Detox Organics Review 2020 (The Tastiest Superfood Ever)

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, cut caffeine or just feel better on a consistent basis, it makes sense to look at solutions like Detox Organics Chocolate Superfood because it offers a lot of health benefits that are all condensed into one unique formula.  While we can’t recommend the formula immediately without doing a full … Read more

Pure Synergy Review 2020 (What’s All The Hype About?)

Staying healthy isn’t easy, especially with study after study coming out and pointing to specific foods that we should be adding to our diets. Most people have heard the benefits of antioxidants. They’ve heard the benefits of different superfoods and they may have even tried adding things like pomegranate juice, kale, algae and one of … Read more

Total Living Drink Greens Review 2020 (A Super Food Swiss Army Knife)

a picture of total living drink greens packet

Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea Health is the superfoods equivalent of a Swiss army knife.  Have you ever heard of a supplement that contains the nutritional equivalent of 9 separate supplements?  Well, this is exactly what Kylea Health are claiming about their nine in one formula that makes up this superfood supplement.  In my … Read more