Prime Male Review: Will This Help In Getting You To Your Prime Levels?

Prime Male Review: Will This Help In Getting You To Your Prime Levels?

“Take the Red Pill…And Enter a Whole New Reality of Testosterone-Enriched Vitality with PrimeMale™” – Prime Male

Prime Male is a supplement which has been designed to treat and address three major issues which limit healthy testosterone levels. Which are luteinizing hormone (LH), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and female hormones estrogen and prolactin?

From weakness comes strength. I am a firm believer act the strongest of us are the who have once been weak. History is littered with men who have overcome bare thug in life NOT because they were gifted with the strength to overcome those odds but because they brought out in them the power, the will, the determination, the drive, the motivation, and the manliness within them to overcome the obstacle that they faced in their lives.

They did this all while having no supplement, no modern age pills or medicine to bring out their power.


Well, because men, several decades ago, had more testosterone then we have today. This is a frighteningly scary realization but the realization and truth all the same.

These men were able to deal with the hardships of life because they fought against the difficulties of life. The strengthened their minds and their body and all because they had something that most men don’t today; which was more testosterone.

And for many guys today the level of testosterone they have is sad. This is precisely why most men are unmotivated, obese, highly HIGHLY DEPRESSED with most suicides in America and around the world being MEN.

The unmotivated heart, the unfocused mind, and the un-driven spirit that most men emulate today come down to one thing. And that is most guys have TOO LITTLE testosterone.


What if you could take back your life? What if you could free yourself from the shackles of your self-made chains of timidity and free yourself…free the monstrous beauty man that resides in all of us.

Would you want to?

Or would you be too afraid of the raw power that you have?

If you want to take your life back in your hands, have more energy, be more fearless, be more driven, be more focused and most importantly be more manly then this Prime Male review is the article for you.

Will, it brings you to your original levels or keeps you stagnant in a declining state of manhood?

Let’s find out, shall we?

What is Prime Male?

As mentioned, Prime Male is a supplement which has been designed to treat and address three major issues which limit healthy testosterone levels. Which are luteinizing hormone (LH), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and female hormones estrogen and prolactin.

Who Makes Prime Male? The Creators…

The creators of Prime Male is a company based in London. They specialize in casting male enhancement supplements.

What Are The Benefits of Prime Male? Highlights…

The benefits of Prime Male are numerous with the most important benefit of this pill being increasing one’s testosterone levels.

The benefits of an increased testosterone level are:

      • Developing the testicles and prostate healthily
      • Promoting sexual features like more muscles, bone mass, and body growth
      • Helps with osteoporosis
      • Regulates sex drive
      • Prime Male Benefits:
      • Boost libido
      • Enhances cognitive function
      • Elevate Mood
      • Encourage healthier skin
      • Promotes prostate health
      • Strength bonus

There are many other claims such as helping men lose weight, increasing their energy levels, increasing their strength levels, lower blood pressure and improves one cardiovascular health.

Now it is salient to know and to keep in the back of your mind that these are supplements and that they are not meant to give you all these benefits but are meant to supplement your lifestyle.

So in other words, if you aren’t eating right, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, you will not be able to get any of these benefits.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male works by increasing one’s overall testosterone levels as well as increasing one’s metabolism. This last tidbit in regards to the increased metabolism is most beneficial as the increased metabolism is what will help to shed that excess fat as well as her to hood that lean muscle.

The increased testosterone will also assist in helping a person to have more energy and more critical drive. The increase testosterone level coupled with the increased metabolism is what will give you a much healthier, stronger and energized body.

How & When To Take Prime Male?

It is essential to ta these supplements EVERY DAY. A significant concern or issue in regards to these supplement comes down to the fact that if you aren’t taking them every day – along with eating right and exercising – the effects of these supplements may not work.

Now that is not necessarily a bad thing as it is essential to eat right and as men to exercise to keep our bodies healthy, our vitality youthful and our manhood at its maximum.

But it deserves to be mentioned that these are SUPPLEMENTS. Supplements are NOT meant as a mean to get muscle without doing any work. SUPPLEMENTS are there to supplement your lifestyle.

It is recommended to take four tablets a day after you have eaten to get the best result. It is recommended to make these after you have eaten otherwise it is very likely that you may suffer from a stomach ache.

