Best Superfood Powders 2020 (Top 10 Powders And Buying Guide)

10 Best Superfood Powders 2020

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With each passing year staying healthy gets a bit more difficult to do. It’s not because food is getting worse, or because people are less committed to their health, it’s just because researchers learn more and more about what substances aid in health. We are constantly hearing about new superfoods, important green vegetables, key dietary considerations and the steps that we should be taking to stay healthy. All this information is overwhelming and it’s next to impossible to keep up with all the different recommendations as well. That’s why superfood supplements exist. We put together a review on some of the best superfood powders available today and explain how these supplements can help you lead a healthier life.

Best Superfood Powders 2020 Reviews

#1. Total Living Drink Greens

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While evaluating products and building this list of the best superfood powders we were very impressed with Total Living Drink Greens. This product packs in more vitamins, minerals, superfoods and enzymes than most of the others that we looked at. For that reason, we highly recommend this powder for everyday health.

The list of vitamins and minerals that are included in this powder is very impressive and taking this powder should help you avoid the need to take a multi-vitamin as well. You’ll be getting much of your daily nutrient requirements with this powder so that you don’t have to worry about what you are eating as much. Along with a good dose of vitamins and minerals, there is a good concentration of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products in this powder. Things like Spirulina, wheat grass, alfalfa, barley juice, brown rice, bitter melon and many others all adding helpful antioxidants and phytonutrients

Taking Total Living Drink Greens is supposed to help with meeting most nutritional requirements, but should also aid in digestion over time. That means that you’ll be able to pull more nutrients and vitamins out of the foods that you eat. So not only do you get a boost of helpful nutrients from the substance itself, but the powder will also help you digest more efficiently. It’s packed with helpful enzymes that will work with your body to make it more effective.

As long as you don’t mind spending a lot of money there really isn’t anything to dislike about Total Living Drink Greens. It packs more good stuff in than most other products that we reviewed to make this guide. It’s expensive though and many people won’t want to spend the money to keep taking this powder on a regular basis. That’s why it’s only right for those that are willing to bear the cost of it. Spend the added money and enjoy all the benefits of this superior product. We love this green solution and recommend it highly to anyone that wants to live a healthier life. Give it a try to see if the benefits pay off for you and then consider using it on a regular basis.  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Rich with Vitamins and Minerals

√  Includes Enzymes for Digestion

√  Good mix of fruits and vegetables


×  Premium Price, unless using discount… BFG15

#2. Detox Organics Chocolate Powder

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Detox Organics is an interesting green powder mix that really impressed us for a few different reasons. It’s an affordable solution that mixes together a good blend of nutrients and healthy compounds from over 25 different superfoods. What is really so impressive about this solution is how sweet and rich it tastes though. It’s a good option for dieters looking for a way to get away from sweet and unhealthy foods. By substituting Detox Organics into your daily routine you can probably take out some other sweet food that you crave and maybe cut some calories as well.

Detox Organics chocolate powder is a good tool for removing the toxins from your body, and that’s exactly what it was designed to do. There’s a theory that your body stores excess toxins when it simply doesn’t have a way to process them. When you add the necessary nutrients into your body it has the tools it needs to process those toxins and it can start clearing out the body. This is known as detoxing your body. That’s what Detox Organics is made for and it has a huge list of healthy ingredients included that are designed for that specific purpose. If you want to detox your body, this would be our first recommendation because of the careful blend of ingredients that it includes. Not only that, but we would recommend Detox Organics because the product comes with a free eBook about clearing out your body. You’ll learn about the detox process and how to make use of Detox Organics to clear away the junk and to feel better as a result.

We really like that this powder doesn’t have any caffeine in it at all. It’s useful for cutting the caffeine in your daily diet for that very reason, and because of all the different phytonutrients and micronutrients packed into this product, it helps restore your energy levels at the same time. If you are looking for a tool to help you eliminate caffeine from your diet, this powder is a good first step in the right direction.

Detox Organics is also carefully designed to aid in digestion with the addition of ginger and garlic root and cuts out things like soy, dairy, gluten and GMOs to make it friendlier to those with allergy issues. The only issue that we had with this powder supplement is that it’s a bit more difficult to mix in than others that we tried. We’re not sure if it just isn’t processed as much, but it is quite chalky. The chalky texture means that you really need to mix this powder up well to get it to a smooth texture, but once you do you’ll love the finished flavour that this powder has to offer you. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Delicious chocolate flavour

√  Made from 25+ different superfoods

√  Designed to aid in digestion


×  Chalky texture

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#3. Nested Super Greens

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When you’re looking for an affordable way to add more healthy nutrients to your daily routine, Nested Super Greens is an excellent product. We named it one of the best superfood powders available today because of its affordable price and because of all the healthy ingredients that are packed down inside of every scoop of this product. It’s composed of more than 40 different healthy ingredients and includes many rich green substances like chlorella, spirulina, broccoli, kale and many others to give you all those rich compounds that you’re supposed to eat greens for. If you want to enhance your current diet without spending much, this powder is an ideal option.

