Best Squat Racks 2020 (Top 10 Racks and Buying Guide)

10 Best Squat Racks 2020

  1. CAP Barbell Power Rack
  2. PowerLine by Body-Solid Power Rack
  3. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment
  4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/Lat Pull Attachment
  5. Rep PR-1100 Power Rack
  6. Merax Athletics Fitness Olympic Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment
  7. Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack
  8. Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage
  9. Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack System with Olympic Weight Plate Storage
  10. CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack

The squat is one of the most effective lifts for building full-body strength and for offsetting the effects of ageing over time. Squatting heavy is an excellent way to keep your body feeling good and for maintaining good mobility over time. Unfortunately, heavy squatting at home can be dangerous without the necessary equipment, which is why we took the time to create a list of the best squat racks 2019 available today. The racks on this list aren’t the most expensive, or racks with the highest number of features. Instead, they’re the best racks in terms of price and performance values.

Best Squat Racks 2020 Reviews

#1.  CAP Barbell Power Rack

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The CAP barbell power rack makes our list of the best squat racks available today for its simplicity. It doesn’t offer many of the features that other racks come with, but it will support you on most lifts just fine. This rack is just a set of welded steel beams with supportive legs at the bottom, which is why it’s so
affordable. The rack is tough enough to support up to 500 lbs. during use, and features a set of J-cup catches for support during key lifts.

The whole rack is coated with a protective powder coat finish for durability. It features a pull-up bar at the top for excellent back and arm workouts. We love how compact this product is compared to full-sized power racks. It will fit into most rooms as long as they are tall enough, and will enable more people to enjoy their workouts.

The rack is durable and should work in most home gyms. Our only complaint is that it can wobble a bit during certain pull up movements such as kipping pull-ups unless weighted or anchored down at the bottom. Other than that this unit is an excellent budget option for people that have access to a spotter or for anyone looking to do pull-ups at home.



Compact design

Features J-cup supports

Pull up bar

Simple assembly


× 500 lbs. weight limit on catches

× Can swing during kipping pull-ups without anchor

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#2.  PowerLine by Body-Solid Power Rack

PowerLine by Body-Solid Squat Rack

The PowerLine by Body-Solid power rack is a good no-frills rack designed to offer support during most standard lifts you could want to complete. The rack offers a wide walk-in design that makes it easy to move around and set up your lifts. It is made from a durable steel frame and features a total of 18 different adjustment levels for getting the perfect height for each of your different lifts. This rack comes with a couple of catches and a bar support for setting up squats, presses and other lifts. It’s versatile enough to help you complete most lifts that you could be interested in.

The rack is simple to install and features complete instructions to help you build it and get it into position in your weight room. Add it to your home gym and you’ll enjoy reliable performance every time you need it.

The whole unit is built to last. The supports are made from heat-tempered steel and the frame comes protected with a 10-year warranty. This power rack features a chin-up bar at the top for back and arm work, and it’s heavy enough to offer reliable support during most movements. It does shift around during use and can move quite a bit during heavy lifts. It would perform better if anchored or weighted, and we would suggest heavy lifters find a way to weigh this unit down before being too hard on it.

It’s a good budget power rack though, and a tool that you can trust to hold up during most lifts. That makes it a top recommendation for us. Anyone interested in getting started with heavy lifting can enjoy the protection provided by this power rack.


18 different adjustment levels

Wide walk-in design

Heat-tempered lift-offs

10-year frame warranty

Integrated chin-up bar


× Shifts and moves during use

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#3.  Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment

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The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max power cage is one of our favourite full-cage squat racks because of its heavy-duty design and multi-grip pull up bar. This rack is built with 2” square steel beams that are joined together top and bottom for maximum strength. Thanks to its durable build quality the rack can support up to 800 lbs. during use and should hold up to the pressure put on it by most lifters without issue. The rack is simple in design and features a set of chrome catch bars that are made of thick steel for safe support during lifts.

This rack offers a total of 19 different height adjustments, making it easy to get the safety catches in the perfect position for all your different lifts. Get all the catches set up carefully and enjoy safe and reliable workouts from start to finish. This rack is designed to accept a wide range of accessories to make it even more capable, and it’s offered at a good price point for lifters just getting started that want to minimize their investment.

It is a tall power rack though and might not fit in a shorter room properly. Make sure you have at least 83.5 inches of clearance, and preferably more if you’ll be using the pull-up bar. As long as you have the room to set up this rack, it’s spacious, durable and capable of withstanding heavy use over time without much wear. Add it to your home gym and start working out with confidence.



