Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate – Who Wins?

Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate

Testosterone is a “male hormone” (women have this as well — but it is more prominent in men) that is produced in the testicles. Testosterone helps to encourage the development of male sexual characteristics; it also helps to stimulate the activity of the male secondary sex characteristics, as well as prevents changes in them following castration.

What Are The Benefits of Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate? Highlights…

Prime Male

Prime Male testosterone booster does not skimp out on the benefits aspects.

Prime Male claims to do the following for men:

      • Helps To Boost libido
      • Helps Enhance cognitive function
      • Helps To Elevate Mood
      • Helps To Encourage tighter and healthier skin
      • Helps To Promote prostate health
      • Helps To Strengthen bones
      • Can aid with weight loss
      • Helps to ramp up high energy levels
      • Helps to increase strength

These are some very bold claims; all of which we tend to discover if they really are true.


Nugenix testosterone booster benefits can be quite impressive. However, the benefits may vary from one user to another (as people individual biochemistry differs).

The benefits of Nugenix can include:

      • Maximization of muscle growth
      • Improved muscle strength
      • Increased sex drive
      • Increased confidence,
      • Improved performance
      • Enhanced vitality

Nugenix Ultimate

The benefits of Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone are:

      • Energy
      • Sex Drive
      • Muscle Mass
      • Strength
      • Testosterone

Victor: Prime Male

The reason that we have decided to give the first round to Prime Male is that of the elevation in mood. Yes, for many guys who want testosterone booster they crave the desire to have a stronger sex drive and more energy.

But…as we are discovering, and what the science has been showing, depression is on the rise and depression is FAR greater in men than in women (now we do know that women are MORE Depressed but Men are more likely to commit suicide form there depression then women are. Learn more here). Or at least men are much more likely to commit such then women.

We know that the power testosterone men have the MORE DEPRESSED they feel. We have to give this round to Prime Male because it helps to boost not only energy levels but drastically imposes ones overall emotional state.

And in the American society where many guys are feeling more and more depressed, it is easily one of the primary reasons that we have given this round to Prime male.

A happier man leads to a better world.

How Does Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate Work?

Prime Male

Testosterone is essential to men for a number of reasons. While women possess the hormonal production of Testosterone, the hormonal production of Testosterone in men simply is MUCH higher. It is has been estimated that the male body produces twenty times as much testosterone as the female body does.

The testosterone hormone is responsible for the development of the prostate as well as the testicles. The steroid hormone is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics.

These character traits being:

      • increased growth of body hair
      • muscle growth
      • increased bone mass

In addition to this, testosterone helps in the prevention of osteoporosis (which is a huge issue for many people who age without eating right or exercising).

Unfortunately, as time goes by (and this is clearly evident in most guys today), testosterone levels in the male body starts to decline. Peak production usually occurs around puberty, but hormonal levels typically begin to drop at the age of thirty, generally at the rate of one percent per year.

Now, what this all means and how Prime Male helps to combat this devastating news (and this is not a flair of dramatical jargon) is that Prime Male helps to boost the testosterone levels in men.

Not only does it help to boost the testosterone levels in males but it also helps to increase the already dormant testosterone levels in men. So it is ALL NATURAL — the increase in testosterone that you will notice.


Men have two types of male hormone in their system. The first type being the one that is ‘bound’ and has no direct benefit to the overall male health. The second one is ‘free,’ — meaning it allows the testosterone in your body to have a positive effect on several areas.

The male hormone is essential for a healthy, active sex life, creation of lean muscle as well as in boosting energy levels. While it can be taken in some forms, such as supplements (which we are reviewing) or via injection, it can carry dangerous side effects, which isn’t the case with Nugenix Testosterone Booster.

This male enhancement supplement uses all natural ingredients that are non-stimulating as well as safe.

The key active ingredient used in the formula is Testofen (which we will get to more in coming sections).

Now, Nugenix is such a powerful T-booster because it offers the body a means to access the already dormant testosterone in your body already.