Prime Male Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredient that you will find in Prime Male are:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – this ingredient helps in increasing and improving (which is most desired) your testosterone levels.
      • Bioperine – the ingredient is essential for helping your body to absorb nutrients much more effectively.
      • Magnesium – helps in the regulation of nerves and blood flow.
      • Nettle Root Extract – perhaps the most potent and desire ingredient. This ingredient helps in producing more testosterone
      • Vitamin D3 – this ingredient is hugely beneficial for both the skin and bones and has the potential to prevent skin and health problems
      • Nettle Root – this ingredient is helpful in treating prostate problems (which is a massive problem for men later on in life)
      • Vitamin K2 – this helps in reducing blood pressure as well as promoting stronger bones.
      • Mucuna Pruriens – this ingredient is used as a testosterone enhancer, an anti-depressant, and a libido booster.
      • Asian Red Ginseng – this ingredient is a natural extract that has the potential to boost your overall energy levels
      • Zinc – This ingredient is found in oysters, where germ, spinach, nuts, and beef. Why this ingredient is so immoral and so crucial for overall male health is because of it nacres ones sex drive as well as trees male infertility.
      • Boron – this ingredient is excellent boosting one’s overall well-being

The ingredients which have been listed all help to compliment and greatly benefit your overall testosterone levels.

The Pros and Cons of Prime Male

The Pros of Prime Male:

      • increase in testosterone
      • clinically proven ingredients
      • increases cognition
      • leaner and stronger muscle
      • they offer a money back guarantee

The Cons of Prime Male:

      • there are a number of side effects

Is Prime Male Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Yes, it is safe to take Prime male supplements. There have been no reports of anyone suffering any long-term issues from taking these supplements. With that said there are some side effects.

Other side effects which are noticeable:

      • Acid Reflux
      • Headaches
      • Blood pressure changes
      • Mood swings
      • Diarrhea
      • Stomach ache

The most noticeable side effect being stomach aches. It is recommended by the company that you take four supplements BUT AFTER you have eaten. Stomach aches have been the most prevalent of side effects, and they make it very clear that you should be taking these with a diet.

Can I Stack Prime Male To Make It More Effective?

It is perfectly fine to take these with other supplements as again, we have mentioned a few time already, that these supplements ONLY work if you are eating right, exercising and giving a healthy lifestyle.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

To be very candid, these supplements only work of you are living a healthy lifestyle.

User Reviews

Here are what some people are saying:

“Maxx, 35, said his testosterone levels were low for 6 years, and that taking 1 shots didn’t help.This miracle pill has saved my life and my marriage also. Thank you, Prime Male.”- Maxx

“This product worked great. I noticed my energy level went up, and I was able to get more things done. The most important part for me, my libido went up. I had only used half of the dosage to extend the life a bit, and I noticed change. I am eager to try this again with the full dose!” – Jason Lindsay

“I had to stop on my second day because they gave me a headache.” – Ramon Gomez

If you visit there website yo can watch video testimonials of people (very famous and successful people) who use these supplements.

The overall thought and feelings about this supplement have been overwhelming positive. Many people have experienced a monumental change in there lifestyle and in a positive way.

How Much Does Prime Male Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Prime Male will cost you $69 for one month supply. The serving size is four capsules a day. You can purchase these supplest off of there website as well as on other e-commerce retail websites (like Amazon or eBay).

However, the benefit of purchasing these supplest off of their website is that you will be given a money back guarantee. In addition to getting money back guarantee you will also be given a discount if you purchase three months worth.

Final Thoughts: Is Prime Male Worth Buying? Does it Work?

The level of testosterone that men…um, males produce today is frighteningly sad.

Shocking? No. Not at all.

Especially when you see and experience how emotionally weak and unmotivated most guys are today.

This is not an ad hominem but rather an objective truth that anyone who steps outside the realm of their irrational and blinding emotion can see.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, most guys, today have fewer testosterone levels then their fathers and grandfather had.

And as a result, most guys day are simply unmotivated and not driven.

Will his supplement be the panacea, the cure, the red pill Matrix-esque awakening source to wake up in you the hero in you?

Well, to be honest, this pill in of itself will NOT do that.

BUT… (and this is very important)

It will help to aid you in improving your overall quality of life. Having spent a great deal of money on these supplements and just to have them lying around isn’t the most productive way to get the benefits of these pills.

With these pills – when taking them while eating right and healthy, exercise DAILY, improving your overall quality of life – can have a noticeable impact on your health.

Should You Purchase These Supplements?

Our final verdict about these supplements is that if you are looking to increase your testosterone level and get more energy, drive, a clearer mind, and an overall better quality of life (in regards to your manhood), then it wouldn’t hurt to try.

When it comes to our manhood, it should never be acceptable to place it on the back burner.

With a discount on a three month supply, money back guarantee, the backing of many famous and successful men, ingredients which have all been clinically proven to have a significant effect on your health, and money back guarantee on satisfaction – you lose absolutely nothing from giving these supplements a try.

Get your supply here.

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