Legion Whey Protein Review 2020 (Does It Match The Hype)

Getting enough protein every day is essential for healthy muscle growth and development and good health overall, and for some getting enough protein in can be a challenge. That’s why products like Legion Whey+ protein powder exists. We made a full Legion whey protein review to look at the powder and what it has to offer to interested users. We were impressed by some of the claims on the powder and wanted to find out whether the product lives up to those claims or not.

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22 grams of protein per serving

Available in 10 different flavours

Very little carbs or fats

Made from quality ingredients

Non-GMO and no hormones



× Not the cheapest powder on the market

Why Protein is Essential

Protein is one of the most important building blocks throughout the body and without enough protein, many bodily functions won’t work properly. That’s why it’s so important to get enough protein in your system throughout the day, and when failing to do so can be harmful. Most people eat enough protein-rich foods throughout the day, but there are some that are lacking in the right amount of protein overall. This is even more true for high-performance athletes and weight-lifters that need more protein than normal to maintain their muscle mass. For these people, it can be difficult getting in enough protein throughout the day, and that’s when protein powder is useful.

How Much Protein is Enough?

It’s debatable just how much protein is enough to get throughout the day for most people. Nutritionists estimate that most ordinary people need between .4g and .6g of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis. High-performance athletes and lifters may need as much as 1g of protein per pound of body weight per day though, which is more difficult to consume through natural foods. This means that a 200 lb individual would need anywhere from 80 to 120 grams of protein each day normally and that a 200 lb athlete could need as much as 200 grams of protein per day. That’s when things start getting a bit more challenging.

Why People Use Protein Powder

Protein powder is used by most people because it’s a convenient and quick way to up their protein intake in a major way. A single scoop of protein powder can be enough to replace several eggs, a good heaping serving of beans, a can of tuna, or a slab of steak. Taking protein powder shouldn’t be done as a replacement for good whole foods, but it can be useful for athletes that are having a difficult time eating enough protein throughout the day. Adding in a powder like the Legion whey supplement makes getting an additional 22 or 44 grams of protein each day quick and easy to do, and it’s relatively affordable compared to other protein sources as well. If you’re looking for a way to get more protein into your diet every day, adding a good quality powder might just be the way to go.

A Pure Protein Source

Whey+ from Legion is a Whey isolate protein powder and a very high-quality and highly concentrated form of protein. It contains more than 90% whey protein and very little fats or carbs. That means that athletes looking to get the most protein in their diet as possible from a protein powder can depend on this product to meet their needs. With the powder being nearly all protein, that means that users have more freedom to choose carbs and fats in the foods that they eat while still meeting macro goals.

Protein isn’t Denatured

Denatured proteins are shaped differently and less effective, and this is because of the heating and cooling processes that some milks are put through during the protein powder creation process. When proteins are heated too hot they actually change shape and become less usable as a protein source for your body. When that happens you won’t draw as many benefits from the protein and can end up lacking in amino acids as a result. One of the things that most impressed us while making this Legion Whey Protein review was that the powder is created through cold microfiltration and ultrafiltration. That means that it doesn’t have to be heated up in order to generate the powder like some other protein powders are. The benefit of this is that the proteins don’t become denatured from the manufacturing process, which makes them more effective for the body.

Made from a Quality Milk Source

Whey protein is made from cows’ milk so it’s only as good as the cows that it comes from. Legion Whey+ is made from well cared for cows on dairy farms in Ireland that are known for offering high-quality milk. The cows are hormone and antibiotic free. The milk is handled and processed carefully and it doesn’t have the artificial sweeteners or additives that others have, making it a superior quality milk overall, which might be why so many say that the protein powder tastes good.

When writing up any supplement review one of the first things we do is look at the ingredients going into the supplement. High-quality ingredients normally lead to quality supplements as well, while low-quality options lead to an inferior product. That’s why we were pleased to see that the milk is sourced from reliable suppliers when we made this Legion Whey Protein review. Starting with a good base of quality milk makes it more likely that the rest of the protein powder is going to be high-quality as well.

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A Naturally Made Clean Protein Powder

Legion Whey Protein Powder ingredients label.

Many protein powders are unnaturally put together to make them more potent or to make them seem healthier in some way. That’s not how this powder works. Instead, it’s made from high-quality milk and there are very few additives mixed into the powder. It’s not amino spiked, it has no hormones, MSG, GMOs, soy or lactose within it. The protein comes from a clean source of milk and the processing is careful to only utilize natural sweeteners instead of the artificial sweeteners used in some protein powders. The finished product is high-quality, and the quality of the product is reflected in the pleasant flavour that it has that stands out and tastes more natural.

