Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain – Who Wins?

Nootropic Battle: Mind Lab Pro vs. Alpha Brain

Nootropics are supplements which are intended to enhance your overall cognitive functions. These pills, which are often called brain pills, are meant to increase your memory, improve your focus, strengthen your attention and remove brain fog.

There is a movement going on of late. A movement regarding self-improvement. This is a growing trend and a trend that is most welcomed. There are many nootropics out in the market, and it can be a bit difficult choosing the best one for you. This is all the reasons why we have done extensive research, as well as experimenting, to discover and determine which is the best nootropics for you.

So in this battle of Nootropics, we will pit Mind Lab Pro against Alpha Brain.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEE!

Coming To The Ring: What is Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro?

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a nootropic, brain supplement, compound that has been designed to increase your memory, enhance your focus, and improve your overall energy throughout the day. Unlike other brain supplements on the market that consist of a single ingredient or a minute level of ingredients; Alpha Brain combines a blend of some ingredients that offer additional as well as enhanced benefits when taken together as a stack.

In other words, this is very much a super pill that will really amps up your productivity in not only your cognitive areas but your physical well being as well.

Mind Lab Pro

The Mind Lab Pro is a supplement that consists of a wide array of ingredients; eleven to be exact. The Mind Lab Pro uses a complex formula blend that has been designed to optimize your overall cognitive functionalities. It is easily one of the best nootropics, brain supplements, out in the brain supplement market.

To add a bit more to the overall accolades of this fantastic supplement the high quality formula (which we will discuss a bit further down on in the review), this supplement uses is entirely caffeine free, has no GMOs, soy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free and most importantly (well, at least to me) it is vegan-friendly.

Due to some people not being able to drink caffeine – due to the overall effects it has on their heart, or energy levels – this being a caffeine-free supplement is for many, a significant benefit from this nootropics.

In addition to this being a caffeine-free supplement, the notion it is also a soy-based product is also a significant benefit for men.


Well, it has long been shown and revealed that soy have lowers the testosterone in men. Moreover, this is quite evident from research and study cases that have revealed that men today have 1/3rd less testosterone than their fathers had!

Round 1: Who Makes Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro? The Creators…

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is produced, manufactured, and sold by Onnit Lab. Alpha Brain is a popular brain supplement stack known for its fantastic nootropic benefits. This supplement has been designed to provide cognitive enhancements to its users. The combination blend has been tested, and it has a proven ingredient blend that has been shown to enhance one’s overall memory as well as increase an individuals learning process.

This supplement has become quite popular, and this is mostly due in part to celebrities like Joe Rogan, who has spoken quite favorably in regards to using it. It is easily one of the more well-known nootropic products that you will come across out in the market today. It is also one of the few brain supplements to have undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove beneficial results.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a brain supplement that is a blend of 11 evidence-backed, multi-tasking ingredients that have been combined to target six pathways of mental performance.

These six pathways being:

      • Brain energy
      • Brain chemicals
      • Brain circulation
      • Brain regeneration
      • Brain protection
      • Brainwaves

Mind Lab Pro has been designed to be a universal nootropic that offers diverse, far-ranging support for both short-term cognitive function as well as long-term brain health.

Round 1 Goes To: Alpha Brain

Due to the overall popularity that this Nootropic, brain supplements has garnered from many celebrities and being a more well-known nootropic we have to give the first round to the Alpha Brain.

Round 2: What Are The Benefits of Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro? Highlights…

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain delivers some scientifically backed and proven benefits when taken: Some of these benefits being:

Enhanced memory

Easily one of the most significant aspects of using this brain supplement comes down to how it greatly enhances and improves the quality of your learning. With ingredients such as the Alpha GPC along with Huperzia Serrata, retaining information as well as processing information is much more comfortable.

