Best Tabata Workouts for Beginners (The Definitive Guide)

Tabata Workouts for Beginners

Known as a high-intensity interval training workout, Tabata features short yet physically demanding exercises that last for four minutes. Even if you’re new to this, you can still try out Tabata workouts for beginners so you can reach your goals.  Over the years, there’s been an endless range of training programs you’ve heard about that … Read more

The Ultimate Muscle Growth Workout Plan (The 30 Rep Method)

Bearded bodybuilder doing bicep curls with a heavy dumbbell.

In order to continue making gains in the gym, you have to push your muscles to new limits every single week. This gets progressively more difficult to do as time goes on though. That’s why seasoned lifters always plateau at some point. Usually, lifters rely on increasing the weight of their lifts or switching to … Read more