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Best Spin Bikes 2020 (The 12 best indoor bikes on the market)

12 Best Spin Bikes 2020

  1. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle
  2. Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus
  3. ASUNA Minotaur
  4. Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive
  5. Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor
  6. SOLE Fitness SB700
  7. Fitleader FS1
  8. Marcy Club Revolution
  9. Bladez Fitness Master GS
  10. NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle Bike
  11. Spinner S7
  12. Stamina Airgometer Upright Bike

Spin bikes are one of the best ways for maintaining your cardio fitness levels when you’re stuck exercising indoors, and they’re a favourite investment for people that want to get a workout at home. Unfortunately, there are tons of different bikes on the market today, and choosing the one that’s going to give you the best workout isn’t a simple process. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 12 best spin bikes 2020.

The list will explain what benefits each of the different bikes have to offer and why you should consider each of them. Not only that, but we’ve outlined what to look for in a spin bike that you’re purchasing to improve your fitness level. Not everyone is the same, so some people will be better off with one spin bike over another. That’s why it’s so important to read all the considerations and to make a decision based on the different factors that affect you personally.


Best Spin Bikes 2020 Reviews

#1.  Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

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  • Excellent smartphone integration
  • Highly adjustable
  • Smooth ride with gear adjustments


  • You must use the emergency brake to slow the flywheel
  • Takes some time to assemble and requires several tools
  • It is a higher priced spin bike

The Keiser M3i indoor cycle is a gym-quality piece of cycling equipment that you can proudly display in your home. It offers excellent workouts, is highly adjustable, comes with most of the standard features that you could want out of a spin bike and is just an all-around solid product. This bike offers 21 different gears, giving you a road-bike riding experience indoors, and making it easier to switch back and forth between riding outdoors and in your home. The bike is very quiet and can be used in busy locations without disturbing anyone.

We were very impressed by how lightweight and small it is as well. It won’t take up too much space and is comfortable to move around in a room as needed. The Keiser M3i indoor cycle is supremely comfortable and offers a fit that most people can enjoy well. We love the 4-way adjustable handlebar and seat setup because it makes it easy to get just the right fit for a tall person or a short person.

Most cyclists will have all the features that they need from this Keiser M3i indoor cycle, which is why it’s on our list of the 12 best spin bikes. It comes with a very capable computer with loads of features and is compatible with most Bluetooth heart rate monitors sold today. Equip the monitor and you can enjoy highly accurate readings and tracking as you go through one ride after the next.

This indoor cycle is highly durable and built to last, and it just looks like a tough machine compared to some other lower quality products sold today. If you’re after a capable road bike experience inside your home, this spin bike fits the bill nicely. Sure it’s not the cheapest option on the market, but it’s tough and offers all the features that you are likely to want.

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#2.  Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue Belt Drive

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  • Smooth resistance thanks to magnet brakes
  • Quiet ride quality
  • Feels just like a real road bike for realistic ride quality


  • Can be difficult to adjust during use
  • Does not feature a monitor for tracking stats

This spin bike achieves very smooth resistance while riding thanks to a set of 6 magnet brakes. This team of brakes helps ensure that you receive just the right amount of resistance with every single ride, and they do the job so smoothly that you’ll really enjoy the ride feel. This magnetic brake system doesn’t touch the flywheel at any point either, reducing wear substantially and making it into a long-lasting system.

This bike is highly adjustable and anyone between 4’11” and 6’8” should be able to ride it quite comfortably. Both seat height and handlebar height and angle can be adjusted so you can get the bike to fit a riding style that you’re comfortable with. It should be usable for most people and offers a good solid weight maximum of 350 lbs.

One feature that we love and most other buyers seem to really enjoy about the Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus model with the Blue Belt drive is just how natural it feels. It compares very nicely with real road bikes thanks to its belt-driven drive system, and you will forget that you’re not actually taking a ride down the road when you hop on this baby.

If you’re a rider that likes to get an early morning or late night workout in, you’ll really appreciate how quiet this exercise bike is. This spin bike from Schwinn is nearly whisper quiet and can be used a room over from people that are sleeping without too much issue. If you are sick and tired of loud spin bikes this could be a good option to consider for that reason alone.

We realize that this spin bike isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the cost. It’s one of the smoothest and most realistic indoor riding experiences that you’ll get from a spin bike, which is the main reason that it’s on our list of the best spin bikes, and it’s worth serious consideration. Take a look at all the features offered, and you’ll probably see a few different reasons to get this bike.

