Dymatize ISO 100 Review 2020 (Quick-Absorbing Muscle Building Fuel)

Gaining recognition for being a fast-absorbing whey protein supplement, the Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder has become a popular go-to for athletes who are seeking muscle growth plus quick recovery. For this reason, I’ve come up with this Dymatize ISO 100 review so we can dig deeper into what makes this hydrolyzed whey one of the most sought-after supplements out there. 

I’ve had first-hand experience with this protein powder, and it’s downright delicious.

Dymatize has made a great name in the fitness industry, thanks to their protein powders, energy bars, and many more products.

The company itself did point out that the ISO 100 Protein Powder is their number-one supplement.

With its whey protein isolate (a form of whey that has the lowest fat and calorie content), it’s certainly an awesome drink to consume not just for post-workout but more so before or during your actual training.

ISO 100 has already been found to be highly effective for muscle recovery. Dymatize also prides itself on using processes that preserve the protein and get rid of excess fats and carbs. 

So, is this protein powder really fast absorbed by the body? Will it give the benefits you need before and after working out?

Let’s find out more in this Dymatize ISO 100 review that covers its ingredients and other stuff you’ll need to help you decide on a workout partner supplement. 


Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder Features

High-quality whey protein

The Dymatize protein powder is made of hydrolyzed whey that gives you a better chance of recovering quickly from your workouts, compared to other forms of whey.

Because it’s already partially broken down, your body easily digests this protein. You won’t feel too full as well.

The Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder is a great option for your post-workout supplement because it gives you a quick hit of the essential amino acids.

This whey protein isolate content comes with high concentrations of BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids. This will help you build and maintain muscle tissue, and will keep your energy from slipping during high-intensity workouts.

Choosing whey protein isolate can just be the best decision you’ll make when it comes to getting rid of unnecessary fats and carbs in your diet. I don’t recommend having high-fat content in your supplements at all. This will hinder your body from absorbing the important nutrients it needs.

Whey protein isolate in the Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder is the ideal option as it’s really low in fat. 

Essential amino acids, glutamine peptides

Thanks to its whey isolate protein content, the Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder will bring you the essential amino acids you’d need to build muscle mass.

Certain essential amino acids cannot be naturally produced by our bodies. Going for a supplement that comes with these amino acids can certainly help you improve your athletic performance. 

It’s not just the muscle gains you’ll enjoy. In addition, you’ll be thrilled with the quick recovery from hard, gruelling training sessions. Certain amino acids help reduce fatigue and increase your strength for your strength training exercises.

With the glutamine content in this powder, you’ll feel less sore after working out. That’s winning recovery support, too.  

Great taste and mixability 

When it comes to superior taste, this protein powder has also made a remarkable name for itself. You can enjoy a wide range of flavors and they’re nothing short of delicious. 

Take my word for it: they really taste great, like that Fudge Brownie flavor that’s really pure and smooth. If you prefer fruity flavors, they’re refreshingly awesome, too. 

The powder is especially easy to dissolve and creates a bit of a frothy mix at times. As such, I give it a high mark on mixability.

Consistent muscle growth, recovery, and support 

For every serving, the Dymatize ISO 100 contains 5.6 g to 5.8 g of BCAAs. This amount is certainly higher than many other similar supplements. For this reason, these amino acids can give you so much when it comes to muscle growth.

If you’re using whey protein after working out, this is the most preferable time to take in this supplement. Your body will absorb the protein fast.

Also, when your muscles are prone to damage due to gruelling weight training, BCAA supplements can help alleviate soreness and reduce fatigue.

Aside from post-workout recovery, if you choose to have your Dyzamite ISO 100 intake at another time of the day, I also recommend it. You’re simply complementing your daily protein intake, and that’s totally acceptable. 

Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder Ingredients

With many supplement manufacturers competing for your attention, you should research these brands and understand what certain ingredients do.

Will they really help you in your fitness journey? For this reason, this Dymatize ISO 100 review looks into the ingredients that this powerful protein powder contains. 

Dymatize Iso 100 supplement facts and ingredients.

The powder contains some really superior ingredients. 

Whey Protein

Its 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate itself is an incredibly topnotch protein. This is very pure content, considering that it’s gone through micro-filtration and a multiple-step purification process.

This leaves pure protein (this is what you want in your powder) and gets rid of the excess fats, carbs, cholesterol, and lactose (what you don’t need). 

Your body can quickly absorb and digest this protein, too. It will use the amino acids fast to aid in muscle building. Know what else whey protein can do for you?

Most importantly, it will pave the way for your body’s wellness that will eventually do wonders for your bodybuilding and strength training goals.

Male athlete sat down on a bench drinking a whey protein shake.

Whey protein may increase glutathione levels that, in turn, protects your body against diseases.

Whey protein even has decent calcium content and yet is low on sodium.

For your heart health, whey protein may help lower your bad cholesterol while increasing the good because of the lactoferrin.

Looking at all these other benefits of whey protein, expect a boost in your immune system. It’s how things will stack up so you can truly achieve your fitness goals.