It’s designed for use by most people and doesn’t have soy or gluten and also lacks any GMOs. This means that the powder is easier to digest and a healthy option that most people today can make use of. When you’re going to spend money to put a powder supplement into your body on a daily basis you need to know it’s made from quality ingredients, otherwise, that defeats the purpose of the product entirely. Nested Super Greens is made from carefully evaluated products that are organic and chemical free. It relies on a third-party evaluator to verify all of its ingredients, so you can count on them being of very high quality.

The only area that Nested Super Greens really falls short is in its flavour. When mixed directly in water it tastes a bit like you would imagine pond water tasting. It isn’t a very delicious supplement, but it mixes well with most juices, shakes and smoothies and is very enjoyable to take when you mix it with other ingredients properly. If you want a healthy boost to your everyday diet, and you don’t mind mixing up a smoothie every time you get your greens, Super Greens is a powerful option worth considering. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Goes through strict 3rd party testing

  Made from a mix of over 40 ingredients

√  Comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee

√  Free of GMOs, soy and gluten

√  Made from carefully sourced ingredients

√  Includes a good mix of chlorella, spirulina, kale, broccoli and other healthy greens


×  Poor flavour

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#4. Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance Powder

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For overall health benefits, Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance Powder is one of our favourite options available today. It’s easily the best superfood powder, or one of the best that you can get thanks to its excellent blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and all the probiotics that are packed into every single bite. If you’re looking for a powder that’s going to fill in all the different gaps in your diet, this powder is an excellent place to start.

You can buy the Green Vibrance powder in a 15-day supply or a 60-day supply, but the 60-day supply is the more affordable deal. The powder comes shipped in an easy-open container that has a seal to keep the powder fresh and ready to go.

If digestive health is important to you, you’ll be amazed at how many different probiotics are packed into the Green Vibrance Powder mixture. With 12 different strains of healthy gut bacteria, this solution is likely to improve your overall digestion and make your body feel better over time as a result. Not only that, but other key enzymes and digestive aids are included in this powder mix to go even further toward improving your overall digestive health. When you want your stomach to have the easiest time possible with digestion, Green Vibrance Powder can help with that nicely.

One area that many green powders seem to lack is their total vitamin and mineral nutrient count, but that’s not an issue with this powder either. It packs in most of the vitamins and minerals that you would get from a multi-vitamin, except they are in a fresher and more readily absorbable state. Get a good dose of Vitamins A, C, K, E and a bunch of minerals by consuming this powder on a daily basis.

This powder supplement combines most of the healthy ingredients that you’ve been taught to eat on a daily basis, making it easy to get all those health benefits from one solution. Of course, it’s still best to eat this product along with a healthy diet, but if you don’t have a perfect diet this solution can help compensate for that. Add it to your daily diet and enjoy the health benefits that it provides you with. There aren’t many downsides to the product and it even manages to taste different. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Choose 15 or 60 servings

√  Excellent probiotic blend

√  Gluten, GMO and artificial sweetener free

√  An impressive blend of grasses, powders and green plants


×  No one-month supply

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#5. Pure Synergy Powder

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Pure Synergy is one of the longest-lasting products on our list of the best superfood powders, and it’s a reputable option that’s known for offering high-quality ingredients to those that care about that sort of thing. This powder is made from over 60 different organic foods all condensed down into one. When you consume the powder you are getting over 12,000 grams of superfoods per serving, as well as more than 1,000 grams of phytonutrients and all sorts of probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

The one thing we really love about this powder supplement is that the different ingredients used within undergo more than 600 different tests to guarantee that they are top quality. They’re all organic and free of chemicals that you can expect to get in other store-bought ingredients. There aren’t any GMOs, allergens, preservatives or even added sweeteners in Pure Synergy, so it’s a choice that you can feel really good about.

Pure Synergy is designed for ease-of-use and you simply mix it into a bit of water or juice and drink it down like that. It takes only seconds to get your daily dose of the powder, which is one of the reasons that people seem to love it so much. Many users complain about the flavour of this product, though we didn’t think it was too bad. It definitely has a strong green-leafy flavour, but that’s not too bad when mixed in with something like a smoothie, or even some food dishes. Just get used to the flavour and then decide the way that you want to mask it. There are so many different ways to prepare this powder that you’ll be excited about all the potential ways to get nutrients into your diet.

