Ciltep Review: Think Faster. Remember Better. Become Smarter

Ciltep Review: Think Faster. Remember Better. Become Smarter

“Work it. Do it. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger”…wait a sec.

This sounds salacious.

Probably not the best line to start a review article with – but I could think of nothing better than to write to elucidate better what this particular brain supplement review will entail.

And by the way, that introduction are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Daft Punk which was “Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.”

The brain is such a fascinating organ – which I like to think is a muscle, hence the reason you should read, eat healthy, and of course take your supplements 😉. The brain can change and improve one’s overall outlook on life and that is by no mean a hyperbole.

With better mental clarity, more focus, a higher drive and an overall enhance cognition – problems no longer are an issue; as you will have everything at your disposal to handle them (meaning your ability to think will help you solve any problem).

And this is precisely what the Ciltep brain supplement tries to provide for its users. So, in this review we will go over the benefits, the pros, the cons, the ingredients and at the of the article if you should purchase this supplement or move on and find another supplement.

Will this pill work it? Will it do it? Will it make your drive harder (poor, very poor wording here)? Will it make your thinking better? Will it make your processing faster? Will it make your cognition stronger?

Let’s find out.

What is Ciltep?

Ciltep is a nootropic which is Gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, Non-GMO and one of my favorite, VEGAN. The name Ciltep means “Chemically Induced Long-Term Potentiation.” One of the major purposes of this particular brain supplement is to improve something called Long-Term Potentiation (we will discuss more that in our “How Does Ciltep Work” section in great detail).

Who Makes Ciltep? The Creators…

Ciltep was created by Abelard Lindsay who wanted to create a supplement that would boost people’s mental performances, their motivational drive and increase their energy levels. This supplement was first designed back in 2011 with the intention of helping people improve their memory and their concentration.

What Are The Benefits of Ciltep? Highlights…

The benefits that one will receive from taking Ciltep are numerous and not solely in the confinements of mental health. Ciltep has also been most beneficial for men who want to increase their testosterone levels. Furthermore it is great for both genders who seek to lose weight.

This is perhaps one of the only brain supplements that do a variety of things for a person overall body.

The benefits include:

      • Improved learning (retain information and process information much easier)
      • Helps in making you more motivated
      • Enhances mental performance booster
      • Improves overall mood
      • The ingredients are all natural
      • Helps to enhance your testosterone
      • Helps to stimulate weight loss
      • Improve attention
      • Enhances Focus

How Does Ciltep Work?

Ciltep works by inducing Long-Term Potentiation. Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) is a long-lasting enhancement between signals being transferred two neurons which are found in the brain. LTP is one of the primary cellular mechanism behind learnings well as memory.

How these supplement works are by inhibiting certain chemicals in the brain. These chemical being:

      • PDE4 (Phosphodiesterase-4): this chemical has been linked to improving one’s cognition.
      • cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate): helps in enhancing memory formation as well as information retention.


Let me lay this out in layman’s term.

Ciltep is a brain supplement which seeks to improve concentration and memory. The ingredients in this supplement formula are used to help do that; by sending signals between the neurons at a much faster and efficient rate. A person can now drastically improve their overall memory and concentration because the neural system will be much more active.

However, as you will soon discover the benefits, although being helpful (for some) has a drastic adverse effect.

How & When To Take Ciltep?

It is recommended to take Ciltep on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning before breakfast. The amount that can be taken in a day is around 2 to 3 capsule. For those who love their coffee they can take this supplement while drinking coffee.

It is also recommended NOT to exceed the recommended dosage for the day. So the most that a person would take is three pills.

Ciltep Ingredient List – What Is This Supplement That Makes It Work So Well?

Ciltep is made up of minimal ingredients. However, the ingredients which are used in the formula all have their purpose. The ingredients are:

      • Forskolin: helps to increase one’s testosterone levels as well as improve a persons drive; which in turns leads to more motivation.
      • Artichoke extract: helps in increasing memory formation
      • L-Phenylalanine: is perhaps one of eh most benefice ingredients in this formula. This ingredient helps to combat cognitive stress as well as treating people who may have ADHD.
      • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: helps to assist in producing more energy

Although the ingredient list as not as voluminous as other brain supplements out in the market – and this supplement may very well be the supplement at has the lowest amount of ingredient – the ingredients which are used all serve a purpose.

The Pros and Cons of Ciltep Nootropic

The Ciltep brain supplement is very equal in regards to pros and cons; making this one of the most “up in the air” brain supplements out in the market.


