EVL Test Review: We Put EVL Test To The Test

EVL Test Review: We Put EVL Test To The Test

EVLTest is a male testosterone builder supplements which was designed to increase one’s overall muscular strength, improve one’s stamina, enhance one’s performance and assist in helping with sleep.

As science ever progresses, it is becoming more and more evident that our bodies are fantastic creations. Yes, they may age, and they may get weaker over time. But what we are discovering more and more is that we can combat aging with a proper diet and consistent regular exercise.

What we are discovering (and which is fantastic for people who don’t want to age) is that the body can remain strong well pass the…prime…old…age of mind boggling 30 years of age.

And if you didn’t catch that I AM BEING SARCASTIC.

The body is a wonder of creation, and it is more than possible to be fit and in shape at 40, 50, 60, hell even 90 years old.

Check out this video about this man, named Charles Eugster who is 90 years old. He started going to the gym and got back in shape. He reversed his aging!!

Now, he has all the 70-year-old chicks chasing after him – and hell, I ain’t knocking his game.

Go on playa. Go on!

So in the review, we have looked at EVL Test, and we will answer whether or not this passes our test in regards to being a great testosterone booster.

Will this supplement evolve you from being just a mere mortal man into a Demigod of antiquity?

Let’s find out, shall we?

What is EVL Test?

EVL Test is a testosterone booster supplement which was designed to support your testosterone levels as well as her you get better sleep.

For men, their physique is substantially determined by the level of testosterone they have in their body. It is for this reason that many guys today have been looking to get testosterone injected into them or for some other guys to have their testosterone naturally produce within them.

And this is what EVL Test, along with many the testosterone boosters, intends to do and deliver to its consumers.

Who Makes EVL Test? The Creators…

The creator of EVL Test is a company called Evlution Nutrition. Evultion Nutrition is a company that focuses a great deal, creating supplements (for both men and women) that will benefit their overall physical performance.

If you visit their website, you will discover many supplements that are specifically for men and some that are only for women.

The supplements that they offer come in a variety of categories.

The categories being:


      • ENGN
      • ENGN Shred
      • Pumpmode
      • BCAA Energy

Post Workout + Energy

      • BCAA energy
      • BCAA5000
      • RecoverMode

Fat Burner

      • LeanMode
      • Trans4orm

Amino Acids

      • BCAA energy
      • BCAA Lean Energy

Protein Powder

      • 100% Whey

Health & Wellness

      • Omega- 3 Fish Oil
      • Joint Health
      • Skin Health
      • Digestive Health
      • Sleep Support

They also sell gear and clothing for those gyms enthusiast. The website is packed with a lot of goodies that are not just solely confined to the area of selling supplements but hey also have a blog to which is quite voluminous in useful information.

Also, they have many training and exercises plans that you can start to engage in. The website is very informative, and it is clear that they have a passion for offering people information that will improve their game and improve their overall performance.

With this said you could rest assured knowing that the supplements they offer will measure ups to what you have expected.

What Are The Benefits of EVL Test? Highlights…

The benefits that one can expect from EVL Test are:

      • Boost In your natural testosterone levels
      • Increase in muscular strength
      • Stamina
      • Performance
      • Helps with Optimal Sleep
      • Assists in recovery

How Does EVL Test Work?

The EVL Test works by using certain ingredients in a formula which are all meant to help produce and support testosterone in the body. There are many benefits to having testosterone produce in a mans’ body natural.

With some of these benefits being:

      • better sex drive
      • better physique
      • more impulsiveness (good or bad depends on the situation)

combats the estrogen increase in men (because men have estrogen as well, watch what you are eating because that has a significant impact on your increased estrogen level. Looking at you SOYBEANS and TOFU).

How & When To Take EVL Test?

It is recommended to take these supplements one time of day with you taking 4 tablets on an empty stomach. You should take these 30-60 minutes before you are about to go to sleep.

Now, this bit of information which we will mention is incredibly salient. The company recommends that you take one dose of 4 tablets but in actuality to get the best results you will need to take 3 to 4 doses of these supplements to get the maximum effect of these supplements.

This is by no means to say they are ineffective because they are. But what you want to consider when taking these pills is that the recommended dosage may not be as effective as you may want them to be and as a result, you will want to consider taking three more dosages of these tablets.

This may be somewhat problematic, only in the sense that you may have to pay a bit more (as you will be using more pills then what has been recommended.

But we will explain more about that in the how much does it cost section later on in this review.

EVL Test Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

The ingredients act you will find in EVL Test are:

      • D-Aspartic Acid – this ingredient has been well researched and proven to boost one’s overall testosterone levels but only in large doses.
      • Tribulus Extract – why this ingredient is even included in the formal is a bit of a mystery as this ingredient has been well-known not to have any effects on boosting one’s overall testosterone levels.
      • Fenugreek – enhances one’s libido level
      • DIM – this ingredient helps in reducing one’s estrogen levels
      • Vitamin D – has long been associated with assisting in supporting healthy bones but it is also great for men as it boasts their testosterone levels.
      • Zinc – this ingredient is great for increasing one’s sexual drive.
      • Magnesium Aspartate – this ingredient helps in promoting free testosterone as well as helps in working with the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).
      • Vitamin B6 – helps in balancing out your hormones. In other words, this is another ingredient which is excellent for lowering estrogen in men.

