Prime Male vs. TestoTEK – Which Booster Wins?

Prime Male vs. TestoTEK

Testosterone is a “male hormone” (women have this as well — but it is more prominent in men) that is produced in the testicles. Testosterone helps to encourage the development of male sexual characteristics; it also helps to stimulate the activity of the male secondary sex characteristics, as well as prevents changes in them following castration.

“Not even half the man that your father was.”

These can be very crushing words to hear for guys today. And sadly, as harsh as these words are, they are VERY VERY TRUE.

Men today are losing a great deal of their masculinity. They have lower testosterone than the previous generation. The attack on masculinity has been embedded ever since the end of War World 2; read this article and how manhood started to decline after the war. AND NO THIS ISN’T SOME MGTOW BS. Read The Rational Male By Rollo Tommassi.

Electrifying book that EVERY MAN SHOULD READ…TODAY.

Many young boys are growing up in single-parent homes with the miter being the primary parent. And the foods that guys today consume are a kneading cause in increasing estrogen levels in men.


There is a war on masculinity.

But fret not because we have the means and the ammo to help you combat against this war.

And in this article review, we will be going over two of the most prominent and highly recommend testosterone boosters out in the market.

What Are The Benefits of Prime Male vs. TestoTEK? Highlights…

Prime Male

Prime Male claims to do the following for men:

      • Prime Male Helps To Boost libido
      • Prime Male Helps Enhance cognitive function
      • Prime Male Helps To Elevate Mood (combating depression)
      • Prime Male Helps To Encourage tighter and healthier skin
      • Prime Male Helps To Promote prostate health
      • Prime Male Helps To Strengthen bones (Assist in preventing osteoporosis)
      • Prime Male Can aid with weight loss
      • Prime Male Helps to ramp up high energy levels
      • Prime Male Helps to increase strength


The benefits of taking the TestoTEK are quite numerous.

The beneficial claims are:

      • TestoTEK packs on lean muscle mass fast
      • TestoTEK quickly increases your strength
      • TestoTEK increases your stamina
      • TestoTEK supercharge your sex drive
      • TestoTEK improves your libido
      • TestoTEK transform your body by turning your body into a fat-burning machine
      • TestoTEK improves your cognitive function
      • TestoTEK improves your mental alertness
      • TestoTEK increases mental clarity
      • TestoTEK boosts your cardiovascular system
      • TestoTEK optimizes your heart health
      • TestoTEK balances out your mood
      • TestoTEK boost your drive and motivation
      • TestoTEK helps with confidence
      • TestoTEK gives you more energy
      • TestoTEK limits the amount of fatigue you may experience.

Winner: Draw

It is safe and obvious that both of these T-boosters have a fantastic effect on one’s overall mental, physical and emotional health. We are quite enthralled with the cognitive aspects of these T-boosters. Mental health (our cognitive abilities) is indeed an overlooked ascot of heath with many people having mental illness across the nation.

Mental health is becoming the leading cause of so many sickness and disease in America, catching up on Obesity as the number one health issue in America. So we are happy that one of the significant benefits of taking these supplements comes in the form of boosting one’s overall cognitive functions.

How Does Prime Male vs. TestoTEK Work?

Prime Male

Testosterone is incredibly important to men for a plethora of reasons. While women possess the hormonal production of Testosterone, the hormonal production of Testosterone in men simply is MUCH higher.

The testosterone hormone is responsible for the development of the prostate as well as the testicles. The steroid hormone is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics.

These character traits being:

      • increased growth of body hair
      • muscle growth
      • increased bone mass

In addition to this, testosterone helps in the prevention of osteoporosis (which is a huge issue for many people who age without eating right or exercising).

Unfortunately, as time goes by (and this is clearly evident in many guys today), testosterone levels in the male body starts to decline. Peak production usually occurs around puberty, but hormonal levels typically begin to drop at the age of thirty, generally at the rate of one percent per year.

Now, what this all means and how Prime Male helps to combat this devastating news (and this is not a flair of dramatical jargon) is that Prime Male helps to boost the testosterone levels in men.

Not only does it help to boost the testosterone levels in males but it also helps to increase the already dormant testosterone levels in men. So it is ALL NATURAL — the increase in testosterone that you will notice.


It is well known, and common knowledge by now, that by the age of 30 male’s testosterone levels start to decrease. This is a sad fact and a real reality that ALL MEN must face.

