Best Weight lifting straps 2020 (Top 6 Straps And Buying Guide)

6 Best Weight Lifting Straps 2020

Best Overall

Rip Toned

Best Lasso Straps

IronMind Strong-Enough

Best Figure 8 Straps

Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 

Best Lifting Hooks

Grip Power Pads Heavy Duty

Best Single Loop

IronMind Sew-Easy

Best Lifting Grips

Harbinger Lifting Straps

Weight lifting straps are an important tool to help you advance certain lifts beyond the point that your grip strength can’t manage. With the right straps on your side, you can advance your deadlift, shrugs, rack pulls, barbell rows and a few other heavy lifts to higher weights for enhanced muscle and strength development. Lifting straps aren’t created equally though, and some are better than others. It’s not always obvious which products are the best though. That’s why we break down what makes lifting straps stand out down below, and we also go into detail about which types of straps are best for which activities.


Best Lifting Straps 2020 Reviews

Best Overall

#1. Rip Toned

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Lifters interested in improving their grip for deadlifts, shrugs and other grip-intensive lifts can really benefit by using the Rip Toned lifting wrist straps. These straps are lasso-style and offer a lengthy cotton wrap section as well as an adjustable wrist strap.

The lifting straps are equipped with plush neoprene padding for added comfort during use. The straps are made from rugged cotton and they are fully endorsed by Kevin Weiss, the 2014 World Champion Powerlifter. If you’re searching for an affordable set of lifting straps that will work well for both men and women, this set is worth looking at.

It’s good for most standard lifters, though might fall short for serious powerlifters out there looking to up to 500 or more pounds. Add these straps to your gym to help improve some lifts and to help support your grip or to help recover from injuries. They are a good investment that can really enhance your lifting potential when used properly.

They’re one of our favourite options because they’re an excellent value and quite comfortable. The straps are more affordable than many other basic weight lifting straps are and would make a nice addition to most lifters collections. Just make sure you don’t outlift these straps. If you do need something more durable, consider something like the Strong-Enough lifting straps below that can hold even more weight during serious lifts.


Tough cotton straps

Neoprene padded


Endorsed by Kevin Weiss – 2014 World Champion Powerlifter

Lasso style straps

23” length


× Not meant for extreme weights

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Best Lasso Straps

#2. IronMind Strong-Enough

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These IronMind Strong-Enough lifting straps are the best lasso-style lifting straps and on our list as one of the best weight lifting straps that you can purchase thanks to their rugged build quality and excellent performance. The straps can be adjusted for a good snug fit on your wrists.

They go on easily and offer reliable assistance when performing different lifts. Our favourite feature about these straps is that they are sewn so that the loop seam is on the outside of the loop and not touching the wrist during use. These straps are used by top Strongman performers and are built to withstand weight of the highest lifts capably.

The only downside to these straps is that they don’t come with padding inside and can be a bit rough on the skin. Most users find these straps to be simple to use, and for heavy-duty lifting protection, these are some of the best straps that you can purchase today. Add them to your lifting collection and prepare for some tough lifting sessions.


The loop is sewn to keep seam away from the wrist

Thick construction


Designed for heavy lifting


× No padding

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Best Figure 8 Straps

#3. Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 

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The Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 straps are on our list of the best weight lifting straps for being the top figure 8 straps we’ve tested out. These straps are heavy-duty and lock into position in just seconds for a good secure hold. The straps are sold in three different sizes and can be chosen to produce a good reliable fit for different wrist sizes. Be sure to measure your wrists and to find out which size straps will be best for you.

Each size comes with wrist measurements for you to go by to achieve a good snug fit for maximum comfort. The straps aren’t designed for top comfort levels and can be a bit rough on the skin, but they are reinforced with additional stitching and very strong. These figure 8 straps lock into position and firmly attach you to the weight bar. They offer additional support and give you additional stability when performing very heavy lifts.  Finally, if you are looking for a set of straps particularly to improve your deadlift, you should definitely consider these.


Extra stitching for reinforced seams

1-year warranty protection

Offered in three different sizes

Rated for over 1,000 lbs. of force


× More expensive

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Best Lifting Hooks

#4. Grip Power Pads Heavy Duty

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Simple to use and comfortable, the Grip Power Pads heavy duty lifting hooks are a useful lifting tool for lifters that move up to 600 lbs. per lift. Each of the straps is made from neoprene material and designed with an extra-wide structure for good solid support spread across the entire strap.

