Best smart Scales 2020 (The 7 greatest scales on the market)

7 Best Smart Scales 2020

  1. Nokia Body Cardio
  2. Fitbit Aria 2
  3. Qardiobase 2
  4. iHealth Core
  5. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale
  6. Tanta RD-901 Smart Scale
  7. Koogeek S1 Smart Scale

More and more people are now trying to increase their fitness and improve general health.  Yet for many their, increased activity levels is not just about improving fitness but for losing a few kilos and reducing body fat.  For this, we have compiled a list of the best smart scales 2020.

We now have an abundance of technology to help track everything along the way.  For example, fitness trackers and smartwatches can help you track every aspect of your activity and training and apps and websites like MyFitnessPal help you track and keep on top of your nutrition and diet plans.

smart scale and a hand holding a smartphone with the smart app open

Now, all we are missing is some tech to help us measure our body composition.  This is exactly where smart scales come in.

Don’t get me wrong, a set or normal scales will be okay for some people who just want to keep an eye on their weight once in a while, but most will appreciate the upgrade in tech and what it can do for them.  Not only will you be able to go further than just measuring your weight, but all the data smart scales can give you, will be tracked and stored on your phones, whilst being presented to us in attractive charts and graphs making it a whole lot easier to see increments in progress.

Not just for weighing yourself: a quick overview

Like activity trackers and smartwatches, you can connect your smart scales to your phone or tablet through an app.  This will then enable you to store, track and view your most vital and important statistics.

The degree of smart functionality will all depend on the smart scales you decide to purchase.  However, all of them will transfer your data like measurements, body fat etc to the associated app via wi-fi or Bluetooth.

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What can smart scales tell you?

Weight is just one of many readings a smart scale can give you.  They also provide you with body composition readings to a great degree of accuracy.

A small electric current is sent around your body through a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BLA).  For this reason, we strongly recommend not using one if you are pregnant or have any internal medical device, like a pacemaker for example.

Let’s take a look at some of the key readings and measurements a smart scale will give you.

  • Body fat % – The proportion of your body made up of fat cells
  • BMI (body mass index) – Not the most accurate indicator of healthy weight due to the reading not taking into account whether you are heavy through fat or muscle, but widely used by doctors still.  BMI takes your height into account and will indicate whether you are a healthy weight based on how tall you are.
  • Visceral fat – More commonly known as abdominal fat.  This type of fat can be found around your organs.  There is a higher risk of many conditions linked with visceral fat.  These include heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Body water % – Expressed as a percentage of your total body weight, this is the total amount of water in the body.
  • Lean muscle mass – a measure of your bodies composition that’s made up from muscle.  This is recorded as a percentage based on your total body composition.
  • Bone density – An extremely important health metric to measure.  Just like muscle, exercise can help your bones become stronger.  Bone density is also affected by your diet.  For example, it’s important to get enough vitamin D and calcium through your diet.

The way this data is shown can vary from brand to brand.  However, the most common method is to display graphs and charts showing how your measurements have changed.  Some apps linked with smart scales can also feed your data into your fitness tracking app.  This way you have all your measurements both from your fitness tracker and smart scale all in one place.

Smart scales – what else you need to know

How much are smart scales?

If you are looking for an ultra cheap set of scales, then you would be better off looking for a normal digital bathroom scale.  A smart scale is priced higher than your typical basic digital scale.  You will be looking to splash out between $50 and $150 dollars.  This is due to all the extra features and functions they can offer you.  If you really want to dig deep into your bodies changes and improvements with the latest tech, then a smart scale is 100% for you.

Using a smart scale

How you would prefer to interact with your smart scale is a consideration you have to make.  Some you will only be able to set up using the app and others you will only be able to see certain data and measurements through the app and not on the actual scales themselves.

As long as you are happy to have your tablet or phone with you each time you step on the scales, then this won’t be a major issue.

Smart scales that offer multiple accounts

The great thing about smart scales is the ability to set up multiple accounts.  This means that more than one person can sync their data with the app.  So a smart scale would be a perfect addition to any household as the whole family can benefit from one.

