Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK

Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK

Prescription weight loss pills, sometimes called anti-obesity drugs or “diet pills,” are sometimes prescribed to patients as an additional tool in their weight loss endeavors.

Weight loss can be one of the most challenging endeavors that many people, can face today due to the lifestyles that so many of us live today; which revolve around the 9 to 5 job, fast-food dinners, and lunches and coming home to watching television — losing weight can be quite the botheration.

In fact, putting on weight becomes effortless. The routined and stressful life that many faces is also a critical factor in why weight loss is such a huge issue. With the lack of drive and motivation losing weight can become too challenging an endeavor — so much so that many people see it as a job in of itself instead of an activity that can really benefit their overall health.

We know this to be true as the number of obese people in America is well over 2/3rds the population. However, thanks to the green movement (healthy eating), and the fitness community growing, we are starting to see a decline in the number of obese people.

Moreover, to help out you on the right track — if you are looking to lose weight and are in the market of trying to discover which pills and supplements you need to take to get started then this article is for you.

We have taken two of the most highly sought after weight loss supplements out on the market and pit them head to head against one another.

Let’s get ready to rumble, shall we?

What Are The Benefits of Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK? Highlights…

Instant Knockout

The benefits that one can expect from using these supplement are:

      • more energy in a day
      • helps to increase and improve your metabolism assists in balancing out your mood
      • has a perfect serving size
      • the ingredients are prevalent and very helpful in losing weight
      • helps in reducing weight
      • assists in keeping weight off


The benefits that one can expect from using the BurnerTEK supplements are:

      • Burns body fat
      • Targets stubborn fat
      • Boosts energy levels
      • Improve your metabolism
      • Increase the effectiveness of your weight loss in troublesome spots
      • Improve your energy
      • Stop your body from storing additional fat
      • Lessen your cravings and appetite

Winner: Draw

Both the Instant Knockout and the BurnerTEK are very similar in regards to the benefits they provide their users. The most significant and more important factors being in regards to the overall boost in energy levels as well as the weight loss aspects that can be experienced. The increase in energy levels is easily one of the hallmark aspects of these supplements.

How Does Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK Work?

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout works by the ingredients that can be found in this supplements formula. The ingredients are all ingredients that have been shown to have a monumental impact on your energy levels. The more energy you have, especially if you are hitting the gym, is essential in helping you to shed that excess weight.

In addition to increasing your energy levels, it also helps in improving your metabolism. The faster your metabolism works the easier it is to keep that shredded weight off.


We have discovered sufficient evidence to suggest that the caffeine inside the BurnerTEK formula will reduce the perception of fatigue, thus elevating user energy levels and giving you the drive and the motivation to hit the gym with energy.

Winner: Draw

It is a well-known fact in the weight loss community that the faster your metabolism the wire it is to burn that excess weight that you may have put on. The ingredients in both Instant Knockout and BurnerTEK have been incorporated in the formula so that boosting ones overall metabolism is the primary factor.

For example, caffeine is included in the formula (and more about the ingredient in coming sections) as this is a popular ingredient to most energy levels as well as boost our metabolism. It also is excellent for your digestive system.

How & When To Take Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK?

Instant Knockout

It is recommended that you take NO MORE THEN 4 TABLETS A DAY. You should take these supplements one hour and thirty minutes BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT TO THE GYM.

You will soon discover that these supplements work wonders but only if you put in the work to actually lose weight. Nothing Comes Easy That Is Worth Having.


The BurnerTEK regimen has been meant to be taken over the course of 30 days for results. However, you can continue to use this formula for as long as you need. You will have two options with the consumption of the capsules — you can take the entire three-capsule dose with your breakfast, or you can take one capsule with each of your meals. With either usage style, you can improve your energy levels as well as boost your metabolism all day long.

Winner: Draw

There really is no real difference in the number of pills and the duration of the day to which you need to take these. Most people do not seem to care too much about when they need to take the pills. The primary issue that they care about is whether or not the supplement will help them lose weight.

Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Instant Knockout

The ingredients that one can find in these supplements are:

      • Glucomannan – this ingredient is beneficial in helping to improve your appetite meaning you will be curbing your diet and how much you consume
      • Cayenne Pepper – this ingredient is noticeable for helping to curb your appetite. It also helps to boost your metabolism as well
      • Green Tea Extract – helps to attack your fat cells from multiple angles. It helps in increasing your metabolism as well as elevating your energy levels. This ingredient is very much a versatile ingredient that has a plethora of benefits to offer the body and the mind as well.
      • Caffeine Anhydrous – this ingredient sends you nervous system into overdrive meaning you will have more energy for your workout.
      • Vitamin B6 – helps to build muscle. But more importantly, this ingredient helps to bring all the other ingredient n this list tougher cohesively in a nice little package (i.e., the pill)
      • GTF Chromium – helps in improving your energy levels while simultaneously helping you to reduce fat an shed excess weight
      • Zinc – this is known for increasing your testosterone levels and as a result, helps in boosting your energy levels as well.
      • Piperine – is an ingredient that is multi-faceted. This ingredient helps in turning on your metabolism, assist in your digestion, elevate your thermogenesis and suppress your appetite.
      • Green Coffee Bean – this helps in combating sugar cravings. And this is very beneficial as it is sugar that causes obesity.


The ingredients which you will discover in the BurneTEK formula are:

      • Green tea extract: This ingredient is a natural formulation in the supplement which is helping the body to remove toxins that may reside in the body as well as encourage thermogenesis process of weight loss.
      • Green coffee beans: Green coffee beans ingredient is abundant in the beneficial chlorogenic acid which is supporting the burning of the fat from your body. This ingredient also stimulates thermogenesis in the body to aid in weight loss.
      • Cayenne pepper: This ingredients is improving metabolism of the users and ensures that one attains fullness for longer hence minimal food consumption.
      • Niacin, B6, and B12: The B vitamins (Niacin is B3 ) ingredients in BurnerTEK are there for an excellent reason. B vitamins ingredient is partly responsible for metabolizing food. Without the B vitamins, you simply wouldn’t be able to get any energy out of the food that you eat. Metabolism plays a huge role I helping you to lose weight. So ensuring that you consume plenty of B12, B6, and B3 is very important if you want to make sure that the energy metabolism process is working as efficiently as possible.
      • Garcinia Cambogia: This ingredient is pretty much the favorite fat burner right now. This ingredient has popped up in almost every fat burner made in the last five years, and you can see bottles of Garcinia tablets near the counter of most ‘health food’ shops.
      • L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine (especially in tartrate form) is known to boost physical performance and power output during anaerobic exercise. Put more simply, L-Carnitine supplementation is known to help people perform better when lifting weights.

Winner: Draw

The ingredients that are used in both of these supplements formulae are NOT TOO DISSIMILAR. The only difference that you may notice is the amount of a specific ingredient is used in the formula — but overall the ingredients are the same.

The Pros and Cons of Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK

Instant Knockout

The Pros of using Instant Knockout are:

      • This supplement helps in increasing your overall health
      • Assists in balancing your overall mood
      • Helps to improve your energy level drastically
      • There seem to be no dose effects from taking these supplements
      • Helps in giving you a leaner muscular look
      • Helps In suppressing your appetite

The Cons of using Instant Knockout are:

      • You must follow a strict diet (not too much of a can but if you were smog here thinking all you need to do is take a pill and BAM you lose weight you are sorely mistaken)
      • You must engage in a serious workout (read what we wrote above. NOTHING THAT IS WORTH HAVING COMES EASY)


The Pros of BurnerTEK are:

      • More energy is generated in your body
      • This supplement helps in your weight loss endeavor a great deal in the body.
      • The formula of this supplement is rich in naturally formulated ingredients.
      • The general body health of the user of BurnerTEK gets improved so much.
      • There are also anti-inflammatory benefits to the body of the users.

The Cons of BurnerTEK are:

      • The supplement BurnerTEK has not registered any negative sides of usage.

Winner: Draw

Yet again, this round is another draw. These two supplements are incredibly similar.

Is Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Instant Knockout

One of the significant benefits of using these supplements is that not only are they safe to take but hey offer no side effects. There have been no reports by anyone who has suffered as a result from taking these supplants and this is because of the all natural ingredients that are used in the formula.

However, with this said if you are women (because women can take these as well) and are pregnant YOU SHOULD NOT be taking these supplements. Likewise, if you are under the age of 18 years old, you should also not take these supplements.

