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Best Vertical Climbers 2020 (Top 7 Climbers And Buying Guide)

7 Best Vertical Climbers 2020

  1. MaxiClimber
  2. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber
  3. ANCHEER Vertical Climber
  4. Merax Vertical Climber
  5. Conquer Vertical Climber
  6. Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper
  7. Rxlife Vertical Climber

Vertical Climbers are unique exercise machines that have you climb in a vertical motion similar to how you would climb while scaling a cliff edge. There are many different climbers available on the market today, and they’re well-known for offering an excellent workout for your upper-body during use. Not only that, but they engage most of your muscles and push them and create a powerful cardiovascular workout that can help strengthen your lungs as your heart during extended workouts. These climbers are known for being such excellent machines for getting into shape, but it’s difficult deciding on which options are the best vertical climbers in 2020 overall. That’s exactly why we decided to create a guide featuring some of the top products, as well as a write up explaining how to select quality climbers for your own personal use. Keep reading to learn how to find the high-value equipment that’s going to work best for your needs.

Best Vertical Climbers 2020 Reviews

#1.  MaxiClimber

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The MaxiClimber is a powerful tool that helps with working your whole body including your cardiovascular system. It’s lightweight, portable and durable enough for many different users to get a good reliable workout in. The MaxiClimber supports a maximum weight of 240 lbs., which is decent for a low-cost climber like this one. It’s also compact and lightweight at just 35 lbs. This makes it easy to move around when you want to change the room you exercise in, or if you want to keep the machine stored away in-between your workouts.

Even though this is the most expensive machine we have on our list of best vertical climbers, it’s still an excellent value at its current price and will help you achieve good solid workout results in a small amount of time. It folds up nicely and can be tucked out of the way when you aren’t interested in using it. Even when opened up and ready to go, this small climber won’t take up a significant amount of space in your home and should still leave you with some pretty excellent results.

This climber is a budget machine and low-cost enough for it to make our list of the best vertical climbers sold today, but it’s lacking a few features that more high-end climbers offer. There is no assistance on this machine, so you’re working with nearly your full body weight the first time you use the product. This makes getting started on this machine more difficult, especially if you aren’t fit already. For some users, this will be a serious challenge and a negative, for others it will inspire them to work harder and to really push to a higher fitness level.

The MaxiClimber is tough enough for occasional home use, but it does have one reported flaw that users have issues with. The climber is equipped with a set of plastic rollers that allow it to move freely. These rollers aren’t the most durable and some users have issues with them failing. That’s not an issue we experienced during testing, but it’s something to keep in mind when purchasing a budget climber like this machine. Even still, if you’re looking for a compact vertical climber to build your strength and cardio fitness with, this model is a good option to start with.



Simple setup

Compact design

Lightweight and easy to move

240 lbs. maximum weight


× Low quality plastic rollers

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#2.  RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber

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There’s a lot to love about the RELIFE vertical climber, which is exactly why such a low-budget machine managed to make it on our list of the best climbers you can get today. This compact climber offers a comfortable and smooth lower and upper body workout and you don’t need much space in order to use the equipment either. If you’re looking for a basic climber to get a workout with, this climber from RELIFE is a good value.

The climber supports users up to 300 lbs. In weight and is durable enough to offer solid performance for tall users. This highly adjustable climber will work for people of different heights and should be able to offer a comfortable climbing experience for most. The unit comes with foam hand grips for added comfort, and it’s built to travel naturally during use. Our only real complaint about this machine is that it isn’t as smooth as we hoped it would be out of the box, but with some silicone lubricant applied the machine is smooth and comfortable to use.

The RELIFE vertical climber comes with a basic LCD display that counts reps and time on the machine. It’s basic but gives you a basic metric to track your progress with over time. The machine has only a single difficulty level, making it very challenging for new users to use for very long. Athletes will enjoy the challenge this machine provides, but new users will have to build up stamina over time.

This compact climbing machine is ideal for working out in confined spaces and offers excellent performance while taking up just a few feet of floor space. The climber even folds up and out of the way to conserve even more space when it isn’t in use. It will work well in small apartments and other areas where there’s just enough room for large equipment. If you don’t mind a lightweight bit of equipment, the RELIFE climber is an excellent budget buy and offers most people all they need to improve their fitness for less.


