Prime Male vs. Testofuel – Who Wins?

Prime Male vs. Testofuel

Testosterone is the hormone that all men need to optimize for the best possible results.

We quite often hear guys who have gotten to the PRIME BOLD AGE OF…wait for it…thirty to say to other guys – when I was back in my prime (being what is usually five years ago) I was able to do this. I had these many girls. I had so much energy.

I always find this a bit humorous with guys.

Being…the need to impress other dudes.

That is something I always found… silly. However, maybe it’s because of my overwhelming amount of testosterone production levels. Alternatively, maybe its because I am a SIGMA (read this amazing article on Sigma Males) and don’t need to impress anyone other than MYSELF.

However, getting to my point.

Most guys talk about PRIME AGE as being 25 when in actuality we are still kids and quite naive to the world.

Thirty should not be an age that we start to feel like we are plummeting in masculinity — however, rather an age where we can really begin to forge into becoming our PRIME SELVES.

So in this review article, we will discuss Prime Male and Testofuel and describe which of these T-booster will veer you in the direction of becoming your Prime self.

What Are The Benefits of Prime Male vs. Testofuel? Highlights…

Prime Male

The benefits of Prime Male are numerous with the most important benefit of this pill being increasing one’s testosterone levels.

The benefits of an increased testosterone level are:

      • Developing the testicles and prostate healthily
      • Promoting sexual features like more muscles, bone mass, and body growth
      • Helps with osteoporosis
      • Regulates sex drive
      • Prime Male Benefits:
      • Boost libido
      • Enhances cognitive function
      • Elevate Mood
      • Encourage healthier skin
      • Promotes prostate health
      • Strength bonus
      • Increases cognitive functions

There are many other claims such as helping men lose weight, increasing their energy levels, increasing their strength levels, lower blood pressure and improves one cardiovascular health.

Now, it is salient to know – and to keep in the back of your mind – that these are supplements and that they are not meant to give you all these benefits but are meant to supplement your lifestyle.

So in other words, if you aren’t eating right, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, you will not be able to get any of these benefits.


The benefits that one can expect from using TestoFuel:

      • Naturally increases your testosterone level
      • Speeds up your muscle growth
      • Increases your strength and your energy
      • Great for bodybuilding as well as enhancing your performance in the gym.
      • Boosts your self-esteem
      • Contains all-natural ingredients
      • Results and testimonials are published on the company’s website

Winner: Prime Male BY A HAIRS WIDTH

Both of these T-Booster supplements do a fantastic job of not only increasing your testosterone levels, but they have the added benefit of also mellowing out your emotions. Why this is salient information and why we have been particularly drawn to this benefit is because if the rise of depression in the nation.

Depression is the leading or at the very least, growing health issue in the country. Depression despite many people thinking it to be just a severe case of being sad (which is genuinely trivializing what this mental illness is) is far more than just that.

Depression is a DISEASE. Moreover, as we continue to discover more, we have found a connection between low testosterone and depression. This is all the more reason why we have been elated with both of the testosterone boosters because they both help to boost and elevate one’s overall mood.

However, why we gave the split edge to Prime Male came down to the fact that it also helps to boost one’s cognition.

We have done numerous reviews already, and we have discussed the adverse effects of poor dieting and how that can affect your overall cognitive functionalities. In addition to that, we have also discussed how our attention spans are decreasing along with IQs.

With this said this pill seems to be a super pill in the fact that it not only helps to boost your testosterone levels and make you stronger physically but it also makes you stronger mentally, and this is something that we could not overlook.

How Does Prime Male vs. Testofuel Work?

Prime Male

Prime Male works by increasing one’s overall testosterone levels as well as increasing one’s metabolism. This last tidbit in regards to the increased metabolism is most beneficial as the increased metabolism is what will help to shed that excess fat as well as help to build leaner muscles.

The increased testosterone will also assist in helping a person to have more energy and more drive throughout the day. The increase testosterone level coupled with the increased metabolism is what will give you a much healthier, stronger and energized body.


The Testofuel works through the use of its powerful natural ingredients that are used in the Testofuel formula. The Testofuel is a powerful yet harmless supplement that is all-natural and contains absolutely no chemicals.

Winner: Draw

How these supplements work is not too dissimilar. They both use ingredients that have been researched, studied and proven to have a fantastic impact on your overall testosterone production.

How & When To Take Prime Male vs. Testofuel?

Prime Male

It is essential to take these supplements EVERY DAY. A significant concern, or issue in regards to these supplements, comes down to the fact that if you aren’t taking them every day – along with eating right and exercising – the effects of these supplements may not work.

Now that is not necessarily a bad thing as it is essential to eat right and as men to exercise to keep our bodies healthy, our vitality youthful and our manhood at its maximum.