      • Assist in increasing testosterone (for many guys this is a very great added benefit as men today have less testosterone than their fathers. Read more about that here.)
      • Helps in weight loss
      • The effects are almost immediate
      • You will feel your mental prowess improve in a short time frame


      • There are a considerable amount of side effects (which we will explain more in the next section.)
      • Some people cannot take these pills
      • The pill provides an increase in mental awareness and focus but the next day leads to mental fatigue and drowsiness

We will discuss more the side effects in the next section.

Is Ciltep Safe to Take? Any Side Effects?

Ciltep has several side effect. In spite of this, there have been no lawsuits from anyone who has used this supplement and had adverse health effects as a result. The are side-effects that some people have experienced are:

      • Drowsiness
      • Mental fatigue
      • Mental drainage the following day
      • Headaches
      • Nausea
      • Reduced choline level stomach pain
      • Now it is salient to know that there are sure people and certain time that you should NOT take these supplements. These people and scenarios being:
      • If the seal on the bottle is open
      • For mothers who are breastfeeding
      • People who are under the age of 18
      • For women who are pregnant
      • If you are taking other medications

Can I Stack Ciltep To Make It More Effective?

The designer has been quite clear that these supplements must NOT be taken with any other pills you may be taking. That said, people can still drink their coffee. The amount that a person is recommended to take a day is two to three pills. However, individuals should not exceed taking three pills as they may experience many more side effects instead on just one or a few.

When Can You Expect to See Results? Short-term/ Long-term?

As mentioned these supplements work exceedingly fast and the results are almost immediate. However, a drawback to taking these pills are the effects it has on you the next day (which as we explained is the mental fatigue and mental exhaustion).

User Reviews

Here is what some users have said about Ciltep.

“Well, this didn’t do much for me…. not much more than what a regular dose of ALCAR (acetyl l-carnitine) would have already done. I will say that there was some mild cognitive improvement, but that’s normal for me with ALCAR. For me, this was just really expensive ALCAR, but for others they might have better results.” – Patrick Bush

“Used it for a month regularly as described didn’t feel any sharper or smarter or alert in fact it gave me some stomachache” – Ivan D.

“I have been taking CILTEP for 5 months now. I stopped for a month to see if I noticed a difference and ordered another bottle within a week. It is my lifeline during the week. I take it every weekday morning and cycle off for the weekend. I have noticed that it helps improve focus and attention. I highly recommend it!” – Lauri Preston

The overall reviews and opinion from users have been overall been exceedingly positive.

Any Reddit Reviews or Case Studies?

There is a very well- researched and highly detailed article in Reddit that debunks many of these beneficial claims that Ciltep says it provides. The Reddit user listed a wide array of PROBLEMS from taking these pills and takes the time to reference facts and claims that debunk the Ciltep claims and benefits.

You can read the Redditors review here.

It should be acknowledge that in spite of this review many other reviews and case studies have shown the efficacy of using this pills.

If you visit the website, they offer a 5-day trial where you will be able to try these supplements out for yourself. In addition, if you purchase these supplements off of Amazon, you will also be able to provide you with a money-back guarantee.

The idea that the manufacturers would offer this shows that they do have confidence in their product.

How Much Does Ciltep Cost? Serving Size? Where To Buy?

Ciltep is not that expensive, or at the very least when compared to other brain supplements out in the market. Ciltep will cost you around $40. The price may vary, and this is because it depends on where you purchase these supplements.

You can purchase Ciltep off of their website, or you can buy them off of Amazon. On both e-commerce platforms, you are given a money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts: Is Ciltep Worth Buying? Does it Work?

To buy or not to buy this is the question. As we have mentioned the potential of taking these supplements are numerous. There have been some people who have greatly benefited from using these pills, and then there are some who haven’t benefited at all.

This supplement, despite having some fantastic additional benefits, is a supplement that can be tossed up in the air. There is a 50/50 percent chance of a person either benefiting or getting nothing from it.

Now, this is salient and should not be left out. People have different neurochemistry; meaning that the chemistry that is in their brains significantly differ. So this pill may work exceptionally well with one person and does absolutely nothing for another.

That does not necessarily mean that it is a lousy pill or a great pill. It just means that this is a pill that is up in the air and you have a 50/50 shot of this being a reliable brain supplement.

If you are looking to try out this supplement and want to see if the effects will help you on your journey of improving your mental facilities then remember that they do offer a 5-day trial so that you can make that decision.

At a price that will not break the bank and will not be too noticeable to you, it wouldn’t hurt to try; that is just a friendly suggestion.

At the end of the day after reading our review and feelings about this particular pill we have to say that we are on the fence; it is neither bad or good.

The 50/50 chance may very well be a turn off for many – and with a very detailed case study on Reddit, numerous side effects, exclusion of certain people – this is a supplement that should be tried before purchased.

Get yours here.


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