In-depth LCD data monitoring computer

Durable square steel tube design

Five adjustable height levels

Highly Affordable

Maximum weight of 300 lbs

Easy to install


× Performance isn’t smooth out of the box

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#3.  ANCHEER Vertical Climber

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For a good basic climbing machine, the Ancheer vertical climber is a tool you can use to get a good solid workout in whenever you want. It’s lightweight and simple to move from place to place. This climber is a good tool to work your body without dedicating a large amount of space in your home to exercise. This product even folds out of the way to minimize the space it takes up when it isn’t in use so that you can fit more equipment in your home or dedicate less area in your home to exercise equipment.

We added this climber from Ancheer to our list of the best vertical climbers because it’s low-cost but capable. The unit only supports up to 220 lbs. But it’s enough for many users to get a good workout with. The system can be moved around and it allows you to achieve a fluid climbing motion while using it. Our only real complaint with this system is that it doesn’t have different resistance or assistance levels to select from. It uses your body weight to create a challenging workout, and that can be very difficult for new users.

Anyone that tries to use this tool is in for a reliable and difficult workout the first time. This vertical climber helps to stretch out your muscles, warms up your body and can offer an excellent workout for your cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Use it daily to stretch your muscles and strengthen your body. It will help tone and develop the arms, the back, the legs and of course your core muscles all at the same time. It’s a compact device, but as long as you fit within the weight restrictions you should be able to improve your overall strength and body tone using this vertical climber. That makes it a worthy investment and something more fitness enthusiasts should consider purchasing as well.


Affordable purchase price

Compact design

Lightweight machine

Smooth and comfortable performance

Easy to move from place to place


× Limited warranty protection

× 220 lbs. Weight limit

× No resistance adjustments

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#4.  Merax Vertical Climber

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Another entry on our list of the best vertical climbers available today, this vertical climber by Merax is affordable and tough enough to give you a full-body workout. From the moment that you start using the climber, you’ll enjoy an intense workout. The climber features different height adjustments to accommodate users of different heights and sizes. It offers a very respectable 350 lbs. weight limit and should work well for most users that want to test it out. This compact unit folds down to make storage quick and easy and takes up very little space when it isn’t open for standard use.

The Merax vertical climber has a basic computer system that tracks individual movements during use. You can use it to keep track of how long you have been climbing and also how many times you climb. The computer is very basic though and won’t give you detailed information that some high-end climbers provide. Still, the simple computer can enhance the climbing experience and help you track your progress over time.

This lightweight unit is built for maximum comfort. We love that the climber is taller than average units for enhanced knee comfort. It also comes equipped with padded handles and is designed for nice stable performance. Our test unit wasn’t as smooth as we hoped it would be and actually felt a little jerky during use. We were able to resolve that issue with a bit of silicone grease though. After lubricating the slides on this climber if moved smoothly and offered fluid and comfortable performance that made working out on it much more enjoyable overall.

The Merax vertical climber is a nice budget unit with a lightweight and space-saving design. It supports enough weight for most people to use it reliably and delivers a difficult workout that can be used to tone and improve the fitness level of most users. If you’re looking for a lightweight vertical climber, this unit is a good option. Just make sure you have some grease to lubricate the slide mechanisms to achieve smooth performance.


Computer data tracker with LCD display

Five height adjustments

350 lbs. weight capacity

Folds down

Compact design


× No difficulty adjustments

× Not very smooth without greasing

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#5.  Conquer Vertical Climber

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For a low-cost workout, the Conquer vertical climber offers a vigorous workout at a very affordable price. This simple climber is a stand that opens up and makes use of a pair of braced feet for sturdy performance. It can be folded down and packed away into less than one square foot of floor space in your home, making it an excellent product when you have limited space to work with. This climber is simple in design but delivers a good workout overall.

When you use the machine you put your feet on the two textured footrests. Once your feet are in position you hold the raised hand rests and use a back-and-forth climbing motion to exercise. Move your arms and legs up and down in a rhythm and work your muscles and your cardiovascular system at the same time. This little climber can really push your body to its limits and many new users only use it for a minute or less before needing to stop for a short break.