Nugenix Ultimate

Testosterone treatment is often used for older men (and is quickly becoming a trend for many guys over the age of 30) whose natural Testosterone levels have dropped low enough to cause health issues. For guys with Lower Testosterone or fitness enthusiasts who are looking to increase muscle along with their physical performance, Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone is a great option.

The way that these testosterone booster works is mostly through exercise.

What do we mean?

Well, you will notice and start to see significant changes in your overall Testosterone levels after you have engaged in a very strenuous and rigorous exercise regiment.

Victor: Draw

Each of these testosterone boosters all seeks to do one thing (primarily) which is to boost your testosterone levels. As you can see testosterone is CRUCIAL for a males physical, mental and emotional health.

How & When To Take Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate?

Prime Male

The serving size of the Prime Male is four capsules, and it is best if you take each of these AFTER you have had something to eat. This is likely to prevent any irritation to your stomach (which there have been some claims from people who have taken this).


It is recommended that you should take three capsules of the supplement every day. These pills should be taken at the same time (meaning if you take them in the morning they should all be taken in the morning NOT being split out throughout the course of the day).

On the days when you decide to work out, you should take these 30-45 minutes before you decide to exercise. If you do not plan to exercise on a certain given day, then you can take these pills in the morning on an “empty stomach.” The manufacturer emphasizes that by increasing the dosage to 1-2 capsules per day, you will still keep you in the safe tolerance zone, although they still do recommended that you take three pills.

Nugenix Ultimate

You should take four capsules every day with a glass of water. Capsules, like the previous entry, should be taken on an “empty stomach” and at least 30 minutes AFTER your last meal, and before exercising. You should use this supplement continuously for four weeks and then followed by two to four weeks of the rest period. Ultimate Testosterone also works best if your workout routine also contains a strength program.

Victor: Draw

There is very little to say about this round. The amount that you take coupled with the amount of work (exercise-wise) that you have to put in to get the best results is something that is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall.

Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Prime Male

The Prime Male contains some of the following ingredients:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – This ingredient is something which is going to assist with the regulation of luteinizing hormone which is released in your body — thus improving the testosterone production.
      • Bioperine – This ingredient is going to provide your body with the ability to absorb a lot more nutrients, thus making the effects that much more effective.
      • Magnesium – This ingredient is a favorite ingredient which is a mineral that helps with the regulation of your nerves as well as your blood flow. It is also great for helping to relax the body.
      • Nettle Root Extract – This ingredient is going to enhance the production of the overall testosterone in your body.
      • Asian Red Ginseng – This ingredient is a natural extract which is capable of elevating your overall energy levels –thus giving you more drive and focus.
      • Boron – This ingredient is introduced as boron amino acid chelate, and this is capable of improving your overall well-being.


Nugenix Testosterone Booster is a product that delivers results by utilizing the following ingredients:

      • Testofen – Testofen is an ingredient that is a form of fenugreek, and this ingredient contains about fifty percent of fenuside which helps to increase the quantities of male hormones. This ingredient will help in boost your sexual urge as well as your libido so that you can enjoy and have a more satisfying sexual experience.
      • L-citrulline Malate – This ingredient is a constituent that is known to help in boosting the smooth blood flow throughout your body which is significant in helping you achieve as well as maintain a harder, more substantial and long-lasting erections. This will, of course, help you have quality sexual intercourse that ensures that you along with your partner are fully satisfied.
      • Vitamins 12 and B6 – These ingredients are used to regulate your nervous system so that you feel better as well as perform well. They are meant to combat tiredness for you so that you can remain energetic throughout the sexual experience as well as also help in increasing the production of the red cell that boost your general male health.
      • Zinc – this ingredient is included in the blend for cell repair along with DNA production, while Vitamins B6 and 12 help regulate the nervous system, fight fatigue and increase red cell production, these are all essential to your overall male health.

Nugenix Ultimate

The Nugenix Ultimate has a natural formula that consists of different “active” ingredients. This is where Nugenix Ultimate differs from most supplements on the market today which includes a proprietary blend of different ingredients whose amounts aren’t disclosed.

