Best Resistance Bands 2020 (Top 7 Bands And Buying Guide)

7 Best Resistance Bands 2020

Best For Assisted Pull-Ups

  1. WODFitters Assisted Pull-Up And Powerlifting Bands

Best Loop Bands

  1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Best for Physical Therapy, Yoga and Pilates

  1. Mokoss Resistance Bands

Best Complete Set of Bands

  1. UPOWEX Resistance Band Set

Best For Strength And Building Muscle

  1. SPRI Braided Xertube Resistance Band

Best For Legs and Hips

  1. Fit Viva Fabric Booty Resistance Bands

Best For Your Booty

  1. Booty Kit Belt Training Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a tool that’s been used since the 1980s for workout purposes around the world and recently the best resistance bands are used for many different purposes. The bands are used today for rehabilitation, strength training, yoga, Pilates and more.

Unfortunately, some bands are low quality while others are much more durable and it’s not always easy selecting the good ones from the bad. That’s why we made this guide, to help make the process for choosing the best resistance bands a bit simpler. Read through the guide and get familiar with what makes a good band, and then use that information to make selections yourself.

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Best Resistance Bands 2020 Reviews

Best For Assisted Pull-Ups

WODFitters Assisted Pull-Up And Powerlifting Bands

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These WODFitters assisted pull-up and powerlifting bands are designed to help with typical bodyweight and strength movements. These are some of the best resistance bands because they are the perfect length for pull-ups and muscle-ups and they are built at many different resistance levels for varying levels of assistance.

Fitness enthusiasts looking to build up their strength can use the resistance band while exercising to make the routine easier or more difficult. With difficult exercises like pull-ups, the bands can be used as an assistance tool to make them easier to accomplish for more repetitions. For a lift like a bench press, the bands can be used to add additional resistance throughout the lift.

The bands are available in five different levels and provide resistances of 10 pounds up to 175 pounds depending on the thickness of the band and the length that it’s stretched out. The bands can also be combined together for varying levels of resistance. They are sold as singles, or in sets of three or five. These affordable bands are a good starting point for fitness enthusiasts to aid with different strength training routines.


Between 10 lbs. and 175 lbs. resistance

Available in five different resistance levels

Designed for assistance with pull-ups and muscle ups



× Thinner bands than some other products available

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Best Loop Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

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The Fit Simplify resistance bands are one of the cheapest products that you can purchase for resistance training, unfortunately, they are one of the less reliable as well. This set is very affordable for coming with five different resistance bands at different levels of resistance. The bands are thin and tend to roll during use. The bands also have a tendency to rip after a month or two of use. For short-term rehabilitation or a short period of exercise, the bands would likely be fine, but users that need bands for extended exercise will need to look elsewhere. Each band will wear out and break, and most won’t make it a full year. They are warrantied for life though, so getting a refund is an option if the bands do break.

Each of the bands has built-in loops for putting on your hands or feet, making them simple to use and a bit more versatile as well. They are colour coded so you can determine the resistance of the band rapidly during use, helping to speed up workouts. The bands are also made from a soft latex material, making them somewhat comfortable to use. They aren’t built to last though and shouldn’t be depended on for long-term use because they just won’t hold up to anything more than a very light workout routine.  Overall, these aren’t our favourite option, but they are one of the cheapest for short-term use.


Wide band design for comfort

Includes 41-page eBook

Lifetime guarantee on each band

Set comes with five different resistance levels

Lightweight and travel-friendly

Made from natural materials


× Latex bands aren’t usable by those with latex allergies

× These bands roll frequently

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Best for Physical Therapy, Yoga and Pilates

Mokoss Resistance Bands

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The MOKOSS resistance bands are some of the best resistance bands for physical therapy, yoga and pilates. The bands don’t offer huge amounts of resistance and they’re comfortable. Each band is a wide ribbon shape and exceedingly stretchy. That makes it possible to use the bands through most movements without an issue. Users can easily get a full workout in with help from these bands.

There are three different resistance levels available, and the different bans can be combined together for even more resistance. These gentle resistance bands work well for physical therapy and should provide just the right amount of resistance to help someone get over an injury slowly. Each band is colour-coded so it’s easy to determine which resistance you’re using. The only downside to these bands other than the fact that they’re made from latex, is that they don’t come with any sort of handle or built-in grip point. Instead, they must be looped around the hands, held in a tight grip or tied into a loose knot during use. This is an extra step that isn’t necessary with many other fitness bands, and it’s something many users won’t be excited about. With that said, the lack of grip points makes it possible to adjust the usable length of the band to meet your needs, helping to achieve a more precise fit with every single movement.