But it deserves to be mentioned that these are SUPPLEMENTS. Supplements are NOT meant as a mean to get muscle without doing any work. SUPPLEMENTS are there to supplement your lifestyle.

It is recommended to take four tablets a day after you have eaten to get the best result. It is recommended to make these after you have eaten otherwise it is very likely that you may suffer from a stomach ache.


The instructions on the box say to take one capsule per day four times a day WITH a meal, but I found that it can be just as useful to take two pills twice a day and get the same results. It is also recommended cycling it on a five-week basis. With a one week off regiment to make sure you don’t develop a tolerance.

Each person should take the product in accordance with his body type and their structure.

Here is the company’s recommended time for your daily dose of TestoFuel.

      • 7 am – Breakfast
      • 10 am – Snack
      • 1 pm – Lunch
      • 6 pm – Dinner

Winner: Prime Male

Now, this was yet another close round. The amount that one must take is not too different. However, the duration coupled with the longevity to which one should take these supplements is the critical factor in what made us choose Prime Male.

So, what do we mean?

Staying in shape and developing a mindset that will keep a person motivated is one of the most crucial elements in helping men to improve their overall testosterone levels continually.

With the Prime Male, as we had mentioned, you MUST take these every day. Now for many people, this may seem like a strict regiment, but the thing about taking these every day is that you start to build a habit.

It is well known that a habit starts to form around the 21st day (in the ballpark length of time – although it can vary worth people).

With that said taking these consistently, eating right consistently and exercising on a consistent basis (yes that is a lot of consistent) you will be able to forge your body and your mind.

So we give this round to Prime Male.

Prime Male vs. Testofuel Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Prime Male

The ingredient that you will find in Prime Male are:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – this ingredient helps in increasing and improving (which is most desired) your testosterone levels.
      • Bioperine – the ingredient is essential for helping your body to absorb nutrients much more effectively.
      • Magnesium – helps in the regulation of nerves and blood flow.
      • Nettle Root Extract – perhaps the most potent and desire ingredient. This ingredient helps in producing more testosterone
      • Vitamin D3 – this ingredient is hugely beneficial for both the skin and bones and has the potential to prevent skin and health problems
      • Nettle Root – this ingredient is helpful in treating prostate problems (which is a massive problem for men later on in life)
      • Vitamin K2 – this helps in reducing blood pressure as well as promoting stronger bones.
      • Mucuna Pruriens – this ingredient is used as a testosterone enhancer, an anti-depressant, and a libido booster.
      • Asian Red Ginseng – this ingredient is a natural extract that has the potential to boost your overall energy levels
      • Zinc – This ingredient is found in oysters, where germ, spinach, nuts, and beef. Why this ingredient is so immoral and so crucial for overall male health is because of it nacres ones sex drive as well as trees male infertility.
      • Boron – this ingredient is excellent boosting one’s overall well-being

The ingredients which have been listed all help to compliment and greatly benefit your overall testosterone levels.


The ingredients in the product include:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – This is a favorite ingredient which is very prominent in the testosterone boosting community, and it is known to be featured in a range of different testosterone ingredients. It may be able to enhance the levels of testosterone in your body NATURALLY.
      • Vitamin D – This is easily among the most necessary vitamins out there. Our bodies benefit a lot from it (and not solely for strengthening your bones), and it allows the further development of “free testosterone.”
      • Oyster Extract – This is an ingredient that has long been known to be an aphrodisiac.

Winner: Prime Male

More doesn’t always equal better. However, in this case, we have to give it to Prime Male. They have done their research, and as a result, they have taken the liberty to add in their unique formula the best ingredients for boosting your testosterone levels.

The Pros and Cons of Prime Male vs. Testofuel

Prime Male

The Pros of Prime Male:

      • increase in testosterone
      • clinically proven ingredients
      • increases cognition
      • leaner and stronger muscle
      • they offer a money back guarantee

The Cons of Prime Male:

      • there are a number of side effects


What are the Pros of TestoFuel?

      • TestoFuel can enhance your overall male performance
      • TestoFuel may stimulate the further production of testosterone in your body (your free testosterone)
      • TestoFuel may help you strengthen the building of bigger and stronger muscles
      • TestoFuel doesn’t seem to contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

What are the Cons of TestoFuel?

      • You might still have to go through rigorous training
      • The benefits might be dependent on serious dieting

Winner: Prime Male

This round goes to Prime Male. Now, again this was another close round. Moreover, it could easily have gone to Testofuel. However, what veered our decision in the direction of Prime Male came down to the fact that Prime Male (as we had mentioned in the benefits section) also boost one cognition.

