How To Get A Healthy Gut: (Definitive Guide To Improved Gut Health)

Do you want to know how to get a healthy gut? Are you looking for ways of improving your gut bacteria? Would you like to know what foods can help with improving your gut health?  If you answered yes to any of the above then keep reading below.

Having a healthy gut isn’t just good for helping you break down your food after eating, it’s essential for maintaining good overall health throughout your body. With nearly as many bacteria in your body as there are human cells, bacteria have a bigger impact on your body’s health than you might realize. With the right healthy bacteria working away in your small intestine, and other areas of your body, they will break down potentially toxic compounds, and they work to help reduce the risk that you’ll suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and different inflammatory diseases. Having loads of healthy bacteria in your digestive system also helps to keep bad bacteria from being able to settle in and do damage to your body’s key systems. That’s why it’s so important for you to take the time to learn how to get a healthy gut so that you can start working toward a healthier lifestyle overall.

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What is the Gut Made of?

Developing a Healthy Gut

Top 9 Tips and Tricks to Build a Healthy Gut One Day at a Time

Enjoy the Benefits of a Healthy Gut

What is the Gut Made of?

The gut is a massive set of systems running throughout your body and is not just your stomach as many people believe. Instead, the gut starts off at the mouth and teeth, runs down through the esophagus, through the stomach, on down through the small intestines and finally to the large intestines. In each of these different systems throughout the body, there are bacteria that are working hard to do their job and make your body as healthy as possible.

Each of these systems works to break up and break down the food and liquids that you’re taking in throughout the day to give your body the fuel that it needs to flourish. When the bacteria are healthy they can make the rest of your body feel healthy as well. When they’re unhealthy they’ll result in the opposite for your body.

Developing a Healthy Gut

Building a healthy gut is a worthwhile goal and something that each of us should be working toward on a daily basis. Many of the tips and tricks that can be used to improve your gut health are healthy lifestyle changes that would be beneficial regardless and that we should be working toward already. Get familiar with these different lifestyle changes and what they can do for your body, and then start thinking about implementing some of them into your daily routines.

Top 9 Tips and Tricks to Build a Healthy Gut One Day at a Time

Below are some simple rules for you to follow to try and improve the overall health of your gut. These simple tips will start to bring in more of that beneficial bacteria that’s going to make you feel great, and also work to avoid doing damage to those systems as well.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy gut, and to improve the overall health of your gut is to eat a healthy diet. A diet that is rich with fruits, vegetables and that contains some whole grains gives the body everything that it needs to maintain a good healthy gut over time. That’s not to say that eating a healthy diet guarantees good gut health, but it’s a good place to start if you’re trying to improve your overall gut health.

Try to eat a few servings of whole grains each day, and add in two to three servings of both fruits and vegetables during the day. Doing just that will make a lasting impact on your body and is a good place to start no matter what your health goals are over time.

If you struggle to eat enough healthy foods, or you just don’t feel like you have the time to eat the meals that you can be proud of, take some time when you do have downtime and make up a bunch of meals ahead of time. By doing that you prepare yourself for the moments in life when you can’t stop to prepare a meal. You can make use of those frozen meals or refrigerated meals and still eat healthy foods no matter how much you have going on at the time.

Another option to look at if you are struggling to consume enough fruit and vegetables in your diet is super green powders.  There are some extremely high-quality supplements on the market now which can most definitely aid you in your quest to improved gut health.

Eat a More Diverse Diet

This point goes along with the point that you need to maintain a healthy diet presented up above, but there are some key ideas to touch on that are different. While it’s good to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it’s also important to eat as many different types of food as you can throughout the day. The more types of food you eat, the more diverse your gut bacteria profile will be. Every type of food that you eat during the day contains some sort of bacteria that will make its way into your body. Adding in many different types of food will help expand the total number of bacteria that you have in your body and should help improve your gut health over time.

Add in Some Fermented Food Sources

Great source of food to help with a healthy gut. A silver bowl containing yogurt, with a selection of berries and water melon on top.

Fermented foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi are known for having very high amounts of healthy bacteria. Adding these foods to your diet is an excellent first step to take to improve your health and to make you feel better during the day. You don’t have to eat these foods all the time, but making it a point to purchase these items and to use them occasionally will only offer benefits for your gut health that you can enjoy for long after you have the meal.

Sometimes Think Like A Vegetarian Does

While the lifestyle change isn’t for everyone, many people can benefit by focusing on eating plant-based foods whenever possible. For users that want to be as healthy as possible, or to make the most significant changes to their gut health in the shortest period of time, switching to a vegetarian style of eating can be beneficial.