There are two ways in which the scales will recognise each different person phone.  Via Bluetooth or guessing who is standing on the scales based on their weight.  This is actually quite accurate, but they will struggle with this method if any two people are very similar in weight.

Best Smart Scales 2020 Reviews

#1.  Nokia Body Cardo

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Maximum Capacity: 180kg | Memory: 8 Users | Connection: Bluetooth/Wi Fi    | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: No | Visceral Fat: No | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: Yes |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Scale is really simple to use
  • The app is simple to use
  • A huge number of stats offered
  • Clear screen


  • Health Mate app not great on the Ipad
  • Graphs displayed on the app can be confusing at times

Taking our number one spot in our list of the best smart scales is the Nokia Body Cardio.  If you are looking for a set of smart scales that are intelligent and comes with bags of useful features then look no further.

Taking our number one spot of the best smart scales of 2018 The Nokia Body Cardio is a really sophisticated set of scales, designed not only to tell you your weight but to give you data on your muscle mass, body fat, heart rate and body water.

These scales show you a huge number of stats.  One of which is how much weight you have gained or lost since your previous weigh in, and another is the weather forecast being shown right there on the scales when you step on them.  This is great for runners.

The scales need to be connected to the Health Mate app, either on your phone or tablet.  This can be done via wi-fi or Bluetooth.  You will have to initially create a Nokia account before being able to connect them to the app.  This may put some people off, however, you only have to do it once at the beginning of the setup.  All data that is taken from stepping on the scales will automatically be sent to the app for you to view your progress.  A slight negative is the graphs will take a bit of getting used to when viewing on the app.  The app is also compatible with both Android and iOS.

If you don’t own a smartphone or tablet, then fear not as all your data can be viewed on the website as well.

Another great thing about these scales is being able to connect and sync them to Nokia’s great range of fitness trackers and smartwatches for your fitness monitoring needs including the brilliant Nokia Steel HR which made it onto our list of the best smartwatches of 2018.

These scales allow you to store data for 8 different users, which is great as it means the whole household can use them.  What’s also great is the scales ability to recognise each person from them just simply stepping on the scales.  This means you will never have to worry about wasting time from scrolling through menus in order to load up your own profile.

If you are looking for a set of scales that come with more features and detailed analysis then most others then these are the ones for you.  Also being able to link these with other Nokia fitness devices so that you can view and monitor every aspect of your fitness and health is great.

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#2.  Fitbit Aria 2

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Maximum Capacity: 158kg | Memory: 8 Users | Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: No | BMR: No | Visceral Fat: No | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: No |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Easy to read display
  • Connects via wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Links flawlessly with Fitbit’s ecosystem
  • Body fat analysis is very trustworthy


  • Takes a while before showing your weight
  • The display is quite small
  • Struggles to pick up tiny increments in weight measurements

Although similar in look to the Fitbit Aria with a backlit LCD display and glass body, the Aria 2 is certainly an improved version.  The improved Fitbit Aria 2 is much more accurate in all its measurements and far easier to set up.

Connecting the newer Aria 2 is much easier as well.  This time rather then you having to connect the scales to Wi-Fi through a web browser, you now simply connect to your Wi-Fi through the app on your phone.

You can now have up to 8 different user profiles.  Each one will automatically be synced to the Fitbit app.  Another nice touch is that each user is given an icon which makes it easy to see if you are on the correct profile or not.

The Aria 2 seamlessly links with the Fitbit ecosystem and is a great friend for any Fitbit trackers and smartwatches.

You will be able to measure your weight, BMI, body fat % and lean mass, in which all measurements and data are wirelessly synced with your Fitbit app and dashboard.  If you do own and use Fitbit fitness watches then the app will sync all the info about your daily workouts, weigh-ins and any food intake you have manually inputted for a full and true overview of your body on that day.

A slight negative is it can take slightly longer than other scales to display your weight.  This is however only a problem if you are impatient like me.

The Aria 2 uses four AA batteries to run and the scales will tell you when the batteries are getting low and need replacing.  This would be a plus point for some but a negative for others who like to charge their scales by plugging them into the wall.