However, with male supplements like TestoTEK its more than possible to increase one’s energy levels. The way that these supplements work is by using the best and most effective ingredients that have all been shown and proven to have a positive effect on the male’s testosterone levels as well as for their sexual health as well.

Winner: Draw

This round is yet again a draw. Both of these supplants have a unique formula that has been designed with the intended purpose of boosting one several testosterone levels. As you will soon discover, as we explore more If this review, the ingredients are the star of these supplements and will take your strength, confidence and your overall sexual drive to a while others level.

How & When To Take Prime Male vs. TestoTEK?

Prime Male

The serving size of the Prime Male is four capsules, and it is best if you take each of these AFTER you have had something to eat. This is likely to prevent any irritation to your stomach (which there have been some claims from people who have taken this).


It is recommended to take four supplements a day. To get the best results one should take these supplements in the beginning of the day to give you that alertness, drive, energy and overall mental focus and clarity.

Winner: Draw

This is looking like a very, very close versus match between Prime Male and TestoTEK. Both of these pills require that you ate the same amount of pills and they both help you in different areas of your masculinity. With that said this round is really a subjective round and it depends on what a guy is looking to improve overall.

Prime Male vs. TestoTEK Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Prime Male

The Prime Male contains some of the following ingredients:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – This ingredient is something which is going to assist with the regulation of luteinizing hormone which is released in your body — thus improving the testosterone production.
      • Bioperine – This ingredient is going to provide your body with the ability to absorb a lot more nutrients, thus making the effects that much more effective.
      • Magnesium – This ingredient is a favorite ingredient which is a mineral that helps with the regulation of your nerves as well as your blood flow. It is also great for helping to relax the body.
      • Nettle Root Extract – This ingredient is going to enhance the production of the overall testosterone in your body.
      • Asian Red Ginseng – This ingredient is a natural extract which is capable of elevating your overall energy levels –thus giving you more drive and focus.
      • Boron – This ingredient is introduced as boron amino acid chelate, and this is capable of improving your overall well-being.


The ingredients which you will find in TestoTEK are:

      • Fenugreek Seed Extract – this ingredient is crucial for improving one’s sexual performance. It also helps in giving better mental clarity.
      • Vitamin D – this ingredient is not only crucial for developing stronger bones and better skin, but it has also been shown and proven to boost and increase testosterone levels.
      • VITAMIN B COMPLEX – the many benefits of vitamin B are numerous and they can have an article all unto themselves. Vitamin B is essential in giving you the energy you will need to tackle your day and to tackle your day like a… BOSS.
      • Zinc – is a most crucial ingredient in developing and promoting testosterone levels. It is also great for supporting healthy sperm levels. Just to sidetrack for a second – oysters have high levels of zinc, and this is one of the reasons they have been considered to be an aphrodisiac.
      • D-Aspartic Acid – this is an amino acid which directly triggers testosterone levels. In addition to this, this amino acid is also capable of increasing your sperm levels. Infertility in men (and this is not too difficult to understand due to the lower levels of testosterone in men today) is a HUGE ISSUE.
      • Mucuna Pruriens – this ingredient can be used for both men and females to bits of help to increases their sexual performances. In addition, it helps in reducing stress levels which in effect supports the body to become more relax and build leaner muscles.
      • Oyster Extract – as mention already oyster is very much an aphrodisiac which has the potential to increase your libido as well as your sexual drive.
      • Vitamin B Complex – Vitamin B is an excellent ingredient and e essential nutrient for giving the body that added energy it needs.
      • Stinging Nettle – this is a protein which has the benefit of increasing your overall testosterone levels. And this is because of the “sex hormone binding globulin” (SHBG) which targets testosterone hormones that become inert and gives them the substance it needs to increase their level.
      • Siberian Ginseng – this ingredient has been well knowing to NOT HAVE ANY EFFECT ON ONE’S TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. Why it is listed is unknown.

Winner: TestoTek

This round, just like the last few rounds, was very close, but we give the edge to TestoTEK and not because there were more ingredients. But because each of these ingredients targeted specific areas of male health. We are especially interested and captivated by the increase in sexual drive.

As salacious as this may sound — hear us out for a moment. Sex can make us happy. It boosts not only over mental energy hut it also leads to raising more testosterone and doing so NATURALLY.

This is very much a win-win pill. The more you take it, coupled with the more sex you have equals more testosterone which in the end will say you on money.

The Pros and Cons of Prime Male vs. TestoTEK

Prime Male

What are the Pros of Prime Male?

