Best Pull Up Bars for Home 2020 (Top 10 Pull UP Bars And Buying Guide)

10 Best Pull Up Bars For Home 2020

Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

  1. K KiNGKANG Power Tower
  2. Body Champ VKR 1010 Power station

Best Budget Free Standing Pull Up Bars

  1. LIANXIN Power Station
  2. GoPlus Adjustable Power Rack

Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

  1. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
  2. Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best Door Way Pull Up Bars

  1. ProSource Multi Grip Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar

Best Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

  1. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

Pull ups and chin ups are some of the best exercises that you can do for your health today. They help develop strong back, arm and shoulder muscles and don’t require huge complicated machines in order to make these workouts possible. If you want to be able to perform these workouts at home, you will want a good set of pull up bars for home use though. That’s why we’re taking the time to make this guide on how to find the best pull up bars for home use and how to pick from one bar to the next. We made a list of our favourite bar options, and explain what to look for in a good pull up bar solution.

Best Pull Up Bars For Home 2020 Reviews

Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

#1.  K KiNGKANG Power Tower 

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The K KingKang Power Tower is a tough pull up stand that’s designed to give you a place to do pull-ups, knee tucks and dips all in one. It’s built with solid steel construction and feels very stable during use. We were impressed with the solid feel of this set because it really looks like a piece of commercial grade equipment.

This tower has adjustable armrests to help users of different heights find a comfortable level to workout at. It’s a compact piece of equipment that’s good for home gym use. If you are searching for a pull-up bar that will fit into a narrow area and still provide you with a good stable workout, you’ll love this product.

It features dip bars, armrests for knee tucks, lat bars and standard pull up bars up top so that you can get a wide range of exercises in with this equipment. It’s a good solid addition to any home gym and is an affordable way to maximize your capabilities in your gym setting. It’s a versatile product overall and adds a lot of different workout options in a home gym.


√ Adjusts to six different heights

√ Suction cup foot design

√ Compact design

√ Arm rests for knee tucks

√ Back cushion and elbow pads


× Wiggles side to side a bit

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#2.  Body Champ VKR1010 Power Station

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This product from Body Champ is an impressive tool for home use for performing pull-ups, dips and knee raises, and it manages all of those things while being affordable at the same time. The Power Station is a free standing pull up station that has a standard pull-up bar at the top along with a set of lat bars for a greater back workout. This powerful tool features a pair of dip bars and armrests for performing knee raises.

We were impressed with the build quality of this product. It is built from steel and seems to be designed to last. The base is wide and helps promote stability during workouts. It also features protective floor padding to help keep your floors in good shape.

This freestanding station is taller than we expected and can feel a bit cramped in a home with standard 8-ft. ceilings. It is also a bit wobbly during use, but we chose to add sandbags to the legs to help stabilize it a bit. If you’re searching for a tough freestanding pull-up bar this is a good reliable tool for the job.


√ Highly stable d-frame base

√ Tough steel construction

√ Features a knee raise station

√ Comes with a dip station

√ Weighs just 88 lbs


× It’s quite tall

× Can feel a bit wobbly 

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Best Budget Free Standing Pull Up Bars

#3.  LIANXIN Power Station

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The LIANXIN Power Station is a clever pull-up bar stand and is one of the leaders on our list of the best pull up bars for home because it’s affordable and highly effective. This product is our recommendation for the best budget free-standing system and it offers space to do dips, knee tucks, pull ups, chin ups and lat pull-ups depending on what you are interested in working on.

We like the clever design for the bar in the middle that works for both dips and knee tucks in one. We also like the suspended rings that add some more versatility to workouts that other products simply don’t offer.

The whole rack is built from tough steel and designed to go together easily. It doesn’t take up too much space with a 38” x 35” footprint, so you can put it into most home spaces comfortably. This product is a good overall value and will enable you to do most hanging exercises that you could want at home. Our only complaint is that it could be difficult for shorter users to utilize if they don’t have a stool or a box to use while using the product. Other than that it’s a good value.


