Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Review: Will This Get your Prime For That “Special” Occassion?

Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Review: Will This Get your Prime For That “Special” Occassion?

Prime-T is a supplement that intends to increase your sexual drive and performance.

I remember working a job with this guy (well a group of us) where we had to deliver bins around the city. The guy who drove the truck always seemed to want to work more extended hours then what was needed. He would always want to “help out” other drivers.

And for me it was like “bro, we finished our job for the day. I want to chill today.”

But he always wanted to work.

So it got me to ask him why he is so hellbent on staying late when our jobs were finished?

The guy looked me straight in the eye, with a pang of sadness, and said he didn’t want to go home and disappoint his wife.


This is a very REAL situation that many men face in today’s society. But this a realization that has SO MANY ways to combat it. There are many supplements that one can take to increase one’s sex drive and sexual performance.

Not pleasing your wife or lover (hey love is love, right) can be a devastating feeling. Feeling inadequate is perhaps one of the worse feelings you can experience.

If you have experienced the same scenario that my buddy felt then this review might very well be the review for you.

Understand that not performing NOW doesn’t mean you will NEVER perform again.

You just need a little spinach to get your Popeye going strong.

Get it. Popeye was always weak when he didn’t have his spinach but became super strong after taking it.


Well, if you have to explain it, then it wasn’t a good joke.

Anyway, on to the review.

What is Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)?

Prime-T is a supplement that is intended to increase a males virility and his sex drive. Furthermore, it also helps in regulating your sleep, balancing out your hormones and is incredibly beneficial for your prostate.

Who Makes Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)? The Creators…

The creators of Prime- T is a common called RSP Nutrition. Aside from creating this supplements, they have a plethora of other supplements on their website along with programs, recipe ideas, nutritional articles, and workout equipment and gear.

The other products that they sell are in different categories.

They are:


  • Ultimate Lean Stack
  • Lean Stack
  • Pre and Post Stack
  • Power Stack
  • Chiseled Stack
  • Athlete Stack
  • Weight Management Stack
  • Recovery Stack


  • TrueFit
  • RSP Whey 4LB
  • RP Protein Brownie
  • RSP Whey 5LB
  • True Gain

Pre and Post Workout

  • AminoLEAN
  • DYN.O
  • PRME-T

They offer many more items and products on their website. If you are interested in what they sell – as well as read some of their articles or copy one of the recipes, then we highly recommend that you visit their website.

What Are The Benefits of Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)? Highlights…

The benefits that one can expect to gain from taking the Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) are:

      • A boost in testosterone levels
      • A strong sex drive
      • Better sexual performance
      • It increase in muscle mass
      • It increase in strength
      • Hormonal Balance
      • Inhibition of Estrogen levels

How Does Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Work?

Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) works by using well known and powerful ingredients which have all been researched, studied and proven to improve your overall testosterone levels substantially.

These supplements work by increasing the ALREADY natural serums T-level in your body and give them a bit of help to produce more. In addition to boosting the testosterone levels, which are already in your body, it also helps to balance out your hormone.

In other words, these help to lower estrogen levels in guys. Why this is salient is because estrogen is the feminine hormone. Men and women, both, have the estrogen hormones in their body. Estrogen levels may rise in men for several reason, but one of the most prevalent ways is because of a person’s diet.

Certain foods have been well linked to rising estrogen levels in men.

Foods like:

      • Sugar
      • Carbohydrates
      • Soy
      • Tofu
      • Non-organic milk

And since many diets in America consist of a lot of sweets and carbs, it makes sense as to why so many guys have less testosterone and more estrogen level.

Now, it all makes sense – that guy throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t say hi to him. Bros are WAY TOO EMOTIONAL nowadays.

How & When To Take Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)?

The company recommends that you take 1 dosage of four tablets a day. However, to see any real noticeable effects many people have increased the dosage to 3 to 4 dosages a day.

The is NOT to say you will not see ANY result because you will.

BUT the results will only be short term. To get the best results you should take 3 to 4 dosages.

Now, for many, this may be a bit problematic for some, it is not necessarily a big deal. But we will explain why it is such a big deal later on in the review.

If you choose only to take the one dose a day, then you should take the four tables before you go to bed. If you take the 3 to 4 dosages a day, then it would be most beneficial to take it periodically throughout the day.

Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients that you will find in Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) are:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – a very well known ingredient that has been shown and proven to increases one’s overall testosterone levels; but only in large dosages.
      • Maca Root – this is easily one of the most potent single ingredients that have been long associated with improved sexual performance.
      • Fenugreek – important for increasing one’s libido.
      • Zinc – one of the essential ingredients on this list. Zinc is necessary for increasing the testosterone levels in men. It does this by working with the grain to realms a particular hormone. This hormone is the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) this is extremely beneficial for the growth of testosterone.
      • Bioperine – helps in absorbing all the nutrients in a person body.
      • DIM – this ingredient is very promising (as there is still research going on) but this has been thought to believe to lower estrogen levels.
      • Boron – great for increasing testosterone levels while simultaneously lowering one’s estrogen.
      • Vitamin D3 – is an ingredient that is more associated with skin health as well as strong, healthy bones. But this ingredient is also beneficial for increasing ones’ testosterone levels.
      • Vitamin Bs – this ingredient is most important and beneficial for increasing one’s energy levels.

The Pros and Cons of Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)

The Pros of Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) are:

      • This product helps to increase the bioavailability sperm that is already n your bloodstream
      • This may inhibit the production of estrogen
      • Has the potential to develop lean muscle mass
      • Dramatically improves your libido and sexual drive
      • Enhances your sexual performance levels

The Cons of Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) are:

      • This supplement includes some ingredients which are useless overall
      • Not too much is known about the manufacturers
      • You need to increase the dosage to see effects

Is Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

The Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) is safe to take because most of it’s ingredients are natural ingredients. There have been some reports however of discomfort in the stomach, and D-Aspartic Acid may be the reason for this.

With this said it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor before trying to experiment with these supplements. It is always its and best to play it smart and safe.

Furthermore, it would be even more important for you to speak with your doctor before taking these supplements if you are on medication.

If you are under the age of 18, then it is NOT recommended that you ate these supplements.

Can I Stack Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) To Make It More Effective?

Yes, it is okay to stack these supplements. In fact, if you look at there website, you will see they have a stack section which also offers you several others supplement to take with these supplements.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

The manufactures of Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) say that you should start to see results in 2 to 3 weeks. For short-term effect, you should take the one dosage a day which they have recommended. However, for long-term effects, you want to take 3 to 4 dosages.

User Reviews

Here is what some people are saying about this supplement:

“I take it for the help it gives me sleeping. I’ve had terrible problems sleeping for many years, but started taking this before bed and it’s made a huge difference. I’ve also started losing some weight since I started taking it as well, and as a result, have already re-ordered another bottle.” – Greenespace

“Great product. Very satisfied with the added energy boost, strength increase, elevated mood and libido. This product outperformed other comparable options that I tried prior, I have added this supplement to my subscribe and save and couldn’t be happier. Eating clean, staying hydrated and maintaining regular exercise will probably stop people complaining of headaches from getting them, I doubt it’s the supplement.” – Aaron Hunter

“This product made me feel like I’m 16 years old again. I’m very pleased with the energy and the boost it has given me highly recommend it!” – Amazon Customer


After having my co-worker tell me about his situation. That really put the fire under my bum. I tried these supplements and did feel an increase in my libido, but I really felt a significant change when I tripled the dosage. And this is not too uncommon as I have discovered many other people did the same thing and received some very positive effects.

How Much Does Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The price you will pay for Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) will vary. And this is because you can purchase these supplements on a variety of online retail shops. They do have their own website which you can buy these supplements for $34.97. Alternatively, you can purchase these supplements off of Amazon for $26. 57.

Now as we mentioned earlier in the “How & When To Take Prime-T (RSP Nutrition)” section – the company recommends that you take one dosage. Now it is salient to know and very important to repeat that YOU WILL SEE EFFECTS but the effects will only be short term. Form long-term effects you want to take these supplements dosage 3 or 4 times for maximum and long-lasting impact.

And it is her where this may be a bit more costly.

But at a price of only $26 to $36 you won’t really be breaking the bank and the benefits that you will get will be more than worth it.

Final Thoughts: Is Prime-T (RSP Nutrition) Worth Buying? Does it Work?

Not being able to perform and dominate when the time demands can be crushing for many guys. This is more the reason it is crucial to exercise EVERY DAY, to eat right EVERY DAY and to take your supplement EVERY DAY.

Male performance, males strength, male motivation, male power, male ALPHA-NESS (I’m making this a word) can all remain intact. And they can be for a long time; if you are doing all that is required.

Should You Purchase These Supplement?

The answer is resounding yes. If you are someone who is experiencing trouble in bed or just a person who wants to be a bit more confident then understand this – you need the right ingredients in your body to get your body’s chemical activating correctly.

Stop making excuses and start taking action.



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