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#3.  Asuna Minotaur Cycle Exercise Bike

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  • Excellent 140mm q-factor for a more natural riding experience
  • Highly stable during use
  • Works with standard or cycling shoes


  • Lacks a computer and advanced tracking capabilities
  • This spin bike isn’t cheap

If looks mean anything to you, you’ll fall in love with the Asuna Minotaur Cycle exercise bike immediately. It’s really a beautiful looking product and would round out any home gym nicely. This nearly all-black product just looks nice, but we wouldn’t be including it on our list of the 12 best spin bikes if it didn’t have more to offer than good looks. This bike comes packed with excellent features that make it one of our favourites on this list.

One way to tell a quality spin bike from a low-quality option is by how smoothly it performs during high-speed riding. The Asuna Minotaur is one of the smoothest rides you’ll get for a few different reasons. It uses a very heavy flywheel that creates plenty of momentum to keep things rolling along nicely. The bike also comes featuring an advanced magnetic braking system that will effectively create the resistance you need to make your ride challenging, without creating a jerky or uneven sensation while riding. Finally, this bike has a nicely designed belt-driven mechanism that feels more like the chain and gear system that you have with a road bike. Together all these different features turn this road bike into one of the smoothest rides that you’re going to get while in your home.

The bike is highly adjustable and can be form-fitted to most riders with ease. It fits both small and tall riders and holds up to 330 lbs. This bike uses as much high-grade aluminium as possible to keep its weight down and comes with built-in wheels for easily moving from one side of your room to another whenever necessary.

If you want a great-looking spin bike that has just the features that you need to have a comfortable and high-performance workout, the Asuna 7150 Minotaur cycle exercise bike is a good solid option for you to consider.

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#4.  Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

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  • Realistic feeling ride
  • Solid feel and durable construction
  • Highly affordable


  • Resistance pad can get squeaky
  • Requires some fine adjustment
  • Does not include a computer

If you’re searching for a good quality indoor ride, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a spin bike, the Sunny Health Indoor bike should be on your list of considerations. This bike is one of the cheapest on our list of the best spin bikes, and it actually offers very respectable performance as long as you build it and adjust it properly.

This bike is very heavy, and it offers a good solid feel while riding it. It uses a pretty standard friction-based resistance system that feels pretty realistic but can lead to more noisy operation than the magnet-based resistance setups. During use we found the bike to be louder than some of the more high-priced options on this list, but other owners remark on fixing squeaks and other noise issues with cheap graphite spray, so users that don’t mind regular maintenance should still be able to get a quiet ride out of this spin bike.

The cycle is highly adjustable, and you should have no trouble getting it to fit you well during use. The seat height and the handlebar height are both adjustable, letting you customize the fit of the ride quite nicely. We weren’t as impressed with a top weight support of just 275 lbs. but this will be enough for many riders out there.

The Sunny Health SF-B1002 Belt Drive bike also doesn’t come with any sort of computer system, but many of the high-end bikes don’t either. If we owned the product we would add a computer of our own to the bike and call it a day.

Overall, this spin bike is a rock-solid performer as long as you don’t mind doing some maintenance now and then. It doesn’t offer as smooth or quiet of a ride as the more expensive products on this list, but it’s extremely budget friendly. When you consider that you could get five of these for the price of one of the other bikes on this list, it’s easy to see why many people are going to be excited about this option.

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#5.  Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

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  • Stout and sturdy construction
  • Smooth ride quality
  • Excellent price point


  • Uses a felt friction pad for braking
  • Requires routine maintenance
  • Pedals loosen up over time

As the most cost-effective spin bike on our list of the best spin bikes, it’s tempting to call this product a piece of junk, but it’s really not. Though Sunny Health and Fitness isn’t the most well-known manufacturer on this list, the company is known for making tough and reliable pieces of equipment and this bike is no different. It’s rock solid and will withstand rough riding from riders of up to 275 lbs. without flinching. It’s not the most refined, quietest or smoothest riding product on this list, but it is so much more affordable that it really doesn’t matter.

This bike offers a smooth and realistic ride with a very heavy 40 lb. flywheel and a belt-driven mechanism for moving the wheel around. It makes use of felt resistance, which isn’t the greatest, but the bike still manages to be quite smooth during use, even if it isn’t the quietest of bikes.

You’ll love how adjustable and comfortable this bike is, and whether you are short or tall, you will most likely be able to get this spin bike to fit you very well during use. Just take your time getting the settings just right so that you can ride comfortably.

Users that purchase this bike usually love the fit and comfort of it, but they do remark that it requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The pedals must be tightened routinely, and silicone grease should be applied to the brake’s friction pad regularly to keep it from wearing too quickly.