Pure Synergy is an affordable green powder, it doesn’t taste the best, but it does give you most of the phytonutrients that you could want out of one green powder. It’s simple to use and readily available to supplement your diet with. Consider adding it to your daily routine and it could help you feel better and improve your overall health quality. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Made from more than 60 organic foods

√  No fillers, additives, preservatives or added sweeteners

√  Allergen-free, vegan-friendly, Kosher, non-GMO product

√  More than 600 tests to ensure quality

√  Over 12,000 grams of superfoods per serving


×  Strong green taste

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#6. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder

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There are special powder solutions designed to enhance your diet and help you lose weight, and there are others that are just meant to improve your overall health quality. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder is the second type. It packs in one to two servings of both fruits and vegetables in each scoop that you take, which means your body is getting a whole bunch of nutrients it likely wasn’t getting before. Not only that, but it packs in things like goji barriers and acai berries as well as other super foods that are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. These additional foods are supposed to be good for overall health over time and should, in theory, make you a healthier person overall. There is plenty of research backing antioxidant-rich foods, and if you believe in any of that research you’ll want to start using this product on a more regular basis. It’s going to make you feel good about your health and might make your body feel better as well.

One thing that you’ll notice about Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder is that it doesn’t taste great. Even if you get some of the flavoured options you’ll be able to pick up a distinct grassy flavour that you might not get from other powders of this type. That’s not a bad thing, it just means that you need to figure out a way to mask the flavour, or you have to plug your nose when drinking this down if you don’t want to experience the full effects. We didn’t find the flavour too unpleasant but opted to mask it in a juice to help keep it from being overwhelming. This product does come in six different flavour options, so you should test out a few of the different options and decide on the one that you like the best in the end.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder includes all sorts of different healthy foods and the creators of the product work hard to make sure that each one of the ingredients that go into the supplement is organic and free from chemicals. They’re all FDA approved, Vegan-friendly, Kosher, raw, gluten-free and free of any GMOs. Thanks to all the care that goes into creating this product and verifying it’s safe from unhealthy additives this powder supplement is a healthy solution that you can feel good about adding to your daily diet. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  100 servings per container

√  Good value product

√  Certified organic by CCOF

√  Vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, Raw and gluten-free

√  Contains a mix of goji and acai berries

√  6 different flavour options


×  Somewhat unpleasant flavour

Click to see price

#7. Organifi Green Juice Powder

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Most people today have heard of the benefits of greens and superfoods like Spirulina, green tea and others, but few people take the time to try and squeeze many of those foods into their daily diet. It’s just too much work to try and eat a bunch of those superfoods and more trouble than most people are willing to go to. That’s the benefit of a product like Organifi Green Juice Powder. While the powder itself is a bit costly, it crams in a bunch of those superfoods and other healthy substances into a single product. Just take a small bit of the powder and you’re getting a bunch of different nutrients into your diet at once. This powder is nice because it’s easy to mix up and to take. It’s designed to be simple to scoop out and to go well with foods too.

This powder is made from 12 different superfoods and it contains a whole bunch of alkaline greens as well. Between all these different healthy substances you get a bunch of phytonutrients as well as antioxidants. The ingredients in this powder are carefully examined for quality and only the best stuff is put into the powder substance. You can tell that care has gone into making this powder because it’s GMO-free and free of any gluten while being vegan-friendly.

We were impressed with all the different healthy foods that are packed into this powder, but we weren’t impressed with the lack of vitamins that it provides. Overall Organifi is a more expensive super powder supplement than many of the others on this list and it’s made from fewer high-quality foods than some of the others on this list. That makes it difficult to recommend over some of the other options that we’ve reviewed on the list, though it’s still a decent product. If you’re after a product with a unique blend of superfoods, you might be able to get it from Organifi Green Juice powder, but there are some other options that have more of the good stuff than this does, keeping this from being that great of value at all. Still, it’s better than not taking anything. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  Made from a mix of 12 superfoods

√  Features Chlorella and Spirulina

√  Designed to boost the immune system

√  Made to enhance energy levels

√  No gluten or GMOs and Vegan-friendly


×  Poor taste

×  Costly

Click to see price

#8. Athletic Greens

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Athletic Greens is one of the most popular super greens powder supplement options that we’ve reviewed and for good reason. It’s a high-quality product, packed with excellent nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients, and it has a good flavour as well. It’s important to note that this is one of the most costly products that we’ve reviewed, but it’s still worth looking into Athletic Greens, because it packs in a whole lot of good stuff.