Thanks to their wider than normal design these straps are very comfortable and more supportive during use than basic lifting straps are. This makes them more enjoyable to wear than many other lifting products. The straps are simple to put on and are adjustable for a snug yet comfortable fit every single time.

Each of the different straps is padded to reduce stress on your arms during use. They feature solid steel hooks and will maintain a tough grip on the weight bar during lifts. Add them to your wrists and achieve a more secure and reliable lifting force without having to worry about losing your grip during the process.


Two different size options

Extra wide design for comfort

Built with additional padding

Solid-steel hooks for strength

600-pound pull rating

Non-slip hook coating


× Costly

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Best Single Loop

#5. IronMind Sew-Easy

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If you’re searching for a high-quality single loop set of lifting straps, the IronMind Sew-Easy lifting straps are a good reliable tool for the job. These made it onto our list of the best weight lifting straps because they are rugged and easy to use as well.

The straps are made from a thick woven nylon material that’s been formed into the most effective shape for heavy lifting. The straps come in a pair and are simple to make use of for a range of lifts. Not only are they easy to use, but they are designed to make bailing out of a lift simple as well. These straps are rated for hundreds of pounds during lifting, and they are designed to go on in seconds.

The straps are a bit big in size and can be too large for users with thin wrists. The loops also feel slightly slippery in the hand and can be difficult to get and maintain a reliable grip with. They’re a product worth using to enhance your lifting performance but will take some getting used to and may or may not fit your hands properly for some lifts.


Constructed from nylon


× Slightly slippery

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Best Lifting Grips

#6. Harbinger Lifting Straps

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Enhance your grip during most lifts using the Harbinger lifting grips. These are on our list as the top lifting grips and they lock around your wrists while providing you with a reliable grip that you can use to grab onto the lifting bar during most lifts.  I particularly enjoyed using these during pull-ups but found them to be excellent for many other back exercises as well.

These grips lock into position on your wrists and cover the palms of your hands as well as part of your fingertips. They come with grip-enhancing pads that create a good secure hold on the bar you’re lifting. These grips are always on your hands and readily available.

The only issue that some users have with the grips is that they leave behind dye when they get wet. This can make the grips messy to use when new, but many users don’t see a problem with the set.

They are offered in three different sizes, making it easier to get a fit that you can rely on. They offer good stable support for most lifts and they serve as hand guards as well to protect your hands during heavy lifts and prevent the buildup of calluses over time.


Full finger range of motion

BioForm padding

Cushioned wrist straps

Sized to fit most

Offered in three different sizes


× Can get dye on other surfaces when wet

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Best Weight Lifting Straps Buying Guide

Different straps will work best for different types of lifters. AS a weight lifter it’s up to you to choose the straps that are going to meet your needs most effectively. This means getting familiar with the different types of lifting straps as well as the different quality levels and what to look for when making a purchase. Whether you want to save some money or get the best quality product, you can do either thing by choosing your product carefully before making a purchase.


Quality straps need to be tough enough to withstand the forces that you put on them while you are lifting. The more lightweight straps are still worth considering if you’re a light lifter because they will likely be more affordable while still offering the same level of performance as heavier straps would for you.

You only need straps strong enough to support the weight that you can lift, so stronger individuals will have to look for stronger straps to continue enhancing their strength and protecting themselves. Consider the material that the straps are made from, the reliability of the stitching and the reinforcement that the straps have, and also what the overall weight rating is for the specific straps that you are thinking about getting. All of these factors will determine how strong a set of straps are and whether you can depend on them for your lifts or not.


Some straps are very comfortable while others are unpleasant to make use of. By paying attention to the material type and the construction of a specific strap type, you can rule out the uncomfortable options and go with something that’s going to fit well and offer plenty of comfort. Look at the different straps to see what direction the seams of the products are facing. Outward facing seams are normally more comfortable to use. Also, consider products that have built-in padding as more comfortable than products without any sort of padding.

Ease of Use

Some lifting straps and supports are easier to use than others. We like the standard lifting supports and can enjoy top-level protection with help from the right straps. Some straps are simpler to use than others though. While rating different straps and searching for the best weight lifting straps overall we test each product out and make sure that they are easy to use and that most users will be able to make use of them without issues. Only after finding a good simple set of straps do we consider adding them to our list of the best options. When evaluating different lifting straps try and choose straps that seem simple to make use of. If you aren’t sure how a strap works, it’s likely more complicated than it needs to be.