This vertical climber comes with a basic rep counter that gives you information about the number of repetitions you’ve gone through and the total time that you’ve used the machine as well. It shows all of this information on a small LCD screen so you can look at it when you are finished exercising. While some vertical climber users prefer to count their own repetitions, having a computer do the work for you makes the experience more enjoyable and will make sure you always know key details for your workout routine. This gives you information you can use to compare your results with previous workouts so you can ensure that you’re improving with time.

There are times that this unit jammed up a bit during use. This was in part because it was slightly angled, but also because it needed some grease to lubricate its movements. After making some minor adjustments to the climber it behaved more reliably while only having minor issues occasionally.

Despite its infrequent issues, the Conquer vertical climber made it on our list of the best vertical climbers because it’s a simple machine that offers a reliable workout and that will hold up to regular use. It isn’t the toughest or the most versatile climber, but it should help you get into shape and won’t take up too much space in your home either.


Tough steel construction


Extremely affordable

Provides a difficult workout

Height adjustable


× Product sometimes jams

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#6.  Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper

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For a slightly more relaxed stepping workout than what our other vertical climbers can provide, the Sunny Health & Fitness stair stepper is a solid tool to help you get in shape. This equipment is a stationary bar that you grab and a set of steps hooked to hydraulic lifts that help lower the steps into position during your workout. The lifts will work to slow down the downward movement of your feet while using this machine, giving you a somewhat comfortable workout.

There are a total of 12 difficulty settings with the highest number being the easiest and the lowest number being the most difficult. The higher you turn up the resistance of this climber, the more help you get to slow down the movement of the steps. That means a higher number will get you a more relaxed pace, while a low resistance setting speeds movement up dramatically giving you a more difficult workout. It starts out as a moderate workout at the easiest setting but can be made difficult enough for even elite athletes to sweat.

If you’re looking for a different sort of workout than what our other vertical climbers can offer you, this is the tool for you. It doesn’t offer as intense of a workout as the others right away, but should still help build your muscle strength and improve the health of your lungs and your circulatory system over time.  

This stepper is lightweight and compact enough for you to carry around wherever you want it to be. It folds up to make it even smaller, and can likely fit into a closet in the home of most people. The star stepper is a tough little piece of equipment and offers smooth performance as well. It will only support a user up to 220 lbs. Which is something that you should think about before making the purchase.

This little stepper offers a fast-paced workout, and it’s a bit easier than most of the vertical climbers on our list of top products. If you want a good stepper to push your body with, and you’re looking for a budget purchase, this product from Sunny Health and Fitness is worth considering.


Slim and compact design

Track fitness data with the built-in computer

Smooth hydraulic piston design

Adjustable difficulty for fast or slow workouts


× Only supports a maximum of 220 lbs.

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#7.  Rxlife Vertical Climber

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Whether you’re an athlete or just someone that values fitness, the RXLife Vertical Climber cardio machine is one of the best vertical climbers on our list. It’s capable, affordable and a decent tool for working out and getting into shape.

It makes no difference whether you’re interested in working out occasionally, or you plan on using the machine every day, it should help you improve your fitness level either way. Thanks to its clever design, this vertical climber from RXLife offers an intense workout that will get your heart pumping and push your muscles hard enough to encourage strength and fitness development over time.

This compact climber is lightweight and easy to carry around. That makes it simple to move it around your home and to get a workout in any section of your space that you want. The device folds up and is very compact when folded. If you have limited space available, using this vertical climber allows you to get tough exercise in within your home without dedicating much room to it. This RXLife climber is affordable and offers decent performance for the price.

For as compact as the machine is, it works for a wide range of people, making it into a pretty versatile device. The climber adjusts up and down to work with a range of people at different height levels. By changing up the height settings you can get a system that will work well for you no matter what sort of user you are. We were a bit disappointed with the range of height selections though. Some shorter users might have difficulty using this climber because there are few low-height adjustment levels to choose from.

This climber is smooth and reliable with a bit of silicon grease applied to its rollers before use. It feels solid and has a nice rugged construction that most users reports hold up surprisingly well over time. If you’re searching for a climbing machine that will give you good performance at a good price, it’s hard to pass up an option like this climber from RXLife.  With it, in your home, you’ll have a better


Built-in LCD monitor

Simple data tracking

Lightweight and portable

Folds down

Stable performance

Height adjustable


× Limited height adjustment options

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Vertical Climbers Buying Guide

Vertical climbing machines are excellent for getting an intense workout in without dedicating too much space to your workout activities. Unfortunately, not all climbers are made the same and some are much higher quality than others.