Amino Acids

For every serving, the Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder also comes with 5.5 g of BCAAs, including 2.7 g of L-Leucine. Adding this essential amino acid to your daily intake will allow your muscles to truly grow and thrive. 

Each scoop also comes with 6.5 g of non-essential amino acids. These include 4.4 g of glutamine that will aid in muscle recovery, especially after rigorous training.

If you’ve got glutamine in your post-workout recovery supplement, you won’t experience as much soreness and pain as you would expect the next day.

The 4.2 g of alanine can help ensure that you have enough energy for training, proper mental functioning, and increased immunity. Its 2 g of arginine helps build protein that your body can use to build muscle and repair tissue.

Notably, the powder has less than .5 g of lactose per serving. That’s a very small amount so it might not cause issues for most people who are lactose-intolerant.

The supplement, however, doesn’t come with digestive enzymes that can combat indigestion. It’s not likely, though, that the ISO 100 will upset your stomach as it’s practically lactose-free. 

Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder Price

The price of Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder can vary.

A tub of 725 g or 1.6 lbs. ISO 100 costs $32.99. That’s around 24 servings.

A tub of 1.3 kg costs $51.99.

A tub of 2.2 kg costs $74.99 to $79.99.

So if you purchase a larger tub, that’s a discounted price for you. The powder may cost a bit higher than the standard whey protein. However, it’s still hydrolyzed whey.

Its pure protein content is more expensive to produce, hence the price. It’s really a good price to pay for the quality ingredients you’re giving to your body.

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How to Use the Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder 

Two scoops of protein powder.  One chocolate flavour and one vanilla flavour.

Being easy to use and mix, simply take 1 scoop of the Dyzamite ISO 100 protein powder. Pour it over 5 to 6 ounces of your preferred liquid, like water or milk- much better if it’s chilled.

It’s up to you if you want to take a scoop at least half an hour after breakfast, or another one during or after your workout. You can even combine certain supplements, like creatine, to your drink for powerful results.

The protein powder blends super easy, quickly dissolves, and creates a smooth mixture with no lumps or chunks at all. 

What About The Flavors

Whether you’re up for popular chocolate flavors or the strong, tangy taste of fruit, you can choose from among these rich flavors.

Peanut butter flavour Dymatize Iso 100 protein powder.

Firstly, the flavors that may as well be your favorite dessert include Birthday Cake, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Cocoa Pebbles, Cookies and Cream, Fudge Brownie, Gourmet Chocolate, Gourmet Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Rocky Road.

Secondly, if you’re looking for sweet flavors that remind you of your favorite fruits, give Fruity Pebbles and Orange Dreamsicle a go.

Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder Pros and Cons

If you’re invested in taking in protein powders that your body quickly absorbs for your fast recovery, this powder may just be the right supplement for you.

This Dymatize ISO 100 review sums up what you need to know to take another leap for your fitness goals.


Superior ingredients

The ISO 100 is packed with highly beneficial ingredients that support muscle recovery and athletic performance.

The whey protein and essential amino acids push for powerful energy and fast recovery after any tough training session.

Muscle recovery support

Have you ever gone beyond your exercise program or used up too much energy than necessary? If you’re used to doing this, your muscle’s fibers may be in need of repair.

The amino acids in the Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder will prevent this damage and provide your body the nutrients it needs.

If you’ve stripped away much protein from your body after strenuously working out, this whey protein supplement is simply an amazing option for you.

Low fat, carb, and sugar levels

The macronutrients naturally present in whey protein have already been stripped off.

You don’t need these extra sugars, carbs, and fats, so Dymatize has done a great job of keeping them at a really low level in this ISO 100 formula.

Incredible value for money

The pure protein content alone is enough to make this supplement a leading star for your workout.

Considering its ingredients and how it will do your body well, the Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder is a really great buy. For a minimum of about $33, you won’t feel too sore, recover well, and gain strength for your upcoming training sessions.


The flavors have gained much recognition over the world, being the uniquely delicious flavors they are. However, if you prefer the mildly sweet taste of a protein drink, you may find these flavors a bit strong.

Dymatize Iso 100 Review Takeaway

To conclude, my Dymatize ISO 100 review highlights the reasons why this premium protein powder is one of the best whey protein supplements out there. I would recommend this to you if you’re looking forward to taking your fitness goals to a higher level.

You won’t have to worry about the recovery process.

Firstly, the whey protein and essential amino acids see to it that, even if you train with higher intensity and frequency, your muscles won’t get damaged.

Secondly, this protein powder is incredibly one of the better options out there on the market.

Take its taste, texture, pure content, and quick absorption. You won’t have to look for additional supplements to add to this whey protein drink.

Above all, you will be impressed by how it will significantly improve your recovery from strength training or other exercise programs you’re into.

Simply mix a scoop or two of your chosen flavor into your water and consume it throughout or after your workout. It’s not just a delicious taste experience but a crucial step to your recovery, too.

You need to start looking at supplements as a sound investment in bodybuilding and other fitness goals you’re trying to achieve. This Dymatize ISO 100 protein powder, that’s a real champion right there.

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Dymatize Iso 100 Review

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