As you will soon discover in the review (a little bit later down in the article), this supplements has the potential to help a person increase their vocabulary by 12%. Now that may seem like a small number but as you will soon discover when compared to another “pill” this pill (the Alph Brain) really does have the scientific data to back up its claim.

The ingredient Huperzia Serrata is genuinely beneficial as this activates a neurotransmitter in your brain called Acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is what allows us to learn.

Improved Focus

Another benefit that one can gain from using this supplement, and which is NOT too surprising as the former illustrates, is the benefit of having more focus. Needless to say, if you didn’t have the focus to learn you wouldn’t be able to learn. Moreover, what this supplement does for your mind it allows you to have a stronger level of focus. This is all due in part to, yet again, the ingredients that are blended into the combination.

Processing Speed

What really keeps people from learning is their inability to process the information they are receiving. As mention Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that lows you to not only retain information (which in of itself is not as EASY as it may seem) but also to help process that information effectively. The unique ingredient blend allows your neurotransmitters to give your brain a boost and thus you can process information much faster.

Due to learning aspects and elements that this supplement focus on this is an excellent supplement for students, along with people of high professions.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro offers a wide array of benefits for users, and it is not restricted solely to your cognitive abilities. The benefits you can expect from using Mind Lab Pro depends on precisely what you are using these supplements for.

Boosts Learning Experience

Much like the Alpha Brain, the Mind Lab Pro helps to increase your learning experience. You gain a better sense of retaining and processing information, and this is due in part to the overall ingredients that can be found in the blend. The number one reason that many find it difficult to learn new things is that they have poor neurotransmitters. Retaining information becomes very difficult for them because they do not nourish or strengthen those connectors in their brains.

What many fail to realize is that the brain is very much a muscle and failure to exercise it and to feed it the necessary ingredients and fuels will tire it out and will significantly weaken the learning connectors in the brain significantly.

Reduces Stress

This is easily one of the most beneficial aspects of this supplement. Stress has been revealed to not only have MAJOR ADVERSE EFFECTS ON YOUR PHYSICAL well being but also for your MENTAL FACILITIES AS WELL.

Stress deteriorates the mind and thus makes learning as well as remembering thing more difficult. This is truly evident in cases where people get angry and CANNOT recall specific incidents THAT JUST HAPPENED.

This is because stress KILLS brain cells. This is precisely why it is tough to REASON with an angry person. The angrier they are, the less reason and rationality you can use against them.

There is just no reasoning with them because their reason section (the neocortex) is on shut down mode.

Greater Willpower

This is perhaps something that many people need. Willpower is nit just something that is comic book logic. Willpower is something that needs to be cultivated and in this instant nourished.

Building willpower on your own is possible.

I mean look at this guy named David Goggins.


A real-life BATMAN – in every sense of the word. This man turned his pain and his suffering into his strength.

However, if you lack the motivation and the drive, then this pill can help in SLOWLY BUT SURELY increasing your willpower.

Increased Focus

To piggyback off of the previous entries, this pill dramatically helps in improving your focus. This is because of the combination blend of ingredients which we will discuss in coming sections.

Balances Out Mood

Balancing out your mood is so important in staying productive in a day. Having your mind wander and recall situation and incidents in the past does not help you in accomplishing your goals for the day. This pill helps to keep your focus as well as balance out your mood. This combination is necessary for keeping you motivated. The more balanced your mood is, the easier it is to handle your task.

Combats Against Degenerative Brain Diseases

Lastly, this pill has been beneficial for the older population who are trying to combat the effects of aging. As we age, there are many mental illnesses that we suffer from, and as a result, many mental illnesses arise. However, as we are now discovering it is more than possible to AVOID these cognitive degenerative diseases with adequate amounts of studying, daily intake of brain supplements like this one as well as a healthy diet and regular exercises. The mental illness that many people face is not a reality that any of us need to face any longer.

