Green Vibrance Review 2020 (Nutrient Packed Super food Powder)

While putting together our Green Vibrance review we become more and more aware of how much most supplements and green powders are lacking in helpful nutrients.

Green Vibrance comes across as an overpriced supplement at first glance, but after looking at the label we weren’t so sure. That’s why we decided to put together this full review of the green powder supplement and what it has to offer.

For full details on all the ingredients and nutrients offered by the product, you can easily view the label at most stores online. For a more detailed look at all that the powder has to offer and why it stands out for us, read through our Green Vibrance review down below.

You’re likely to be impressed by what it has to offer after doing a bit of reading. If you aren’t impressed, take the time to get to know similar products and what they offer and then look back at Green Vibrance to see if it’s more impressive. Read through our review and find out if Green Vibrance is worth its higher cost.

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Very little sugar

25 Billion+ probiotics per serving

Loaded with prebiotics

A fantastic source of vitamins and nutrients

Immune system enhancing ingredients

Packed with antioxidants

Gluten and soy free



× Definitely not the cheapest green powder on the market

× Only one flavour

× Doesn’t taste great

What Are The Health Benefits?

One of the main reasons to pick up any supplement product is for all the health benefits that it offers you. Fortunately, Green Vibrance really stands out in this area and is one of the best products that we’ve looked at for its health-boosting qualities. It’s all of the health-enhancing ingredients that are included in Green Vibrance that makes it a product that we really enjoyed reviewing and that helps it justify its higher price tag compared to other products available today.

A Good Source of Nutrition

Many different plants and healthy compounds go into making Green Vibrance, which is why the finished product offers such high levels of vitamins and minerals. For someone looking for the benefits of a more effective nutrition supplement, we were very impressed while making our Green Vibrance review. Users will get more than the full recommended amount of Chromium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iodine, most of the Vitamin B12 and more than half of the Vitamin C amount recommended for a day. Between all of these nutrients, plus all the other smaller amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, there is a lot that can be added to your body by using Green Vibrance regularly. It’s also a decent source of Vitamin K, Iron, and many other healthy nutrients.

Green Vibrance nutrition label showing all the vitamins and minerals included.

Packed with Healthy Ingredients

Maintaining good nutrition is complicated and according to most experts should come from a wide variety of food sources. Green Vibrance gets its beneficial nutrients from a huge mix of healthy ingredients. There are four different types of grasses included in the supplement with a mix of leaf powder and grass juice being added to the solution.

There is also a huge selection of micro-nutrients that are worked into the supplement by way of a huge range of healthy foods. Beetroot, spinach, broccoli, kale, Spirulina, Sunflower lecithin, Chlorella and more are all used to make Green Vibrance, giving you access to many more healthy ingredients than you can add to a standard diet throughout the day.

Green vibrance powder Grasses and plant based micro nutrition ingredients list

A Good Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that normally come from colourful fruits and vegetables and help to neutralize harmful free radicals around the body to theoretically help people stay healthier over time. Green Vibrance is a good source of antioxidants as well and offers plenty of antioxidants from thirteen different ingredients. Ingredients like strawberry fruit powder, black mustard seed, pomegranate, grape seed, apricot fruit powder, goji berry juice powder and tomato fruit powder work together to help boost the nutritional value offered by Green Vibrance. For people looking to get more antioxidants into their diet, our Green Vibrance review makes it clear that it’s a decent option for that exact purpose.

Green Vibrance powder ingredients label showing a list of antioxidants included.

Offers a Powerful Digestive Boost

Good digestive health is key to staying healthy over time and feeling better overall. Effective digestion is essential for maintaining high nutrient levels and getting your body the energy it needs to feel good throughout the day. There are several different items in Green Vibrance that work together to boost digestive health. The first and arguably one of the most important is a good dose of prebiotics. This is the stuff that probiotics feast on and adding them into your body regularly will help the helpful probiotics flourish, leading to improved digestion.

There are also more than 25 billion probiotics in each serving, boosting your body’s levels in a big way each time you have the supplement. The probiotics are from 12 different strains that are all labelled on the package, giving you a look at exactly what you are putting in your body. These two beneficial additions aren’t all that Green Vibrance has to offer though. The supplement comes loaded with many different digestive enzymes to help break down different foods.

Taking the supplement before eating can actually aid in digestion nicely for this reason. There is also a bit of fibre added into each serving of the supplement. With 2g of fibre per serving, there isn’t enough to meet your daily fibre needs, but every bit helps and taking Green Vibrance will push you closer to meeting the daily recommended amount of fibre. Adding the supplement in with fresh fruits and vegetables in something like a smoothie can help to up the fibre content as well.