Athletic Greens is a mixture of most of the healthy foods that you should have in your diet on a daily basis. Get a big boost from this condensed form of leafy greens, superfoods, antioxidant-rich food items and more all combined into a rich and tasty powder product. Athletic Greens is carefully monitored, every single one of the ingredients for the product is listed on the package and it all meats TGA approval in New Zealand guaranteeing a top-quality product overall. A great deal of care goes into verifying that this product is produced with good healthy foods, and that’s one of the things we like most about Athletic Greens.

We were really impressed with how good Athletic Greens tastes. It doesn’t pack in a bunch of sugar to make it flavorful, but this supplement has a light sweet flavour to it and is truly enjoyable to drink. You don’t need to rely on huge smoothie mixtures in order to tolerate this powder like you do with some of the others. Not to mention that it mixes in very easily. If you’re after a healthy green solution that’s easy to mix and a pleasure to consume, Athletic Greens is really worth trying. It might not be the best overall value in terms of nutrients to cost, but it’s one of the best all-around options when you factor in the taste and how easy it is to mix up.  SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  No GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, yeast, dextrose, dairy, gluten, nut, eggs, corn or sugar

√  Lists every ingredient

√  Details creation process

√  TGA-registered product


×  Expensive

×  Distinct flavour won’t mix well into many foods

Click to see price

#9. Naturelo Raw Greens Superfood Powder

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In need of a pick-me-up during the day and want something that’s going to make you feel a bit better? Nautrelo Raw Green Superfood Powder is designed to do just that. This affordable substance is a mixture of specialized blends that are meant to do things like enhance your digestion, boost your energy levels, help you relax and improve your immune system. Overall we were impressed by the different healthy ingredients and mixtures that are included in this product, especially for its low cost.

Even though this product doesn’t contain caffeine, it has special ingredients like nettle leaf, ginseng, root and Maca root that have shown to help enhance energy levels naturally. The different energy enhancing ingredients should help you feel a bit more awake during the day. This product contains similar blends for boosting your immunity and helping you reduce your stress levels to help you stay healthier and happier overall.

Naturelo Raw Green Superfood Powder is one of the best tools for enhancing the function of your digestive system thanks to high-quality ingredients and probiotics all designed to improve your gut health. There are six different probiotic strains included in each serving of this product with a total of 16 billion probiotics overall. Naturelo Raw Greens Superfood Powder also has a mix that contains bromelain, amylase, papain, lipase and several other digestive enzymes to smooth out your digestion system and make it a bit more effective. With help from all these carefully sourced ingredients and probiotics, your body should start digesting more efficiently and pull more nutrients from the foods that you eat.

This Naturelo supplement has a lot of helpful blends of herbs and healthy ingredients but lacks many of the super foods and greens that other green drinks have. That’s why we recommend adding this on with another green powder supplement to really make the most of the benefits of each solution for everyday living. SEE FULL REVIEW HERE


√  More than 30 different healthy plant extracts within

√  6 different probiotics included

√  Contains immune system blend

√  Contains anti-stress blend

√  Designed to enhance energy levels

√  Features digestive enzymes

√  No soy, yeast, sugar, preservatives, added dyes, gelatin or GMOs


×  Lacks vitamins and minerals

Click to see price

#10. RO Organics Chocolate Mocha Superfood Powder

Click Image To See Best Price On Amazon

RO Organics Chocolate Mocha Superfood Powder is a delicious healthy-food rich shake powder that you can have on a daily basis. There are more than 75 different healthy foods, including a long list of superfoods that provide a huge dose of antioxidants and phytonutrients packed into this powder. Drinking it on a daily basis should help up the total nutrition that’s in your diet.

We were impressed by the list of foods included in this product, as well as the delicious flavour that it offers, but we weren’t impressed by the lack of vitamins and minerals included. This won’t take the place of a multi-vitamin each day if you’re trying to get all those important vitamins and minerals.

For getting your daily dose of antioxidants and health compounds from greens, there really aren’t many other products on the market that can compete with Chocolate Mocha Superfood Greens Powder. Especially when you take into consideration just how good this product tastes. It’s delicious and you’ll be craving it after you stop drinking it. This powder is designed to help aid digestion as well and has a huge blend of ingredients specifically for digestion. There are also probiotics included in the formula for a potent digestive boost.

If you’re trying to enhance your digestion, or you just want the benefits offered by healthy greens and superfoods, you can get all that with this powder at a pretty affordable rate. It doesn’t pack in enough vitamins and minerals to replace every other supplement though, so you’ll want to mix this with something else to make sure your body is getting what it needs throughout the day. Use this as one of your several supplements and you’ll be glad that you did. All the different specific benefits that this powder solution is meant to provide you with can help you feel better every day, which is why we recommend it even if it isn’t the only supplement that you should use.