Multi-grip pull up bar

800 lbs. weight capacity

2” square steel frame

19 adjustable height levels


× Tall rack design wont be suitable for some homes with low ceilings

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#4.  Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/LAT Pull Attachment

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For an excellent all-around squat rack, the Valor Fitness BD-7 power rack takes a spot on our best squat racks list. This beauty is built from tough 2” x 2” plate steel with a total of 17 different bar support positions that you can adjust through during use. The rack also features four different plate holders at the back that work nicely to help stabilize it during use. With so many plate holders to select from you can keep your weights more organized and evenly distribute weight across the rear of your rack as well.

It’s wide enough to step in and out of comfortably and to have enough room to manoeuvre and change your position during workouts. The rack also has a set of rubber feet that help to stabilize it during, particularly tough workouts. It’s a reliable piece of equipment that most lifters shouldn’t have any trouble trusting.

The one unique feature of this squat rack is the LAT pulldown station. This makes it possible to work your back muscles in different ways and opens up a bunch of different possible workouts. This station isn’t quite as durable as the rest of the machine though. Some users report cable wear over time which could lead to a potential failure in the future during heavy lifts. It’s something to keep in mind if you need a very durable LAT pulldown station. The LAT station can be used for rows, curls and many other pulling exercises as well other than LAT pulldowns, making this rack into a versatile piece of equipment.

Overall, this power rack is a tough piece of equipment, it comes with most features you would expect for the price and a few extras as well and is a worthwhile investment if you want to remain safe while lifting.


Tough 2” x 2” steel frame

4 plate storage pegs

17 bar support positions

Integrated lat pull-down station

Pull up station with knurled grip


× Lat pull-down station is a bit weak and prone to wear

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#5.  Rep PR-1100 Power Rack

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For the price, the Rep PR-1100 power rack is one of the most heavy-duty systems on the market today. This tough rack is rated to support up to 1,000 lbs. making it the perfect companion for even heavy lifters.

It’s built from tough 14-gauge plate steel tubing and features a double set of rear horizontal supports for massive stability. The rack is also designed with extra-wide floor supports to prevent rocking and tipping during use. Our favourite feature of this rack is the numbered uprights that make it easy to set your catches to the proper position every single time you go in for a workout. We also thoroughly enjoy the extended safety bars that offer more room for workouts and for readjustment when pushing heavy weight around. The whole unit is built from thick plate steel and it comes with a powder coat finish to keep rust at bay after extended use.

This squat rack comes with a multi-grip pull up bar that allows several different types of chin-ups and pull-up hand positions to build upper-body strength.

The unit comes with a set of adjustable J-hooks to hold your bar in position for each of your lifts. This rack is stylish and durable, and it’s designed to accept a range of accessories like a LAT pull-down station and dip bars so you can work out in different ways as needed. Each of the accessories costs extra but can help extend the lifespan of your equipment while minimizing the equipment that you need in your home for a good workout.

The only negative we could think of when using this rack is that the instructions aren’t the simplest to use. It takes some time and care to put this thing together, but once it’s assembled it’s a rock-solid bit of performance equipment that you can depend on to hold up for you.


Rates for 1,0000 lbs.

Extended safety bars

Multi-grip pull up bar

Numbered uprights

Compatible with dip and lat pulldown accessories

Affordable price


× Assembly Instructions can be difficult to follow

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#6.  Merax Athletics Fitness Olympic Power Rack with LAT Pull Attachment

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There are a couple of stand-out features that help to differentiate this rack from the others on our best squat racks list. This beauty comes with a lat pull-down station, which is something that most of the other racks don’t have. It also is a bit shorter at just 82” tall, which will help it to fit into some shorter rooms than the oversized units on our list. With those differences out of the way, lets get into what makes this rack a good piece of equipment that you can rely on for your lifts.

This squat rack is built with durable 2”x2” construction from thick plate steel. It offers a total of 21 different bar support positions and features a set of horizontal supports and J-hooks. The rack has a pull-up bar with knurled grips and it’s secured together in a tough box design that makes it very stable to use.

It’s a tough rack that’s still affordable enough for most people to purchase for home use. It also features a set of plate holders to help keep your plates up off the floor. The only negative we noticed about this squat rack is that it’s a bit more cramped inside than others on our list. This makes it less enjoyable for larger lifters and can make getting the perfect position during lifts more difficult. It’s also important to note that you can’t load up the LAT attachment too heavy or you will wear out or overstress the equipment.

The compact footprint of this machine makes it a good option when you have a small space to work out in. If you have a tight space to get work done in, this power rack is a decent full-rack option to make use of.