All of these digestive-boosting compounds won’t serve as a magic fix for your digestive system, but maybe over time, they can help improve your body’s digestion and make you feel better. Digestion is arguably one of the most important systems in your body and is responsible for helping your body get all the building blocks that it needs. Make sure that your digestive system is working properly and feel better for your efforts.

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Naturally Designed to Enhance Immunity

When considering the health benefits of supplements, one of the first things that we look at is whether there are beneficial compounds, vitamins and other items included for immune system support. Green Vibrance comes packed with helpful ingredients that aid that goal. The supplement is an excellent source of vitamins B6 and E and also offers a bit more than half the recommended amount of Vitamin C. These are all vitamins that are known to boost immune system function and that can help equip your body to fend off illnesses.

Along with those vitamins, there are additional immune-boosting items added to the green powder that comes in that tub. There are beta-glucans, astragalus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and more. These special additions are thought to help boost immune function in different ways, and together with the high dose of vitamins Green Vibrance should help offer nice immune system enhancements.

Green Vibrance immune support ingredients.

Practical Considerations

Green Vibrance is a simple supplement and comes in both powder form and capsules. It’s easy to take and is if taking the capsules, extremely convenient as well. Users looking for maximum convenience with the powder based supplement will likely prefer products that come in packets already measured out. This, however, is a very rare thing across superfood powders, and most will likely come in tub form with a scoop included.

Taste and Flavors

Green Vibrance doesn’t taste good and a quick look through all the reviews will make that very clear. So many users talk about different ways that they cover up the flavour of the supplement when taking it. While it’s possible to mask the flavour of Green Vibrance in smoothies or in protein shakes, we found that we preferred to take the powder in a shot glass of cold water as fast as possible during the making of our Green Vibrance review. Taking the powder in this way helps get it over with quickly, and worked better than putting it in a larger glass of water or almond milk that still tasted poor because of the powder.

Considering the Cost

Compared to many other green powder supplements, Green Vibrance is costly, there is no getting around that fact. The powder costs nearly double many similar products on the market, and even the largest size package will cost users quite a bit on a daily basis to take the powder. With that said, there is a lot that’s packed into the powder.

Green Vibrance offers more probiotics than many other supplements do. It also packs in more nutrition, more healthy ingredients, and many other beneficial products that you simply can’t get with the other supplements on the market. While it costs more to purchase this supplement, you’re paying for a premium product which makes it worth the added cost in our opinion.

Choosing a Size

There are many different sizes to pick from when purchasing Green Vibrance. The larger sizes are more affordable than the small sizes are, but they’re all the same powder. Buyers can get a 15 serving size, 30 servings, 60 servings or 84 servings. Each option comes in a plastic sealed container with a scoop for easy administration. The larger sizes are more affordable than the smaller sizes, so most long-term users choose to go with the 60 servings or 84 servings options to save some money on their purchase.

An Accessible Powder for Most

While Green Vibrance isn’t a Vegan product, it is Non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free. This makes it usable for many people that have to pass over other supplements. People looking for healthy powder supplements that have soy or gluten allergies can still enjoy Green Vibrance.

Customer Satisfaction

Another good way to judge a supplement is to look at what other people think of the product and how their experience with it has been over time. Most of the reviews and the feedback left for Green Vibrance is overwhelmingly positive for the product.

There are people that feel healthier, more energetic, have healthier hair and nails and that enjoy better digestion all from using the product. With so many different happy customers it’s easy to see that the product has something to offer its users, even if it isn’t affordable like some other supplements are. We were so impressed by the reviews for this product when researching it initially, that we just had to do a full review of the supplement and try it for ourselves.

By taking a look through all the different reviews while making our own Green Vibrance review we got a look at how others feel about the product and a little bit of what to expect after using it as well. Most aren’t happy with the flavour of the product, but there are very few users that believe it’s a waste of money, and most have continued to take it for years after initially testing it out. For an expensive supplement that says a lot about the product and the value that it has to offer.

Green Vibrance Review Take Away

After a thorough review, we consider Green Vibrance to be a premium green powder supplement for people that want to improve their diet and their digestion while feeling better at the same time. It’s expensive, but it’s packed with healthy nutrients and made from a long list of healthy ingredients. For the people that are willing to spend the money to pay for this supplement, most of them are happy with how it makes them feel and the total health benefits that they’ve gained from taking it.

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