Can You Mix Protein Powder In Coffee?

Can you mix Protein Powder In Coffee? What kind of benefits are there? Let’s dive in… There are a lot of people that are completely unsure if it is a good idea to mix protein in a powdered form into coffee. This post will be diving into this topic by taking a look at several … Read more

5 Biggest Intermittent Fasting Mistakes To Avoid

If you’ve read anything about intermittent fasting lately, you might think that it’s a new dieting technique that’s only recently been developed. It’s actually been in use for a few decades and there were fitness articles put out about IF (intermittent fasting) back in the 90’s.  By now it’s proven as a reliable dieting tool, … Read more

6 Worst Diet Mistakes Women Make

Female athlete it blue sports top and white leggings

Dieting is hard enough as it is, but many women are making it even harder than they have to. Women around the country are making repeated dieting mistakes that are causing them to gain weight and struggle to remain successful dieting over time. We put together the 6 worst diet mistakes women make on a … Read more