√ Great if you are short on space

√ Stable base design

√ Affordable

Comes with top pull rings


× Shorter uses may need a step or stool to utilise pull up bar

× Not adjustable

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#4.  GoPlus Adjustable Power Rack

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Whether you are looking for a compact standing pull up bar to add to your home gym, or you want a product that offers weight spotting while also serving as a pull-up solution, you’ll enjoy the GoPlus Adjustable Power Rack as one of the most useful products on our list. It’s a compact system with a single bar for pull-ups at the top. This product has a 300 lbs. weight capacity and is constructed from tough steel with welded seams.

Not only does this rack work for pull ups, chin ups and other back type exercises, but it serves as a barbell spotter when you’re squatting, deadlifting and performing most other exercises for added safety. If you have a home gym that you’re looking to enhance as much as possible, you can get a lot of value from this product.

The only downside that we noted while using this product is that the pull-up bar is a bit narrow and can get slippery when you get very sweaty. This isn’t a huge deal though and some grip tape could make for a more stable experience if you are slipping too much during use.


√ Tough steel construction with welded seams

√ Non-slip rubber feet

√ 300 lbs. weight capacity

√ Adjustable barbell rack


× Narrow Pull Up Bar

× Pull Up bar can feel slippy at times

× No dipping bars like other freestanding models

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Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

#5.  Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

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The Ultimate body Press wall mount pull-up bar was one of our favourite wall-mounted products thanks to its usability and its overall comfort. This product mounts right to a wall in your home at any height that you like and offers you four different grip positions to lift your body from. There is a set of straight bars for you to grab, a traditional pull-up bar, a wide grip pull up bar and a curved lat section for you to grip onto.

We were impressed with the stability of this pull-up bar once installed, and the foam grips made it more comfortable to use as well. We did notice a bit of excess rotation from the foam grips during use though, which took away from the stable feeling while working out. Overall, this suspended pull up bar is a joy to use and will give you a new way to workout.


√ Foam hand grips

√ Four different gripping positions

√ Designed to work with standard wall studs


× Comes with poor instructions

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#6.  Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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Simple and compact, the Bar2Fit wall mounted pull up bar attaches right to a wall in your home and makes a range of pull up exercises possible in the process. Once installed you will enjoy a traditional pull-up bar in the centre, lat bars at the outside edges and two straight bars that stick out for additional gripping points to really work out your arms. With four different grip positions, this is a surprisingly versatile product for how compact it is.

We like that this product feels very solid when mounted properly and that it’s heavily padded for comfort during use. The instructions to put it together weren’t the best, but it does come with a video that helps make the process simpler. The hardware also doesn’t always match what the instructions say it should be, but if you are handy with tools you shouldn’t have too much trouble mounting this product properly.


√ Very affordable

√ 4 grip positions

√ Padded for comfort


× Difficult instructions

× Hardware doesn’t always match the description

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#7.  Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Bar

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When you don’t want to drill holes in the walls of your home, and you aren’t interested in a full-sized standing pull up rack, the best option that you have is a doorway bar system. The Ultimate Body Press wall mounted doorway pull up bar is one of our favourites in this category, which is why it’s on our list of the best pull up bars for home use.

This bar is universally sized to fit most doorways well and stretches from between 24 inches and 30 inches in width. It has a unique ergonomic design that stands out among the standard pull up bars you’re probably used to seeing. This product offers three different grip orientations depending on the section of your back that you want to work.

This simple bar goes on quickly and easily above most doors and is an easy item to put up in your home even if you aren’t familiar with installing things to your walls. It offers nice wide grips for added comfort and stability during use. The bar is compact and won’t take up much space either, which is good for smaller homes. The only negative we noted for this product is that it can be difficult to hook attachments


√ Tough steel construction

√ Takes up minimal space

√ Universal fit for doorway installation

√ Simple installation

√ 3 grip positions


× Difficult to hook attachments due to curve design

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Best Door Way Pull Up Bars

#8.  Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is on our list of the best pull up bars for home because it’s the most affordable door bar that you can get. It installs simply using a leverage design and can be up in most doorframes in just minutes. This bar system offers three different gripping points and makes it easy to get in several different workouts.

The bar itself features comfortable foam grips and it will fit a range of doors from 24 inches to 35.4 inches wide in order for the bar to work. Once installed you can immediately begin using it for different exercises.

Overall we enjoyed the versatility of this simple pull-up bar solution, it was a bit wobbly during use though, and some users might have issues with the stability of the product.