Here are groups of people that this brain supplements helps along with some regions of their brain health and needs this nootropic to assist them in:


Helps support studying

Retaining information

Processing information

Strengthens the mind against stress (especially for those long dreary nights)



Promotes optimal brain chemistry

More motivation

More drive

More focus

More willpower


Supports a calmer state of mind

Sharper mind for strategic maneuvers

Professional (Business- Related)

Improves focus

Helps you to multi-task (multitasking is FEASIBLE)

Helps with problem-solving


Combats degenerative brain diseases

Support memory

Helps with your mood

Mental clarity

Round 2 Goes To: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro does an outstanding job of not only making the learning process much more comfortable but it also helps in regulating your moods throughout the day. It can be EXTREMELY difficult finishing a task or finishing an assignment and have your minds wander and think about adverse events form the past. Not only does that take away for you focus but as we have mentioned it also makes you stressed out.

Moreover, being stressed out does a great deal of harm for your cognitive functionalities. Lastly one of the favored aspects of using this supplements comes down to the idea that it helps to combat aging mental diseases.

Round 3: How Does Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro Work?

Alpha Brain

Addressing the question as to how Alpha Brain works within your body is a multi-tiered process and answer. The synergy between the various ingredients has the potential to increase the efficacy over just taking one of the ingredients as a stand-alone supplement.

So, what does this jargon mean?

In layman’s term what we are stating is that this supplement does wonders for your body because of the combination blend along with the complementation that each of these ingredients has with one another.

Let’s use this as an example; the L-Theanine is a part of the supplement which makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable. What this means is that it is far easier for oxygen, essential nutrients, as well as supplemental ingredients such as Alpha GPC, to access your brain.

Also, L-Theanine is also positively influenced by several neurotransmitters in your brain. The releasing of dopamine as well as serotonin results in a much more improved and relaxed state of mind.

Although L-Theanine would still work regardless of taking this pill there are two other ingredients in Alpha Brain that bolster your brain’s ability to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (this as we have mentioned is the learning element of your brain).

The newly enhanced effects on acetylcholine production happen in two ways:

      • First by introducing Alpha GCP into your body and thus providing your brain with a surplus of Choline; which is an essential ingredient in acetylcholine synthesis.
      • Secondly by stopping the breakdown of acetylcholine through inhibitive ingredients such as Huperzia Serrata.

There have been various researches that suggest that you may feel the effects of Alpha Brain supplement as soon as you take the first dose (this is how powerful the ingredients is). As a cognitive improvement pill it can take time; however, it is possible that you may feel the lucidity as well as mood improvements initially. You can also see more significant improvements in your memory as well as your recall over time.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro has the potential to promote much healthier and more efficient cognitive experiences. This is because the Mind Lab Pro formula, nootropics, and combinations (which we will explore in more detail in the next section) make this supplement work to drastically improve your cognitive functionalities as well as optimizing your brain functions as possible.

To achieve these levels of effects on your cognitive functionalities, the researchers along with the scientists behind the development of this brain supplement discovered eleven nootropics that have all been thoroughly backed and rigorously researched that have specifically target distinct areas of the brain.

The eleven nootropics that are used in the Mind Lab Pro supplement enhance six brain pathways.

These pathways being:

      • energy
      • metabolism
      • neural regeneration
      • neurotransmitters
      • neuroprotection
      • cerebral circulation brainwave

With so many areas of your brain being targeted and enhanced it is very plausible to understand and see how these supplements can improve ones’ overall cognitive functions, and do so in a monumentally positive way.

Round 3 Goes To: Draw

Each of these supplements does a great job in helping to improve one’s overall cognitive functionalities. The ways that they do it are not too dissimilar and thus they equal in regards to how they work.

Round 4: Ingredient List of Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro – What Is In These Supplements That Makes Them Work So Well?

