Top Bicep Exercises (Build Big Arms Fast With These Must Do Exercises)

Muscular and ripped athlete doing a ez bar bicep curl

Although biceps are worked during all pulling movements, they are just working as a secondary muscle.  To fully overload the biceps you have to do specific movements that target them as the primary muscle.  Although these are classed as isolation exercises, if done correctly for maximum overload then other secondary muscles will be active.  Here … Read more

Top Tricep Exercises (The 4 Most Effective Exercise for Strength And Size)

Ripped male athlete doing a tricep cable pushdown

Triceps make up a huge portion of the upper arm.  If you have an impressive set of triceps, then your arms will still look big regardless of how good your biceps are.  Triceps are used in all pressing movements as secondary muscles, but there are some brilliantly effective exercises you can do to target them … Read more