√  Made from over 75 healthy foods

√  Free from GMOs, dairy, gluten, added sugar and preservatives

√  Vegan-friendly

√  Delicious Flavor


×  Lacks vitamins and minerals


Click to see price

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Best Superfood Powders Buying Guide

Take the time to learn about the different powders listed off down below, and use that information to help you find the one that’s right for your personal needs and that will help you maintain the healthy lifestyle that you’re interested in. Below we explain what goes into a quality superfood product, and then review some of the leading options sold today.

There are literally dozens of different superfood powders on the market today, and all of them promise to change your health for the better. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy picking from one powder or another. That’s why we’re doing a full review of the different powders available today and which ones are the best overall. Below are the most common factors that we consider when comparing all these different powders. Use those factors to help you choose the best powder for your own personal needs and to hopefully improve your health overall.

Green superfood powder, loose on the table

Look at the Ingredients

The first step to verifying that any superfood powder is worth taking is to look at the ingredients that are included in the package. If the ingredients are largely healthy, you can safely assume that you are taking a good product that will improve your health over time. If the ingredients are mostly filler items or there are unhealthy items in the powders such as high amounts of caffeine or sugar, you know that you could actually be doing damage to your health by taking the powder regularly.

Pay Attention to Quality

The actual ingredients themselves aren’t the only factor that you need to look at when you examine what’s going into a superfood powder. You also need to look at how high the quality is of those different ingredients. As most people know, there are very pure and clean ingredients and there are dirty and chemical-filled ingredients. Take spinach for example. It’s difficult to get organic spinach that’s also free from all pesticides and contaminants. In superfood powders that have dozens of different ingredients, it’s even more vital that careful testing is done on each of the ingredients. Our top recommendations have safely sourced ingredients that are proven to be of high quality.

Flavour and Ease of Mixing

Finally, we look closely at how the powder actually tastes. Since the best superfood powders are jam-packed with nutritional foods it’s not fair to expect them to be delicious to taste. They shouldn’t be terrible either though. We always taste test the products to determine if they have a good flavour or not. While testing them we look at how easy they are to mix up and whether there are chunks or a strange texture created by the final product. This is all important to consider when picking out a high-quality superfood product.

Look at the Benefits

Each of these superfood products offers a list of benefits that they provide. Some products offer many more benefits than other products do. To really compare these products accurately you need to look very closely at the different benefits offered and the ingredients in those powders that are supposed to offer those benefits. Now compare the other products to see if they have those same ingredients. By doing this you can easily figure out which of the powders is going to impact you in the most positive way.

Consider the Cost

Finally, you have no choice but to look at the cost of any of the superfood products you’re considering. We aren’t looking for the cheapest or the most expensive of the different superfoods when looking at price. We are looking to make sure that the overall quality and the price of the product matches up well. In other words, we want to see that more expensive products have more to offer than the cheap products do. We won’t hesitate to recommend an affordable product even if it has less to offer than a more expensive one, and we won’t hesitate to offer something that’s two or three times more expensive than another consideration if it offers enough of a nutrition boost to warrant the price increase. Price is an important concern, but only as a benchmark to judge the rest of the benefits that a superfood powder has to offer.

Between all these different considerations you can judge different superfood powders and pick out the high-quality options. Use this information to help you conduct your own research, or at the least to help you evaluate the different options that we talk about down below.

Superfood Powders FAQs

What Are Superfood Powders?

Consuming superfood powder is a powerful means of taking in a nutritious meal even while you’re on the go. Superfoods have a special ability to support good health because they come with high doses of antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients that help boost your immune system and fight off illnesses, from obesity and diabetes to cardiovascular disease.

In powdered form, superfood powders offer a great blend comprised of vegetables and fruits to generate a nutrient-dense food product that promotes optimum health. The goal is to incorporate these superfood powders into your daily diet and add quality sleep, stress control, and physical exercise to the equation.

What Are The Benefits of Superfood Powders?

Superfood powders have been making waves in the health and fitness community, thanks to its wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Weight loss- superfood powders that provide at least 30% of your recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruits plus protein can help you in regulating your appetite and encouraging weight loss through increased physical activity and improved performance. 
  • Stronger immune function- superfood powders also give you a high intake of antioxidants from pure, clean wholefoods which is then quickly absorbed by your body. Taking in these high-quality nutrients can help delay and prevent the onset of immune-related problems, thanks to a boost in immune cells and the enhanced ability of your body to make antibodies. 
  • Increased energy- superfood powders can provide you with a strengthening energy boost before and after training time. They also help increase mental alertness and your ability to focus during a workout and the remaining time throughout the day.
  • Good digestive health- most superfood powders are rich in prebiotics that help build and maintain a healthy gut and promote healthy bowel function. 

Can I Use Superfood Powders as Meal Replacement?