Made in the USA

USA Flag

This protein powder is fully made in the USA at facilities that are carefully regulated to help maintain a high level of quality that this protein powder has to offer. Each of the different facilities is cGMP and NSF certified and they meet very exacting standards.

Between the high-quality sources of milk, the careful processing practices, the selection of natural sweeteners and the regulation that goes into the USA facilities the protein in the Legion Whey+ powder is high-quality and something that athletes can be proud to use.

A Convenient Protein Source

Protein powder is supposed to be a convenient way to get more protein into your diet. While powder is always more convenient than cooking up eggs, beans or meat for additional protein, there are some powders that are far more convenient than others. Below we take a look at how convenient the Legion Whey+ powder is. We’ll overview the powder and how well it mixes, tastes and how much is needed to get a good amount of additional protein into your diet as well.

Easy to Digest

Some whey proteins can wreak havoc on the digestive system of users, but Legion Whey + is designed to avoid that issue. There is no lactose in the powder, which makes it easier to digest for users that are lactose intolerant. Not only does the protein powder carefully avoid lactose, but it’s made from high-quality milk from Ireland and is free from GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, dyes and other unhealthy additives. The milk is healthier, and this helps make it easier to digest as well.  Users that suffer from bloating, discomfort and other digestion issues from standard protein powder may be able to make use of this Legion product without those issues. While some people are adding lactase powder to their protein powders, that shouldn’t be necessary with this product to keep it comfortable to consume for everyone.

Highly Concentrated

With a total of 22 grams of protein per serving, the Legion protein powder is highly concentrated and an option that many lifters will find it easy to use to meet protein goals. Getting enough protein per day is essential for athletes, and hitting those goals with a concentrated powder like this one is simple to do. The scoops aren’t too large at about 28 grams, and more than one can be added to the same shake or smoothie to really up the protein intake.

When compared to other protein powders, it’s easy to see that consuming a high enough amount of protein with the Legion product is easier to do. There is more protein per scoop, or the scoops are smaller than competitors most of the time. With 22 of the 28 grams of powder being pure protein, it’s easy to see why so many people prefer this supplement over others offered today.

Good Flavor Options

Tub of birthday cake flavour Legion Whey Protein Powder.

This protein powder comes in 10 different flavour options, giving users a wide range of flavours to select from. All of the flavours other than the unflavored option comes naturally sweetened and designed to taste good. Most users agree that the protein powder tastes very good and is an actual treat compared to some other products on the market. This is thought to be because the powder is made with natural sweeteners and because it’s made from high-quality milk that is free from unhealthy additives.

With so many different options to choose from, there is likely one or more flavours that users will enjoy and it’s simple to change from one option to another to try to find something even better as well. This is a very real benefit of using the Legion protein powder over some of the more limited options available.  Below are all the flavours to choose from.

  • Dutch Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry and Banana
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel (New)
  • Birthday Cake (New)
  • Mocha Cappuccino
  • Unflavoured

Mixes Easily

The powder mixes into most liquids smoothly and quickly, making it easier for users to drink this powder on the go. A simple shaker bottle is all that’s needed to get the powder mixed up properly, which is more convenient than needing something like a high-powered blender each time you’re mixing up protein. Protein users that know the struggle of hard-to-mix powders will immediately appreciate how easily this one mixes together and how smooth the final consistency is as well.

Because it mixes easily this protein powder is more portable than other options are. It can be added to a shaker bottle dry and mixed on the go for a convenient protein solution anywhere. Bring it to the gym and mix it with a bottle of water or water from a drinking fountain and get in your protein where you need it. Others have to resort to only taking protein in the morning and the evening because it’s difficult to mix, which makes this powder more convenient to use.

Multiple Sizes

There are a few different sizes available for purchase, giving buyers options between tubs of around 2 lbs. and 5 lbs. Only a portion of the available flavours are available in each of the different sizes, so buyers must choose the size and flavour they want with care.

The protein powder is highly convenient to use for all of the above reasons, making it easy to get additional protein in your diet throughout the day. The powder can be mixed into most liquids quickly and easily, and it offers a big punch of added protein that’s more significant than many less-concentrated protein sources.

Legion Whey Protein Powder Review Takeaway

After a full review Legion Whey+ protein powder looks to be an impressive tool for athletes and other individuals that need more protein in their lives. The powder is lactose-free and should be more easily digested than other products, and it’s highly dense and has very few extras in it. Weight lifters, endurance athletes and other individuals concerned with their protein intake can all enjoy what this product has to offer them.

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