Overall, the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor cycling bike is a good investment for a rider that wants to get into indoor cycling without spending a small fortune. It’s highly affordable and will work well as long as it’s cared for. It isn’t the quietest, the smoothest or the most effective at giving you a solid workout, but it’s tough, reliable and it will do its job nearly as well as units that are much more expensive. That’s why it’s worth the purchase.

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#6.  SOLE Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

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  • Beautiful and capable computer system
  • Highly adjustable
  • Offers a very smooth ride


  • Resistance pad wears out
  • Louder than magnetic spin bikes

The SOLE Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike is a nice looking machine that’s designed for serious work. It’s built to offer commercial-level workouts and is designed for smooth riding. This bike feels very solid during use and it offers smooth riding performance that will make you want to get on it again and again. With that said, there are some things that we really liked about the bike and others that aren’t as great.

This exercise bike is designed for smooth operating conditions and will give you a nice comfortable ride every single time. It uses a manual resistance pad, but it offers smooth and even resistance, unlike some other pads we’ve tested. The bike is highly adjustable for a good solid fit for most sized riders, and it offers a wide and plush saddle that’s almost luxurious to sit on. Riding is smooth and enjoyable, thanks in large part to the massive 48 lb. flywheel attached to this bike.

One thing that we really don’t care for with this exercise bike is that it uses a standard felt resistance pad. The pad will wear out over time and you need to prepare to replace it. The pad will last for a few years with standard wear and represents a form of maintenance that the bikes with magnetic resistance don’t require. At this price point, it seems a bit odd that manual resistance is achieved through a pad instead of something more long-lasting.

Another great feature of this stationary bike is its computer system. It will track your vitals and let you know all about your ride as you go, all in vibrant colour with a screen that’s much nicer to look at than your average spin bike. This bike even attaches to external heart rate monitors through Bluetooth if you want a more accurate reading.

We added this SOLE Fitness bike to our list of the best spin bikes because of its excellent computer, its good mix of features and its smooth ride. It requires a bit more maintenance than the magnet-based spin bikes and is a bit louder, but it’s a very enjoyable ride and you’re going to get a good workout on this product.

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#7.  Fitleader FS1 Indoor Stationary Bike

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  • Nice appearance
  • Easy and capable computer system
  • Excellent smooth magnetic resistance


  • Just eight resistance levels to choose from
  • A lighter flywheel
  • Minimal adjustment settings to work with

If you’re interested in getting into riding inside and you have a limited budget, the Fitleader FS1 spin bike is another option for you to consider from our list of the best spin bikes. It’s a capable rider with good stable performance and a nice look, but it does lack in a few areas compared to the bikes that will cost you four or five times as much money. The first area is adjustability. This spin bike isn’t nearly as adjustable as a high-end spin bike is. If you want it set up just so, you might be disappointed with the simple post height adjustment mechanism that is present. It should accommodate most riders though, whether they are short or tall.

The bike offers a smooth ride for its price point and is one of the only budget spin bikes to offer magnetic resistance. There are just eight different resistance levels, but that’s more than enough to keep the rides challenging and will give you plenty of room to move around to vary your workouts. It comes equipped with a cushy wide saddle that’s excellent for new riders, but more seasoned riders that use padded shorts may want to switch to a standard road bike saddle. The pedals on this bike aren’t high quality either, though they will do the job just fine for new riders and they can be switched easily enough.

This spin bike looks a bit cheaper at first glance, but it holds up surprisingly well and delivers a good solid workout. When we’re looking at a budget spin bike like the Fitleader FS1 that’s all that we’re asking for and it’s hard to say anything negative about this ride. If you need a bike to stay in shape, and you don’t want to spend thousands, this is a good effective solution. It will get you moving, should hold up well and even delivers computer stats as you ride. It has many features other budget bikes don’t which is why it’s one of our top budget recommendations.

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#8.  Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle Trainer

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  • Tough welded steel construction
  • Durable 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Smooth riding performance


  • Slightly noisy during use
  • Adjustment knob instead of gear tension adjuster

This tough spin bike is made almost entirely of steel, which makes it heavier than many of the other options that we’ve looked at, but it does offer a benefit for the increased weight. This beast of a machine will support up to 300 lbs., more weight than many of the other budget spin bikes we’ve looked at so far.

The Marcy Club Revolution is a smooth riding stationary bike for someone looking for a riding experience similar to a road bike. Adjusting the resistance of the ride is simple with a basic knob, though we prefer the bikes that adjust resistance through a gear system. The bike features a heavy 40 lb. flywheel for good smooth momentum based performance at high speeds. It features a good mix of seat and handlebar adjustments, making it comfortable for most riders, even those that want their adjustments just so during use. This bike isn’t the quietest during operation and isn’t one that you’ll want to use nearby to a sleeping person. It’s ideal for a garage gym or another location that won’t disturb others. The felt pad resistance system makes quite a bit of noise, especially at higher resistance levels, so that’s something to think about if you have noise requirements.