Strap Type

We don’t necessarily choose one strap set over another because it’s a certain type of lifting strap, but we do focus in on specific types of straps to help give lifters a chance to try out the different strap types. In our product reviews below we take the time to overview products for each of the different lifting straps. When picking out the best products for your needs we recommend picking strap types that you are comfortable with and that you know you can make the most of. These are the types of straps that you should be using as often as possible. There are many different strap types for lifting and we’ll outline the different types and their strengths and weaknesses down below. Get familiar with the different options and start picking out lifting straps that fit your needs the best while looking at the type of strap you are considering as well.


Price shouldn’t be the determining factor when selecting weight lifting straps, but for many buyers it is. Some straps cost two or three times as much as others do while looking and performing the same. That’s why it’s so important to look at the price of the straps you are considering and to only get straps that offer the performance that you are searching for while being priced at a competitive level as well making them a good overall value.

Hopefully, by keeping each of these different considerations in mind you can pick out the best weight lifting straps for you based on your needs and your specific lifting goals as well. Some are much better than others, and it’s up to you to figure out which straps are going to meet your needs properly.

Understanding the Different Types of Weight Lifting Straps

There are many different types of weight lifting straps and they all work in a different way. There is no one best type of strap, but it’s helpful to understand how the different strap types work before making a purchase of your own. Below is an overview of the different straps and what sort of experience you can expect when using one of them. Get to know the different strap options and then pick out a strap type that you want to make use of during your lifts. Some are more secure than others, others are more convenient and some are just safer during specific conditions than others are. Keep all of these differences in mind for the best results.

Single Loop

Single loop lifting straps are one of the simplest tools for improving your grip while going through different lifting motions. It’s just a loop of material that has a thick tailpiece at one end. To use the strap you put your wrists in the loop then wrap the tail around the bar until you have a nice tight wrapped grip in your hands. Single loop straps don’t secure the bar to your hands, but help enhance your grip for a more reliable hold.


power lifter dead lifting wearing a belt

Very similar to the single loop, the lasso is an adjustable loop you put around your wrist with a tail end to wrap around the bar. Instead of a fixed loop for your wrist, you can get the fit you like before wrapping the bar to improve your grip. It works the same as a single loop and enhances your grip without attaching your hands to the bar itself. If a lift goes wrong the strap will unwind from the bar and allow it to drop to the floor if you let go of your grip on the bar completely. This makes a lasso strap safer to use than something like the Figure 8 if you need to bail on a lift entirely.

Figure 8

Figure 8 style straps are shaped like a figure eight with two loops with a central crisscrossing section connecting them together. To use this strap slip your wrist through the first loop, wrap the crisscross section around the bar and slip the second loop around your wrist. When put on properly it acts as a catch and gives you a nice sturdy hold throughout your lift. This style strap won’t come off if you drop your bar, so be careful to use safety catches and to keep in mind that you can’t bail out of a lift while using these straps on your wrists.

Lifting Hooks

Lifting hooks are a convenient type of lifting strap that’s designed in two parts. There is a section that wraps and locks onto your wrists and a lower section with bar hooks. While lifting you slip the hooks over the bar and use them to give you a firm grip and a more reliable hold for heavy lifts. The hooks offer support as long as weight is on them, and they slip right off the bar when the weight is removed from the hooks. These hooks are usually made from solid steel and they can be used to effectively lift on specific bar widths.

Lifting Grips

Lifting grips are a simple type of weight lifting strap designed to give you additional grip for your most important lifts. The grips feature a strap that wraps around your wrists and a gripping pad that extends out over your palms and fingertips. To use the strap you attach the wrist straps and grip the bar with the grip pads between your hands and the bar for maximum friction and holding power. The grips don’t actually lock your hands to the bar that you are lifting but help you hold onto it more effectively. The grips go with you between multiple bars and they serve as protection for your hands as well to help prevent blisters and calluses from developing from lifting.

With so many different types of weight lifting straps to choose from it can be difficult deciding on the option that you like best. Hopefully, the above descriptions help make choosing a specific strap type a bit easier to do.

Lifting straps are a powerful tool to help you improve for a large variety of lifts and to help make you stronger overall. Unfortunately, not all the straps are created the same and some are much better than others for specific lifts. That’s why we made our list of the best weight lifting straps and why we point out the high-quality products that we’ve come across. Take the time to get to know the different strap options and select the option that fits your needs most accurately.

Some lifters make use of multiple strap types for different lifts, and others choose one strap type that they like best for all their lifts. The options are yours, just make sure you get straps that work well for you.

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6 best weightlifting straps

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