The Aria 2 comes in black or white, and you will struggle to find many better-looking scales then these.  The LED display is a bit small, however, it is extremely clear and easy to read, even with blurred vision when first waking up.

Whether you own other Fitbit tech or not, these are truly great scales.  However, if you are looking for a set of scales with more features and measurements then I would opt for the Nokia Body Cardio scales.

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#3.  QardioBase 2

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Maximum Capacity: 180kg | Memory: 5 Users | Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: No | Visceral Fat: No | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: Yes |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Is rechargeable (no more need for 8 AA batteries)
  • Really stylish design
  • Good range of body composition measurements
  • Feedback modes are unique


  • Takes a while before displaying your weight
  • Pricey

The QardioBase 2 is an upgraded version of the original QardioBase and makes it into third place on our list of the best smart scales.  I really did love the original with the only downside being having to replace 8 AA batteries every time they ran out.

The QuardioBase 2 is priced at around $149 in line with other top end models like the Nokia Body Cardio and the Fitbit Aria 2.  Does it justify the price tag?  I would say yes as it does offer a lot.

Like most smart scales you will be able to share your data and measurements with the app (Quardio app) via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  The QardioBase 2 automatically measures your weight, BMI, Body Fat %, body water % and muscle %.

The scales are very stylish to look at.  If the design is a big thing for you, then you will love these.  The Qardio 2 scales are a circular design and come in either black or white.  They also have green LED lights underneath the glass to provide visual feedback.  The scales will also vibrate to tell you they have completed taking a measurement.

The first generation Qardio could be a bit unstable when standing on it, however, this problem has been rectified by making the second generation scales slightly wider while introducing a different foot position.  This was an issue that needed to be sorted as a steady set of scales will provide much more accurate readings.

My biggest negative with the first generation scales were the use of 8 AA batteries.  This has also been rectified and now the Qardio 2 has a rechargeable battery which is powered by a micro-USB.  Although I haven’t tested this, they claim the scales have a full year of charge on them.  If this is true then that’s fantastic.

These scales are also great for anyone with a pacemaker or pregnant.  When doing your body composition measurements a small electric current is sent around the body, however, the body composition function can be switched off, allowing you to just measure your weight.

There are many different modes you can choose from, one being a dedicated pregnancy mode.  As well as tracking your progress this will allow you add photos as you go.

The Qardio 2 supports up to 5 different users.  The scales are also clever enough to work out which user has just stepped onto the scales, based on their weight and body composition.  It will show the username of that person just so you can make sure it has picked up the right person.  I must point out that each user will have to have their own account and app installed.

You can view your data both in list form on a calendar or on a graph.  The graphs include trend lines and your goal.  This is a great and quick way to see your progression.  The strangest part to all this is that the Qardio 2 only displays your BMI, body fat and weight on the graphs, even though it can also measure your muscle mass.

Being able to integrate your app with other external apps like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Samsung Health and Google Fit is a nice feature.

If you are in the market for a high-end smart scale, then the Qardio 2 is a great choice.  It comes with a high price but for that, you are getting a stylish set of scales with a load of features, modes and the ability to take many different measurements.

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#4.  iHealth Core

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Maximum Capacity: 180kg | Memory: 10 Users | Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: Yes | Visceral Fat: Yes | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: Yes |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Brilliant interaction with other iHealth products
  • Simple to use
  • Measures lots of different metrics


[box title=”Cons” bg_color=”#dd8585″ icon=”thumbs-down” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”center” height=”290″]

  • Set up could be easier
  • Sometimes has Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Burns through the batteries quickly

Simply opening the box will put a big smile on your face.  You are greeted with the message “you are more than just a number, you are beautiful”.  This is great as it reminds you not to get down if the readings shown when you first step on the scale are not what you wanted.  Just remember you brought these scales as you want to make positive changes.

Let’s start off with the connection.  Like all smart scales, you will need to connect and sync the scales to an app.  In this case, it’s the iHealth MyVitals app.  You can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Being able to connect via Wi-Fi means you do not need your phone present to use the scales.  Most newer models of smart scales will have Wi-Fi as an option but its still a huge positive to note.  However, I must warn you I had problems connecting to Wi-Fi at first.  Also, other users have reported the same issues.