Ultimate Testosterone consists of the following:

      • D-Aspartic acid – testosterone booster
      • Fenugreek – one of the most popular ingredients for an increase of testosterone
      • Boron – reduces inflammation
      • Epimedium grandiflorum – horny goat weed, acts as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, similar to some medications used for erectile dysfunction
      • Mucuna pruriens – elevates testosterone levels
      • Maca root – improves libido as well as boosts your mood
      • Nettle – decreases inflammation, helps an enlarged prostate
      • Tongkat ali – enhances fertility as well as has aphrodisiac properties

Victor: Prime Male

This was a close round between Prime Male and Nugenix Ultimate. They both do a fantastic job at really helping to promote the best health benefits for men overall. But Prime male gets this round (as you will soon later discover) for having clinical research backing up its beneficial claims.

The Pros and Cons of Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate

Prime Male

What are the Pros of Prime Male?

      • The product enhances your blood pressure regulation.
      • Prime Male helps you build leaner and stronger muscles.
      • Prime Male helps you enhance your overall energy levels and performance.
      • The product works hard towards the increasing of your strength.

What are the Cons of Prime Male?

      • It’s likely that you’d need to follow a rather strict diet when it comes to Prime Male
      • Prime Male might not work as well if you don’t exercise regularly


What are the Pros of Nugenix?

      • Key ingredients are listed as well as explained
      • You get a 14-day free sample that is provided
      • The product is award-winning
      • Customer testimonials are shown
      • Nugenix does not contain stimulants

What are the Cons of Nugenix?

      • The product is only available online
      • The regular cost of Nugenix is expensive
      • Full clinical test data is not shown

Nugenix Ultimate

Nugenix Ultimate Pros

The supplement has a lot of benefits:

      • Reputable manufacturer
      • 30-day money-back guarantee
      • They Use Natural ingredients
      • It Boosts free testosterone
      • It Maximizes muscle growth
      • It Increases drive and vitality
      • It is only available in retail stores

Nugenix Ultimate Cons

Ultimate Testosterone has a few disadvantages, such as:

      • It can be quite expensive
      • It is only available only for men in the US and Canada
      • The manufacturer doesn’t explain the roles of ingredients in the formula
      • There have been no clinical trials or any evidence that would support claims

Victor: Prime Male

Despite you having to follow a rather strict diet plan — we must admit to a certain level what makes a man a man is able to do things that THEY DON’T WANT TO DO. Yes, you must stick to a strict diet bit in that strictness you discover that you fire a greater Lebel of mental toughness and discipline.

A life that is disciplined is a life that is much more free and much happier. We cannot stress this fact that depression is a leading illness among men today in America. Hell, even the world. And we know that many of these comfort foods (these junk foods) don’t make you feel any better in the long term. They are short-term drugs that make you happy for a while and later you need to come back for more.

Sugar is a drug that is authorized to be sold to millions —despite numerous research and studies being revealing the adverse effects on one’s overall physical, mental and emotional state.

Sticking to a strict diet is NOT a bad thing but is a blessing in disguise. So again we give this round to Prime Male.

Is Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Prime Male

There have been no mention of Prime Male side effects — and it is considered to be safe to take.

However, there have been some who notice side effects from Prime Male ingredients, including:

      • Headaches
      • Mood swings
      • Diarrhea
      • Upset stomach


Although Nugenix uses natural ingredients, Nugenix may contain various side effects.

These side effects including:

      • having a stomach upset
      • nasal congestion and
      • facial swelling
      • bloating
      • gas
      • recurrent diarrhea

Nugenix Ultimate

Although Nugenix Ultimate is dubbed as safe and has no side effects, there are some side effects which have been listed on the official website. Some users report side effects such as having nightmares to having diarrhea.

Men who suffer from some health condition such as:

      • heart disease
      • diabetes
      • And problems affecting the thyroid, kidney, or liver and so on

If so then it is recommended that you should discuss this subject with their doctor.