This bike doesn’t feature any sort of computer system, so you will have to add one of your own if you want to enable tracking, but it does come equipped with a nice little water bottle holder, enabling you to get a drink while on the move. The bike features simple wheels at the bottom, making it easy to move around, and even though its’ made of steel it isn’t too heavy thanks to it’s smaller footprint.

We really like this spin bike for budget-conscious buyers looking for a solid performer and recommend it to any riders that don’t have strict noise requirements. It’s rock solid and supports heavier riders well, and it looks pretty darned nice too.

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#9.  Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

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  • Excellent adjustment capabilities
  • Easy to move around
  • Smooth performance


  • Friction based resistance
  • Somewhat noisy

The Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor cycle trainer is a beautiful looking spin bike and would look really nice in most home gyms. It’s a mid-range spin bike as far as price goes, and is a good solid investment for any rider that wants a smooth and enjoyable workout indoors.

Other than looking really nice, this bike also performs smoothly too. It features a good sized 44 lbs flywheel that will help you maintain momentum and cuts down on jerking performance that lighter flywheels will make you feel. The bike uses a friction pad for resistance, but doesn’t make too much noise and delivers good smooth resistance all the time, thanks in large part because of the flywheel. The bike feels smooth and is belt-driven for a natural feel.

A basic computer is included with the spin bike for monitoring your rides, but the bike won’t measure your heart rate on its own. The computer will pick up on a Bluetooth heart rate monitor if you wear it while cycling, making it easy to get accurate readings for all your workouts.

Many riders really enjoy just how adjustable this exercise bike is, and that’s one of the reasons that it made it onto our list of the best spin bikes. Not only does the seat post and handlebar post adjust up and down, but the handlebars adjust back and forth for a comfortable ride for riders with different arm lengths. It offers a good fit for most riders and is designed for maximum comfort during the ride. It’s also pretty easy to move thanks to the smooth rolling wheels included up front.

The Bladez Fitness Master GS indoor cycle trainer isn’t a top-end ride, but it offers good solid mid-grade features that will give you a smooth ride, reliable resistance, excellent adjustability and a good overall performance compared to other products sold today. It’s worth the cost and we recommend it to anyone looking for more of a mid-range spin bike.

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#10.  NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle

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  • Monitors heart rate during use
  • Quiet operation
  • Seat adjusts back and forth


  • Supports just 280 lbs.
  • Light flywheel
  • Not great for tall riders

For smaller riders, we really like the look and performance offered for the cost with the NexHT Fitness Exercise Bike. This bike looks beautiful and offers good solid performance, as long as it fits you well. This is a fitness bike that’s best for shorter riders because the height adjustments just don’t go high enough for riders with longer legs.

The bike features a pretty capable built-in computer that measures distance, heart rate, time riding and more to give you a good overview of your workout. The monitor is simple, though we don’t know how accurate the heart rate displayed is. This bike supports riders up to 280 lbs. which should be plenty since it only fits smaller riders well.

Even though this bike has a smaller flywheel that weighs in at just 24.3 lbs. we found the ride to be pretty smooth. It uses a belt-driven drive system and offers plenty of adjustment for riders of an appropriate size. The seat raises up and down and tilts back and forth to help you get a good distance for comfortable riding conditions.

The one thing that we liked best about this exercise bike that makes it an even stronger recommendation for the right person is its virtual lack of noise during operation. The way the NexHT cycle is built it makes next to no noise during use and would work well in an apartment or other noise-sensitive settings.

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#11.  Spinner S7 Indoor Cycling Bike

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  • Includes spinning DVDs
  • Smooth riding performance
  • Nice looking


  • Only holds 250 lbs.
  • Minimal handlebar adjustment
  • No computer and basic knob tension adjustment

Riders of all sizes should be able to hop on this bike and ride comfortably. It’s designed to accommodate riders between 4’10” and 6’7”, giving just the right set of adjustments to keep the handlebars, seat and pedals just where you want them. It is important to note that if you have longer legs you might have trouble getting the handlebars high enough to ride comfortably. That’s an issue some riders over 6’ in height might have to deal with. Unfortunately, this bike isn’t a great option for heavier riders looking to get into shape. It supports a maximum weight of just 250 lbs. giving it one of the lowest maximum weight ratings of all the bikes on this list of the best spin bikes 2019. If you

The Spinner S7 offers a nice smooth riding experience thanks to its good-sized flywheel and top quality belt-driven pedal system. It will feel good when operated at full speed and should give you the performance you’re looking for in most conditions. This bike isn’t quiet though, and shouldn’t be used in homes that demand quiet operation or if you like riding when others are sleeping. It squeaks a bit, and the tension system produces an audible whirring noise during operation. If you don’t mind a bit of noise during use this bike feels very nice to ride though.

