How To Build A Bigger Butt (The Ultimate Guide)

Most women today, and plenty of men as well are wondering how to build a bigger butt. With so many going out and getting implants or plastic surgery to improve their butts in some way, it’s more important now than ever to learn how to build a bigger butt the natural way, through hard work and effort with weight training and body-weight exercise.

Not only will training hard give you an impressive butt that will help boost your confidence, but it will make you stronger and healthier as well. There are so many myths surrounding strength training in general, but even more so around glute training specifically.

Below we help expose those myths while putting together a list of the best butt building training tips and guidelines. Read through all our tips and you’ll be well on your way to building a dream butt that you can be proud of!

1.  Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Muscle Several Times a Week

Most bodybuilders and even many new weight lifters know about how important rest and balance are. That’s true for the glutes as well, but you’ll have to train your butt more often than you do your biceps or even your chest if you want it to grow properly.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is because the glutes are massive and it really takes a lot of effort to wear them down enough for growth. Effort that you just can’t achieve in one or likely even two sessions a week. The second reason is that most of us use the muscles constantly already. Even when out of shape the glutes are likely pretty strong. You need to provide new challenges if you want them to grow. That’s why we recommend two very heavy workouts a week or better yet three days of glute training each and every week.

If you try and cram in your glute workouts over one or two days a week, you’re going to struggle to make the progress that you want. That’s one of the key bits of information we wish we could give to everyone wondering how to build a bigger butt.

2.  Lightly Train Glutes on Off Days Too

Female athlete doing a resistance band leg kick back

It probably goes against everything you know about lifting, but you should be training your glutes on your off days as well for the very best results. We’re not saying to push the muscles to their limits and train them to failure. If you did that on your off days you would over train your muscles in no time. We are just saying to do lightweight workouts with moderate effort on your off days.

By doing some elastic band squats, high interval bodyweight workouts and even something like stair climbing you can help enhance the results of your glute routine over time. Lightweight butt workouts will help to keep the muscles stretched out and can actually speed up the healing process while keeping you from being too sore as well.

That’s why so many glute experts are pushing those muscles most days out of the week. They’re doing heavy workout days and more lightweight training days the rest of the time. It seems like they’re overtraining their muscles, but by using the right amount of force they’re just improving their routine a bit more.

3.  Focus on BodyBuilder Rep Ranges

Stop making the mistake of lifting like a powerlifter when trying to build a huge butt. That’s just not the way it’s done and you can look at powerlifters for confirmation of that. Those guys train all day long with heavy squats and other massive lifts for low reps. This isn’t to get massive muscles, it’s to develop as much strength as possible.

That shouldn’t be the goal of anyone looking to get themselves a bigger butt. Instead, they should be thinking about muscle development. To achieve that goal they need to adjust how their sets are made for each lift.

As a general rule of thumb, there are three different ways to lift. You can lift for maximum strength by doing reps of around 5 to 6 per set, you can lift for maximum muscle growth by maintaining reps between 8 and 12 and you can lift for endurance performance by doing reps of 15+ per lift.

When trying to build a large impressive butt, focus on the bodybuilder rep range and try to stick to between 10 and 12 reps for most exercises. To stick within this range it’s best to focus on using a moderate weight that’s uncomfortable but light enough to make it through 12 reps without failing even on the third set.

While it can be useful to occasionally do smaller and heavier reps for strength development, most of the time the goal of lifting is muscle size growth. To make that happen you need to lift your weight between 10 and 12 times optimally. Remember that rep rule while lifting and you won’t have to ask how to build a bigger butt for long, you’ll have one.

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4.  Maintain Just the Right Amount of Weight

Building a great butt isn’t about lifting as much weight as you possibly can. It’s about lifting the right weight to achieve peak muscle growth. That amount is different for everyone, but there is a certain feeling that goes along with lifting that amount.

With the right amount of weight loaded the lift should feel difficult and tiresome, but not too difficult. You should be able to actively feel the glutes tightening and contracting through the lift. You should actively tighten that muscle yourself and make sure you’re focusing on the full muscle contraction through each lift.

If you load the bar too heavy, you can’t focus on the contraction any longer and you’re just going through the motions instead. When you reach this point de-load your bar some and get back to focusing on your form and your muscle contraction. You’ll achieve better results by not pushing your muscles to their limits, and it’s a whole lot more comfortable to go through a workout this way as well.