Alpha Brain

The ingredients that one can find in Alph Brain supplements are:

      • Alpha-GPC – This ingredient is an essential type of acetylcholine that improves your overall memory, concentration, as well as your focus
      • Huperzine A – This ingredient acts as an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase enzyme, thus, slowing down the rate of your choline breakdown
      • Vinpocetine – This ingredient improves your blood as well as the oxygen flow to your brain
      • AC-11 – This ingredient is a type of herb that has been proven to repair your DNA that may have been damaged; due to stress or massive consumption of ARTIFICIAL FOODS.
      • Bacopa – This ingredient is also a herb that helps to improve your brain’s cognitive functions as well as your memory
      • L-Tyrosine – This ingredient is an essential amino acid that assists in the production of dopamine

Other lists of ingredients include L-Theanine, Vitamin B-6, Oat Straw

Mind Lab Pro

As we have briefly mentioned the Mind Lab Pro supplement is beneficial to the brains’ health because it targets specific brain pathways. The reason for this is because of the ingredients which are used in the formula.

The ingredients that are used in this supplements, along with what they can do, are:

      • Citicoline – which is perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important, nootropic in this supplements’ formula. The Citicoline optimizes more brain pathways. It has been shown in research study cases to boost neural regeneration, increase one’s attention span (pushing that goldfish standard for attention out of the way), improves one’s focus, improves memory, and enhances brain energy.
      • Phosphatidylserine (PS) – is best known for improving the fluidity and flexibility of brain cell membranes. This nootropic is most advantageous in helping to promote long-term memory.
      • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF). This ingredient promotes brain plasticity, brain regeneration, an increase in memory, balances your mood, and overall optimizes your brain health.
      • Bacopa Monnieri – supports the retention of new information.
      • Suntheanine L-Theanine – this boosts alpha brainwave and as a result, promotes a “wakeful relaxation” mind state
      • Rhodiola Rosea – optimizes mind-body performance
      • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – combats stress by depleting stress-related neurotransmitters. This ingredient is most beneficial for this who are trying to multitask or work at peak mental performance
      • Maritime Pine Bark Extract – supports a healthy blood flow while simultaneously supplying potent antioxidants
      • Vitamin B6 as BioGenesis – allows for conversion of energy in the brain
      • Vitamin B9 as BioGenesis – important for balancing out your mood
      • Vitamin B12 as BioGenesis – supports brain energy

Round 4 Goes To: Mind Lab Pro

This round easily goes to Mind Lab Pro. Our reasoning for this is, that although Alpha Brain has some potent ingredients, ingredients that have been backed by research and has been proven – so has Mind Lab Pro as well.

Mind Lab Pro also includes more ingredients and ingredients that are very exotic and not only focus on increasing your learning process but also helps in balancing out your mood as well as combating age denigrative disease that may arise in your mind.

Mind Lab Pro does a far better job in regards to offering a formulaic combination bend that is meant to help all areas of your cognitive functions.

Round 5: The Pros and Cons of Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro Nootropic

Alpha Brain

The Pros of taking Alpha Brain:

      • Increased concentration
      • Enhanced focus
      • Increase mental ability to learn or reason
      • Improved memory
      • Contribute much to dream vividness

The Cons of taking Alpha Brain:

      • One of the massive downside of this brain enhancer is that it contains racetams. Racetams are strongest nootropic supplements that bring short-term gains in focus and concentration. For many people, they are looking for a long-term solution and not a short-term fix.

Mind Lab Pro


      • It is one of the most advanced stacks on the market
      • The supplements are well researched and shown to have a long-lasting impact on one brain’s health
      • It supports a variety of people from students to athletes to chess master
      • IT WORKS!


      • The results will NOT happen overnight
      • IT’S…NOT…FREE!

Round 5 Goes To: Mind Lab Bro

Now this round was very close. However, in the end, I think for many people they would rather have a long-term affecting pill then a short-term pill. Mind Lab pro as we have stressed a considerable amount of times in this article has been a godson brain supplements for many people who are older and are trying to combat brain illnesses.