Deciding on the best climbers available isn’t as simple as looking at the price tag on each of the different units. Instead, you should look into features like durability, weight limits, travel distance and of course how smoothly the unit performs when you are on it. By paying attention to all of these different aspects you’ll have an easier time selecting a vertical climbing machine that’s going to work well for you while staying in a pretty decent price range as well.

Below are the main areas you should focus on when shopping for vertical climbers. Look closely for these different characteristics and make a purchase decision based on what the machine you’re considering has to offer overall.

Weight Limit

For some buyers, one of the most important considerations when purchasing a vertical climber is the available weight limit. With vertical climbers especially, the supported weight varies dramatically. Some climbers are capable of supporting well over 300 lbs. during use while others barely support over 200 lbs. We pay attention to the weight limit of each product we review, but our list of the best vertical climbers supports a wide range of weights.

When making a climber purchase of your own, make sure you pay attention to the weight limit so you get a machine that will work properly for you. Glance at the different weight ratings on each piece of equipment, and use that as one of the deciding factors before making a purchase.

Smooth Performance

It’s impossible to have a good workout on a jerky and uncomfortable piece of equipment. That’s why so much care is taken to make sure that a piece of exercise equipment is oiled properly and that is built for smooth performance over time. We try and eliminate most of the equipment that uses plastic rollers and other poorly-constructed glider mechanisms in favour of systems with rugged and well thought-out systems. This means that our recommendations perform smoothly and reliably as long as you lubricate them well and take the time to make sure they are performing smoothly the first time you hop on the machine.

Travel Distance

One of the keys to an effective workout when using a vertical climber is having enough travel distance to work the different muscles in your legs and your back effectively. We try and avoid most equipment that has a short travel range, and instead focus on products that offer a long travel option if you like, but that you can also keep a short travel in if that is what you prefer. Our list of best vertical climbers includes many different models that offer excellent leg and arm travel, even if you are quite tall.

Height Adjustment

When shopping for vertical climbers it’s very important that the product fits you vertically. No matter if you are tall or short, it’s good to have access to a workout machine that conforms to your height. If you plan on purchasing a vertical climber, it’s important to make sure the machine is adjustable enough to fit you. Most of the products that we recommend come with multiple adjustment settings with many having five or more height settings to choose from. Select a product that will fit your height specifically, or get a flexible product that will still fit your needs easily.


When buying any exercise equipment it’s important to think about how durable the machine is and whether it’s going to hold up well over time. A low-cost machine might seem like a good value when you save on the purchase, but can actually be a very poor deal if it only lasts a few months. When we rate the different machines available, we look closely at the overall quality of the systems and which ones offer the best durability overall for its price tag. To do this we look for features like ball bearings, steel construction, reliable welds, stable and thick pedals and more. It’s all the little quality-control considerations that help you determine when a machine is low-quality and when it is built to last.

Additional Features

One of the final considerations you should make is all the additional features that a machine has to offer you. Some machines come loaded with exciting features, while others offer just the bare necessities. It’s up to you to decide which features are most important to you and what you’re willing to pay extra for. With these vertical climbers, we always look for data displays and built-in tracking computers that offer interesting data points. We also look at the adjustability of the unit, whether it folds down or not, and multiple handle locations as well. By looking at these different features and whether each is available or not on the machine you’re most interested in, we make it easier than ever to pick out the machine that’s right for you.

Look at all of these different characteristics and make the above considerations to help you decide on a machine that will work well for you. If you take your time when making a purchase decision, you’ll find the best vertical climbers for your personal needs, and that should help you enjoy using them more as well.

Hopefully, with all of these highly-recommended vertical climbers to look at it’s easier to choose a product that will work well for you. Everyone has different fitness needs, which is why it’s important to consider how a piece of equipment will work for you specifically when choosing a product. Choose with care and you’ll end up with a climber that helps get you the results you want each time you workout.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article here at BFG Muscle.  What’s your experience using a vertical climber? Have you tried using one before? Have any other question?  Please don’t hesitate to comment below.

We independently research and recommend the best products; We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

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