Best Muscle Building Workouts For Beginners And Advanced Lifters

Close up of muscular bodybuilders abs in the gym

Building muscle effectively is challenging for beginners and long-time fitness enthusiasts both. It’s the ultimate goal for most men and many women as well. That’s why fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the best muscle building workouts available. No matter what the desired results are there are several effective workouts to get the job done. … Read more

Best Shoulder Workout Routine (The Ultimate Training for Huge Delts)

Male Bodybuilder training shoulders with dumbbells

This is quite simply the ultimate shoulder workout routine for adding slabs of muscle and building insane strength.  A good set of delts and traps will do wonders for your physique. Not only will they make you look like an extremely strong and powerful athlete, but due to adding extra width to your body, they … Read more

How To Increase Muscle Mass Fast (The Ultimate 9 Step Guide)

Muscular bodybuilder doing a bicep curl

Building muscle isn’t easy.  It requires planning, dedication and motivation so high, that whatever setbacks you experience you won’t let them stop you from reaching your goal.  In fact, the more advanced you become as a weight lifter, the harder it becomes.  You start hitting more and more plateaus, progress massively slows down, and everything … Read more

Best Quad Exercises For Women (Top 12 Movements For Shaping Your Quads)

man bodybuilder training female bodybuilder on leg press machine

The current trend has women training their glutes more than ever, which is good in the sense that they’re working out more frequently, but it’s bad because it’s leading to all sorts of leg muscle imbalances. Women are working their booties off to get sculpted and more pronounced butts and they’re forgetting all about their … Read more

4 Best Rear Delt Exercises (Your Guide To 3D Looking Shoulders)

Rear view muscular athlete showing back in gym.

The rear deltoids are one of the most critical muscles for raw back strength and for giving your delts that 3-Dimentional look. These muscles transform into impressive boulders when they’re challenged regularly enough, but they’re built most effectively when using the right workouts.  That’s why we’re going to go over the best rear delt exercises … Read more

How To Build Muscle Fast (The Ultimate Guide To Super Hero Muscles)

Male bodybuilder wearing just black shorts doing a cable pec flye

There are literally dozens of different methods, tools and techniques available to help athletes and regular people learn how to build muscle fast and become more capable. The trick isn’t getting people to be bigger and stronger, it’s helping them accomplish that goal as fast as humanly possible. Even the most basic weight-lifting routine will … Read more

Best German Volume Training Program For Beginners

Female athlete wearing black in the set up phase of a deadlift

German bodybuilders have a reputation for being large, well-defined and for their ability to put on muscle very efficiently. This is likely due to many different lifestyles and weightlifting decisions, but many experts believe some of their success is because of German Volume Training. This special training technique is designed to help weightlifters put on … Read more