The setup is incredibly simple and it won’t take long before you can start using the scales.  A nice little feature is the iHealth Cores ability to estimate your optimal intake of calories based on an algorithm.  This is done as soon as you connect to the iHealth MyVitals app.

The iHealth Core scales can store data for up to 10 users.  Each user can set up individual goals and view their stats via the app.  Like some other smart scales, the iHealth Core will recognise each user from them just standing on the scales.  Again this is a huge time saver, as it means you won’t have to input any data to bring up your profile.

Lets not forgot about the most important part of owning a smart scale, the metrics it can measure.  Well, you will not be disappointed.  the iHealth Core measures weight, body water, muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, BMI, bone mass and lean mass.  As said above it will also estimate your daily calorie intake and adjust as you go along.

The iHealth core interacts really well with all other iHealth products.  These include their fitness tracker, the iHealth Wave and blood pressure, monitors.  You could easily create a whole suite of iHealth gadgets and track every element of your health and fitness.

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#5.  Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

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Maximum Capacity: 180 kg | Memory: 16 users | Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: Yes | Visceral Fat: No | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: Yes |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Great price
  • Can save up to 16 users
  • Measures a good range of metrics


  • The app will not track your daily calorie intake
  • Navigating the app a little difficult
  • App tutorials limited

The Yunmai Premium Smart Scale will be a great companion in helping you reach your health goals.  They are incredibly easy to set up and then use.

These are some of the most accurate and consistent scales tested and come in at the half the price of their premium competitors.  In terms of weight measurements, they are only off by eight-hundredths of an ounce.  Basically almost perfect.

The scales can measure weight, BMI, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass.  Not only that up to 16 different users can benefit from all that these scales offer.

The scales will automatically link with the app.  All you have to do is provide your gender, age and height.  Every time you step on the scale, all your data and measurements will be recorded in the app.  After a while, you will be able to view any changes and progress on nice looking charts produced in the app.  However, don’t expect to find these with ease as it can be difficult navigating around the app.  The tutorial when first opening the app isn’t overly helpful either.  You will still have figure some things out for yourself when trying to find the information you are after.

Although the Yunmai doesn’t track your daily intake of calories like the iHealth Core, it does allow you to sync to third-party apps like MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit.

The Yunmai Premium scales are very nice to look at.  they come in two colours, white and black.  They are an extremely sturdy set of scales, although a bit on the heavy side at 6 lbs.  The display is clear and easy to read.

The Yunmai Premium Smart Scales are extremely accurate and consistent.  Even more so than many premium brands.  On top of this, they are incredibly cheap compared to some of the others.

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#6.  Tanta RD-901 Smart Scales

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Maximum Capacity: 200 kg | Memory: 4 users | Connection: Bluetooth | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: Yes | Visceral Fat: Yes | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: Yes |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • Long battery life
  • A huge range of metrics


  • Cheap-looking design
  • Instructions are weak

This set of smart scales are really accurate and they go way beyond just measuring your weight.  They take up to 10 different measurements including weight, BMI, body fat, visceral fat, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and muscle mass.

This impressive list of metrics should really help you improve and monitor your health.  These scales use the Health Planet app.  You can connect these scales via Bluetooth to the app on both iOS and Android devices.  However, lack of a Wi-Fi connection is a big negative.

You can get some instant feedback through the traffic light alert system.  Green means you are healthy, Yellow means you are borderline and Red means you need to work on your health.  It will give you this feedback while all your other data and measurements are being sent to the app.

It’s great that the Tanta RD-901 Smart Scales pack so much in and are extremely accurate, however, the process of setting up lets them down.  It should be a simple process, but it is not.

These scales are certainly not ugly, however, the design does feel very cheap and dated.

If you can get past the slightly dated appearance and complicated setup, then you have a set of fantastic scales here.  The Tanta RD-901 Smart Scales will treat you to a huge amount of information.

The sheer amount of information the Health Planet app shows is amazing.  What I would say is, get google loaded up ready as it will take some figuring out on what half of the stats actually mean.