Just keep in mind that your ideal weight level will change all the time. That’s why it’s so important to track weights using a spreadsheet or a piece of paper and pen over time. Log your weight amount and rep range for every lifting session and you’ll always know when you should increase your lift weight and when you’re doing the perfect amount for a workout.

5.  Mind Muscle Connection Is Vitally Important

Recent evidence shows that good glute development requires long contractions and a careful mind-muscle connection as well. The experts that have bigger glutes achieve their results by nailing each one of their lifts so that they consciously feel each contraction throughout the lift. Not only that, but they pause at the upper portion of the lift to really hold their tensed muscle in position and to put additional tension on it. By working out in this way you encourage additional muscle growth. That’s not the case with a heavy lift that’s rushed.

As some wondering how to build a bigger butt, the answer is to think about doing so all throughout your workout routine. Just make sure that you’re feeling the contractions, you’re focusing on doing the lift with perfect form and you don’t raise your weight amount too high to take away from either of those two goals. Stop lifting for big numbers and start lifting for big muscle development.

6.  Hit Those Glutes From Many Different Angles

Female athlete doing hip thrusts

Another tip that seems obvious for how to build a bigger butt is to work your glutes in as many different ways as possible. By swapping between different movements that target the posterior chain it’s possible to make all the different muscles and stabilizers of that area work.

Using just a single exercise such as a squat for instance, won’t work all the muscles properly, or it will work some of the muscles more than others. By swapping between squats, decline lunges, hip thrusts and several other movements you’ll really maximize muscle growth and build a more even physique as well. It’s more work to use many different types of lifts, but it’s also much more effective and something that all lifters should be doing with any muscle they want to develop.

Consider adding several different big lifts to your rotation for serious training days while also adding different accessory lifts to your rest days to develop even muscle development. It will take a bit more effort to manage all these exercises, but that effort will be worth it when you enjoy more rapid progress and more exciting results.

7.  Overload Your Muscles with Reps not Weight

We’ve already stated this up above in a way, but rep count is more important than the weight you’re pushing when it comes to muscle development. If you want to know how to build a bigger butt the most effective way, start loading about half the weight that you can lift at your maximum for your work weight. Studies show that about half of your one-rep max leads to having voluntary muscle contractions at about 40% maximum intensity.

That figure doesn’t seem that great until you consider that lifting 90% of your one-rep max weight only achieves between 50% and 60% of maximum contraction intensity. Now think about how many reps you can do at 50% weight compared to 90% weight and it’s easy to see how the lower weight will lead to greater work, greater hypertrophy and increased muscle development.

Still, raise the weight amount as you get stronger, but make sure you’re performing between 8 and 12 reps for every single lift. If you’re under 8 reps you need to drop the weight down, and once you start getting up toward 15 or 20 reps before you feel very fatigued you need to raise up the weight. Try to stay in that hypertrophy sweet spot to get the best possible development results that you can.

8.  Train Consistently for the Best Results

Finally, you have to commit to building a big butt over many months or even years to get the results that you’re looking for. You can’t build an impressive butt in jus ta couple months, so make sure whatever you’re doing is sustainable. You need to be able to work without injury for years to reach the best results. Build a fitness plan that’s focused on this long-term development and you’ll start moving along the path to success. If you’re looking for a quick-fix that will get you a beach butt in a couple of months you need to re-think your goals and accept that you have to put in the work overtime to achieve your dream body.

How to Build a Bigger Butt Recap

We covered everything you need to know about developing impressive glutes up above, now we’ll do a quick recap giving you a checklist of sorts to remember.

  • Overload with reps not weight: Try to shoot for many sets of 8 to 12 reps for maximum development.
  • Focus and feel every contraction: Make sure you feel the muscle contraction in your glutes for maximum muscle engagement and growth.
  • Train your glutes 2 to 3 days a week with heavy workouts.
  • Use light glute training on off days: Light training promotes blood flow and helps with muscle recovery and growth as well.
  • Put in the work for months or years: It takes time to build a bigger butt, prepare to put in the work for your dream body.

Remember all the tips above and you’ll achieve your goals eventually. Nobody got to their dream body in a couple of months and neither will you.

Don’t let that discourage you though, because you’ll be able to enjoy slight improvements all along the way to your dream physique and they will help keep you motivated and excited to keep improving, so get to work and develop your body into exactly what you’re looking for.

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How to build a bigger butt

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