Victor: Draw

All of these supplements have the same side effects. Now it deserves to be mentioned that the cause of these side effects depends on one’s overall biochemistry. Your biochemistry will have an impact on how this affects your body, and as a result, you may or may not experience side effects. But we must reiterate that it depends on your unique biochemistry.

Can I Stack Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate To Make It More Effective?

Prime Male

It is perfectly acceptable to stack these supplement with other. What we have found to be most beneficial and something to which we have come to enjoy with this testosterone booster is the cognitive boosting effects of using this.

We love our testosterone booster, but we equally adore our cognitive boosting effects. We have done numerous review article on many of the top-top-notched cognitive bossing nootropic supplements, and we could write a whole article on the NEED TO TAKE THESE.

But for the sake of this article, if you are looking to stack this supplest with others, it would be best to know what exactly you want to improve in your overall physical, mental and emotional health and then do a bit of research on the supplement that best suits those needs and desires.


To piggyback off of the Prime Male – it is okay to stack these with other supplements. As we have mentioned, we are happy and open to the idea of stacking this supplements with nootropics. A physically fit body is a great thing, but equally important is a strong, disciplined, and determined mind.

More dangerous then a brute is s strong-minded and robust built man.

Nugenix Ultimate

The same as above.

Victor: Draw

We are a firm believer and great advocates of people stacking whatever supplements they are using with nootropics. The greater mental clarity that one has the easier life becomes.

The more discipline one became and the more focus and drive they become. What many people, today suffer from is Aphantsia (learn more about that here and why some people never move beyond the realm of their living; really amazing), and as a result they can never stick to a goal or task.

Such as trying to boost muscles or become stronger. With trying to get in shape for many who have been out of shape for so long what is the hardest thing is sticking to their weight training regiment. With a stronger mind sticking to ones task becomes all the easier as a result.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Prime Male

The official Prime Male website emphasizes that men begin to lose testosterone around the age of 30, and it drops about 1% each year afterward. The ingredient, D-aspartic acid can potentially elevate your testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days.


The manufacturer recommends that you should use Nugenix for eight weeks to see an improvement. They also advise combining the supplement with strength training for better and quicker results.

Nugenix Ultimate

Same as above.

Victor: Prime Male

The reason this round is very indecisive is that of the level of testosterone that is boosted. What do we mean by that?

Well, many testosterone boosters help to elevate the level of testosterone in your body. This increase can be very fast, such as the Nugenix t-boosters, but the results are that those newfound levels of testosterone levels are short term.

Meaning that you will feel and experience a much faster level of testosterone in your body but that will only last for a short term.

The Prime Male may take a bit longer, about a month to be exact, but the overall benefits are that you will have your testosterone levels boosted in the extended scheme of things.

Both have their pros and their cons and depending on the situation and what exactly a person wants to testosterone booster for – the results are entirely subjective.

User Reviews

Prime Male

Here is what some people are saying about the Prime Male.

This Product Works Wonders

“This product worked great. I noticed my energy level went up, and I was able to get more things done. The most important part for me, my libido went up. I had only used half of the dosage to extend the life a bit, and I noticed change. I am eager to try this again with the full dose!” – Jason Lindsay

Very Good

“So far so good. Seems to help with stamina.” – Jaime Vance


Here is what some people are saying about Nugenix.

Saw No Change

“Did not notice any difference when using this product.” – Matt Langham

Received a Little Bit More Energy

“Male . 72 yrs old. Nugenix gave me a little more energy, but nothing else it was advertised to do.” – Dian Bogert

Okay Product

“This product is good I been using it for a couple of years now. But it does make a difference.” – Carlos Casarez

Nugenix Ultimate

Here is what some people are saying about Nugenix Ultimate.

Saw No Effect

“Used it for over month and felt no effect of energy than what I normally am.” – Winferd Doty

Felt No Change

“It doesn’t seem to change anything forme. Maybe being 73. I’m hoping for results that are unattainable.” – Tony Magnetti

Excellent Product

“Excellent product,one of the few that actually meets the expectations.” – Chad Roberts

Victor: Prime Male

Due to overwhelmingly positive reviews that we have read with many of the reviewers; Prime Male easily takes the cake in this round.