Moreover, in today’s society where people can barely hold an attention for eight seconds (and which is shortening) having a pill that helps in combating attention deficiency is a GODSEND.

Is Prime Male vs. Testofuel Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Prime Male

Yes, it is safe to take Prime male supplements. There have been no reports of anyone suffering any long-term issues from taking these supplements. With that said there are some side effects.

Other side effects which are noticeable:

      • Acid Reflux
      • Headaches
      • Blood pressure changes
      • Mood swings
      • Diarrhea
      • Stomach ache

The most noticeable side effect being stomach aches. It is recommended by the company that you take four supplements BUT AFTER you have eaten. Stomach aches have been the most prevalent of side effects, and they make it very clear that you should be taking these with a diet.


Because Testofuel uses all natural ingredients, it is safe to take and has no side effects. That being said it’s always prudent to speak with a doctor to see if any of the ingredients will have an adverse effect on you.

Winner: Testofuel (See We Aren’t Being Biased)

We give this round to Testofuel. This is due in part to there being none to minimal complaints about using this supplements. No one has mentioned suffering from any side effects of using Testofuel.

Moreover, just to backtrack for a second – one of the cons for Prime Male came down to the fact that they have many side effects (which we have listed).

Can I Stack Prime Male vs. Testofuel To Make It More Effective?

Prime Male

It is perfectly fine to take these with other supplements as again, we have mentioned a few time already, that these supplements ONLY work if you are eating right, exercising and giving a healthy lifestyle.


Yes, it is okay to stack this supplements with other supplements. Now, this all depends on what exactly you want to improve upon in your overall health. With that said if you do choose to stack this with other supplements then you may want to talk and consult with a nutritionist who will be able to help you pick out the best supplements to stack with these.

A nutritionist will be able to help you pick the right supplements that will complement your overall stacking intake.

Winner: Draw

This round is easily a draw.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Prime Male

To be very candid, these supplements only work if you are living a healthy lifestyle. As mentioned you should take these every day. You can start to notice effects anywhere from six to eight weeks.

What you need to understand is that this is not a pill that works overnight.

Years of mistreatment to your body by:


Will all have a significant impact on how your body will react to this supplements. If you are eating healthy, exercising as much as you can and feeding your mind positive thoughts (thoughts have a significant impact on your overall health), then you will be able to see results a bit sooner.

However, to keep it simple you can expect to see results in about 6 to 8 weeks.


Much like Prime Male, you can expect to see results in about 6 to 8 weeks. This is not something that will happen overnight. Moreover, coupled with the idea that you will be taking this for five weeks straight and then have one week where you are off it you may see results around the seventh week. However, again this all depends on your biochemistry, your workout regiment and the diet that you are consuming.

Winner: Draw

We feel quite confident in saying that the effects all come down to one’s biochemistry and because of this the timeframe in which you will start to feel and see results may change.

Due to this, this round is easily very subjective, and for one person they may see fast results with Prime Male and another prison they may see quick results with Testofuel.

User Reviews

Prime Male

Here are what some people are saying:

“Maxx, 35, said his testosterone levels were low for 6 years, and that taking 1 shots didn’t help.This miracle pill has saved my life and my marriage also. Thank you, Prime Male.”- Maxx

“This product worked great. I noticed my energy level went up, and I was able to get more things done. The most important part for me, my libido went up. I had only used half of the dosage to extend the life a bit, and I noticed change. I am eager to try this again with the full dose!” – Jason Lindsay

“I had to stop on my second day because they gave me a headache.” – Ramon Gomez

If you visit there website you can watch video testimonials of people (very famous and successful people) who use these supplements.

The overall thought and feelings about this supplement have been overwhelming positive. Many people have experienced a monumental change in there lifestyle and in a positive way.


Here is what some people are saying about Testofuel:

“I’ve been taking this product for two months now, and my energy level when working out has increased significantly. And the best part is the increased sex drive. It feels like I’m in my 20s again.” – Sam Stephens

“There’s a definite increase in libido, however the energy level throughout the day hasn’t increased much, if any.” – Shawn Fernandez

Winner: Draw

Yet another round that is a draw. Much like the previous section, the effects and results from using both of these supplements depends on the report using it.

Any Reddit/ Forum Reviews or Case Studies?

Prime Male

The libido-boosting and muscle growth-enhancing benefits of Prime Male have been well-documented. Testosterone, and why we have fallen in love with this particular t-booster, has a powerful effect on our cognitive function.

These effects have been well-documented in numerous scientific studies. In one study (link here) published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, researchers had examined the connection between testosterone levels along with cognition and offered the following conclusion:

“Low endogenous levels of testosterone may be related to reduced cognitive ability, and testosterone substitution may improve some aspects of cognitive ability. Measurement of serum testosterone should be considered in older men with cognitive dysfunction. For men with both cognitive impairment and low testosterone, testosterone substitution may be considered.”