The bands are made from 100% natural latex, so they aren’t for those with latex allergies. With that said, they are thick enough to hold up to regular use well. They last users over extended periods without tearing as other thin latex bands do. This makes them a solid investment and good for any fitness enthusiast looking to add a bit of resistance to their workouts. Whether you’re involved in Yoga, Pilates, you’re looking to recover for an injury, or you just want a good set of resistance bands around for a workout, this set is worth the cost and is a good affordable tool to have available.


Made from 100% eco-friendly material

Lightweight and easy to transport

Durable product


Stackable bands


× Not for those with latex allergies

× No handles or other grip points

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Best Complete Set of Bands

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

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Anyone interested in building muscle using resistance bands is likely to enjoy the Whatafit resistance band set. This set is priced affordably and includes five different resistance bands. Each of the different bands offers a different amount of resistance during use, and the bands can be stacked up to higher levels for even more resistance. They are designed for maximum flexibility and versatility and built for long-term performance as well.

This set made it on our list of the best resistance bands because it’s one of the best complete sets of resistance bands that can be purchased today at a reasonable price. The bands are stackable and include clip rings at either end for simple attachment. Thanks to the rings the bands can be stacked up and connected to the handles and straps with ease. There are few sets that make it as simple as this one to combine resistances for more difficult workouts, which is one of our favourite aspects of the equipment. The set includes handles for holding, a door frame anchor, Velcro straps and more for maximum flexibility. The kit includes a carry bag for convenient transport, and it’s lightweight so it can be brought anywhere.

Owners of the Whatafit resistance bands have good luck with their durability and long-term performance. They hold up well for extended use, making them a good investment. The bands are good for new users because they include a full workout guide, and they’re good for experienced lifters because they offer higher resistance levels by being fully stackable. They’re a versatile tool for anyone looking for good reliable resistance bands.


Bands include handles and clips

Double layered design

Five resistance levels

Features a door anchor

Handles and straps included for multiple movements

Features a workout guide


× Will aggravate latex allergies

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Best For Strength And Building Muscle

SPRI Braided Xertube Resistance Band

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The SPRI Braided Xertube resistance bands are one of the best resistance bands for strength training. They offer an impressive resistance level at the highest level band, and the different bands are durable enough for extended use. Each band uses a braided rubber design for strength and durability over time. They can hold up to regular use for many months or even longer, making them a good solid purchase. They are built in a similar style to how braided rope is crafted, which is what gives them their signature strength.

The bands are sold in five different resistance levels, making them usable for a wide range of movements. They are comfortable to use and include built-in handles for a good solid grip for different movements such as bicep curling and overhead pressing. The only downside to these bands is they feature flimsy handles. The handles flex and bend during use, and aren’t likely to last as long as the band material itself does. With that said, all four strips of the bands protrude through the inside of the handles for maximum support and stability during strenuous movements. These bands are good for strength training, lift assistance, rehabilitation and many other purposes as well. Add one or more to your collection if you’re searching for tougher resistance bands that are built to last. They are a go-to product at fitness centres and prove to be more reliable than other types of resistance bands do. They certainly cost more than budget resistance bands, but they are designed to last longer as well.


Built-in handles

Five different resistance levels

Extremely durable product

Perfect for strength training and bodybuilding


× The included handles flex quite a bit

× More costly than other products

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Best For Legs and Hips

Fit Viva Fabric Booty Resistance Bands

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The Fit Viva Fabric Booty resistance bands are designed to serve as bands to exercise your legs. The bands are built in three different loop sizes and meant to slide over the legs to be used in a variety of lower body workouts specifically. We fell in love with these bands during the first test session and had to add them to our list of the best resistance bands specifically as tools for leg workouts. The bands are wide and soft and they don’t roll or slide during use. This makes the more comfortable than the thinner or more narrow bands. The bands also come in three different sizes, making it more likely that at least one of the bands is going to fit properly.