According to expert studies, plant-based diets help to reduce the number of unhealthy bacteria in the system, while also helping to increase the number of healthy bacteria overall. A diet high in vegetables and fruits is a diet that’s high in polyphenols or plant compounds that are loved by bacteria. By adding more of these healthy compounds to your body you give the healthy bacteria fuel to thrive in your body, and you help to make sure your body has the nutrition that it needs as well. Polyphenols are particularly strong from food sources like cocoa, onions, blueberries and red wine, so it can be beneficial to add as many of those bright and colourful food sources to your diet as possible.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Topless athlete with a six pack holding a press up position whilst doing a single arm row.

Exercise is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects within the gut. Exercising on a regular basis can make your stomach more hospitable for the bacteria and increase the total amount of bacteria living within your digestive system overall. Try to fit in more cardio or weight training routines into your day and you might improve your digestive system as a result.

If you aren’t already making exercise a priority in your life knowing that it can improve gut health offers another reason that you should be. Taking just a short time each day to work your body in some way could result in better digestion and better overall health that you feel in all aspects of your life. What could be more worth a solid effort than that?

Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners Whenever Possible

Some artificial sweeteners like aspartame have been shown to have negative effects on the overall gut health of humans, lab mice and other test experiments. Aspartame has been shown to increase the number of negative and unhealthy bacteria within the digestive system and even linked to negative effects on blood sugar levels because of the way that the substance affects the microbiota profile. Increasing the number of certain negative bacteria throughout the body can result In effects that can impact your overall health as a result. That’s why it’s beneficial to stay away from aspartame especially, but to also look closely at other artificial sweeteners and to carefully ue them while trying to stay informed about their negative impacts for certain users.

Add in a Probiotic

There are many probiotic supplements on the market today, some of them are beneficial while others are mostly useless. Carefully choose some probiotics that have live strains of beneficial bacteria and add them to your daily routine to build up the healthy bacteria colonies within your body. There are mixed results concerning probiotics and their effectiveness for good gut health, but there is some evidence that they can help with restoring the healthy balance of bacteria within the body, especially of unhealthy individuals. Adding several different sources of healthy bacteria to your body can be beneficial to your health.

Even if the probiotics don’t help to raise the level of healthy bacteria throughout your body, there is also some evidence showing that they may work to improve gut bacteria function and to enhance the chemicals that the different bacteria produce. Those benefits are great enough to still make considering probiotics worthwhile for you.

Avoid Excess Antibiotics

A variety of splinter packets containing antibiotics.

Antibiotics are powerful tools that can save lives when used properly, but they’re also harmful to the good bacteria throughout your body and can wreak havoc on your bacteria populations. That’s why it’s important to only take antibiotics when they’re absolutely necessary to fend of harmful illnesses. When taken excessively antibiotics can do away with healthy bacteria and leave space for harmful bacteria to come in and cause damage and to tip the balance of good and bad bacteria in a negative way.

Breastfeeding Can Help

Mothers can help improve the gut health of their little ones by breastfeeding for six months or more according to recent studies. There is evidence that infants that are breastfeed instead of subsisting on formula have a higher concentration of Bifidobacteria within their bodies. Breastfeeding is proven to help reduce obesity, allergies and many other diseases, and one of the suspected reasons for that is because of the beneficial effects it has on the microbiota in infants.

Each of these simple tips and tricks can have a real impact on gut health in some small way. Healthy dietary practices are likely some of the most important changes to cultivate in your daily life, but each enhancement that you can make will have a positive impact on your gut health, your body health and your overall well-being.

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How To Get A Healthy Gut: The Takeaway

While it might not be apparent immediately, working to improve the health of your gut is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Not only does a healthier gut result in more effective digestion, but it results in healthier systems throughout your body. By restoring the natural balance of good bacteria throughout your body, and giving them the fuel that they need to do their jobs well by eating healthy, you will help your body fend off harmful illnesses and diseases, and you’ll improve your overall health in a big way. This will likely result in feeling better after meals and could offer additional benefits such as improved energy levels, a stronger immune system and better overall defences for your bloodstream. That’s all good news for your body, and those benefits make working toward better gut health a worthwhile cause in our opinion.

By adopting some of the advice up above you can work to improve your gut health one day at a time. There’s no need to make all of the suggested changes up above, but adding in as much of the advice as possible will only help to improve your gut health and your overall health as a result. Start with small changes and try to work in one or more of these beneficial practices into your daily routine whenever you can. Over time you can improve your overall health in a big way without even realizing that you’re making these major changes to how you’re living.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a read of my article here at BFG Muscle.  I hope you found the information helpful, and that it points you in the right direction to improved gut health. If you have any questions at all, then please leave them below.

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