In another study back in 2001 (which you can read here) — published in Neuropsychologia showed that testosterone increased cognitive function by “improving verbal fluency.”

Ultimately, possible cognitive benefits of Prime Male along with other testosterone boosters included:

      • Improved Long-term And Short-term Memory
      • Increased Neuroprotection, Which Enhances Focus And Memory Recall
      • Increased Spatial Ability
      • Better Mental Energy

There still needs to be more research done on the long-term link between testosterone and cognition. However, for the majority of studies performed so far, they have been highly positive in support of using testosterone boosters as a “smart drug.”

And with an ever decline in IQ’s around the world, and take it from a guy who has lived on almost every continent, the need to boost cognition is a NECESSITY.



In one case study, a guy really explains how using Testofuel rewind back the Yeats on his life and made him feel like a man in his younger ages. He writes about how he was ripped and shredded in his twenties but by the time he got to his thirties he was an out of shape, groggy, self-loathing and shameful guy who didn’t recognize who he was.

After using the Testofuel for four months, he talked about how he had more energy in a day and how he was able to tackle the day ahead of him. He no longer felt groggy getting out of bed. He had more focused and drive. He had more energy and more confidence.

Moreover, confidence is very crucial here as he had mentioned he was getting NO LOVE from the ladies. If you are interested in the full story, you can read his whole case study in the description below. Testofuel helped to give this guy his vitality back.

Check out the whole review here.

Winner: Draw

Both of these supplements have been able to help guys in different areas of their lives.

How Much Does Prime Male vs. Testofuel Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Prime Male

Prime Male will cost you $69 for one month supply. The serving size is four capsules a day. You can purchase these supplest off of there website as well as on other e-commerce retail websites (like Amazon or eBay).

However, the benefit of purchasing these supplest off of their website is that you will be given a money back guarantee. In addition to getting money back guarantee you will also be given a discount if you purchase three months worth.


The price is $65.00 in official site. There doesn’t seem to be any type of discount for purchasing more bottles.

Winner: Prime Male

We believe that both of these supplements are deserving of their price. With that said, we give this round to Prime Male because of the idea that you can get a FREE bottle of you purchase a three months supply of their bottles.

Shipping and Return Policy?

Prime Male

There is no money satisfaction guarantee provided for buyers — unless they spend $207 on a three-month supply of Prime Male pills.


Testofuel has a 60-day time frame in which consumers can get their money back. Testofuel’s customer service can be reached by visiting their product’s official website. There is also contact information that is provided to consumers that have any questions or concerns.

Winner: TestoFuel

Due to the money back guarantee we give this round to Testofuel. Now to be fair, you can also get money back guarantee from the Prime male but only if you are ordering more then three months.

The level of commitment may be a turn off to many people — coupled with the amount that you must put down on those bottles.

And The Winner Is…

With testosterone levels decreasing with each generation — the need for males today to get back their fighting edge and their fighting power is a necessity. Now when we say fighting power, we don’t mean physical brawls but the will that fire win men’s heart to tackle the day ahead of them.

To live my that latin phrase CARPE DIEM.

To seize the day.

However, to seize the day men need the ephemeral latent power that resided in our fathers and grandfathers in our ancestors.

Life is tough — and because society has started to feminize the western man (not getting political or social read more here), there needs to be something to return men today back into what they were meant to be.

If you are feeling:

      • Groggy
      • Un-motivated
      • Lethargic
      • Mentally Stagnant
      • Weak
      • Overweight
      • Unsure about life

Then most likely you have low testosterone, and with this winning supplements, which we will reveal in a moment you will be able to take your testosterone levels to the next level.

The Winner Is Prime Male

This was a very close match up. In fact, these supplements were very similar. However, we gave this matchup to Prime Male and only ONLY by a hairs width.

See, why we are so passionate, me personally, about Prime Male is because of the mood-balancing effects as well as the cognitive properties. Depression…IS A BITCH.

To which I am sure many people (male or female) can attest to.

Moreover, I have discovered myself how much more tolerable and how much more if I don’t give a flip attitude I have developed after taking these pills. I have more confidence in myself, and I am LESS offended by what people, say or do.

My emotions have balanced out, and I am more focused.

Moreover, speaking of focused. Prime Male also has a significant impact on your cognitive functionalities and for a guy like me who is always trying to find new ways of improving his overall cognitive functionalities I was fell completely head over heels in love with this product.

So the winner (but it was a very close battle) goes to Prime Male.

Get yours here.


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