I don’t believe all the stats are that accurate, however, as long as you see them going in the right direction from when you first started using the scales, then that’s all that really matters I suppose.

If you love seeing lots of stats, even if some take a bit of working out, then you will love these scales.  However, for the average person, the sheer number of stats may be a bit overwhelming.  If appearance is important then you may want to look elsewhere, however, if pure function and accuracy is all you are after then you won’t be disappointed with the Tanta RD-901 Smart Scales.

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#7.  Koogeek S1 Smart Scale

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Maximum Capacity: 150 kg | Memory: 16 users | Connection: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi | Body fat %: Yes | BMI: Yes | Body Water %: Yes | BMR: No | Visceral Fat: Yes | Muscle Mass: Yes | Bone Mass: No |Compatability: iOS/Android


  • 16 user profiles can be saved
  • Can intergrate with other fitness tracking apps


  • Fiddly setup process
  • Unreliable Wi=Fi connection

Not too many people would have heard of Koogeek.  They are a Chinese manufacturer and have sided to step up alongside major brands like Nokia and Fitbit and produce their very own Smart Scale the S1.

At half the price of the Fitbit Aria 2 and Nokia Body Cardio you certainly can’t argue with the price of the Koogeek S1.  The best place to pick these scales up is Amazon.

In order for the Koogeek S1 Smart Scales to be sold so cheaply, some sacrifices had to be made.  With a similar feature set, the closest scales you will find to these are the Nokia body Cardio cheaper alternative the Nokia Body+ Smart Scales.

The design won’t make you leap out of your seat, however, the Koogeek S1 Smart Scales are still nice to look at.  I would say they look like a typical set of bathroom scales, which isn’t a bad thing by any means.   The scales are white in colour and have rounded edges.  The edges are covered in a nice metal effect trim and also covered in glass.  The blue LED display is easy to see.

This scale can only be used on hard floor in order to get accurate readings.  This is due to the rubber feet being really short.  They won’t even work accurately even if placed on a thin carpet.

Unlike some of the smart scales reviewed, the S1 is really light weighing just 1.75kg.  This means they are easy to move around the house.

The Koogeek S1 can connect to your smartphone via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  Having both connection types available is always a plus point.

The setup process is fiddly and it can sometimes take a few attempts to get the scales to connect to the app.

A big issue is that it was impossible to get the scale to sync with the app unless the phone was nearby and the app was actually open.  This is strange as when connecting with Wi-Fi, the phone shouldn’t have to be near the scale.

You will be able to measure multiple metrics including weight, muscle mass, body fat, body water and visceral fat.  Considering the price of the Koogeek S1 Smart Scales this is a good amount of metrics.

All data is displayed on simple line charts within the app.  However, you also have the option to connect the koogeek app to one of your more favoured fitness tracking apps like Google Fit or Apple Health.

The Koogeek S1 can register up to 16 users, and like some other smart scales will automatically recognise the user stepping on the scale.

The scales gave both accurate and consistent measurements.

Lastly, I want to mention the baby mode.  I am unsure how accurate this is but it supposedly helps you track the growth of your child.

These are a budget set of smart scales which will serve you well.  However, they most certainly can’t compare to the top tier scales currently on the market.  You do get what you pay for with these scales.  Unreliable Wi-Fi and an extremely annoying and stressful setup process.  Also being limited to only hard floors is a slight negative.

If you can look past this and you are looking for a set of scales on a budget then the Koogeek S1 Smart Scales will do the trick.

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7 best smart scales

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  1. Great article! I never knew scales could be so smart in figuring out the anatomy of one person’s body. I recently purchase the Eufy smart scales and I am finding them very useful on my fitness journey! I love how you have laid out the article and clearly shown the negatives and positives to each product!

    • Hi Olly

      Really glad you enjoyed the article.  Its becoming easier and easier to track fitness and health with new tech constantly being brought out and improved.  I remember the day when it was impossible to get an accurate body fat reading from a machine.  Now they are becoming more and more accurate

  2. Hey David,
    Very interesting article, as someone who is currently trying to lose weight and gain more muscle I didn’t think a scale would be necessary. I figured I would just notice the results, had no idea these scales were available, they do so much more than check the weight, will certainly check out that Nokia Body Cardio, thanks for opening my eyes to this.

