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NordicTrack C700 Treadmill Review 2020 (Quality Kit, Affordably Priced)

The NordicTrack C700 is an impressive treadmill priced right in the middle of the range for treadmills sold today. The machine has a long list of features that it offers, but more importantly, it appears to offer a solid build quality, good reliable warranty protection and resilient performance that you can count on for years after your purchase. It’s all these different features that made us want to make this full NordicTrack C700 treadmill review.

Anyone interested in purchasing a new treadmill in the price range of the C700 should read through this review to learn what the machine has to offer and whether or not it will meet all your needs.

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Built-in tablet holder

Organized multi-window LED display

Built-in cooling fans for comfort

Comfortable tread belt

Features 20 different built-in workout programs

Folds up and out of the way


× Difficult assembly

Good Solid Build Quality

One of the most important factors to look at when selecting a treadmill is the unit’s build quality. Some treadmills experience significant platform flex and wobble while running or jogging on them. This isn’t an issue that we experienced with the NordicTrack C700 treadmill. The unit feels solid and stable, even when using it at high speeds. It manages up to 10 MPH at top speed, which is enough for a nice quick stride. Even at top speed the treadmill is comfortable to run on and feels solid in design.

Assembly and Ease-of-Use

While this treadmill is straightforward to use once it’s assembled, the assembly process itself can be challenging. Not all the necessary tools are included with the treadmill to complete the assembly and you will need at least an appropriately sized wrench to complete the process. Users complain of difficult-to-follow instructions and complicated steps throughout assembly. Most users remark that assembly took at least a few hours and wasn’t simple, but that it was doable.

Some users opt to purchase the product with assembly to save this process, while others manage to go through the assembly process all themselves and report having a perfectly functioning treadmill. If you have a good set of tools and don’t mind a more difficult assembly process, there should be no issue with this treadmill. If you are looking for simplicity from the very beginning, you’ll want to have someone else complete the assembly process for you.

A Reasonable Incline

An image of someone using the NordicTrack C700 Treadmill on a slight incline

One of the most important features we came across while assembling this NordicTrack C700 Treadmill review was the power-adjustable incline. The unit can be adjusted from an incline of 0% up to 10% with the press of a button to move from one setting to the next. This is quick and convenient and makes it simple to switch between hilly and flat terrain as you run. This feature isn’t just convenient, it’s essential for some of the other features that are built into this treadmill. For instance, the iFit running coach program has the ability to take you to different locations around the world to run with the help of Google Maps.

This feature automatically adjusts the incline of your running surface up and down based on the actual incline of the area that you’re running in. Head to difficult running locations and enjoy feeling more connected to the area as you experience the terrain as it feels at the location on this advanced treadmill.

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Soft and Comfortable Running Surface

A close up image of the NordicTrack C700 Treadmill running belt.

Running comfort is a major concern for most treadmill owners. Not only should a tread belt be large enough to offer a comfortable running style, but it should offer enough give and padding to keep your body comfortable and avoid too much impact while jogging or running. This treadmill accomplishes all of these things with careful design. The 20″ x 55″ tread belt is wide and long enough for a comfortable stride for most users. Only the tallest users will feel at all cramped on this tread belt and most people should be able to run comfortably on this machine.

One of our favourite features of this unit is the custom cushioned deck surface. There are unique cushions on the underside of the running platform that you can adjust up or down. The cushions give you a plush feeling running surface for maximum comfort and minimal impact, but they can be adjusted down to be firmer and stiffer if that is the running surface you prefer. Adjust the platform feel for maximum comfort and confidence with every run.

Space-Saving Design

While putting together this NordicTrack C700 treadmill review we were very impressed by the space-saving design of this unit. The treadmill is decidedly bulky as most are when folded down, but this unit folds up with the tread belt section going up and locking into position vertically. This simple feature is quick and easy to use and means that you can fold the treadmill up and out of the way whenever it isn’t in use. When positioning the treadmill in a smaller room, this feature enables the room to be used for additional purposes as well.

A Smart Workout System

A lady using the NordicTrack C700 LED console.

While you are free to use the manual run-speed and incline settings on this NordicTrack treadmill, the system is capable of much more than that if you want to vary your workouts or get more for your time on the treadmill. There are a total of 20 different built-in workout programs that you can rely on to make your workouts difficult and exciting. These workouts allow you to target certain calorie burning goals, or to select specific incline and speed goals that you want to work on while on the treadmill. It will then push you through special pre-programmed workouts guaranteed to get you sweating.

While making the NordicTrack C700 treadmill review we were also impressed by the iFit Coach program subscription that was included with the unit. While the unit only comes with a trial subscription, if you decide to keep the subscription you’ll be able to download new custom workouts right to your treadmill and sync the device up with different Google Maps locations to experience walking and running around the world. It’s a cool feature and helps add some variety to working out indoors. This NordicTrack treadmill integrates nicely with the program and makes getting a good workout more enjoyable.

Reliable Warranty Protection

Even the best equipment experiences failures or technical difficulties from time-to-time. When you obtain the NordicTrack C700 there is a chance you’ll run into some issues while getting it together or just using it on a daily basis. Fortunately, the product comes with reliable customer support, and it has warranty protection that helps safeguard you from defects.

The treadmill comes with an impressive 25-year motor warranty, and it comes with a single year warranty for parts and labour if there are any issues with the machine. That means that you can use this treadmill with confidence throughout the first year, knowing that if anything goes wrong you can talk with the NordicTrack customer support and get the help that you need.

While some users complain of the NordicTrack customer support being difficult to deal with or slow, customers with damaged machines were able to get the parts they needed to get their machine up and running once again. If you do run into issues during one of those two warranty periods, you should be able to get the help you need to get the problem resolved.

Additional Features and Extras

A close up of the nordictrack C700 Screen, showing a smartphone connected

When purchasing a treadmill most people expect it to come with an incline option and a range of speed settings to choose from. Other than that it’s difficult to know what to expect with your purchase. The NordicTrack C700 is a pretty impressive machine that comes with a range of extra accessories and features that make it even more enjoyable to use. Below are the extra features that come with the unit to help separate it from other treadmills you can purchase today.

  • Tablet holder
  • Dual cooling fans
  • iFit coaching module
  • 20 built-in programs
  • Space-saving folding feature
  • Adjustable tread belt dampers

It’s the added features like the adjustable dampers for control over the treadmill platform padding, and the built-in training programs and coaching that help to separate this treadmill from other options. Before purchasing a treadmill make sure you are familiar with the extra features that are being offered. These features will help you decide what unit is going to work best for you and what machine is going to meet most of your needs when you want to go for a run.

Our Verdict

We learned a great deal about this machine while making our NordicTrack C700 treadmill review, and what we now know is that the system is worth purchasing if you want a mid-range treadmill to workout on. It’s affordable and offers real value to anyone that makes the purchase. The treadmill is well-built, highly adjustable, it offers enough speed and incline options for most people, and it’s smart enough to take you through a variety of custom workout programs that will keep you interested time and time again. Between all these different features there is a lot to love about this treadmill and most buyers are satisfied with their purchase over the long term. Just make sure you don’t need a top speed greater than 10, or a top incline over 10% and the treadmill should work well for you.

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