Lastly, if you are on medication, it would be wise to stay away from these as your medication may be compatible with these supplements.

It is always best to play it safe and to play it smart in regards to using supplements. Speak with your doctor and get their advice before trying to experiment with any supplements.


The BurnerTEK supplement is safe to take — as the ingredients that are used are all natural. However, there have been some noticeable side effects that some people have experienced due to taking these supplement.

With some of these side effects being:

      • Nervousness
      • Restlessness
      • Nausea
      • Vomiting
      • Increased heart rate
      • Increased respiration

It is essential that also to know that if you are under the age of 18 years old that you should NOT take these supplement. If you are on medication or if you are pregnant it is also advised NOT to take these supplements as well.

Please speak with your doctor before experimenting with these supplements and get their okay beforehand. It is always best to play it safe than sorry — especially when you are dealing with your health.

Winner: Instant Knockout

These supplements are both safe to take, but as you can see, there is a considerable amount of side effects that one can experience (and we must state that these side effect MAY BE EXPERIENCED — we are not saying you WILL experience them).

Can I Stack Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK To Make It More Effective?

Instant Knockout

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to stack this supplements with other supplements and ingredients. This works wonders all by itself but with Bullet-point coffee, you not only experience more of a drive and focus but you will start to see the fat shred that much faster.


Stacking these supplements with other supplements is okay. The other supplement which you can stay the with is determinate upon what you specifically desire to improve in your overall health.

Winner: Draw

It is always a good idea to stack your supplements with others to get better results. As you will learn later on in the case study reviews one guy had stacked Testofuel with Instant Knockout to get better results in regards to his overall energy levels, drive and weight loss endeavors.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

Instant Knockout

You can expect to see visible notices somewhere between 3 to 5 weeks, without claims being at the beginning of their third week. There are numerous testimonials of people seeing results in three weeks and feeling the positive effects of the supplest in their second week of taking these supplement.

The effects are intended to be long-lasting.


This is only if you are consistent. The ingredients do help to incurs your metabolism, but they (the supplements) are notorious for working just if you are putting in that extreme workout.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing as it is incredibly beneficial for your health to stay as active as possible. So, in the end, this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can very well be an inconvenience for many people.


There have been many claims of people losing weight in about three weeks. It deserves to be mentioned, like many other weight loss products, that the amount of weight and the timeframe to which you may start to see noticeable changes is subjective upon the individual.

Our biochemistry along with the diet and the exercise routine can also play only a significant role in how much weight we can lose. However, for the sake of the question, MOST people (most being the operative word) have noticed a considerable amount of weight loss in about three weeks.

Winner: Draw

User Reviews

Instant Knockout

Here is what some people are saying about this supplement.

Fast Results

“I’ve been taking the Instant Knockout fat burner for about 3 weeks now and I gotta say I’m seeing some pretty good results. Already slimmed down from a size 34 to size 32, and am starting to see better definition in my shoulders and abs. Will continue taking it for another 3 weeks and post my final results, thanks!” – Jonathan

Looking Good So Far

“Too much caffeine….like, wayyy too much caffeine lol. Taking all 4 capsules throughout the day just made me feel really jittery, so I cut it down to just one pill in the am and one before working out and so far so good!” – D. Sommers

Instant Knock Out Of Fat

“I lost 20 pounds in one month using Instant Knockout. My workout routine is more intense…I can work out for 3.5 to 4 hours straight now. Fat is melting off me. My hubby is taking it too and he lost 4 pounds within a week.This product is an integral part of my stack.” – Karla


Here is what some people are saying about BurnerTEK:


“I love BurnerTEK!! It makes me feel awesome in the gym and gives me a major energy boost. I work out for like twice as long as I used to because of how much energy I have and how good I feel. I’m starting to get six pack abs and some really serious definition all around. I love the way it makes me feel, but more importantly, I love the way it’s making me look! I’m definitely going to order more of this stuff. Big thanks to TEK Naturals for making a killer product!” – COLTON

