Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Women 2020 (Top 10 And Buying Guide)

Weight lifting is one of the best ways to get into shape and to transform your body effectively, but it can be very hard on your hands. If you don’t want to suffer from calluses and sore hands after doing a workout, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality pair of lifting gloves. Unfortunately, it can be difficult finding high-quality gloves for lifting. That’s why we took the time to build a list of the best weight lifting gloves for women 2020 so that you can find an option that you’re going to enjoy using. Read below to find out what it takes to pick a good pair of gloves, what you should be looking for when examining different gloves and which ones made the cut.

Woman shown in black and white, wearing a vest and a pair of weight lifting gloves.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Women 2020 Reviews

#1.  Contraband Pink Label 5137 lifting gloves

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Protect your hands and improve your lifts with this pair of enhancing Contraband Pink Label 5137 lifting gloves. The gloves are made with a breathable mesh material that will help keep your hands from getting too hot and sweaty during use. They come in four different colour options, making it easy to choose a look that you’re going to enjoy.

Each of these gloves is easy to put on and take off. They feature special tabs to help you pull them off after use quickly and easily. Slip these gloves right off when you are finished and put them in your gym bag.

These tough gloves will help keep your hands protected and comfortable with their soft interior design. They can also enhance your grip. Each glove features silicone padding on the palms to enhance your grip for, particularly heavy weight loads. Overall, they are a good starter option that will protect your hands and make lifting more enjoyable.

  • Quick removal tabs
  • Vented mesh design
  • Grip enhancing silicone on palms
  • Soft interior for maximum comfort
  • Four colour options

  • Dye bleeds a bit during use

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#2.  Harbinger Women’s Flex Fit Lifting Gloves

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Enhance your weightlifting routine with these streamlined weightlifting gloves by Harbinger. These Harbinger woman’s flex fit gloves made our list of the best weightlifting gloves for women because they provide just the right amount of protection while remaining comfortable during use.

These beauties are made from a tough leather material that holds up well through many different lifts. They feature thick gel contact points on the palm and thumb where the most pressure is placed during lifts for added protection. These gloves are available in two different colours and they are easy to maintain. Easily toss them into the washer and dry them in a dryer when they are in need of refreshing.

The gloves feature an anti-microbial coating and won’t smell over time. They’re a good investment if you are looking for a way to lift without getting calluses or sore hands. The only issue we had with these is that they can be a bit short for women with longer fingers, leading them to a poor fit overall.

  • Antimicrobial to reduce odour and bacteria
  • Naturally flexes with hands
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Protective leather material
  • Added cushion with TechGel pads on palm and thumb

  • Can be short for those with long fingers

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#3.  SEEU Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

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Take your weightlifting to the next level while keeping your hands safely protected with a bit of help from these SEEU Women’s weightlifting gloves. These gloves come with several different features all designed to enhance the quality of your lift while protecting your hands better than lifting without gloves.

These gloves come with built-in wrist wraps that will help support your wrists for added safety during lifts. Just make sure that you are wrapping them nice and tight or they won’t do their job properly. At the front of each of the gloves, there are gel cushion pads to help relieve pressure and make your hands feel more comfortable even when you are moving serious weight around in the gym.

At the back of each glove, there is a highly flexible panel that’s also vented to help your hands stay nice and cool during lifts. The gloves incorporate just enough elastic mesh to help your hands move comfortably during every single lift that you do.

These gloves can be a bit oversized when you purchase them, so make sure you take really good care looking at the sizing chart information to help you get the right size for you. don’t just go by previous glove sizes that you’ve used, because you could end up with a poor fit. Other than that, these gloves are rock solid for lifting in and out of the gym.

  • Breathable material that vents at the back
  • Provides free movement for natural lifts thanks to lycra backing
  • Made from comfortable terry cloth within
  • Wrist wraps for snug fitting
  • Moisture absorbing thumb

  • Slightly oversized compared to other brands

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#4.  Trideer Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

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If you’ve been looking for a pair of gloves to help smooth out your lifts and to help your hands feel better when you’re finished with a workout, these Trideer weightlifting gloves could be the ones for you. They are designed to enhance your grip, comfort and safety during lifts.

Each of these gloves features palms that are coated with silica gel for an enhanced grip. They are made from a lightweight microfiber material that breathes well, but won’t weight your hands down or make them feel restricted at all. The gloves offer good wrist support thanks to the tough 18” wrist wraps that are built in. Wrap them up tight and you can lift with renewed confidence that your wrists are safe.

After testing them out, we added these gloves to our list of the best weight lifting gloves for women because they’re tough, they’re comfortable, they offer good wrist support and will help you stay comfortable during all your major lifts. Choose from one of the three colours and enjoy more comfortable lifting.