      • The product enhances your blood pressure regulation.
      • Prime Male helps you build leaner and stronger muscles.
      • Prime Male helps you enhance your overall energy levels and performance.
      • The product works hard towards the increasing of your strength.

What are the Cons of Prime Male?

      • It’s likely that you’d need to follow a rather strict diet when it comes to Prime Male
      • Prime Male might not work as well if you don’t exercise regularly


The Pros of using TestoTEK are:

      • The ingredients are all natural and safe
      • They offer a money-back guarantee
      • You can purchase these supplements on numerous online retailers (like Amazon, eBay)

The Cons of using TestoTEK are:

      • Is believed to be a pale imitation of another Testosterone and male enhance my supplement called T-boosters
      • The percentage of ingredients are not measured accurately
      • The Siberian ginseng DOES NOT boost testosterone (so this is just a needless inclusion of an ingredient)
      • Is a bit costly

Winner: Prime Male

Prime Male has data and research to back up the claims about this product. Furthermore there several claims that TestoTEK is just a knock-off of other Male Enhancement supplements out there.

Is Prime Male vs. TestoTEK Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Prime Male

There have been no mention of Prime Male side effects — and it is considered to be safe to take.

However, there have been some who notice side effects from Prime Male ingredients, including:

      • Headaches
      • Mood swings
      • Diarrhea
      • Upset stomach


There have been several accounts and reports of people getting sick or falling ill due to taking these supplements. Many of these cases where people have experienced some side effects included their stomach.

Some of the side effects ah have become quite prominent are:

      • Nausea
      • Vomiting
      • Diarrhea
      • Kidney damage
      • Stomach damage

It would be a great idea to speak with your doctor before deciding to take these supplements.

Winner: Draw

Both of these supplements are safe to take. Although there are several side effects that one can experience from taking these supplements. The overall results have been overwhelmingly positive for both of them.

With that said. It is important to note that the side effects are determinant on how overall person biochemistry responds to the new pills and ingredients in their system.

Can I Stack Prime Male vs. TestoTEK To Make It More Effective?

Prime Male

It is perfectly acceptable to stack these supplement with other. What we have found to be most beneficial and something to which we have come to enjoy with this testosterone booster is the cognitive boosting effects of using this.

We love our testosterone booster, but we equally adore our cognitive boosting effects. We have done numerous review article on many of the top-top-notched cognitive bossing nootropic supplements, and we could write a whole article on the NEED TO TAKE THESE.

But for the sake of this article, if you are looking to stack this supplest with others, it would be best to know what exactly you want to improve in your overall physical, mental and emotional health and then do a bit of research on the supplement that best suits those needs and desires.


Due to the many side effects that are associated with these supplements, it wouldn’t be too wise to stack these with other supplements as you may experience even more side effects – which are not even listed here.

Again if you so but choose to take these supplements and want to stack them with others, it would be a great idea to speak with your doctor before doing this. It is always better to play it safe then to play it sorry.

Winner: Draw

The other supplements that you decide to take these supplement with are entirely up to you. And as a result, this is yet another round that is very subjective.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Prime Male

The official Prime Male website emphasizes that men begin to lose testosterone around the age of 30, and it drops about 1% each year afterward. The ingredient, D-aspartic acid can potentially elevate your testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days.


This is a unique supplement – in the sense that the effects which some people have experienced are not always the same. Some people have felt immediate result (assuming they took their recommended servings), others have felt nothing. For some, the effects come later on (like two weeks later).

The results will vary and this comes down to how a person’s overall biochemistry (their unique genetic makeup) responds to the ingredients.

What needs to be understood about supplements is that they take the time to have long-term effects; this is especially true if you are dealing with male supplements. They are only as good as the amount of work you are sitting in.

So what does that mean?

Well, if you ‘re not eating healthily, if you are not exercising, if you are not working towards living a healthy lifestyle then these supplements will do very little to nothing for you.

It is important to know that supplements are there to make asset you NOT TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING. The effects can be long lasting assuming you are taking the necessary steps to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

Winner: Draw

User Reviews

Prime Male

Here is what some people are saying about the Prime Male.

