such as Maca.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

The company says that you will be able to see results in as little as seven days. It is important to know that these are meant for long-term results and not short term. The need to take these supplements consistently is significant to experience the maximum effect of these supplements.

User Reviews

Here are what some people are saying about these supplements:

Energizes Your Life!

“This is an awesome product. Being 45 yrs old, my energy level is always low and I’ve had the hardest time losing weight. Not with this product!

I now have energy to make it through the day. I lost about 10lbs in a few weeks and my sex drive has sky rocketed. As always my friends, check with your doctor before taking this or any supplement. I care about my family. Take care.” – Jon McDonald

Boosts Testosterone

“I have taken several testosterone supplements over the years and none of them seemed to work .2 weeks ago I started taking pro series alpha test by muscletech and my energy, mood and strength have sky rocketed!! At 53 I’m starting to feel 30 again!! I recommend this to everyone who has issues with low testosterone!!” – Larry Ellis

Love The Pump

“Love the pump I get from this stuff. I use this for 90 days and then stop for 30 – 60 before resuming again. Definitely gives you better pumps, heavier lifts.” – E_Dubb


As someone who loves hitting the gym, I found this to be an incredible supplement that helped give me that extra bit of energy that I need when hitting the gym. What stood out to me, and what I appreciated was how this works for the long term. It is great to have this extra energy, and the best part is that it assists in helping the body to produce more testosterone NATURALLY. I love it.

Any Reddit Reviews or Case Studies?

There is a thread on Reddit in which a person does ask about the efficacy of taking these supplements. He seemed to be a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of these pills.

Several people have suggested that this supplement works very well and it mostly because of the ingredients that are used in the formula.

You can read the thread here as there are many users comments on the benefits that one gain from using these supplements.

How Much Does Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The Pro Series Alpha Test coast $24.99 for 120 capsules. You can purchase these supplants off of their website as well as on many online retail stores.

Final Thoughts: Is Pro Series Alpha Test (MuscleTech) Worth Buying? Does it Work?

There are many supplements out there the claim to be able to boost one’s overall testosterone levels and give you more energy for the day. For many guys who have lower testosterone and continue to have their levels of testosterone plummet as they age they are desperately seeking something, the will help them combat this cruel event of life.

With this said we could honestly say that the Pro Series Alpha Test is without a doubt a great T-booster that has helped many guys get that extra boost of energy they desired.

Should You Purchase This Supplement?

This is a resounding YES. If you are looking to take your workout to the next level, or f you are a guy who is in his forties and looking to shred the weight lifts, then these are supplements you should consider.

The scenario that Michio Kaku had illustrated in the conclusion of his book is something that will soon be a reality. It’s more the apparent path by taking the necessary steps one can halt the aging process and by eating the right food and taking the right supplements that one can keep their virility and energy levels very high.

It is possible to have the energy the strength, the confidence, the drive, the power of a man in his prime pass perceived “prime ages.”

Get yours here.


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