  • Silica gel palm for enhanced grip
  • 18” wrist wraps built-in
  • Crafted for lightweight comfort
  • Available in three different colours

  • Fits slightly small

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#5.  RIM Sports Women’s Gym Gloves

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The RIM Sports women’s gym gloves are designed for a mix of leather and latex and built to last through heavy use over time. The gloves are breathable and have just the right amount of padding for comfortable lifting, making them well-suited for regular weight lifting. The gloves come in eight different colours, so you can get just the look that you’re after, no matter what your style is.

We really like the thick construction and heavy stitching of these weightlifting gloves. They feel very durable when on, and they feature tough no-slip padding on the palms to keep the weight bars firmly in position during lifts.

If you’re looking for an affordable set of lifting gloves that offer decent support without a wrist wrap, these gloves are a good bet. They do run a bit small compared to most other lifting gloves though, so consider going up a size to get a good fit. The gloves are available in many colours and sizes, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting a look and fit that works well for you.

  • Available in 8 different colours
  • Made with no-slip padding
  • Made from a tough mix of latex and spandex
  • Designed for breathable performance

  • Run a bit small

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#6.  Mava Sports Women’s Cross Training Gloves

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We were immediately interested in the Mava Sports women’s cross training gloves because they have a unique look to them. They are gloves that are mostly open on the backs of the hands for added flexibility and ventilation. These gloves are made from a tough mix of leather and synthetic fibres for strength and protection. They come with added leather and silicone padding on the palms for grip and cushioning.

Each of these Mava gloves features long wrist wraps that Velcro into position for excellent support. They are designed for use for pull-ups, weight lifting, push-ups and a range of other activities. These gloves are versatile and the seven different colour options all look pretty good. With that said, as much as we love the shape of these gloves and how well they work, they just aren’t as durable as some of the other options that we’ve tested. Several customers have complained about the gloves lacking durability and wearing out. They aren’t going through the gloves too quickly, but they are wearing out in a year or so of moderate use.

If you’re searching for comfortable, stylish and protective gloves for weight lifting, these are it. We added them to our list of the best weight lifting gloves for women because they work really well, they might not last as long as you want them to though.

  • Comes in 7 different colours
  • Features added leather and silicone for padding
  • Added support thanks to built-in wrist straps
  • Features a unique palm design for added grip strength

  • Wear out faster than other pairs

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#7.  Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

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The Fit Active sports ventilated weight lifting gloves are the perfect tool for taking on more difficult workouts in the gym. They offer a good balance of padding and ventilation to keep your hands comfortable while lifting frequently. The gloves are designed to offer just the right amount of coverage. They cover the palms of the hands almost fully while leaving the fingertips and the backs of the hands exposed.

We were impressed by just how flexible they are during use, which makes these gloves more comfortable to use. They feature wrist straps that tighten with Velcro for a good solid hold and added protection. Each palm features several small gripping pads for added holding power, making sure that nothing slips out of your grip while using these gloves.

The one issue that we had with these gloves is that they aren’t sized very accurately, which can make it difficult to get a good fit. Most users said that they run a bit small and tight. Overall, the gloves offer plenty of protection, they stay cool during use and provide adequate grip for safe lifting. That’s why we’ve decided to add them to our list of the best weight lifting gloves for women.

  • Protective palm design
  • Tough wrist wraps
  • Silicone printed neoprene palms for added grip
  • Open design for maximum ventilation

  • Poor sizing

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#8.  Nike Women’s Fundamental Training Gloves 2

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Nike is a well-known name in the fitness industry, which is why we were excited to test out the Nike Women’s Fundamental Training Gloves 2. This product has a lot going for it, but it wasn’t perfect during our testing. The gloves are made of a very nice mesh material that wicks away moisture effectively while offering plenty of flexibility. The palm of the gloves is made from a faux leather material that’s tough and provides excellent protection.

The gloves have a half-finger design that will help keep your hands cooler during use and makes them a bit more comfortable as well. The gloves themselves look very nice, and they offer good support, but they don’t offer as much grip as other weightlifting gloves do. Since the palm of the gloves is pretty smooth, they only grip a moderate amount, especially if you are gripping something that’s smooth already.

Most people that buy these gloves will need to go with a large. They run very small and smalls and mediums are too tight for most women to use comfortably. If you have smaller hands and don’t mind nice snug fitting gloves, these will work well for you if you order a large. These affordable gloves are a good investment for more comfortable lifting, but only if you don’t mind their slight issues.