It has also been a great supplement for those who are trying to keep their cognitive functions as strong as possible and to do so for a long time.

Round 6: Is Alpha Brain and Mind lab Pro Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain users report minimal side effects. This is due in part to most of the ingredients in this supplements formula being safe as well as well-researched. This nootropic compounds and essential vitamins are well within recommended limits.

Thus making this supplement very easy to tolerate for the majority of users. In certain rare cases, there have been reports of headaches and jaw pain. However, we must stress that these are very rare cases.

Like many supplements and dietary supplements it is always best to speak with a doctor before trying to experiment with any of these. Women who are pregnant SHOULD NOT experiment with these UNLESS they get the okay from their doctor.

Likewise, anyone under the age of 18 may not be a suitable candidate to take Alpha Brain. Lastly, anyone who is on medication should also avoid taking these supplements.

Mind Lab Pro

In regards to whether or not Mind Lab Pro is safe to take is dependent upon the person. And it would prove beneficial on your end to speak with your doctor before you start to intake a dietary supplement.

With that said – it is by no measurement of standard something you should lose sleep over if you take. But, it would prove more beneficial on your end to speak with your doctor about it.

The reason we say this is because you may react to a particular ingredient. It is always best to play it safe.

As for side effects. There have been no signs of any adverse side effects. Many people who take this supplement have seen an improvement in their level of thinking, reasoning, and functioning.

Round 6 Goes To: Mind Lab Pro

Again, this round was very close. As both supplements are very safe to take and side effects are almost non-existence with both of them. However, there have been some cases of people expressing pain in their jaws as well as experiencing headaches with the Alpha Brain. There have been NO Side effects with the Mind Lab Pro.

So with that said Mind Lab Pro takes this round as well.

Round 7: Can I Stack Alpha Brain and Mind lab Pro To Make It More Effective?

Alpha Brain

The unique way that Alpha Brain has been formulated, it is in of itself a decently-strong nootropic stack already. That aside, users could still stack this with other supplements for additional benefits such as racetam or Piracetam to maximize the effect of the acetylcholine uptake and the overall optimization of the user’s brain. The amount of choline that is delivered through the generous doses of Alpha GPC as well as Huperzia Serrata in this supplement is also enough to bring out the full effect of the racetam.

Mind Lab Pro

Yes. In fact, the company suggests that you start out by taking four a day. What some people do is combine this supplements with another type of brain booster like Bulletproof Coffee for example.

Now, I must reiterate that this supplement doesn’t happen overnight and this may be as a result of the no-caffeine. However, this is a long-term supplement that will have a long-term effect on your brain’s health.

As you continue to take it, you won’t need to take as many later on.

Round 7 Goes To: Draw

In regards to stacking there are many supplements out there that one can take to bolster the effects of both of these supplements. To give a clear answer on which has the best stacking is a bit difficult as neurochemistry along with biochemistry play a key role in how this will affect you.

With that said, this round is easily a draw as specific stacks and formulas could do much better with one person over another.

Round 8: When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Alpha Brain

We live in an era where most people want result…instantaneously.


“Okay, sir. Maybe you want to show a bit more maturity in front of your three years old.”

Anyway back to the point.

People today are incredibly impatient and as a result, having something that can give you instant results is a huge demand for many people. As we have mentioned the realist from taking these supplements are almost instantaneous. As there have been some people, who have felt the effects the same day of using them.

Moreover, this has been one of the hallmark aspects of using this supplement. You will see and feel results almost immediately. However, as we have also mentioned those results are short term. Moreover, that has easily been both the pro and con of this supplements.

Mind Lab Pro

In a complete contrast to Alpha Brain one can expect to see some results in around 2 to 3 weeks. Now for many people, this may be a turn-off. As mentioned most people want things immediately and they have no sense of patients.

In fact, we know from many studies that most people have an attention span that is on par with goldfish.


