BSN CellMass 2 Review 2020 (Does It Live Up to All the Hype)

When recovery is your goal after a hard, gruelling day at the gym, you need a supplement that’s been well-designed for repair. That’s why I’ve decided to put out this BSN CellMass 2 review to see if it’s an exceptional purchase when it comes to post-workout nutrition. 

BSN is one of the big supplement companies that’s been rolling out popular protein powders, including the first CellMass variant. This advanced formula contained creatine and glutamine, among other high-quality ingredients. These have earned the praises of consumers worldwide for delivering powerful results in terms of recovery and strength.

Now, we look towards the second CellMass formulation. Let’s see if it exceeds your expectations and live up to or even go beyond what’s been set by its earlier version. 

The company has dubbed the BSN CellMass 2 as a concentrated formula specifically designed to help speed up and strengthen your recovery after working out. As a result, this will then prepare you for upcoming training sessions.

Well, I’ve really come to like it because it’s what any effective post-workout supplement should do, right? Speed up the recovery and help you power through your next tough workouts! 

The BSN CellMass 2 is not only delicious and affordable; many of its ingredients, like creatine and glutamine, will definitely help you gain and preserve muscle mass and perform better when it comes to strength training.

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BSN CellMass 2 Features

As a concentrated post-workout recovery formula, BSN CellMass 2 will make it happen for you, as long as you put in the work and nutrition as well. The goal is to not compromise your recovery. This way, working out won’t be a waste. Your well-earned muscle mass will also be preserved throughout. Remember, you must recover well from your training because this will determine how well you’ll be able to train and perform in the days ahead.

If your body doesn’t properly recover, your ability to work towards progress and achieve your fitness goals will certainly be limited. Lucky for us, there’s the excellent BSN CellMass 2 that’s designed to optimize our recovery and help get our post-workout nutrition immediately. If you feed your body properly within an hour or two after working out, you’ll definitely reap the benefits.

In this BSN CellMass 2 review, I check out some of the formula’s best features. These will pave the way for your performance when it comes to your strength training and other athletic activities.

  • Superior workout formula with premium ingredients 

The BSN CellMass 2 comes with creatine, glutamine, amino acids, and protein. All of these quality ingredients are a perfect go-to for your post-workout recovery so you won’t have to feel sore after training. Aside from repairing the micro-tears in your muscles that turn up after a heavy workout, this supplement will also help develop new muscle tissue. 

What I really like about this impressive formula is that it can work well for newbie weightlifters to long-time bodybuilders alike. If you take in 2 servings of BSN CellMass 2 per day, you will obtain 5 grams of creatine, 3 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid, and 10 grams of amino acids. The formula also contains hydrolyzed whey protein and taurine. This powerful combination will give you the support you need for a proper recovery every time you work out.

  • Optimal recovery support

Results have been brilliant when it comes to a quick recovery. Preventing your muscles from feeling fatigued and breaking down, the BSN CellMass 2 contains premium ingredients that guarantee muscle strength and endurance. In short, you feel adequately recovered even from a gruelling training session.

This way, you’re more prepared to go through more workouts the next day, and the next. Post-workout recovery should always be one of your top goals. It’s a crucial way to preserve your muscle mass while increasing your strength and performance. 

  • Versatile drink that’s delicious as a standalone drink or taken alongside protein shakes

I definitely call this one a versatile post-workout recovery supplement. The BSN CellMass 2 can simply be mixed not just in cold water but it also goes really with chocolate- and vanilla-flavoured protein powders. You may try drinking this recovery drink alongside a protein shake, and not mix the two in one container.

Still, if you prefer it as a standalone drink, CellMass 2 is as refreshing as it could get, thanks to its pleasant fruit flavours. Tasty supplements do play an incredible role. These can encourage you to stick to your nutrition plans and prepare well for the next day’s workout.

BSN CellMass 2 Ingredients 

This BSN CellMass 2 review also covers the supplement’s highly beneficial ingredients. 

BSN CellMass 2 Ingredients

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

First, this recovery drink contains whey protein hydrolysate. It’s basically whey protein that’s been reduced into smaller peptides. This means it’s readily available for quicker absorption. Good news, too- it comes with a really high percentage of protein AND with little to no fat and carb content. 

On the other hand, this powerful ingredient is pretty much the most expensive among all whey products. Still, the hydrolyzed whey protein in BSN CellMass 2 is enough to facilitate muscle protein synthesis immediately after taking it.

Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides

Second, the formula also comes with glutamine and glutamine peptides. These ingredients can do so much when it comes to preserving your muscle mass. They also prevent muscle breakdown and even improve digestive health. That’s why these are popular ingredients in most post-workout recovery supplements. 


Next, you can also look forward to the presence of creatine monohydrate in the BSN CellMass 2. This means that the formula really helps develop muscle mass and enhances athletic performance. Creatine is not just a highly safe ingredient but it’s also one of the most researched components of sports nutrition products.

Plus, this recovery drink comes with CON-CRET. It’s a brand of creatine hydrochloride created by the bodybuilding product company PROMERA SPORTS. According to this manufacturer, taking in CON-CRET will allow you to take in a dose that’s based on your body weight and the intensity of your workouts.


For the BSN CellMass 2’s insulin interfusion, you bet there’s taurine in it. Taurine helps give you energy and fuel to sustain your workouts, so it essentially aids in building your muscle mass, too. 