√ Fits doorways up to 35.4 inches in width

√ Comfortable foam grips

√ Uses leverage to lock into position

√ Offers three grip positions


× Grips may slide off during use

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#9.  ProSource Multi Grip Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar

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The ProSource Multi Grip heavy-duty pull-up bar is a simple door-mounted pull-up bar that will lock into position using tension like many other door mounted pull up bars. This product is built to go into most door frames and to install very easily. It’s a tough pull up bar that’s made nearly entirely of steel so that it can be relied upon for long-term use.

One of the things that made this door-mounted bar stand out above the rest is the 12 different gripping point locations. You can grab this bar in many different configurations, allowing you to do different workouts and to make the most of each workout that you get in. This bar is a versatile tool that would make a good addition to any home gym. The only downside that we see to this product is that it can mark up and deform your door during use and you should expect some wear and tear on the door that you install it on. Install this on a garage door or in a room that doesn’t see too much traffic and you shouldn’t have an issue with the product.


√ 12 gripping points

√ Easy to assemble

√ Steel construction

√ 300 lbs. weight capacity


× Can mark up and damage door frame over time

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Best Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

#10.  Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar

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The Ultimate Body Press ceiling mount pull up bar made it to our list of the best pull up bars for home use and is our top recommended product for ceiling mounted bars because of its strength, usability and ease of use. This bar locks onto your ceiling quickly and easily with just four bolts firmly attached into your ceiling joists. The bar is built from solid steel and is a tough product overall.

We like that this bar offers three different gripping positions for varied workout types. Whether you want to work your inner back, outer back or focus more on your arms, you can do all of those things using this pull-up bar setup. It’s simple to use and can have a big impact on your overall workout. The only issue we ran into while testing this product was that the foam grips can rotate slightly during use. This makes the bar a bit awkward to use. We fixed this issue with some adhesive to keep the rollers more firmly attached.


Tough powder coat finish

√ Foam grips for comfort

√ Easy installation

√ Tough solid metal construction

√ Three gripping points


× Foam grips may rotate during use

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Best Pull Up Bars for Home 2019 Buying Guide

There are literally hundreds of different pull-up bar products on the market today and choosing the best pull up bars for home use isn’t always simple to do. Below we break down the characteristics that you should look at when judging different pull-up bars for purchase. Look at these factors when making your purchase for the best results.

Choosing the Right Bar Type

There are several different types of pull up bars that you need to be aware of when you go to make a purchase decision. Freestanding pull-up bars are standalone racks that you can put anywhere in your home that you want. They don’t attach to anything and are often used in commercial gym environments. They tend to be the most expensive, but also offer the most features.

Wall-mounted bars lock into the studs of one of the walls in your home and offer a solid place to do pull-ups without taking up much floor space. They are more affordable than standalone options but more expensive than door models.

Door pull up bars mount to your door frame or wedge into your door frame. These tend to be the most limited of the pull-up bars and force you to do pull-ups closer to the ground, but they don’t require making holes in the walls of your home, making them perfect for those who rent. These are highly affordable but somewhat limited.

Finally, there are ceiling mounted pull up bars. They bolt into the joists of your home’s ceiling and hang down giving you a bar that’s at your ceiling height. They work well in homes with standard ceiling heights, but won’t work in homes with very high ceilings. Each option has its benefits and it’s up to you to choose the one that’s going to fit your needs the best.


The first thing that you should look at when choosing a pull-up solution is how strong the product is. It should be tough enough to hold 300 lbs. or more and it should be built from rock-solid materials. Look for steel products that feature tough hardware and welded seams whenever possible. Avoid products that are mostly plastic or that just don’t seem well constructed to avoid issues in the future.


Performing pull-ups means lifting your body up and down again and again. That means moving quite a bit of weight around. If you don’t have a highly stable solution it will quickly begin wobbling. When shopping for a pull-up bar you always want to make sure you are getting something that isn’t going to shake or wobble during use. It will make you feel more confident when you do the workouts, and also helps you remain safer during your workouts.