Now, to sidetrack for a moment, goldfish…that says it all. Most people DON’T have an attention span of a chimp, a dog, a toddler, hell even a pig (but they too are brilliant animals) but a goldfish. Let that sink in for a moment.

Now you can understand why you have to repeat yourself to people over and over again. Mind Lab Pro effects are not immediate, but the results are long-lasting; completely different from the Alpha Brain.

Round 8 Goes To: Mind Lab Pro

We feel quite confident in giving this round to Mind Lab Pro.


Well because Mind Lab Pro works in the extended scheme of things. Yes, it can be a great feeling to get that sudden burst of creativity and boost to your cognitive functions immediately. However, if these are only for short-term effects, it really isn’t too dissimilar to a drug. A drug that offers you happiness and lethargy for a shirt amount fi time but then once that feeling is over you need another fix.

This may very well be a crude example, but it does put across our reasoning that it is better to have something that gives you long-term effects that will help improve you overall in the extended scheme of thing then to have something you NEED to keep coming back to.

Round 9: User Reviews

Alpha Brain

Focus and mental clarity

“I bought this product skeptical, and to my surprise it worked great. I used this for workouts and daily work. Found that I could focus on my work out and zone in to achieve better results, especially well running. Well cooking I could cut faster and get more consistent cuts. Although, it made my nose drip a little.” – A Grashim

Great product !!

“I received this product about a month ago and since then it has been a massive part of my daily supplement program- I truly believe that this has had a massive impact on my work, home and training frame of mind!” – Dave


Alpha Brain was a great supplement that really helped me to get that instant boost to finish an assignment I had been working on. This product has become so famous for being almost instantaneous in helping to boost your cognitive functions, and I can attest that your memory and learning abilities, I.e., your information retention and processing, will drastically improve in that short-term period.

Mind Lab Pro

Helped Me With My ADHD

“If you have ADHD or ADD I highly recommend MindLab Pro nootropic stack. Last year I was diagnosed with adult ADHD and doc suggested Vyvanse. I wanted to try natural alternatives first and found nootropics. Two months later after many hours of research I purchased the MLP stack and began using it. Now 7 months on and I have not looked back. It completely alleviates my symptoms. I feel calm, concentrated and focused at work. It is amazing.” – Jake


I am a guy who can wait. I can prolong my happiness in the short-term to have a much greater experience later on. I can be patient. And, as a result, I found that using Mind Lab Pro does pay off in the extended scheme of things.

Yes; it does take a bit longer for you to notice any changes.


I am a firm believer that delayed gratification makes the gratification when you get it that much more enjoyable.

There was a marshmallow experiment done back in the early 60s to 70s where children were given marshmallows, and they were told that they could:

One: Eat the marshmallow right NOW and enjoy the delicious treat.


Two: They could wait and receive two marshmallows after the adult came back from an errand.

Now, this was a long research experiment; meaning that these children would be followed up a few decades later to see how they did in life. What the experiment showed was that those who had patience and waited until the adult came back did FAR better in life.

They made better decisions. They had no criminal background history, and they were more likely to be financially successful.

The kids that ate the Marshmallow right away had more criminal backgrounds. Couldn’t hold down a job and had very rocky relationships.

It is believed that children who have a more patient mindset can work hard now and don’t mind putting in long hours with no results coming their way for weeks to months to have a better future. They exhibit all the early qualities of entrepreneurial mindsets.

Learn more about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment here.

Round 9 Goes To: Mind Lab Pro

This round yet again goes to Mind Lab Pro. We have to stand by our notion that delayed gratification is a hallmark quality of a strong mind. Wanting things right away and NOT having any sense of patience is extremely puerile and we know that people who have no concept of time are those who do far worse in life. They have no concept of the value of time and what it can produce if they sue it effectively. So we hand down give this round to Mind Lab Pro.

Round 10: Any Reddit/ Forum Reviews or Case Studies?