Features lat pull-down attachment

Built from tough 2”x2” steel

21 bar support positions

Pull up bar with knurled grips

Shorter design


× A bit cramped inside

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#7.  Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

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Let us just start by saying that the Titan T-2 Series short power rack is not designed for tall lifters and should be avoided if you are anywhere near 6’ tall. That’s because the rack is just 71.5” at its highest height. This makes it very useful to shorter lifters that are working with less space.

The rack is made from the same durable 2” x 2” steel tube frame design that tall racks make use of. It features a wide range of catch adjustment holes and is built with weight plate holders at the back as well. The rear weight plate holders help to stabilize the unit and prevent shifting while lifting as long as it’s loaded up. Add weight to the rear of this rack whenever possible and you can lift with confidence or use the top pull-up bar without rocking. It comes with a pull-up bar at the top and is our favourite rack for weight lifters in small rooms with short ceilings.

If you’ve been struggling to find a power rack that will fit in your home with short ceilings, this is the option for you. It will fit in virtually any room without modifications and should still provide you with a decent workout as long as you aren’t too tall for it.

The rack doesn’t come with any extras other than the catch bars, the J-hooks and the pull-up bar, but it’s a good sturdy piece of equipment that should hold up through regular use. It’s powder coated for added durability and is designed with extended front and rear legs to reduce rocking during use.

Add this rack to your short home gym and enjoy top-notch performance for years after. It’s one of the few racks that will fit in a short room without compromising your headspace during pull-ups. If you aren’t too tall for the rack it’s a good investment to have in your home or garage.


700 lbs. weight capacity

2” x 2” steel tube design

Tough chin up bar


Just 71.5” tall


× Too short for tall lifters to use

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#8.  Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage

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We put this Fuel Pureformance Deluxe power cage at the top of our list of best squat racks for it’s tough build quality and half-rack design. It’s one of the few half-racks we added to our list because it performs really well for its price, and has few issues. The rack will hold up to heavy-weight lifting without issue and has long enough bar catches to help keep you safe during squats and other intense lifts. This rack is built with a tough steel frame and remains relatively stable during use. When making heavy pulls on the rack it wobbles a bit, but adding weighted sandbags or bolting it down to the floor will help with this issue. The rack is powder coated for a tough protective finish and should hold up through years of lifting.

This rack is finished in an attractive black and blue powder coat that looks nice and offers excellent protection against rust. It is compact and should help free up room in your home gym so that you can fit in additional equipment. The rack makes a good addition to a newer gym but is tough enough to offer protection for mid-weight lifters.

We love that this squat rack features numbered catch bar positions for consistent catch placements. The rack also features a pull-up bar for good back and arm workouts. This half-rack takes up less space than a full rack would and offers good stable performance that you can depend on.

The only real issue we noticed with this rack is the position of the weight plate holders. When loaded with large plates certain lifts become awkward. Rows and other low movements can result in bumping into the racked weights. Overall, this half-rack is a tough piece of equipment and well-suited for home gym use.


Lightweight half-rack design

Oversized catch bars

Sturdy steel frame

Integrated pull-up bar

Two built-in plate holders

Numbered catch bar positions


× Plate holders are in an awkward spot

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#9.  Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack System with Olympic Weight Plate Storage

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If you’re searching for an affordable light-duty squat rack, the Body Champ PBC530 is a good reliable option. This half rack is lightweight, compact and offers good enough catches for use with squats, bench press and other lifts. It’s a tough piece of machinery with integrated weight-plate holders, but it comes with one major limitation that will keep many lifters from purchasing it. The unit is only built to withstand catches up to 300 lbs. That means if you plan on surpassing 300 lbs. with of your lifts in the near future, the unit simply isn’t rugged enough. It also offers just 12 catch positions, making it somewhat challenging to get the weight catches exactly where you need them for your lifts compared to the other racks we’ve reviewed up above.

This rack is versatile enough to accommodate both 6’ and 7’ barbells, which means you can use it with standard and Olympic style products. It’s offered in an attractive black and silver finish and is protected by a durable powder coat layer to keep rust from becoming an issue. This rack pairs nicely with a lightweight bench and would make a solid option for a new weight room in your home.

This rack is still a good piece of equipment that comes with floor anchor holes, good sturdy legs, a pull-up bar and all the features that you need to get a good workout in. It just isn’t built for the heaviest lifters out there. If you want to keep your squat rack purchase low when first starting off, this is a good budget option. If you never plan to lift past 300 lbs. this option will likely work for you for many years. If you want a rack to help you lift heavy, and you plan on putting as much weight on your lifts as possible over time, this rack probably isn’t right for you. It still landed a spot on our best squat racks list as a tough lightweight option.



