How To Build Muscle Fast (The Ultimate Guide To Super Hero Muscles)

There are literally dozens of different methods, tools and techniques available to help athletes and regular people learn how to build muscle fast and become more capable. The trick isn’t getting people to be bigger and stronger, it’s helping them accomplish that goal as fast as humanly possible.

Even the most basic weight-lifting routine will help the average guy get jacked if he puts the ideas to work for a few years. But what do you do when the timeline is shorter? Imagine the person training needs to get as tough looking as possible as soon as possible. Imagine it’s a movie star that needs to shoot film for an upcoming movie and he’s playing a rugged hero. Sure added definition can be achieved with intense dieting, but it’s tough to fake the look of bulk strength that some heroes have.

When people want to get muscular fast, the most efficient tool available is what’s known as a complex. Complexes are special Russian lifting techniques that focus through a set of the same lift again and again, but with a different goal in mind as the lift progresses. It starts off as a slow slog of heavy weight and becomes a fast-paced and power-filled activity by the end.

What are Complexes?

When you want to know how to build muscle fast, you should take a moment to learn about complexes and how they work. They are simply a series of the same dynamic lift again and again.

What’s different about a complex compared to a standard weightlifting routine is that the weight and the tempo adjust as you get further into the complex routine.

To start things off lift very heavy to really focus on developing strength as much as possible. With each set that you do, lower the weight down and try to increase the speed and the power that you put into the lifts.

By the end, you’ll be pushing a light weight with a dynamic tempo that’s much more explosive than slow weightlifting. This really helps push out that fat-burning potential while working to utilize as many of those muscle fibres as possible.

Fat Burning and Bulking

Normally it’s very difficult to burn away fat while bulking up with additional muscle. That’s why most people focus on either losing weight or putting on muscle at one time.

It’s rare for people to try and do both things at once. That’s exactly what complexes can be used for though. Highly-explosive movements are effective at burning away fat and will really help to make a person leaner and to elevate their metabolism. Performing explosive work while also lifting heavy burns fat while putting on muscle at once.

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Achieving Maximum Results with Super Complexes

Super Complexes are an impressive concept that works with four different lift types that all target the same muscle group and the same movement.

This system pushes those muscles to their limits while setting them up for massive growth and development. By starting off heavy and moving to lighter and lighter movements the muscles can be worked at higher and higher speeds until they are exploding with dynamic power.

That’s the goal to shoot for with each workout when trying to find out how to build muscle fast. Star complexes are challenging, they’re tiring and they work exceptionally well for the athletes that are willing to push through the pain during each workout session.

These complexes can be used by anyone and they should be adopted as an occasional tool to boost muscle growth and development.

Dividing the Body into Four Different Movements

4 compound lifts. Squat, deadlift, shoulder press, bench press.

There are hundreds of different lifts available today, but the body is only capable of a few different types of movements. While defining how to build muscle fast we break down those movements into four different lift types. They are as follows:

  • Bench Press
  • Overhead Press
  • Deadlift
  • Squat

The bench press is a straight-out pushing movement that challenges the body to create explosive power using the upper-body muscles in a lateral way. This impressive movement is known to help develop overall upper-body strength and is an excellent movement to focus on.

The overhead press is all about generating power in a vertical direction. The shoulders and the back are leveraged to create vertical pushing power. This lift can be surprisingly dynamic for lifters that can really push their limits by pushing upwards. It’s a helpful took that leads to serious back and shoulder development.

Deadlifts are arguably the most important movement type and they are the pulling lift up from the floor. Anyone that’s ever lifted a heavy box or helped move furniture or appliances knows just how important that deadlift motion is. Developing your lift strength with this movement results in real functional strength development. Lifters that take the deadlift serious can pick up larger objects and remain in better shape over time as well.

Finally, there is the squat. Squats are lifting heavy weights vertically with your body. This lift is incredibly challenging and requires perfect form. The lift is also one of the best for building power and capable strength. Strong lifters can complete most activities and they will feel confident when squatting heavier weights.

Putting these Body Parts to Work

Splitting the body up into four different types of lifts makes it easier to push and to challenge for optimal muscle growth. Down below we’ll get into the pairings for these different lifts when doing complexes. Each lift is paired with an unrelated lift to help maximize the effectiveness of each routine.

Muscle Building Super Complexes Workout Plan

Below are all four of the different super complex workouts. First, we’ll outline what each of the complexes is and from there we’ll explain how to make use of these workouts effectively for optimal muscle development with fat loss thrown in as well. This workout plan is designed to be performed over a week-long period, and it can be repeated again and again for maximum muscle development.

Day 1

First Lift – Overhead Press

Second Lift – Squat

Day 2

First Lift – Deadlift

Second Lift – Bench Press

Day 3

Rest Day

Day 4

First Lift – Squat

Second Lift – Overhead Press

Day 5

First Lift – Bench Press

Second Lift – Deadlift

Day 6


Day 7


Using the Workouts Effectively

Every non-rest day of the workout program will come with two different super complexes to do. Perform the full super complex as a circuit giving yourself between 30 and 90 seconds between each of the lifts.

After completing between four and six circuits of the first lift, take a break long enough to get the next lift ready to go and do four to six circuits of that as well. Use the same rest periods between each of the circuits of the second lift and really push through until your muscles are shot.

The Actual Super Complexes

Now that you have the schedule, and you understand how to make use of the different star complex circuits, it’s time to dig into the complexes themselves to get an idea of what you’ll be doing to reach your goals efficiently.