Superfood powders are a good substitute for vegetable and fruit intake, but they cannot completely replace these whole, health-giving foods. 

Many people don’t incorporate enough vegetables and fruits in their daily meal plan, and a superior superfood powder is an incredibly easy solution to address this issue. However, superfood powders are a supplement and not a meal replacement. 

You still have to do your part in eating vegetables, fruits, and other superfoods as part of a healthy diet. If you skip these foods, you’ll be missing out on other benefits, like fiber and many more vitamins and minerals.

Which Ingredients Should Not Be In My Superfood Powder?

Make sure you always check the list of your chosen superfood powder; it should be free from:

  • Artificial sweeteners like sucralose, xylitol, or saccharin- they cause bad side effects, like gastrointestinal problems and severe headaches.
  • Artificial flavors which can bring on various health issues like migraines and mood swings.
  • Dextrin and fillers that increase glycemic load and cause digestive problems
  • Gluten especially if you have a food sensitivity to it as it causes inflammation which then results in various issues ranging from headache and fatigue to skin conditions and hormonal imbalances.

Do I Have to Be Vegan to Use Superfood Powders?

Certainly not. You don’t have to be vegan to consume and benefit from superfood powders. 

These nutritional supplements are suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking to boost nutritional intake or are seeking a healthy option to consume before or after your training sessions. They are highly versatile and can be beneficial to anyone who’s on any diet.

It’s Wrapping Up Time

Finding the best superfood powders isn’t simple to do, but it’s possible if you take the time to really research the different options available. We looked at all the top powders being sold today and compared them against one another, and were surprised by all the quality options available. You can get superfoods, and healthy greens from most of these powders, but only some of them have high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, and only some come with all the added digestive enzymes and probiotics to really help enhance your digestion. Hopefully, this list helps you pinpoint the best powder supplement for you to use. Some offer benefits that others don’t and there is a huge difference when you just consider the flavour of the different powders as well. Read through our recommendations and choose a powder to help you meet your health and fitness goals the best.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article here at BFG Muscle.  What’s your favourite superfood powder? Have any other question?  Please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

best superfood powders

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30 thoughts on “Best Superfood Powders 2020 (Top 10 Powders And Buying Guide)”

  1. You are so right. It is so overwhelming with all the information on nutritional supplements, that it is difficult to choose the best one for you.  I guess the green powders sound good because one would presume that all of them have a good dose of green veg in them, but yes we must check our labels.

    The only reason I haven’t tried any of the green powders out yet is the taste I know will probably put me off. I see you suggest mixing it with fruit juice or fruit. Do you perhaps have any recipe suggestions to make them more palatable, as I am sure if we could make them taste good, we would be more inclined to drink them.

    • Hi Michael

      The taste is the main downside to many super food powders.  Back in the day when they were first released I used to down them as a shot.  However, now there are powders that actually taste really nice. Detox Organics Chocolate powder is a good example of this.  It tastes amazing. 

      I like to experiment with different smoothie recipes.  I currently take Nested Super Greens.  Here is one of the smoothies I make using this.

      1 x serving of Nested Super Greens

      1 x Serving of Dark Rich Chocolate ON Gold Standard Whey

      150g mixed frozen blueberries and strawberries

      25g natural peanut butter

      50g Huel (normal oats can also be used)

      2 x desert sized spoons of natural yoghurt.

      I mix all this up with ice cold water in my blender.

  2. Hey again David;

    I came across your post on Nested Super Greens before I found this one. I like all of the tips here for checking out the best product to suit my needs.

    And I also appreciate the info on why greens are so important, although I did know some of it because I’m always researching to improve my digestion.

    However, I think that even after looking through all of these choices, I would probably still go with the Nested Super Greens. You def made a good case for that one. And it suits my requirements.

    Thanks again! 🙂

    • Hi again Stella

      Thank you for reading my article and I am glad you are getting something from them.  I have to agree, that Nested super greens is by far my fave and in my opinion the best product out there at the moment.  It just provides so much and is so much cheaper than some of the others.

  3. Thanks for breaking down the super food product options. Do you feel taking the powders is just as effective as actually eating the real super foods? I get the convenience of the powders. But it just seems like you would get more of the benefit of eating the real foods. Maybe I’m wrong?

    • Hi Eddy

      You get exactly the same effects as eating the foods.  I take Nested Supergreens myself and when I go for a period of time without it, I have a huge drop in energy levels.  Of course you can eat the real foods but to get everything you get from the powder from the foods alone will be near impossible.