    • Hi Victor

      Over the years these scales have got better and better and are now incredibly accurate.  When trying to get in shape weight isn’t always the best metric to go buy as this can fluctuate up and down, and can really demotivate you.  However, being able to view things like your body fat for example is a great metric to use.  Going by what you see in the mirror is incredibly important always, but the mind can sometimes play tricks on us, especially when you see yourself everyday.  So having actual metrics and data showing you the improvements will really keep you motivated even on those bad days.

  3. Check it out! They have smart scales now?! I had NO idea. Well, a friend told me about it and i didn’t believe her so I wanted to check out the best ones that were on the market. And oh my goodness. All of these are so great i don’t know which one to pick. I can keep track of every aspect of my activity and training. I love this new technology, it’s never been easier to get in shape. I think I’m going to get the ihealth core. That one will fit my needs the best. I like the idea of having a whole suite of ihealth gadgets to track my health and fitness goals. 

    I’m also looking for a good blender, I know this is off topic but can you recommend a good one? i want to start making smoothies in the morning again.

    • Hi Kye

      The ihealth core is a great pick.  I really like the fact that it estimates and gives you a starting point on how many calories you should be consuming.  This takes the need to use a seperate app away.

      In terms of a blender it all depends what you will be using it for.  I have created a best of list for blenders below.  Check out the link below.

      I personally use a nutribullet at the moment.  Its a personal sized blender meaning if you were to make a smoothie in it, you probably could only fit enough ingredients in the cup for yourself.

  4. Thank you for this great review of best smart scales.  I need a new pair of bathroom scales. I can see how getting extra quality data can really help people when it comes to setting goals around their weight and then maintaining that level.   It’s nice to think you can connect your sales to your app. Many people like the extra data that comes with this.  Nokia Body Cardio really does look good. I can see why that got to your #1 position.  I can also see why Fitbit has moved into the bathroom scales market. Their watches were such an overwhelming world wide phenomenon that it’s only natural for them to slide across over to digital scales – lots of customers will free really comfortable buying their products. I was just wondering is any scales on this list are currently in use in your home?

    • Hey there

      Thank you for your comment.  I currently own the Nokia Body Cardio.  I tend to use them more when dieting for a show, but my girlfriend loves them and uses them weekly to track her progress.  

  5. Hi David thanks for your review blog on smart scales. I need to replace my old one soon. My husband and I are both diabetics and it is important for us to keep all our statistics so our Internist can compare blood tests, weight and other factors to make the most up to date drug changes. So the smart scale is really good for us. I liked your review because you reviewed a good cross representation for price, apps, and features. It makes shopping easier, by knowing which ones will provide us the need information and is in our price range.

    As I read through the review I came away with the thought that all the scales were good, but it was more about what the consumer is looking for.  Did you feel this way when you were writing the review, or more that one out shined the others?


    • Hi Mary

      Although I personally love the Nokia Body Cardio scales.  Each set all have there plus and minus points.  It is definitely down to personal preference and making sure the set you chose has the features you need etc.  For example if you own a fitbit watch than it 100% makes sense to go for the Fitbit Aria 2.  They link up flawlessly together.  

      Where as for me, I am registered visually impaired so the bright screen of the Nokia Body Cardio really suits me.

  6. Ever since I’ve started this diet that I’m on, I’ve been wanting to get a scale and it sounds like a smart scale is the way to go for me. I’m really glad that you listed 7 different smart scales to choose from and while I understand that they are a bit more pricey than a traditional scale, the extra features that it comes with and you check in your app on your smartphone make it well worth the price. I really like what all the Nokia Body Cardo has to offer. I take it you use the Nokia smart scale?

    • Hi Brian

      Yes I personally use the Nokia Body Cardio Myself.  Its a brilliant set of scales.  If you already own a fitbit watch than choosing the Fitbit Aria 2 set of scales means everything between your scales and watch can be synced together really easily, and they really work well together.  

      Also it’s always important to only use the same set of scales each time as different sets of scales may differ slightly in their readings. 


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