Alpha Brain

We have mentioned that Alpha Brain has the scientific backed researched to show and reveal that this supplement does have the potential to improve your overall cognitive functions. There was a test that was given to students on their vocabulary.

Students were split into groups. On one side students were given the Alpha Brain pill. On the other side, the students were given a placebo. Now, this is where this case shines an shows the relevancy of how effective this supplements indeed is.

The students who had to take the poll saw an increase in their vocabulary of upward to 12% while taking a vocabulary test. They also had a 21% of mental processing. Students who received the placebo saw a minuscule increase.

You can read more about the research case here.

Mind Lab Pro

If you head on over to nootropic Reddit groups, you can read a few reviews. Many of the reviews which can be found in Reddit nootropic groups have, for the most part, expressed their overall satisfaction with the product. For many, as I have mentioned numerous times in this review, they didn’t see an initial response from taking the supplement.

However, after 2 to 3 weeks they did notice changes.

Here is a quote from one individual who had taken the supplement and had seen some rather good benefits:

However, what Mind lab pro does to your brains seems like a permanent effect. I took it for a month and noticed nothing in the first week. The second week came with a mild state of awareness and presence. The third week came with a calm focus, though extreme cynicism, maybe because I was able to understand thing differently. To answer your question, after three weeks of no mind lab pro, my brain works the same as on it, I was able to keep my mild enhanced cognitive performance, though I lost 60% of the focus and ability to concentrate. I’m still 120%+ of what I was before taking them, so I do consider them as a permanent effect. – prikazz

Round 10 Goes To: Alpha Brain

We give this round to Alpha Brain. Although Mind Lab Pro does an excellent job, we have found very little information that backs up any of the claims that this company says their nootropic will offer its users.

Round 11: How Much Does Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Alpha Brain

The amount that you will pay for Alpha Brain depends on how many pills you are trying to use.

They offer three sizes.

With these sizes of their bottles being:

      • For a Bottle of 30 capsules, you will pay: $29.71
      • For a Bottle of 60 capsules, you will pay: $50.90
      • For a Bottle of 90 capsules, you will pay: $67.96

They (the company) offer a 15% discount for those who subscribe to their newsletter list.

Mind Lab Pro

The Mind Lab Pro will be a bit noticeable on your wallet/ or bank account. The price of this supplement is $195.00. However, and this is important to know before you throw your hands up, you will be provided 3-months supply (3 boxes) plus an additional box which is free of charge.

Round 11 Goes To: Alpha Brain

This round goes to Alpha Brain. Mind Lab Pro is a bit on the expensive side, and depending on where you are in the world the shipping cost to the overall price; which we will discuss in the next section. However, it can be argued due to the quality of the supplement that the amount os fair.

Round 12: Shipping and Return Policy?

This round is easily a draw. Both companies deliver their product within 2 to 3 three weeks. Both offer a money back guarantee as well.

Round 12: Draw

Decision: Which Is The Better Option: Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro? Does it Work?

Both brain supplements have a positive impact on your cognitive functionalities. They are birth safe to take, and they both improve your overall learning experiences. However, if you have been keeping score, you will see that Mind Lab Pro easily won several MORE rounds.

Alpha Brain although a great supplement to give you that instant result is NOT one lasting. Moreover, that is a huge detriment to the overall quality of this supplement.

Mind lab pro, on the other hand, does not give you that instant result that you may want. Moreover, I know this from using it myself, but it does work in the extended scheme of things and slowly but surely build up your cognitive functionalities.

I am a firm believer as I have already stated that it is far better to have long-lasting effects then short lasting effect and Mind lab pro does just that.

It boosts your cognitive functions over the long term and also combats age-related diseases.

So in this battle go nootropic we have to give this first battle to Mind Lab Pro. Moreover, this is by no measure of standard saying Alpha Mind is a bad nootropic.

It is not but Mind Lab Pro is the better Nootropic.

Get yours here.

Winner: MLP


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