Top-Half Deadlift – (3 – 5 reps) – (Overload Movement)

This will require you deadlift inside a power rack using the pins. Do this lift with the weight set above the knees to really push the upper back and trap muscles to their limits.

Floor Deadlift – (3 – 5 reps) – (strength movement)

Do a standard deadlift from the floor at a heavy weight without maxing out

Jump Deadlifts– (8 – 10 reps) – (speed/strength movement)

Focus on speed more than strength and go with a light load here.  20 to 25% of your 1RM should be perfect.  Only lower the bar to around knee height before exploding back up.  Try to keep the transitions super fast

Series of Broad Jumps – (8 – 10 reps) – (explosive movement)

Do many broad jumps in a row trying for explosive power with each.  If you are new to these, perform each rep individually at first.  Once you become more experienced and have better control and balance you can do all the jumps in a constant series.  The transition between each jump should be minimal.


Top-Half Squat – (3 – 5 reps) – (Overload Movement)

Destroy your quads with high weight and don’t drop below a half-down position.

Front Squat – (3 – 5 reps) – (strength movement)

Attack this heavy-lift trying to maintain good form with heavy weight.  The front squat has been chosen as it will be less stressful for your lower back which has already taken a pounding from the Deadlift complex.

Barbell Jump Squats – (8 – 10 reps) – (speed/strength movement)

Maintain an upright position and do no more than a quarter squat with this movement.  Focus on explosive power.  Again like the Jump Good Mornings, this can be done with around 20 to 25% of your 1RM.  Land with bent knees and reset after each rep.

Vertical Jump – (8 – 10 reps) – (explosive movement)

Dip and jump as high as possible vertically and then go back into a dip again. Go for maximum power every time.  The transition between dipping down and jumping back up should be done at lightning speeds for maximum effect.

Overhead Press

Top-Half Seated Overhead – (3 – 5 reps) – (Overload Movement)

The bar should start just about the typical weak point of a shoulder press.  This will still offer a decent range of movement whilst letting you really pile the weight onto the bar creating a huge amount of overload.

Standing Military – (3 – 5 reps) – (strength movement)

Squeeze your glutes, tighten your abs and dig deep into this press for maximum strength gains

Push Press with Medicine Ball – (8-10 reps) – (speed/strength movement)

Work hard to push with both arms on this movement.  while keeping up power and intensity.  This is the same movement pattern as a barbell push press, so you will be pushing and releasing the medicine ball vertically above your head. If you can, catch the medicine ball each time to allow you to go into your next push straight away with minimal transition.

If you do not have the room to push a medicine ball up into the air, then do a barbell push-press instead. Start with the bar right onto the front of your shoulders.  Unlike a standard military press, you will be using a small leg drive to help push the weight past the weak point of the movement.

Elevated Plyo Push-Up – (8 – 10 reps) – (explosive movement)

Keep your feet up onto an elevated platform, don’t drop the chest all the way to the ground and try to get a nice fast pop on every rep.

Bench Press

Top-Half Deadlift – (3 – 5 reps) – (Overload Movement)

Load this lift up with high weight, do this movement inside a power rack and set the pins to a height that means you are only doing the top half of the movement

Bench Press – (3-5 reps) – (strength movement)

Do a standard bench press, try to keep the traps tight for stability purposes.

Chest Throw with Medicine Ball – (8-10 reps) – (speed/strength movement)

Lay on your back and throw the ball straight up. Get a good catch and toss the ball up again quickly and with power.

Plyo Push Up – (8 – 10 reps) – (explosive movement)

Keep a nice short push up with the chest not dropping all the way down to the floor. Tighten up the arms and traps and explode up and down rapidly.  Again like with all explosive movements, try to keep the transitions lighting fast.

Getting the Weight Right for Each Lift

To make the most of this workout routine it’s important to keep weight amounts at the right levels throughout the lifting process.

Overload And Strength Movements

With the first couple lifts in each complex, the weight should be very close to the maximum lift possible while getting through all the reps.

Strength/Speed And Speed/Strength Movements

As you get through the different super complex movements the weight will drop down enough to allow very powerful acceleration and quick back and forth movements.

Speed and power are most important in the middle of the complex, so make sure the weight is low enough to accomplish this.

Explosive Movement

Near the end of each super complex, there should be little to no actual added weight at all and most people will just be using bodyweight for the movements. Maximum power and acceleration are vital during this part of the complex because it’s all about power.

Progression Of The Super Complexes

Take detailed notes about each of the different movements and the weights you use while going through these complex circuits and make adjustments to improve the quality of your workout as needed. If you get stuck on any of the lifts de-load your amount slightly or drop the reps that you do. As you progress through the program you will focus on adding additional reps and raising the weight of your lifts for maximum performance gains.

Week 1

Use the first week of the program to get a baseline and fine-tune the lift weights for difficulty and the maximum strength benefits.

Week 2 And 3

During the second and third weeks of this program focus on increasing the number of reps you do by one for each week, you go through without changing up the weight total.

Week 4

During the next week drop the reps by 2 and increase the weight for additional strength gains. Maintain the same weight amount during the next few weeks while increasing the number of reps performed.

How To Build Muscle Fast Takeaway

Super complexes aren’t for everyone and they’re a serious challenge for newer lifters that have been relying on one or two lifts to push their muscles to grow.

For more experienced lifters they are an excellent tool that can really help boost your growth to new levels for amazing success and impressive gains in a short period of time.

If you’re looking to grow huge without spending years doing so, give this complexes routine a try to see if it works for you. It’s worked for many serious lifters in the past.

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How to build muscle fast

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