Riders that are searching for a good solid performer at a decent cost can probably get some value from the Spinner S7 under the right circumstances. We love how high the seat adjusts on this bike, but we wish the handlebars were a bit more adjustable. The bike is also quite noisy, which will keep some owners from enjoying an otherwise very smooth riding experience.

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#12.  Stamina Airgometer Upright Exercise Bike

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  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Excellent resistance adjustment
  • Capable computer with lots of information


  • Nuts and bolts loosen over time
  • Can be noisy over time

As the only air-based bike on our list of spin bikes, the Stamina Airgometer bike is a unique entry on our list of the best spin bikes 2019. It’s a high-quality machine that offers good stable resistance though and deserves a mention for buyers looking for a product that relies on an air-resistance mechanism instead. It does come with some considerations though, so read through this review carefully to learn if this is the exercise bike for you.

This spin bike is smooth and offers good stable performance as long as it’s assembled carefully. Many buyers complain of bolts loosening up over time, and this issue can be resolved using a thread locker such as Loctite during the installation. The air resistance of this bike is excellent and can be adjusted endlessly by pulling the adjustment knob. The bike sounds very quiet during use and it offers a good solid upper-body workout during use thanks to the rotating handles.

The unit comes with a nice computer display that’s much larger than the other spin bikes on our list. The computer offers a good mix of data about your ride and will make sure that you have a way to track your progress each time that you get on to go for a ride. It’s highly adjustable and will fit both tall and short riders. This cycle also comes with wide pedals that are more comfortable than most exercise bikes can offer, which is a nice improvement.

If you’re searching for an affordable exercise bike with air resistance and moving upper arms, this is the obvious choice to select. It is a good cost, offers a smooth ride, and is reliable over time, but it requires some extra steps to make it work well. The bike should be installed with a thread locker to avoid loose bolts over time. It’s also vital to take care when installing it or it could become squeaky in time.

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Best Spin Bikes 2020 Buyers Guide

Choosing a spin bike might seem pretty straightforward, you just need to find a good quality brand and make the purchase, but that’s not entirely true. A spin bike that works really well for one person, might not be a good fit for another. Different people have different requirements, and it’s important to think about these when deciding on the spin bike that you’re going to use. Make sure to read through this list of considerations to make before buying a spin bike. We took all of these into account when making our list of the best spin bikes, but you’ll need to be thinking about yourself when looking through spin bikes, otherwise, you could end up with an option that just isn’t a good fit for you.

Consider the Fit

If you’re an average-sized man or woman you probably don’t have to think about fit too much, but look at height requirements of different spin bikes, and make sure that the bike you are considering will fit your height well. Most spin bikes are highly adjustable. Just read through the reviews to ensure you get a bike that will fit you well and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Comfort is Important

Getting in shape means exercising regularly, but that’s not likely to happen if your spin bike is unbearable to sit on. Make sure to look into the comfort of any particular models that you are considering. The most comfortable models will make you want to exercise more frequently, while uncomfortable models will give you another reason to avoid your workouts.

Think About Weight Limits

If you are heavier, or you’re getting a bike that will be used by someone else that’s heavier, look at the weight limitations on the bike before making the purchase. Different bikes support different amounts of weight, so always keep this consideration in mind when choosing a bike to make sure that you get a product that’s going to work for you.

Noise Considerations

To some people, noise is a very real consideration when purchasing spin bikes. Some bikes are much louder than others, and these bikes can’t be used in all settings. For instance, if you live in an apartment with people under you, you may not be able to use a particularly loud exercise bike and would be limited to certain hours of the day if you did use a loud model. Make sure that you think of the noise a bike will put out if that sort of thing is important to you when buying a spin bike.

Look into the Features

Finally, you should pick the best spins bikes of 2018 for your home or gym by looking at the additional features that the different bikes offer. While you might be fine with a pretty basic bike, it doesn’t make sense to miss out on features if you can have them at the same price point. Some spin bikes come with sound systems, others feature cup holders and many come with detailed computers that give you stats about your ride. Consider the different features offered, and choose a bike that offers the most features that you will use regularly. Don’t spend more for features you won’t use, but do think about features that mean the most to you.

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12 best spin bikes

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