While many other resistance bands wear out after a few months of use, these are built to last and designed from tough polyester that wears out at a slower rate than many other resistance bands do. As long as the bands fit properly they will be useful long after the other bands have worn out and been replaced. That’s why we recommend them for leg workouts. The kit with the three bands also features a workout challenge guide, making it easier to see just how these resistance bands work.  Follow the different guidelines in the book for yourself to give you an idea of how to get started, or try these loop-style bands using other workouts that you find online. The possibilities really are endless with this product, and there are few resistance bands that will hold up as well or offer the same soft and comfortable resistance that these give you.


Wide polyester construction

Three different resistance levels

Smooth and soft surface

Exceptionally durable

Multiple sized bands


× The 3 available band sizes may not fit properly

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Best For Your Booty

Booty Kit Belt Training Resistance Bands

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For getting a good booty workout the Booty Kit Belt training resistance band set is a worthwhile purchase. This product comes with highly stretchy bands designed to enable you to do a bunch of booty-building movements. This uniquely designed band features two-leg and foot holding sections that are connected together by a central hub. They are designed carefully to provide a secure hold during use whatever the position used. The bands offer decent resistance and lock in position on the legs reliably. They are made from a tough rubber polymer material and are highly durable. This resistance band is made from thick material that’s designed to withstand regular stretching and adjusting better than the thin bands do.

The resistance band is uniquely shaped to fit the legs of most users reliably. This lightweight band set includes a single resistance band as well as a carry bag to bring it on trips and wherever it’s needed. Slip it in the bag and bring it along on business trips or anywhere. The band is one of the most durable products designed for lower body workouts and is a good portable tool for getting in toning exercises from anywhere.

Long term users remark that the bands hold up well to regular use and that they’re relatively comfortable. Be aware that if you use them with shorts, they can pull a bit and are rough on any leg hair that’s present during use. Overall, the band is a good tool for booty sculpting workouts, and it comes with a guide to help users learn exactly how to make the most of it.


Includes a booty workout eBook

Designed to target the glute muscles specifically

Includes a carry bag

Grippy non-slip design

Durable construction


× Can pull leg hairs

× Only one resistance level

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Resistance Bands Buying Guide

Choosing resistance bands isn’t as simple as selecting an affordable set of bands to toss in your travel bag or to leave in your weight room. Instead, choosing quality products requires some testing and careful comparison. Some bands perform better than others do during testing, and it’s important to consider the features and performance of different bands before deciding on the right ones to purchase. Below we explain what makes good resistance bands and what we look for when evaluating any product.

An image of a fitness instructor using a set of the best resistance bands to demonstrate a overhead triceps extension in front of a class.


Good resistance bands should be comfortable to use. That means that they are made from a soft enough material, they are wide enough to avoid rolling when help on your skin or they have added features like built-in handles for a good solid grip. No matter what sort of bands you’re considering, it’s important to try and determine whether they are comfortable to use or not. The uncomfortable bands aren’t an option that you’ll want to rely on regularly. This means being wide and stable enough to remain firmly in one position during use. Too much movement is uncomfortable and rolling is unpleasant. The right bands are a joy to use, and the rest are something you’ll want to toss out as soon as possible.


Resistance bands get stretched out over and over again. Eventually, they rip apart and fail and need to be replaced. This happens with every single resistance band, the only difference is that some bands last much longer than others do. When making resistance band recommendations we try and single out the more reliable bands and suggest them over the products that are more likely to fail in a short time. Often the braided bands or bands made from multiple layers of material are the most reliable and hold up the longest over time.

A Good Resistance Range

Different people have different fitness levels. Because of this, it’s important to have access to resistance bands at different levels of difficulty. We try and recommend products that offer multiple resistance levels and multiple bands whenever possible. This is important to make sure people can get bands that will fit them well. It’s also valuable being able to increase the resistance level over time as strength develops and a more challenging workout is desired.

Consider the Accessories

It’s also a good idea to consider what additional accessories will be included with the products when they are sold. We like resistance band sets that come complete with carry bags, snap-on handles, Velcro straps and other accessories that add to the set. Sets of simple resistance bands on their own are simple and won’t serve as many purposes. A set that includes handles and other attachment tools makes it easier to do multiple workouts using the bands and makes them more useful overall. That’s why we point out band sets with many different accessories when possible.

Get a Grip

Finally, fitness bands should be easy to hold during use. That might mean having built-in handles, having handle attachments, or just using a wide band that’s simple to grip during use. No matter how they accomplish the goal, it should be comfortable holding the bands firmly in place as you workout. If they are difficult to grip they aren’t a quality product and won’t allow you to get successful workouts in either. That’s why we test out each of the different resistance bands to verify that they can be held in place with comfort. The bands with built-in grip points get bonus points for really focusing in on this issue and making sure that users have a comfortable way to hold on.