  4. David,

    I think anyone who is a serious health-nut has a love/hate relationship with superfood powders!  I know I do!  You know that you need them and if you have taken them for sometime you know how much better you feel when you drink them!  But that taste/texture!  It is so prevalent in most of them.  I loved your comment that you use to down them as a shot because that’s what I use to do.  Or mix them in cranberry juice as it seemed to be the only base that could semi-mask the flavor.  I am so glad they have gotten better!  

    Thank you for your review!  I’ll have to try the ones on this list they I have not tried already!


    • Hi Kara

      Thank you for you for your comment.  They have definitely improved over the years. Although many still taste awful, but mainly because they don’t put any effort into the flavour.

      If you are looking for one that you will actually enjoy drinking than go for either Detox Organics or Athletic Greens.  Both taste amazing.

  5. Its good that you take in consideration the price of the product because some products out there just wont deliver what they cost. Super foods supplements are a great addition to the health overall. To be honest the only super food I ever grown interest was turmeric powder but that is because in the past i had gyno issue cause by excess of estrogen hormone, causing me that problem an I read some where that turmeric was real good to boost testosterone. But in today’s marketing world gotta be careful of not getting caught into a hype of the product overall. After all a supplement should be an addition to what you are already doing in your diet an exercise. But beside at all of the powders here I think Synergy is the best one in my opinion. 

    • Hi Erick

      You are dead right.  It’s so easy to get get caught up in the next big supplement fad.  The industry is now full of bad overpriced products.  It’s why research is imperative to make sure you pick ones that are actually going to benefit you.

      Pure synergy is an incredible product.  It doesnt taste nice but it sure does the trick.  The company is probably the most well known one around in the superfood supplement niche as well and they have a solid reputation.  

      If you can get past the taste than you won’t go wrong picking this product.

  6. Hi

    This is an amazing article!  I can’t believe there are superfood powders that taste of chocolate!!  I think this will be an amazing way to eat more healthily and stop cravings for chocolate.  Have I read this wrong? Have I misunderstood something or are you really telling me these powders are good for me and they taste of chocolate?

    I will think about some of the other powders as well but it is the chocolate one that has really caught my attention!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Julia

      Nope you have not read this wrong.  When superfood powders first came out, they tasted exactly how you would imagine, like a blend of all the different vegetables.  Not nice.

      However, they have come a long way now.  both Athletic Greens and Detox Organics taste amazing, and are both incredibly good for you.  You will notice a huge difference not only in your overall health but your energy levels.

  7. Hi David, Thanks for this awesome, comprehensive review.  I’m very keen on No. 3 on your list, Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance Powder.  I just checked and I see it’s available in South Africa, where I live.  Yay!  I bought an inferior product (with no gut bacteria) and it’s given me a bit more energy but not the va-va-voom I was expecting.  The only thing is, I’ll be paying 4 x more for Vibrant Health.  Is there a comparable product at around the $30 to $40 range?

    • Hi Lauren

      I would recommend Nested Super Greens.  This is what I personally take at the moment and the increase to my energy levels is immense.  Its also priced at a similar level.  Check to see if they stock in South Africa.  If not I will do some research for you to find one that is top quality and within your price range.  

  8. Fab list of the super foods powders!

    I’m going to go with your #1 choice, mainly because it is gluten free. Slightly worried about the taste, but I guess there isn’t that much to drink, so it’s going to be fine.

    I was thinking, how much food we’d need to eat to receive the same amount of benefit as from the powders? Tonnes I suspect! 

    Really like to convenience and how uncomplicated it is to use these powders. 

    • Hi Alenka

      You would need a colossal variety of food to get the same amount of nutrients you get in one serving of nested super greens.

      If you are worried about the taste, the other two options I would recommend are either Detox Organics Chocolate Powder or Athletic Greens Powder.  They both are rich in nutrients and both taste amazing.  They are just both more expensive than Nested Super Greens

  9. You’re website  is awesome! This post Best Superfood Powders 2018 is a very good article. Looks like you did a lot of research and really know your stuff.

    I use to buy superfoods from GNC but someone told me not to buy from there because they don’t always carry the best of products. So instead I’m going to buy through you. I need to re-up on my superfood suppy.

    I am definitely going to buy some “Naturelo Raw Greens Superfood Powder” and “Nested Super Greens” too via following your Amazon Link. Because both are non GMO  I already book marked your page. I had no idea there are chocolate flavor super foods I thought that was just for protein shakes and Creatine powders. I’m really thinking about buying “Chocolate Mocha Superfood Greens Powder ” too because I love chocolate haha . Do you know it they add sugar or artificial sugar to it? I’m craving chocolate now lol.

    • Hey there

      Thank you for commenting on my article.  I’m really glad it has helped you chose a superfood powder.  

      If we take Detox Organics Chocolate Superfood Powder as an example.  Although it has an amazing chocolate taste, it remains an all natural product, and no added or artificial sugar or sweetners have been used.