Any Reddit/ Forum Reviews or Case Studies?

Prime Male

The libido-boosting and muscle growth-enhancing benefits of Prime Male have been well-documented. Testosterone, and why we have fallen in love with this particular t-booster, has a powerful effect on our cognitive function.

These effects have been well-documented in numerous scientific studies. In one study (link here) published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, researchers had examined the connection between testosterone levels along with cognition and offered the following conclusion:

“Low endogenous levels of testosterone may be related to reduced cognitive ability, and testosterone substitution may improve some aspects of cognitive ability. Measurement of serum testosterone should be considered in older men with cognitive dysfunction. For men with both cognitive impairment and low testosterone, testosterone substitution may be considered.”

In another study back in 2001 — published in Neuropsychologia showed that testosterone increased cognitive function by “improving verbal fluency.”

Ultimately, possible cognitive benefits of Prime Male along with other testosterone boosters included:

      • Improved Long-term And Short-term Memory
      • Increased Neuroprotection, Which Enhances Focus And Memory Recall
      • Increased Spatial Ability
      • Better Mental Energy

There still needs to be more research done on the long-term link between testosterone and cognition. However, for the majority of studies performed so far, they have been highly positive in support of using testosterone boosters as a “smart drug.”

And with an ever decline in IQ’s around the world, and take it from a guy who has lived on almost every continent, the need to boost cognition is a NECESSITY.


In our scouring of the Internet with our long and arduous task of researching — we have discovered no clinical cases studies or researches that have been done to verify that the ingredients this testosterone boosters supplements formula on what they claim.

Nugenix Ultimate

Same as above.

Victor: Prime Male

This round easily goes to Prime Male as there have been clinical studies and research on the ingredients and this particular supplements. With there being sufficient (when compared with the no clinical backing or research for the latter supplements) amount of research we feel very confident in giving this round to Prime Male.

How Much Does Prime Male vs. Nugenix vs. Nugenix Ultimate Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Prime Male

The cost of Prime Male price varies depending on the option you choose.

      • One bottle is $69 (one-month supply) (plus $7.95 for shipping and handling)
      • Two bottles are $138 (two-month supply)
      • Three bottles are $207 (three-month supply plus one free bottle)

Current Promotions? 


The cost of Nugenix is:

Official website or

      • Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster – $69.99

Nugenix Ultimate

      • A 90 count bottle can be purchased on Amazon for $43.89.
      • A 120 capsule bottle is also available from GNC for $129.99.

Victor: Prime Male

We gave this round to Prime male solely because of the discounts that one can get from purchasing more of the supplements. What we found, and what others have vocalized against a great deal was the high price for the Nugenix products. We love the idea that we can get a free bottle if we purchased three bottles, something that Nugenix doesn’t offer.

Shipping and Return Policy?

Prime Male

Prime Male comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Nugenix comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Nugenix Ultimate

You can return Nugenix Utlimate directly to Nugenix or via the store you purchased your item from.

Victor: Nugenix

This round goes to Nugenix. Although the Prima Male offer a better pricing plan, as you can get a free bottle if you purchase three bottles, we like the idea that you can refund your inky back with Nugenix in a month if dissatisfied.

The Winner Is…

We live in a world and society where manhood and the definition of what a man is supposed to be have been sorely getting worse over time. We have mentioned already at the lower levels of testosterone in men today.

What once was manhood that was made of brick houses – is nothing more then a paper thin sheet. The level of estrogen that men have today is something that would make many of our grandfathers and father roll over in their graves to learn.

Build Your Manhood House Made Out Of Brick

The winner of this three-way battle between testosterone boosters goes without a doubt to Prime Male. Not only does it give you more energy, a boost in your testosterone levels, a clear and focused mind – but it also helps to elevate your mood.

If you are looking to boost your testosterone levels as well as increase your cognitive functionalities and elevate your mood, then we resoundingly recommend Prime Male.

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