Banaba Leaf Extract

There’s also banaba leaf extract (banaba leaves are a popular herbal remedy in Southeast Asia) in the BSN CellMass 2. Eventually gaining popularity among the bodybuilding community, this banaba leaf extract produces an insulin spike after a workout. In turn, this increases the ability of your muscles to absorb the creatine, amino acids, and other key nutrients for a quicker recovery.  

Looking at all these ingredients of the BSN CellMass 2, you don’t just have the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) but also the hydrolyzed whey protein plus the creatine. All of these work together as an outstanding formula for your post-workout muscle recovery, getting high marks for overall quality and effectiveness.

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BSN CellMass 2 Flavors, Mixability 

 I’ve come to know BSN as a supplement manufacturer that makes each drink a notably tasty experience. Even with the BSN CellMass 2, you can try four different fruit flavours, including:

Arctic Berry that tastes like freshly mixed berries;

Blue Raz which is a blue raspberry flavour that’s immensely sour; and the 

Grape and Watermelon that is as refreshing as you expect them to be.

However, certain flavours have been found by some consumers to be too sweet or strong, especially those who are used to mild and neutral-tasting drinks.

Just as most post-workout supplements mix easily with water, the BSN CellMass 2 mixes well with your liquids, too. Simply add to your shaker with your water and shake away. No clumping or other issues at all when it comes to mixability and this is another result you want when choosing your drink. 

You should go for one scoop (or one serving) of the powder mixed with 4 to 6 ounces of water. Do this twice daily to achieve your desired results. 

Remember, the BSN CellMass 2 is intended to be used by healthy adults and be incorporated into a healthy diet plus exercise program. At least 18 years old, you should be healthy and active and are looking to gain muscle mass, improve recovery, and increase strength as your fitness goals. 

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BSN CellMass 2 Price

The original price was $31.99 but you can now save up to 25% with For 50 servings, the BSN CellMass 2 is now available for $23.99- that’s $0.48 per serving. That’s incredible value for money, considering that it comes with decent amounts of creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, and whey protein

BSN CellMass 2 Pros and Cons

Expected to push your recovery and, ultimately, your performance, this BSN CellMass 2 review looks into the pros and cons of this post-workout recovery supplement. This way, you’d know whether it’s the perfect purchase for you.

BSN CellMass 2 Effects


Top-notch ingredients

The CellMass 2 is packed with some of the most reliable recovery support and performance-improving ingredients out there, from creatine and glutamine to amino acids and protein.

Great value for money

Now retailing for less than $30, you’re practically hitting the jackpot. Reading up on the powerful formula that’s the BSN CellMass 2, it’s really a small price to pay. Consider it a great buy especially if you don’t want to feel sore but want to recover well and consistently gain strength and endurance throughout. Spending this amount of money that will serve you for a couple of weeks is certainly a good deal. 

Good selection of flavours

If you’re into a sweet, fruity taste, the BSN CellMass 2 flavours will give you a massive taste experience. That’s what flavours should be about.

Prevention of muscle soreness

You won’t have to worry about that long flight of stairs even after an intense leg day

Not only focused on recovery but also muscle mass gains and strength

Components, such as glutamine and creatine, help improve your chances of gaining and preserving muscle mass. The hydrolyzed whey protein can be absorbed fast to help build muscle.


Some users have reported how some of the flavours are overpowering, particularly consumers who prefer a milder, less sweet taste.

Some users have also reported about how it would be more helpful if the manufacturer clarified certain ingredients, such as the matrix involving the creatine components. 

Choosing Your Post-Workout Recovery Supplement

Let’s go on, to sum things up on this BSN CellMass 2 review. When choosing a post-workout recovery supplement, you need to see actual results when it comes to muscle repair and growth. Your muscles should be strong enough to avoid breaking down even after tough workouts.

Post-workout supplements like BSN CellMass 2 make the recovery process faster and more effective. You can continue with your strength training and bodybuilding exercises despite the soreness and other physical effects. Remember, the body is actually capable of repairing itself. 

You want these supplements to include glutamine and amino acids as these components will aid in your muscle recovery. In my experience, glutamine in my post-workout recovery drink like the BSN CellMass 2 is particularly enjoyable. I don’t experience as much muscle pain as I expect the following day. 

Have you been on this fitness journey for a while now? Then, you know that muscles should be broken down first to redevelop and grow once more. This makes it really important to take that short window of opportunity (immediately after working out) to help you do that.

For me, post-workout recovery supplements that come with an extensive formula, like the BSN CellMass 2, help me continue my training. How? By not having to worry whether I’m taking in all the necessary ingredients for full recovery support. 

If you’re looking to add mass as well, that’s no problem at all. With whey protein in CellMass 2, this ingredient will be digested faster. You won’t feel bloated and won’t feel full for a long time. 

BSN CellMass 2 Review Takeaway

The way I see it, BSN CellMass 2 is exactly what you need if you’re looking to help your body in recovering more quickly. It’s an incredible value for your money. It can do a lot for your body as it repairs itself after you’ve worked out. 

Great texture, perfectly blends with other liquids, its 50 servings are plenty enough to last long. 

Do remember, though, that you can’t take off your focus on your other nutritional needs. Never slack off when it comes to your meals.

BSN CellMass 2 with Nutrition

Don’t expect the BSN CellMass 2 to do all the work for you. If you maintain proper nutrition and stay hydrated throughout the day, you will certainly observe your desired results. Don’t forget to speak to your trainer or consult a doctor, too. 

By adding this post-workout recovery supplement to your daily routine, you can spend more time getting a kick out of its impressive outcomes. That’s a practical purchase, indeed.

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