Secured by rubberized feet

Built-in weight plate holders

Anti-slip exercise band pegs

Pull-up bar with knurled grip


× Just 12 catch positions

× 300 lbs. max load

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#10.  CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack

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The CAP Barbell full cage power rack is a low-cost rack built for new lifters looking to get started at an affordable price-point. The rack is sturdy and reliable, but a bit more compact than other power racks on the market. It meets the criteria for our best squat racks list because it’s durable, affordable and offers good performance over time. It’s tough enough to withstand mid-level lifts, but it does shake a bit during use. Lifters that want to push the limits on this rack should think about adding sandbags or another form of weight to help stabilize the unit a bit more, especially since it doesn’t come with any plate holders for added weight on the rack.

This rack offers a rock-solid 750 lbs. weight limit for its upper pull-up bar, making it a good tool for intense pull-up workouts for nearly everyone. If you need a rack that can withstand weighted pull-ups this one is a good option to consider. The pull-up bar is smooth and designed for a comfortable grip as well. Its flat design makes it optimal for shorter rooms in your home as well.

The rack is built from a mixture of 12 gauge and 14 gauge steel tubing and supports up to 500 lbs. during lifts. The rack comes with a set of tough red support bars and features matching weight bar hooks and a pull-up bar at the top. The whole rack is compact in size at 43.62” wide, and it’s sufficient for most lifters to rely on. The whole rack is built to last and is powder coated in two attractive colours. The rack doesn’t come with any extras, but those aren’t expected at this price-point. It’s a good sturdy tool for heavy lifting safely and that’s all you can ask for in a budget squat rack.


Attractive colour scheme

Powder coat finish

Affordable price tag


× Compact lifting space

× Wiggles a bit during use

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Squat Racks Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect squat rack isn’t a simple task and it’s something that takes a great deal of thought to do properly. That’s why we made a list of the biggest considerations that we look at when selecting a rack for our top list. We carefully recommend specific products based on their form-factor, durability and list of features and their ability to provide rock-solid workout performance. If you’re interested in getting in a tough workout, take the time to look through our list of considerations and then judge our recommendations for yourself.

Consider the Form-Factor

The first step to selecting the right squat rack for your personal use is to consider the form-factor of the unit you’re purchasing. Start with the amount of space you have available in your home. Choose a rack that isn’t too wide, deep or tall to fit into that space while leaving you room to do your lifts in. Also, decide on whether you want a full-rack or a half-rack. Both options work well for squats and other lifts, but half racks normally occupy less space while offering a bit less stability. Carefully select a rack that is in the form that you prefer for an optimal workout.

Consider the Durability

male athlete wearing shorts and trainers squatting 150 kg in front of a squat rack

No matter how cool a squat rack looks, or how many features it packs in, the unit is no good if it can’t support the weight you lift. Take a moment to think about your weightlifting goals and what you hope to achieve in the future with each of your lifts, and use those goals as guidelines to help you decide on the best rack for your needs. We’re not suggesting that you go out and pick up a rack that supports over 1,000 lbs. if you plan on becoming a world-class lifter someday but you’re just getting started lifting for the first time, but you should leave yourself some room to grow. We rate racks that will hold 300 lbs. up to racks built to withstand 1,000+ lbs. of weight.

We don’t just look at the weight rating of each piece of equipment when choosing products for our best squat racks list. We also look at the actual build quality of each product. Some feature thick plate steel tube framing, and others are made with lightweight gauge steel. We opt for the thick-framed products at all times. Some options are welded and include additional strength-enhancing brackets and fasteners. The racks we select were clearly built with care and designed to last. Most are protected with a powder-coat finish to prevent rusting, and feature thick weight supports for reliable protection. These racks are more expensive, but they’re dependable and the options that we advise lifters to invest in, no matter what weight capacity they need.

Consider the Features

Along with offering protective supports and hooks for a barbell, a good squat rack will often come with additional features as well. Depending on the rack you select, you can get a pull-up bar, a multi-position chin-up bar, a lat tower station, weight holders, floor anchors, dip attachments and more. Consider the features that are most valuable to you and choose the option that offers the most important features to you. It can take some time to select the squat rack with the most useful features, but your time spent researching it will be worth the effort when you end up with a rack that you love and that helps you achieve the best possible workout.

It’s not easy selecting the best squat racks for your needs, but with enough time and by carefully considering the different features of each piece of equipment you can decide on a product that you’ll be proud to use.

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10 best squat racks

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