Gave Me Back My Vitality

“As a former professional soccer player in the MLS, I’ve always been in tremendous shape but when I hit my mid-thirties I definitely felt my energy levels drop. I started using TestoTEK and BurnerTEK about 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in energy and a lot more stamina in my workouts. And the energy isn’t a jittery caffeine buzz but genuine energy and I feel way more focused. I’m sold on TestoTEK & BurnerTEK, they are now a part of my daily routine.” – RYAN

More Drive and Motivation

“As a student at the University of Iowa, I have an extremely busy schedule. It’s very hard to make sure I get into the gym every day, and even when I do get in the gym, I usually am so exhausted that I can’t even really perform. Ever since I started taking BurnerTEK, I’ve got the energy and motivation to get in the gym, and I feel great. I have already lost a few pounds and I’ve only been taking it for a couple of weeks now. I can’t wait to see what happens after I finish the whole bottle.” – MICHELLE

Winner: Draw

People have been pleasantly surprised by the overall results that they have gained as a result of using these supplements. In our research, study and own experimenting — we have found minimal reviews that were negative.

Any Reddit/ Forum Reviews or Case Studies?

Instant Knockout

There is an excellent review with this guy who documented his four-month process of taking Instant Knockout with Testofuel. The gains along with the weight loss he had managed to attain are nothing short of astonishing.

He has pictures of himself four months prior to his weight loss and muscle gain journey that really show the difference in regards to his physique.

You can read his whole case study here to discover his journey to weight loss and muscle gain.


We have been unable to find any Reddit cases or case studies in regards to this supplement.

Winner: Instant Knockout

Solely because we were unable to find any case studies (clinical or personal stories [outside of their website]) to verify the results and claim of BurnerTEK we have to give this round to Instant Knockout and strict because there are several case studies outside of there website act verify the claims that are professed on their website.

How Much Does Instant Knockout vs. BurnerTEK Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Instant Knockout

The price that you will pay for these supplements depends on how many bottles you plan on getting.

Here is the break down on price:

      • One month will contain 120 capsules, and you will pay $59.00
      • Two months will contain 240 capsules, and you will pay $118.00. You also get free shipping at this level of your to purchase
      • Three bottles will give you 360 capsules, and you will be paying $185.00. You get free worldwide shipping along with money back guarantee.

You can order on their website and pay via credit card or the preferred method being Paypal.


To make BurnerTEK supplement a regular part of your daily routine, the website offers its users two ways to purchase their supplement. You can choose this supplement as a one-time transaction, or you can engage in a subscription.

For a one-time purchase, your cost will be $59.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules, which should be sufficient to last you for an entire month. This option is often the better one for consumers that are uncertain if this product.

However, you are given the option to order more than one product at the same time, which will make you eligible for discounts.

Choose from:

      • Three bottles for $159.97 ($53.32 each)
      • Six bottles for $279.96 ($46.66 each)

The subscription option for BurnerTEK gives you the opportunity to engage in the remedy consistently, while also offering a 15% discount on the price, bringing it down to $50.99 per month.

Winner: BurnerTEK

In regards to the price we have to give this round to BurnerTEK and because of the noticeable price difference for three bottles and upward.

Shipping and Return Policy?

Instant Knockout

(Taken from their website)


We insist the risk is on us, so simply try Instant Knockout for 90 days and if you do not see any results then we will gladly refund your money.


All parcels are sent out by a tracked mail service. Your tracking number will be emailed within 48 hours of dispatch.


(Taken from their website)

Free Shipping

TEK Naturals shipping to all the united states is and always has been 100% free of charge on any size order. If you require international shipping to Canada the charge is $12.99 and any other country outside the US will be $25, for any size order.

Winner: Draw

Both offer a money back guarantee and offer worldwide shipping. Moreover, for a guy like myself who is American but lives in a countrywide the items that can be shipped here are somewhat stringent — the worldwide shipping is a godsend.

The Winner Is…

Both of this supplement does a phenomenal job at helping you to shed weight and only to shed eight but to keep it off. Without a doubt, one of the challenging things is not losing that weight but keeping it off.

Both of these supplements does a beautiful job at helping to increase your energy levels as well increase your metabolism. This last tidbit in regards to your metabolism is especially beneficial as the faster your metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight.

If you are trying to burn that excess body fat and shed that stubborn weight that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you sweat or diet, then we highly recommend that you give these supplants a try.

Get your Instant Knockout here and your BurnerTEK here.

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