This Product Works Wonders

“This product worked great. I noticed my energy level went up, and I was able to get more things done. The most important part for me, my libido went up. I had only used half of the dosage to extend the life a bit, and I noticed change. I am eager to try this again with the full dose!” – Jason Lindsay

Very Good

“So far so good. Seems to help with stamina.” – Jaime Vance

I Got A Headache

“I had to stop on my second day because they gave me a headache.” – Ramon Gomez


Here are what some people are saying about TestoTEK:

“TestoTEK WORKS! I just turned 38 and own my own business that is very physically brutal. Over the last few years I’ve felt a lot more run down and it’s been harder for me to keep in shape and keep the fat off. For the last 2 months TestoTEK has helped me lose drop two waist sizes and I’m as cut as I was in my twenties. My sex drive has also dramatically picked up! I just started using BurnerTEK and will keep you posted about how it works.” – Nate

“As a former professional soccer player in the MLS, I’ve always been in tremendous shape but when I hit my mid-thirties I definitely felt my energy levels drop. I started using TestoTEK about 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in energy and a lot more stamina in my workouts. And the energy isn’t a jittery caffeine buzz but genuine energy and I feel way more focused. I’m sold on TestoTEK and it’s now a part of my daily routine.” – Ryan

Winner: Draw

Users of both of these supplements have been overly happy with the supplements.

Any Reddit/ Forum Reviews or Case Studies?

Prime Male

The libido-boosting and muscle growth-enhancing benefits of Prime Male have been well-documented. Testosterone, and why we have fallen in love with this particular t-booster, has a powerful effect on our cognitive function.

These effects have been well-documented in numerous scientific studies. In one study (link here) published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, researchers had examined the connection between testosterone levels along with cognition and offered the following conclusion:

“Low endogenous levels of testosterone may be related to reduced cognitive ability, and testosterone substitution may improve some aspects of cognitive ability. Measurement of serum testosterone should be considered in older men with cognitive dysfunction. For men with both cognitive impairment and low testosterone, testosterone substitution may be considered.”

In another study back in 2001 — published in Neuropsychologia showed that testosterone increased cognitive function by “improving verbal fluency.”

Ultimately, possible cognitive benefits of Prime Male along with other testosterone boosters included:

      • Improved Long-term And Short-term Memory
      • Increased Neuroprotection, Which Enhances Focus And Memory Recall
      • Increased Spatial Ability
      • Better Mental Energy

There still needs to be more research done on the long-term link between testosterone and cognition. However, for the majority of studies performed so far, they have been highly positive in support of using testosterone boosters as a “smart drug.”

And with an ever decline in IQ’s around the world, and take it from a guy who has lived on almost every continent, the need to boost cognition is a NECESSITY.


We were unfortunately unable to find any case studies, researched or clinical reports on the claims made by this manufacturer.

Winner: Prime Male

We have searched long and hard for some research (clinical studies and case studies) in regards to TestoTEK, but we have discovered nothing about that supplement that has been documented. This round goes to Prime Male.

How Much Does Prime Male vs. TestoTEK Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Prime Male

The cost of Prime Male price varies depending on the option you choose.

      • One bottle is $69 (one-month supply) (plus $7.95 for shipping and handling)
      • Two bottles are $138 (two-month supply)
      • Three bottles are $207 (three-month supply plus one free bottle)


The amount that you will pay will vary. Moreover, this is because these supplements are offered on a variety of online platforms. However, the ballpark price for these supplements is $69.99.

It is recommended to take at least four supplements a day. In each of the bottles are 120 tablets.

Winner: Prime Male

The reason that we have given this round to Prime Male is due in part to the FREE bottle you receive if you purchase three months supply. And who can say NO to something free?

Shipping and Return Policy?

Prime Male

There is no money satisfaction guarantee provided for buyers — unless they spend $207 on a three-month supply of Prime Male pills.


If you purchase it from the website, they are gracious enough to provide 30-day money back guarantee.

Winner: TestoTEK

The 30-day money back guarantees easily outshine the three-month money back guarantee the Prime Male offers.

And The Winner Is…

This was a very close matchup between two highly effective testosterone boosters. It was tough to pick one and although it could easily be a draw – we give a slight edge to Prime Male.


When we look back these supplements, both offer a wide array of benefits to the overall users. We do not deny that. But what we really latched on and what really sold us the most was the proof that is backed up with Prime Male.

As much as we love TestoTEK (and we aren’t saying you NEED clinical evidence [although it wouldn’t hurt[) the truth of the matter is that TestsoTEK could very much be a placebo for all we know.

There is thinking too scientifically back it up. Coupled with that it has been said on numerous occasions to be a top off of another T-booster supplement.

That is not to take away from the stellar benefits this supplement offers its users.

But in regards to having a TRUSTED supplement, one that has been scientifically shown and proven, we must give this review to Prime Male.

Get yours here today.


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