Legion Recharge Review 2020 (Can This Really Speed Up Recovery)

Legion Recharge review

How well your body recovers from your workouts will help determine how much muscle gain you’ll achieve. For this reason, I’ve come up with the Legion Recharge review to introduce you to a superior post-workout recovery supplement.  The Legion Recharge is a 100% natural drink formulated for post-workout use. Containing creatine monohydrate that bolsters muscle … Read more

Best Post Workout Supplements 2020 (Top 10 And Buying Guide)

Strong female holding a large weight plate

Most trainers out there, including myself, would agree that workout recovery is as crucial as hitting the gym itself. It’s for that very reason I created this article on the best post workout supplements you can buy. During rigorous physical exercise, you’re not just consuming your energy stores. You’re also breaking down your muscle tissue. … Read more

MuscleTech Cell-Tech Review 2020 (A Scientifically Engineered Creatine)

Muscletech Cell Tech

Muscletech has been amongst the leading brands in the supplement industry. They specifically cater to fitness and performance-enhancing supplements for athletes and fitness fanatics. The brand has its products go through countless research and clinical trials to give its consumers the best formulation to deliver the best results and performance. Muscletech has gained the trust … Read more