Best Muscle Building Workouts For Beginners And Advanced Lifters

Building muscle effectively is challenging for beginners and long-time fitness enthusiasts both. It’s the ultimate goal for most men and many women as well. That’s why fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the best muscle building workouts available. No matter what the desired results are there are several effective workouts to get the job done. Below is a breakdown of the five most effective workouts for building muscle. Each workout takes a slightly different approach, but they’re all designed to help you get the gains you want effectively.

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Best Beginners Muscle Building Program

Female athlete doing the dumbbell bench press, being spotted by an man in a blue t-shirt

Far too many beginning lifters make the same mistakes of overtraining and overcomplicating their workouts. The trick to successfully building real muscle as a newbie to lifting is to challenge your body just enough to trigger an anabolic effect and some serious muscle growth.

Among the best muscle building workouts, this beginner’s guide is the most effective for new lifters.

Don’t make things more difficult than they have to be. Make sure that you’re taking a straightforward approach and pushing your various muscle groups to grow about three times each week.

If you can do this effectively without overworking your muscles you’ll enjoy optimal gains over time.

It’s also important to take the time to allow your muscles to rest and to grow. This means you need to avoid working specific muscle groups for a few days after working them out, and you should be eating a lot of protein and some carbs and fats.

Be careful to get the nutrition you need as well as optimal sleep to see all the benefits of this new lifter’s program.

If you’re new to lifting take a look at the ultimate weight training program I designed to learn how to build significant muscle early on in your weightlifting journey and achieve some serious gains.

The Ultimate Lifting Guide For Beginners

Best Germon Volume Training

Female athlete wearing black in the set up phase of a deadlift

Serious long-term lifters all run into the same issue eventually, a strength and muscle plateau. Putting on muscle seems simple and straightforward for the first year of strength training, but it usually slows to a sluggish pace after that point.

Huge muscle gains crawl to barely noticeable improvements or even losses in some instances. German Volume Training is often the cure for this problem.

German weightlifters are well-known for being muscular and strong. These expert athletes often rely on a technique known as German Volume training in order to achieve at least some of their results.

This is a technique that pushes the muscles to their very limits for one to two months. After that, you would want to take a full week off before moving onto a different program or repeating German Volume Training Again.

This routine is one of the best muscle building workouts for gaining muscle as an experienced lifter.

If you feel like you’re muscle growth results are slowing down significantly, and you’ve been lifting for a year or more already, you might be able to benefit from German Volume Training.

Take a look at one of our favourite workout to get you started on your journey toward impressive gains.

The Best German Volume Training Program 

Best Push, Pull and Legs Program

Best push pull legs routine.

New lifters make the mistake of focusing on really complicated lifting routines that will have them in the gym for hours a day struggling to remember all the different movements.

Not only are these complicated workout plans difficult to follow along with, they simply aren’t optimal for muscle growth.

One of the best muscle building workouts for new or advanced lifters is what’s known as the Push, Pull and Legs program.

This program has you dedicate days to pushing movements, pulling movements and leg exercises. It’s easy to learn, it works well for beginners or advanced lifters, and it gives you a chance to target weak muscle groups with accuracy.

When performing this workout you’ll dedicate a day to back and biceps.

You’ll dedicate a day to your chest, triceps, and shoulders, and you’ll spend a day on your legs each cycle. That’s all you really need to remember in order to make use of this workout effectively.

This workout can be adapted to work for athletes looking for 3-day, 4-day, 5-day or 6-day splits per week, so it’s up to you how often you want to lift.

For muscle gains, more splits per week are better than few, so this is something to keep in mind.

For a look at this simple training routine and information about how you can make it work for you no matter how often you want to train, click on the program below.

The Ultimate Push/Pull/Legs Workout

Best 4 Day Split Body Parts Routine

Some lifting routines will have you pushing each muscle group of your body 2 or 3 times a week. This type of training routine has become extremely popular with today’s lifters.  It is, however, an incredibly inefficient way of training when it comes to building muscle.

Many lifters can’t handle that sort of stress, and they end up stalling their gains when they try to push their different muscle groups this much.

For many lifters, it’s better to take a more strategic approach. This is affectionately known as the Bro Split by many lifters, or the traditional meathead lifting split that people are steering clear of today.

We love the 4-day split body routine because it’s really one of the best muscle building workouts available today when performed properly.

The trouble is that most people aren’t doing it right. It’s far too easy to cancel out all the benefits of this type of routine if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To avoid this common problem it’s up to you to choose a routine that pushes your body with effective compound lifts and that helps you avoid working two major muscle groups on the same day.

For a look at a quality workout plan check out our BFG Muscle 4-day split below. It offers a simple program that pushes your muscles to just the right degree without any overtraining occurring.

The Ultimate 4-day Split

Best Pump Training Routine

serge nubret in black and white

While the jury is still out about pump training routines and whether they are the best at putting on huge amounts of muscle mass, there is no real argument against using these intense routines for short-term gains.

If you’re looking for a way to snap your already muscular body out of its slump and put on more muscle, you may want to try a pump training routine that pushes each of your muscle groups through as many as 50 sets of up to 12 reps during a single training session.

I know, that sounds insane, but when used properly Pump training routines can help serious lifters achieve major improvements.

I’m not recommending that every expert lifter try out one of these routines, but if you’re looking for a way to start achieving growth again, using a pump routine might be your best option.

Just make sure that you keep a detailed log of all your weights, your workout success or failures and always listen to your body to avoid overtraining injuries.

If you are interested in this sort of workout, see this pump training workout by the legend Serge Nubret for a look at one of the most famous and effective training guides of all time.

A quick glance at the guide will show just how intense it is, but if you’ve been training for a few years you’re probably up to the task, even if for only a short time.

Serge Nubrets Pump Training Routine

The Best Muscle Building Workouts Takeaway

There’s no one perfect guide for building muscle for everyone. That’s why we included several of the best muscle building workouts for you to look through.

Give a few of the options a try and see which one works best for you. Just make sure you’re listening to your body, and get lots of food and rest to achieve real muscle growth over time.

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