How to Get Shredded Abs (The Metabolic Accelerator Workout)

Many people, guys specifically, want to know how to get shredded abs, or they begin working out and dieting with the goal of a rock-hard torso to show off at the beach. While this isn’t a bad goal, simple workouts and basic dieting might not be the most effective method alone to reach those goals. Don’t get us wrong, those are two important pieces of the six-pack puzzle, but there’s more to it as well.

Ever since getting familiar with research by Dr Lonnie Lowery, we’ve been looking into ways to remove more fat from the stomach and abdominals during workouts. The result is a powerful ab workout that will answer the question of how to get shredded abs with impressive efficiency.

What the Workout Does?

This workout combines ab exercises and cardio to push more blood into the abdominal muscles and to help mobilize fat within that region that’s released during the cardio portions of your workout.

Below are two different versions of this ab-shredding workout. The first is the hard version and it’s the most effective. The second is a modified version that’s good for beginners that need to build a bit more strength before moving to the difficult version.

The Hard Workout

Do the steps below for 4-5 times and you’re finished.

Step 1 – Swiss Ball Crunches

  • Do the movement slowly and squeeze hard at the peak of each rep. Do as many as possible within 20 seconds.
  • Rest 20 seconds.
  • Do as many fast reps as possible within the final 20 seconds.

Step 2 – The Zercher Carry or Farmer’s Walk

Hold this carry at a challenging weight for 60 seconds. During this time make engaging your core the focus of the workout, not walking distance.

Step 3 – All Out Cardio

Hop on a spin bike, get on the elliptical, get on a rowing machine, do whatever it takes to push your body to its cardio limits for 30 full seconds. Go as hard as you can for this half-minute, then rest for 30 seconds and restart the cycle.

If you’ve gone for your 4-5 sets already you are finished after this one hard push.

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The Easier Workout

If the above workout seems intimidating, or it’s just too much when you test it out, this modified version is a bit more comfortable. It follows the same steps as above, but leaves out the carry portion, and modifies the cardio a bit.

Step 1 – Swiss Ball Crunches

  • 20 seconds of slow hard squeeze crunches
  • 20 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds of quick crunches while maintaining good form

Step 2 – Cardio

  • 15 seconds of moderate cardio
  • 30 seconds of all-out cardio
  • 60 seconds of moderate cardio
  • 45 to 60 seconds of rest

Repeat this for 4-5 sets to really blast those abs and help mobilize some of that fat.

For bodybuilders that are competing and want the very best results, adding 20 minutes of steady cardio after this workout can maximize its benefits. Treat it as its own workout though, because it should take up about 40 minutes at that point.

That’s it. That’s the answer to the age-old question of how to get shredded abs effectively. Of course, you’ll have to diet too, and a solid weight-lifting routine won’t hurt either. With that said, adding this routine into your weekly workouts should help make those abs pop sooner.

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