When you install a pull-up bar solution in your home you want to be able to do good solid pull-ups on it. It’s nice if you can do other things as well though. We look for options that offer several different grip positions and even some that feature things like knee tuck or dip attachments. When shopping for different pull-up solutions make sure that you are getting additional features if you are spending more on a product, or if a product occupies more space.


Arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing the best pull up bars for home is their long-term durability. This is similar to strength, but you have to look at the different components that make up the rack to determine whether the product is going to be durable over time. We look for how many parts a product is made up of and how many moving parts it has. We also focus on the materials used to create the product. If we see a solution that uses very few moving parts, good solid hardware and is just a couple pieces of tough welded steel, we know it’s going to last a very long time. Something that uses plastic, many different hardware connections, or that has many moving parts is more likely to break down sooner.

Space Utilization

Finally, it’s important to consider how well the solution utilizes space. How much space is this solution going to occupy in your home and do you have space for it? If you decide to go with a larger product does it offer improved stability or additional features compared to a more compact solution? Choose a solution that’s going to fit your space well, and also make sure you aren’t getting something that is bulkier than it needs to be.

By looking at all of those different characteristics you can make the most informed decision when choosing pull up bars for home use. Choose carefully and you’ll end up with a product that you’re confident in and that you enjoy using over time

Lets Wrap This Up

Finding the best pull up bars for home use isn’t as simple as it seems and the bars you decide to go with will depend on what use-case you have for your own personal space. There are bars that will attach to your ceiling, to your wall or that will stand right on the floor of your home. Each of these types has good products for you to utilize, but it’s up to you to decide which type is going to work best for you specifically. Hopefully, our list of quality products makes it a bit easier to choose the pull-up bars that are going to work best for your specific needs.

Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars FAQs

Why Should I Use Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars? 

A free-standing pull-up bar provides both stability and security. It allows you to safely isolate a particular muscle group so you’re able to do all those pull-ups and chin-ups. Add in some resistance bands and you can get the hang of some of these really advanced movements as you immerse yourself in the comfort of your own home.

How Tall Should My Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar Be? 

The best height for a free-standing pull-up bar is between 3 and 4 inches above your fingertips, as you’re holding your hands in a straight direction over your head and standing on your tiptoes.  

As your reach straight up above your head on your tiptoes, someone else should take measurements from the floor to your fingertips, and then add some 3 to 4 inches for you to arrive at the final measurement.

What Are The Benefits of Having My Own Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar?

Having your own free-standing pull-up bar at home is an awesome way of perfecting your movements. Gaining mastery of a pull-up will require a lot of time and commitment. There will be failures along the way as you learn to engage and strengthen your lats so you can pull up your body weight. 

Pull-ups are a versatile yet challenging movement for different muscle groups. Being able to learn the ropes of this exercise at home will certainly boost your athletic performance and improve your confidence.

Can a Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar Help Me Build Muscle?

Most certainly, free-standing pull-up bars are excellent muscle builders. Although they don’t depend on external weight, doing pull-ups with these bars is recognized as a compound exercise that engages your lats, biceps, upper back, and forearms, among others. 

However, being able to perform over 100 pull-ups with these pull-up bars per day won’t guarantee a well-balanced physique. You need to do other exercises to directly target your legs, triceps, chest, and shoulders.

Let’s say you’re doing over 15 bodyweight pull-ups in strict form. By this time, you’re already getting out of your muscle-building zone and into the territory of muscular endurance. Therefore, adding some weight to your pull-ups will help regenerate some new growth in your muscles. 

Yes, free-standing pull-up bars will certainly allow you to perform as many pull-ups as you can. Just be sure that your exercises are challenging to your muscles in a way that they have some more room to grow and that other muscle groups are engaged as well. 

Which Muscle Groups Can Pull-Up Bars Target?

This doesn’t have to be a complex subject, so let’s break it down in terms of movement. 

As soon as you grip the pull-up bar, you begin to use the smaller muscles in your hands and forearms. 

When you start pulling yourself up and closing the gap between your hands and shoulders, you’re engaging your biceps and forearms. 

When you bring your elbows down towards your sides, you’re stimulating your lats, plus some support from your rotator cuffs and teres muscle groups.

The actual movement of a pull-up calls for the use of your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. By making the most of various hand positions, you’re engaging and putting up a real challenge for your upper body using different angles.


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