The Pros and Cons of EVL Test

The Pros of EVL Test are:

      • Very effective ingredients
      • No proprietary blends
      • Competitive Price
      • Better Sleep

The Cons of EVL Test are:

      • There are some unproven and Ineffective ingredients
      • The dosage scheme is ineffective (more about this later on)
      • Some see this as a placebo pill

Is EVL Test Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects from taking these supplements.


There have been some people who have experienced headaches after taking these supplements. And having a headache seemed to be quite prevalent for many guys.

Now it is important to state that if you plan on using these supplements that you speak with your doctor before experimenting with these supplements.

This is especially true if you are taking medication or if you are under the age of 18 years old.

It is important to speak with a doctor to get professional medical advice. It will serve to be so much more beneficial for you in the extended scheme of things.

Can I Stack EVL Test To Make It More Effective?

It is perfectly acceptable to stack these supplements with other supplements. These supplements are intended to support testosterone. You will also want to take supplements that will help you to produce your testosterone levels as well.

If you visit their website, you will also find that they have other supplements that work exceptionally well with these supplements.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term? (usually both)

If you take their recommended dosage, you can expect to see results in 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you take the user’s recommendation of taking 3 to 4 servings a day of these supplements you should see and feel your testosterone level rise in a few days.

Taking three to four dosage consistently for a week then you will notice immediate changes. Many users have mentioned it act they felt their testosterone levels rise and stay steady for 24 hour when taking the 3 to 4 dosages.

Unfortunately, taking the one dosage that is recommended by the company has little effect.

User Reviews

Here are what some people are saying about the EVL Test supplements:

“Great Product! Saw significant increase in Testosterone! And good sleep Quality!” – Samih Jomaa

“I’ve weight trained for over 40 years of my life and with my age I was looking for something to help with energy and muscle tone. EVL Test has helped with energy and really does help with sleep. Make sure you follow the directions and take the recommended dose and allow yourself enough time for a good nights sleep.” – ScottIchimaru

“This is the best booster on the market. Sleep is improved, stamina on my mtb and in the gym are increasing daily. Great product. Will continue to use.” – jp489

My Testimonial

Staying in shape can be very challenging. Having to take care of work, a family, friends and then yourself can be a bit taxing and trying.

The motivation may be there – despite the love and passion for all of these things. But that is where I find taking the supplements to be most beneficial. The more testosterone I have, the more motivation I have to do what I need to handle in a day.

And I can personally say that these supplements have to give me that edge to tackle my workout (which is the first thing in the morning for me) to handle my work to taking care of my family. And doing all of this like a BOSS.

How Much Does EVL Test Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

The price that you will pay for the EVL Test depends on where you purchase these supplement. There are many online retail shops where you can buy these supplements.

However, a medium range to which you will pay for these supplements is around $45 for a bottle of 120 tablets.

And it is here where we get into the murky shady waters.

What do we mean? Well, we have mentioned much time throughout this article that you will need to take nor then one dosage (with one dosage being four tablets). If it cost $45 for 120 pills, you will be going through the bottle within two weeks, and that is being very generous.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a scam or con, but it is something you want to consider. The $45 is not too much of a dent on your wallet, and there are many other supplements out there that are twice the price. You can purchase these supplements off of Amazon, GNC, eBay, and their website.

Final Thoughts: Is EVL Test Worth Buying? Does it Work?

The human body is fantastic. It is easily one of the most complex and fascinating things in all of existence (excluding the brain of course). The EVL Test is a great supplement that does a great job at helping to boost your testosterone levels and more importantly to evolve you from a mere mortal into a demigod.

Testosterone levels have been consistently decreasing over the pass few decades. With many men today having a third LESS the testosterone than their pappies and their grand-pappies.

This is a scary fact but not to outside the realm of reasoning when you see how emotionally fragile most guys are.

Now, I am not suggesting that testosterone booster will turn you into a douche, but you will have the strength, the confidence, the physique and the will to fight if things ever come to it.

You will be able to face the world not as a man but as a God who has evolved far beyond the petty emotions of fear and IRRATIONAL INSECURITIES.

Should You Purchase These Supplement?

Our final thoughts in that to this supplement is that you should give these a try. You may very well have to take a bit more then what is recommended, but the overall results will be everything that you wanted in this supplement.

So if you are looking to evolve beyond your weak and fragile state of being a mere mortal, then these are the pills that will do just that.

Evolve past your frail exterior of mortality and transform into a demigod that would make even Adonis and Hercules blush.

Yeah! Oh Yeah!


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