      I hope this helps

  10. What a well written and detailed review of so many great powders. I can imagine the time and effort it took to research and write all about each of the products you reviewed here. And not only do you look at the health benefits, but you also advise people to construe cost too. Something not everyone does. I will be returning in the future for more guidance on how to be more healthy, as you seem to have a good grasp of this topic. Thanks ever so much, Kenny 

  11. Thanks for sharing this article, superfoods nowadays are a very hot topic, and personally, I really like them.

    You have lots of different kinds of superfoods, in this case supergreens.

    I’m not a big fan of the Total Living Drink Greens, it is a good one, but yet, it is too expensive.

    I prefer having nuts and these kind of things as well.

    It is too bad the market is so overwhelming and it is hard to choose.

    This post gives me an insight of more things from which is good and what is less.

    Do you have a favorite of the ones you shared?

    • Hi Emmanuel

      Total Living Drink Greens only downside is the price.  Its a bit reason it wasn’t higher up the list.  However, if you can look past that its a great product.

      My number one is nested super greens.  Great price, and provides so much.  Even more than some of the higher priced powders on the market.

      The whole market is just overwhelmed with supplements now.  Its one of the main reasons I wanted to provide a list of the best supplements to narrow peoples choice down and make it a much easier decision for them.

  12. I know about superfoods, but this is the first time I’ve heard about superfood powders.

    Since I’m a busy guy I unfortunately often skip on fresh and healthy meals, so this could be a solution for me. I’ll have to carefully read your article again and try some, if not all, of your suggestions. Probably gonna skip the Nested Super Greens because of their bad flavour…

    Thanks for learning me something I didn’t know about!

    • Hi Jurgen.

      These powders are so good now, they really do provide the body with nutrients that it would be very hard to get from eating just food alone.  Especially in the quantities of nutrients these powders provide.

      Nested Super greens is by far my fave product.  However, this was definitely not judged on taste.  It was based on what it provide and how it makes me feel.  I am used to either just drinking it quickly or mixing it with other ingredients in a smoothie.

  13. i appreciate the introduction and tips to the best superfood powders before getting into descriptions of the 10 best powders. This helps readers evaluate the products they research. It was not clear to me whether these products are ranked in order of preference. I guess it comes down to personal preference and budget. Thanks for a great review!

    • Hi Glen

      Thanks for you comment.  I will always put my number one choice at the top and then show why at the bottom of the post.  I do list the others in order of personal preference however, there is barely anything between them.  They all have to pass certain criteria to make it on to my list as there are 100s of different products out there.  Its than down to each individuals personal preference.  

      I hope this helps.

  14. This is an absolutely wonderful review. I cannot believe you have covered the different powders in such detail. I have learned so much. My own experience with powders has been the bad taste. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t taste good, I don’t use it. Now I have the useful information I need to make an informed decision! I am also very glad you let your readers know what ones have a bad or chalky taste. I think I will go with Green Vibrance although it is unfortunate I can’t buy a smaller amount to try out before plunging into the 6 month supply. But since you have assured me it tastes good, I think I’ll go with it. I also like how you break down what ones have vitamins and minerals as well as fruits. I am very impressed with your review, keep up the great work!

    • Hey there

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback.  Green Vibrance is a brilliant choice.  I still believe Athletic greens or Detox Organics Chocolate powder taste slightly nicer however Green Vibrance is still pleasant to drink.

      If you want to try it out, you can buy a 15 day supply of this powder.  Obviously in the long run buy this supply will be more expensive, but at a first purchase to check you like it first, its a great idea.

    • Hi Gary. I am really sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I have had a look into subi, and it looks a really promising product. For the ingredients included it is very well priced as well.

      There are many brands who offer less for a lot more. It’s always a positive sign when the company doesn’t superheat the ingredients to make the powder as this destroys much of the goodness, So this is a very positive thing.

      In terms of the ingredients, it covers a good range. You can find super green powders with a lot more, but in general, you will be paying a lot more as well. I like the fact it contains fruit extracts as well which you don’t find in many powders. It doesn’t contain pro-biotics which some of the more pricer ones do, but these can be obtained from other things.

      I can’t comment on the taste, but from what I have read, it seems to have a very neutral taste, which generally means it’s going to taste exactly like you could imagine all these ingredients would taste like being mixed together, which usually isn’t great, however, there are very few good ones on the market that are good quality and taste nice. This is never an issue for me personally. In terms of how it compares to others on my list, I would place this somewhere near the middle. It contains some great ingredients and is very well priced. I would definitely say this will help increase energy as well based on my experience with products containing similar ingredients.

      I hope this helps


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