How To Get Big Calves (The Ultimate Skinny Calves Workout)

How to Build Big Calves

If you’re looking forward to standing out from the sea of weight lifters and bodybuilders, then you have to start working on how to get big calves.  One of the best suggestions I can probably give you is to give your calves some much-needed TLC. And it’s not about going soft on it but committing … Read more

The Ultimate Full Body Dumbbell Workout for a Muscular Sculpted Body

Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

Using dumbbells in your strength workouts has always been a favorite among many, thanks to their great versatility. Dumbbells are an incredible investment for your body and even for your budget, that’s why I’ve put together some of the most important things you need to know to perform a full body dumbbell workout.  They are … Read more

The Ultimate Muscle Growth Workout Plan (The 30 Rep Method)

Bearded bodybuilder doing bicep curls with a heavy dumbbell.

In order to continue making gains in the gym, you have to push your muscles to new limits every single week. This gets progressively more difficult to do as time goes on though. That’s why seasoned lifters always plateau at some point. Usually, lifters rely on increasing the weight of their lifts or switching to … Read more