  • Flexible design
  • Palms have just enough padding
  • Moisture-wicking mesh material

  • Poor Sizing

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#9.  Grip Power Pads Women’s Gym Gloves

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The Grip Power Pads women’s gym gloves are thick workout gloves that provide excellent protection for your hands while adding to your gripping power at the same time. The gloves are made from a thick mesh material and they feel a bit stiffer than many other weightlifting gloves, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We were impressed with how solid the gloves feel during testing, and the grip pads in the palm offer even more protection for heavy lifting which makes it more comfortable.

The gloves feature a tough rubberized grip that will help you really grab onto different objects while lifting. They have tight Velcro straps for a good snug fit during use so you can count on them staying on.

These gloves are a good all-around product, and they feature convenient pull tabs to make them easy to get off when you are finished with a workout. Some women complained about them being thicker than other weightlifting gloves, but most were happy with the high level of protection that they offered and stated that the gloves didn’t hinder mobility enough for it to be an issue while using them.

  • Rubberized gripping power
  • Easy off tabs
  • Reliable wrist strap

  • Run small
  • Take time to break in

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#10.  Chicmoda Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves

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These Chicmoda women’s weightlifting gloves are designed to provide support and protection for your wrists and hands while lifting heavy weight. They have a thick padded palm to keep bars from digging in and creating calluses. The gloves offer enough protection to make lifting with barbells much more comfortable.

They feature an elastic mesh material at the back of the hands, making them much more flexible and giving your hands more range of motion while lifting for comfort. The gloves feature 18” wrist straps that secure tightly for added support during heavy lifts. They offer coverage that protects most of the hand, but still, let your fingers stick out slightly for added dexterity.

These gloves have grip-enhanced palms for more grabbing power and they come in five different colour finishes so you can pick the one that you like the best.

Overall, these gloves are a solid option if you’re looking for affordable lifting gloves. They aren’t the best, but they aren’t too bad and they offer suitable protection.

  • 18” wrist strap
  • A padded palm for comfort
  • Grip textured gloves

  • They can bunch up a bit during use

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Best Weight lifting Gloves For Women Buying Guide

Female athlete wearing a white vest, doing a lat pull down, whilst wearing a pair of weight lifting gloves.

A good pair of weightlifting gloves can offer your hands support while keeping them more comfortable during heavy lifts, while a bad pair can actually make lifting more difficult and uncomfortable. By keeping the following requirements in mind we were able to pick out high-quality options.

Do They Enhance your Grip?

Grip is incredibly important when lifting heavy weights. Losing your grip can result in you dropping the weights and potentially hurting yourself. That’s why you need gloves that are going to help you maintain your grip and even enhance your grip compared to lifting without anything. We are most impressed by gloves that feature some sort of rubber or silicone grip enhancement in the palms to help you hold onto things more effectively. Most of the top quality gloves have some sort of feature meant to give you excellent grip with the gloves on.

Are They Protective?

Lifting is hard on the hands because barbells have a rough knurling that tears into the skin. The best weightlifting gloves for women are thick in the palms and offer enough padding to make lifting weights much more comfortable. This is one of the most important features to look for in high-quality lifting gloves.

Are they Supportive?

Quality lifting gloves should offer support to your hands and even your wrists. That doesn’t mean that they need to incorporate protective wrist straps, though it’s beneficial when you can find that in a set of gloves. They should sit on your hands tightly and help spread the weight load throughout your hand to take some strain off the grip area.

Are They Durable?

Weight lifting is hard work and fragile material will wear out quickly when subject to the harsh conditions of weightlifting. To get gloves that are worth the investment, make sure they feature tough materials and heavy stitching so that they stand up to regular use well. The right gloves won’t wear out quickly and should hold up through years of use without an issue. We test out gloves to make sure they are made from quality materials, and also look at what long-term users have to say about their durability.

How Do They Look?

While it doesn’t matter nearly as much how your gloves look as it does how they enhance your grip, let you lift weights safely and protect your hands, but it’s still a consideration that you’ll want to think about. Some gloves look really nice, while others simply aren’t going to be your style. Try and pick a pair that you’ll be happy showing off because that will make you want to wear them more often, especially if you are going to a gym to work out.

All of these different considerations can help you pick out high-quality gloves that are going to help make weightlifting a bit more comfortable, and also give you the added gripping power that you need to lift safely and effectively when doing movements like the deadlift for example. Take a look at the many different options offered down below, and rely on our reviews to help you pick the gloves that are going to work best for you. Not everyone will agree on which gloves are the best, but it’s important that you find the option that you think is the best for your own personal use.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Finding the right pair of gloves takes time. With this list of the best weight lifting gloves for women in front of you, hopefully, you can find an option that meets all of your needs. Each of these gloves has something to offer you, but the best option is the one that’s going to help you meet your goals the best. They should be durable, grip enhancing, comfortable and protective. As long as you can get all that from your weight lifting gloves you should be happy with them.

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best weightlifting gloves for women

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