Choosing the right resistance band set isn’t easy to do, but it’s something that most people can do when given enough time and information. By keeping our considerations in mind you should be able to choose bands that will work well for you and give you a workout that you can be proud of.

Resistance Bands FAQs

Why Should I Use Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are an incredible option if you don’t have weights. It’s also a good addition to any weight training program. They don’t cost a lot, are highly versatile, and can work your muscles effectively in a varied way than weights.

Studies have shown that muscles strongly respond to strength training using resistance bands just as effectively as with free weights and other similar types of equipment. 

When you’re using resistance bands with, let’s say, dumbbell curls, you’re engaging your muscles twice- when you’re bending your arm and when you’re releasing it. In turn, you feel a never-ending tension on your muscle that engages it in ways that you’re not used to.

How Do I Use Resistance Bands in My Workout?

There are resistance bands for every person depending on your fitness level. You increase in intensity just like you would using free weights. You can perform the same exercises but raise the resistance level as you attain progress in your training regimen.

When picking a resistance band to use, always go for a band that really tests your strength. It should be challenging enough for the exercises you’ll perform depending on the number of reps and sets.

If you’ve only just started, test the bands with the least resistance. If you can perform 12 to 15 reps of the movement without feeling tired, scale-up and move to a band that has slightly greater resistance. You want to feel like you’re really working it.

However, your goal is to be challenged by your workouts but still be capable of controlling the band throughout the entire time.

If you can’t completely control your resistance, such as feeling like your legs are always being pulled back to their starting position, the resistance could be too great for you. This may cause you to have a bad form which then cancels out any strength gains you’re trying to make with resistance bands.

Which Resistance Band Tension Works For Me?

Resistance bands are sold either separately or in a set, and the strength of the band is often marked by color. You’ll also be able to check and feel the difference when it comes to their length and thickness, which significantly affect their overall resistance.

There are 4 tension levels, which start from supporting you on a light workout to powering you through advanced training programs. Switching your resistance band strengths around can be a good idea as certain muscle groups will be a lot stronger than others, like your legs versus your arms.

  • Light tension bands- they are thinner and offer around 3 pounds of resistance. As it’s not too much, these bands are perfect if you’re just starting with resistance training. They also work well for any rehabilitation workouts or if you prefer to pay attention to increasing your flexibility.
  • Medium tension bands- if you’ve already gained some strength, these resistance bands are a good option. Providing about 6 to 13 pounds of resistance, they’ll work fine if you’re comfortable and certain enough of your current fitness abilities. 
  • Heavy tension bands- you can easily observe how thicker they are as these resistance bands offer up to 20 pounds of resistance. If you already have really good strength and an excellent fitness level but still want to add some variety to your traditional workouts, then these bands are for you.
  • Very Heavy Tension Bands- with up to 40 pounds of tension, these bands provide the most physically demanding resistance level. Use these only if you’re highly experienced in resistance and weight training. 

What’s The Difference Between Using Resistance Bands and Weights?

Resistance bands force you to exert more effort not just when your muscles expand (eccentric part of the movement) but also when they shorten (concentric part). 

When doing a biceps curl with a dumbbell, for instance, this will allow you to contract the bicep as you’re lifting the dumbbell but doesn’t have much caloric burn when you release this weight back to the start. On the other hand, performing this movement with a resistance band will allow you to engage your biceps in both directions.

With resistance bands, you’re able to work your muscles under tension for a longer time and allow them to move through a wider range of motion. In turn, this enhances the strength and function of the muscle, which then results in increased metabolism and a more effective caloric burn.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands give you so much variety in a workout. Aside from being highly effective, they have a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Increasing coordination because they allow you to retain constant tension on your muscles
  • Giving you versatility in your workouts as you have practically endless possibilities when exercising with these bands
  • Adding variety as they allow you to position yourself in many ways and create resistance from every direction 
  • Not taking too much space because these bands can be easily stored 
  • Being inexpensive which is a great thing if you’re looking to cut back on training costs
  • Weighing very little so these bands can go anywhere with you, even for travel when you’re not able to bring your usual equipment 
  • Having different tension levels for basic movements up to highly advanced workouts

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7 best resistance bands

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